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Naruto Manga [Warning: Spoilers]

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[quote name='chibi-master']How so, other than the hairstyle and the compulsive need to be surrounded by clones?[/QUOTE]

[SIZE="1"]I think it's quite obvious that Pein and Naruto are supposed to be a mirror image of one another on different paths. Both as children had a similar up-bringing due to being orphaned by war as well as the isolation brought about by their development of their respective god-like powers. I mean we've never heard anything but rumour about the power of the Kyuubi fully unleashed (and the Hachibi was incapacitated before he could do anything) so I don't think it's too outlandish to assume that given the damage Gaara's transformed form could do (or the fear of it) that Naruto's power would be exponentially greater.

Even moving aside the fact they were trained by the same man (which would give them a common set of beliefs being handed down) Pein and Naruto were basically the same character at a fork in the road and chose utterly different paths. Pein in ascending to godhood as he claims had shed any concern or bonds he had with others in the names of attaining peace (and I believe he's genuine in this claim) where as Naruto attempts to create a better world by forming more and more bonds with those he encounters.

At least that's how I see it, I may be wrong.[/SIZE]
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Hey All, I have to say, I thought that the end of Naruto volume 6, when Sakura finally fought, was the most awesome fight in Naruto so far. I've been waiting for Sakura to fight since th

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I leave this thread alone for this long and this is what I come back to?...For shame on myself... Well, I think you both may be right on one end

[QUOTE=Ikillion][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS] The manga let me down slightly, [spoiler]I just wanted to see a whole lot more out of the fight between Orochimaru and Naruto, m

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[quote name='Solo Tremaine'][COLOR=#503F86]I am incredibly irritated by the lack of intelligence the rest of Konoha appears to have. Shikamaru, with all his plans, can't even think of a decent support scenario for Naruto, and Ino's Dad has [I]only just now[/I] realised something about Pein that the audience knew months ago. Bad writing.[/COLOR][/QUOTE]
Agreed, although, Konoha's been lacking in the intelligence department since Pein invaded if you ask me. Seeing how it's now down to 1 body, this is really where Shikamaru should be supporting Naruto at. Or rather, this is the perfect opportunity for him to be supporting Naruto. His shadow jutsu is a perfect counter to the force. Yet everyone is so hell bent on letting Naruto try to fight this alone.

Heh, so much for Kakashi's theory on teamwork. And even then, the hell with the honor/pride crap. This guy invaded their home and pretty much wiped the village out. Every single one of these idiots should be trying to stomp a mudhole in his face. And yet again, this all boils back down to Tsunade's reliance in Naruto.. >_> [size=1][spoiler]Stupid heifer.[/spoiler][/size]

I wasn't gonna take it there, but I couldn't resist. Solo's disappointment led me to vent :p.
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[SIZE="1"][quote name='Magus']Agreed, although, Konoha's been lacking in the intelligence department since Pein invaded if you ask me. Seeing how it's now down to 1 body, this is really where Shikamaru should be supporting Naruto at. Or rather, this is the perfect opportunity for him to be supporting Naruto. His shadow jutsu is a perfect counter to the force. Yet everyone is so hell bent on letting Naruto try to fight this alone.[/QUOTE]

I think in a roundabout way this is their expression of ultimate trust in Naruto as a village to be able to overcome Pein by himself. Yes it's a bit silly that they're not interrupting but it's all for the sake of creating drama so that Naruto's victory is ultimately his, bad writing probably but you've got to respect the faith they have in him. I also imagine most of the adults know who Naruto is (i.e. Minato's son) and this in another roundabout way is his test to become Hokage seeing as the hag is also apparently dying of ultimate-sacrifice-chakra-loss-no-jutsu.
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As true as that is, and I'm not really disputing it, I'm just putting myself in that situation. I'd want a piece of the action. Whether I'm a liability or not, I don't want someone dishing out what I owe to someone. (I'd feel good just to kick him while he's down and run afterwards. :D)
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really, i think Sasuke is going to become even more like a main character soon, and do something none of us are expecting. This is seriously turning out like Harry potter, crap boy found and raised, turns out to be important, becomes really strong, big battle, lots of people die, yadda yadda, things happen and there.

And Sasuke was jut like Ron, idiot sidekick, and Ron is eventually gonna cut the crap, become evil, and try to be a main character.
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[quote name='Haku877']And Sasuke was jut like Ron, idiot sidekick, and Ron is eventually gonna cut the crap, become evil, and try to be a main character.[/QUOTE]

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Don't you taint the Weasley Name, foo'. :animeangr

[SIZE="1"]Though if I had to draw a comparison with any of them... Percy is the defective moron, so he gets to be Sasuke.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Well, I'm currently preparing to witness the unadulterated win of the finale of Avatar Book 1. Might as well process this bit of fail first.

Chapter 436

Ino's dad just figured out what we readers have known for months. He spends three pages discussing it only to draw the logical conclusion that Nagato is on top of Mount College Dorm, pirating radio signals to spread his propaganda.

Back to the fight, or lack thereof. Time for another Pein monologue. I'm so excited. Did I mention that Naruto is bleeding? Pein says something about peace through justice, which sets Naruto off about how it's a giant load after killing all of his friends and mentors.

Quick note, fox boy. There's a trope for what happened to your little buddies. It's called "Deus Angst Machina." It's a terrible plot device used by terrible writers to give their characters sudden and nonsensical motivation through a series of highly contrived events that seem to happen just so the character has something to baw about. The man to blame is Masashi Kishimoto. Sic him.

Naruto and Pein exchange more dialog about how their lives both suck and justice is unfair and blah blah blah. Is it just me or does everyone in this series have something to constantly whine about? Well, I still win, because i have this entire series to whine about. So ha.

While he's at it, Pein lumps a Hannibal Lecture on here about how humans are terrible and the vicious cycle of revenge will consume us all and hatred is the only constant in the universe.


Oh, look. another flashback. This series never had enough of these, I tell you what. Apparently Jiraya thought that human beings could act like human beings sometimes, so there you have it. Pein is full of crap. Just like he was the last thirty eight thousand times he ran his mouth off. Thanks for reminding us, Kishi.

Pein apparently founded Akatsuki in order to break this chain of hatred he keeps going on about.






Entering emergency shutdown mode. Status: read this crap yourself, I give up.

Final details: Nagato is a paraplegic, malnourished radio tower who looks like Orochimaru with contacts.[/FONT]
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[COLOR=#503F86]I really liked this chapter, actually. Seeing Naruto unable to answer Pein about his ideals was pretty clever, and adds to his character.

The two sides of Naruto/Pein's argument is actually a fairly logical division. For reasonable people, Pein doesn't make sense, which is good. But Nagato even admitted that what he's conducting is effectually revenge, but with a different name. It's difficult to make the distinction between revenge and justice, although justice generally attests to an act which benefits multiple people or rights a wrong that was previously commited, as opposed to 'an eye for an eye', which benefits fewer people but may seem more [I]fair[/I], depending on the system of justice.

If you think Naruto's worls is built around wars and conflict, then every person has the potential to be an agent of the revenge Pein was talking about. In order for a war to stop, you have to either take one side and become the dominator, or wipe out enough of all sides that there's nothing left to fight about. And it would make for an even less exciting story if Akatsuki went round giving flowers and puppies to everyone in the world, and Naruto had to pursue them only to find out if they were members of the Kennel Club.[/COLOR]
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Truthfully, I'm suppose to drop the manga now that Nagato has been revealed, but I can't because I want to know how he brought everyone back to life and gave them the Rinnegan (sp?).

I suppose the question now is which one of these worthless idiots is going to square off againt Konan?
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I was really happy when i saw Shino and friends intercept Konan while she was trying to gather information and was hoping for a fight, but they didn't really show much of her, apparently Pain is more fun to watch. Anyway, for what ever reason I really like Konan's power and I am really looking forward to watching her fight, Jiriya took her out so fast she didn't get much action but thinking about what she does I'm not really sure how most of the ninja's introduced so far would be able to handle mass sheets of paper everywhere, short of burning them or getting them all soggy.
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I think that with her talents she can handle multiple people at once. I mean the "main" people left that are actually doing stuff is Ino, her daddy, Shikamaru's daddy, Choji, and some other random people. I think taking over her body will be tough if you can't find it, you can't really shadow bind her, or smash her. The one frog guy can spit oil, but Pain threw him into next Wednesday and he thinks his bones are all broke. In my opinion I think her change-into-mass-papers jutsu is one of the best so far, its good for practically everything. Finally a female ninja who doesn't suck :animesmil. Anyway I wonder if Nagato can do anything himself or if his power lies in his 6 bodies. I am kinda hoping that he is useless by himself (maybe being bed ridden like that one bone guy from way back when) and if that isn't the case I really don't see the point in creating the 6 paths. I bet if he hadn't divided his chakra up he'd be kick *** enough to fight Tobi, but after seeing Naruto whoop up on him I am kinda disappointed in the strength of one of our major villains.
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[quote name='Ace'][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Pein apparently founded Akatsuki in order to break this chain of hatred he keeps going on about.[/FONT][/QUOTE]

Uhm...Wha~at?:confused: That makes...not even a [I][B][U]weensy[/U][/B][/I] bit of sense!:animedepr GAWD! Would Naruto just hand Pein his own a** on a silver platter and get this over with without the irritating flashbacks and attempts to justify genocide?
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[COLOR=#503f86]I've seen that picture too, but it doesn't mean anything just yet; people are always screaming for [spoiler]Hinata to die[/spoiler]. I would be less surprised if it was [spoiler]Kakashi[/spoiler]. I'll be hoping for neither, myself.

EDIT: Although actually, that translation does look scarily accurate. And given Fishi's recent track record you never know when he could throw another piece of crap at the loyal audience. I just had visions of this sequence:

Pein: *rips off face*


Pein: Not really, hahaha. *rips off face again*


Pein: Not really, hahaha. *rips off face yet again*



And so on. Confirmed spoiler.
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[SIZE="1"]Damn and here I was hoping I'd be the one who got to drop this little plot-bombshell on everyone.

As for the actual revelation of [spoiler]Hinata's apparent death[/spoiler] it's utterly pointless in my opinion and really does nothing to drive Naruto foward. [spoiler]Sure it's another one of his special people who've now kicked the bucket thanks to Pein (although I don't want to think what's going to happen to the guy who was supposed to be guarding her) and really it's a reflection of her own stupidity to walk into an S-Class fight and try to help. Seriously it reminds me of the time Sakura ran between the first Chidori/Rasengan fight.[/spoiler]

Will this be a meaningless sacrifice [spoiler]as Naruto probably would've pulled out six tails eventually[/spoiler] or will it make greater sense as time goes on ? [spoiler]Hyuuga war of succession anyone ?[/spoiler] I don't know, I am however quite pissed as I preferred [spoiler]Hinata by country miles over the loud-mouth, pink-haired Tsunada expy[/spoiler].

Of course there's always the possibility it was a mis-translation.[/SIZE]
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[quote name='Gavin'][SIZE=1]Of course there's always the possibility it was a mis-translation.[/SIZE][/quote]
[COLOR=#503F86]Or drama for the sake of drama. How many other characters have apparently 'died' throughout the story: Chouji and Neji were supposed to have, and Garra actually [I]did[/I] but was subsequently resurrected. I know the trend at the moment seems to be for death, death, death for everyone except Arsuke who actually deserves it. And unfortunately it does feel like Fishi's throwing characters into desperate situations arbitrarily as a means of moving the plot along without much thought to their actual development.

Certainly it's not [spoiler]the dramatic revelation of her feelings that she rightly deserves[/spoiler], but as we've not seen it in context, it's not quite fair to judge it just yet. After all, it could actually be presented with real feeling and a genuine sense of tension.

Erm, yeah.[/COLOR]
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