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Who Would You Like to Meet?

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Guest Copycatalyst
[quote name='2007DigitalBoy'][COLOR="DarkOrange"]I am a boy (not a man, lol). Doesn't mean I'm not looking to score >_> although honestly you look a bit frail XD

And also, I've never played DDR, unfortuanetally. Always wanted too.[/COLOR][/QUOTE]

Yes. I put myself through much stress and challenges, physically and otherwise. You're too young to be looking to score, hahhaa. I'm twenty and I have still never been kissed, and I am still a virgin. So you should save it for someone who is worthwhile. And in your case I would merely wait until you are 18, but you know, messing around is always fun of course, so don't hold back on that; and in the end it is your choice. It would indeed be interesting to meet you. . .Basically these days I am recovering from all the weight I lost and such. I basically started eating next to nothing for days on end in an effort to truly, really challenge and further master this thing we call "pain" you know. I've been eating more lately though so I'm gaining back my physical strength.

You should play DDR. . .excellent way to get exercise.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DimGray]Let's see...

[B]taperson[/B] - Apparently she lives about 20 minutes away from me. Plus she's a decent conversationalist.
[B]Dead[/B] - A night of escalating dares, one-upmanship, and general illegal goings-on until one of us gets arrested.
[B]Papa Smurf[/B] - So I can laugh at him whilst he drives something into the ground.
[B]kuja[/B] - Insert something funny here.
[B]James[/B] - All the cool kids are doing it.

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[Size=1]I'd really like to meet [b]Premonition[/b], so I can send them walking about an airport with a suspicious briefcase, after which they'll disappear for twenty years, spending all that time in a little room in Eastern Europe that they have to share with a guy named Günter Vladimir Bratjovic (in an [E] rated nutshell).
Hi-jacking someone's series of award winning (thread of the year, 2002, yes. Yes.) threads is not a cool thing to do. The first one was made in 2002, and the following threads were made in 2005 and 2006. I was just about to make one this year, but you just ruined my single annual OtakuBoards climax. THANKS A LOT.

Anyway, to not be too much of a party-pooper… [b]I’d like to meet:[/b] No one who didn’t/won’t mention me (you broke my heart, Kevin.), as I wouldn’t want to meet anyone who doesn’t want to meet me back. I’m [I]that[/I] social. White, because I know he included me in the ‘important members’ comment. Vicky, to make fun of cyber Goths. Orange, because she once mentioned that I’m her best friend. StarrStruck, to teach her how to make kruidnoten/pepernoten. Katana, because I have the idea that she once married me, though I can’t remember exactly. Alan, for the sake of the orphans.

To the other people who know they should be on the list (no, I don’t mean you, James, just because everyone does). No, I did not add you, I might do so later, but right now I didn’t.

[color=#EDEDED][b]Funny fact:[/b] The first thread mainly became thread of the year because I started it and James first replied to it. The ultimate succes formula. Apart from it being the ultimate thread to finally suck up to people with good reason.[/color][/size]
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[color=#4B0082]There's a severe lack of the name Desbreko in this thread. Am I really that unloved? :animecry:

Anyway, my list of people I'd like to meet, in order of whoever I happen to think of next:

[b]James:[/b] We share common interests, we work together on OB, and our AIM conversations are always enjoyable. It would be awesome to discuss where the site is headed over a game of Smash Bros.

[b]Alan:[/b] When I think of meeting Alan I get an image of myself dragging his drunken *** home after a night out on the town. . . . Maybe I should pass on this one after all.

[b]Shinmaru, Tony, Charles, Alex:[/b] It would be great fun to sit around playing games and BSing with these guys.

[b]Dagger:[/b] I want to raid her anime collection. But besides that, she's a great person and I wouldn't mind getting to know her better. I'm also sure I could find a bunch of series I'd enjoy but have never heard of with her help.

[b]Aaryanna, SunfallE, indifference, Aaryanna_Mom:[/b] My fanclub I'd like to meet, of course, as well as Mom. I could regale them with my striking wit and charming manner over coffee and tea. ;)

[b]GinnyLyn:[/b] She doesn't visit OB anymore, but we still exchange e-mails occasionally. She was one of my best and closest online friends and I'd love to meet her in person to catch up on things.

Also, I wouldn't mind meeting most of the people I know decently well online, like Sara mentioned. Her, Shy, DeathKnight, White, Dragon Warrior, and a bunch of others that I'm too lazy to list off.[/color]
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[quote name='Shy']To-Do[size=1][list][*]Visit an Irish pub with [b]Gavin[/b] and [b]Raiha[/b]. Leave when things get awkward.[/list]


[SIZE="1"]Which kind of awkward are we talking about here Josh ? As with pubs, you, me and D'Ann together there can be a lot of different awkwards.

Anyway, on with the listing on names.

[b]D'Ann [Neuvoxraiha] -[/b] Because she's my beloved wife and I'd like to see what kind of awkward situations we could have in pubs with Josh.

[B]Bill [Jokopoko] -[/b] So we could see the new TF movie together and complain how it doesn't hold the spirit of G1. Yes we're sad, but that's what makes us friends.

[b]Andy [Andrew] -[/B] To meet my oldest friend on OB and one of it's most unrecognised and yet important oldies. Without him this would've been a boring place.

[b]Josh [Shy] -[/b] So I could comb the beaches of California looking for women and not worry about him stealing them... just kidding buddy. In reality I'd want to meet him because he's a great person... and I want to go to a pub with him and D'Ann as he suggested.

[b]Jamie [Ezekiel] -[/b] Wonderful person, I would truly love to meet her in real life.

[b]Mike [The Boss] -[/b] Because he's The Boss and he's one of the few people with a DBZ addiction to rival my own.

[b]Alex [Brasil, Papa Smurf, etc] -[/b] Razor sharp wit, very funny and like me a Star Wars junkie.

[b]Annie [Athena] -[/b] So we could watch Red vs Blue and laugh our ***** off.

[b]Corey [Corey] -[/b] He ruled, was Irish though American and a person I was blessed to call friend.

[b]Charles [Charles/Baby Girl] -[/b] He's the Sensei of cAttitude, of course I want to bloody well meet him. I forgive him for being a terrorist though.

[b]Dead [DeadSeraphim] -[/b] So I could thank him personally/throttle him for ending my use of the phrase "Interesting, most interesting" and introducing me to Group Sounds.[/SIZE]
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Mike and Joe, you douches. I?ve been forgotten. xD Here?s my list.

[*][b]Mike/Boss[/b]: Need I say more? It?s Mike. [b]The[/b] Mike.
I knew him back in the day as DBD, ReFlux, Mugen, and now the Boss.
He and I go way back and he?s a riot. Most of the PM?s in my box are from that supposedly sexy Greek Waiter boy. I know he pwns me in rap battles but I?m not going down over a fight. You know you have some skill when he says this to you:

[QUOTE=The Boss][color=darkgreen][size=1]
It was pretty good. For a first timer? Wow. You were pretty good. Granted, I listen to ALOT of hip hop.[/color][/size][/QUOTE]

Going over those PM?s makes me realize a key and imperative point: He?s been one of two people that have been there for me when I needed someone the most in life. I owe him my life. I?ve never really have told him this.

I actually am heading out towards his way come the end of this month. (I?m visiting my father whom I?ve never met before and his side of the family that live in Columbia.) I?m so going to find that Greek restaurant and annoy the living crap out of him- just because I can. I?m going to be so ninja; he won?t even recognize nor realize just who I am.

This is the man whom I think no one should meet in a dark alley on a night in which he?s pissed off. He?s also the man that I [i][b]know[/b][/i] I?d love to be around. Even if he?s a tad bit of a narcissist. (Just kidding.)

[*][b]Trey/Kayin[/b]: It?s Kayin. Him and I have talked on the phone so much, it?s not even funny. Cingular and Cricket are losing only God knows how much money by having unlimited texts. He?s the peanut butter to my strawberry jelly. We mesh so well, we just mesh so well. I can honestly say I love this man. <33333.

I don?t know what else to say about this kid. He?s the other one who?s been there for me when I?ve needed some one there the most. I?m going to be seeing him next summer: I?m moving to Pittsburg and going to college there.

This is the man whom I think the woman in whom he marries should be thanking God for him.

[*][b]Joe/SilpheedPilot[/b]: THE ONLY OTHER KANSAN ON THE OB.
Pwnage.<3 Remember Joe: You + Me + IHOP = <3

He lives like a three hour drive from me. I?m going to go bug him at work sometime.
This is the man whom I think I would never want to argue with.

[*][b]Darren/Darren[/b]: my OB husband. More so, forced marriage. xD He?s just awesome. Debate, Forensics, FLCL. GREEN DAY. <3333

He too lives like a three hour drive away from me. We?re considering he going to the A-Fest in Wichita sometime in August together. That reminds me: we should do a skit together.

This is the guy that I don?t think I should get drunk with: we?ll be crazy drunks.
EDIT: There?s more. I just can?t think at the time.
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[COLOR="goldenrod"][quote name='Shy'][size=1][list][*]Trap [b]Sandy[/b] and [b]White[/b] in a locked room, to see who makes it out alive.[/list][/size][/QUOTE]I bet $75 that Sandy's the one who comes out alive. :p

Anyway... There are too many for me to list since many of you I want to meet just to say I did.

[B]Desbreko [/B]- I mean come on! I created a fan club for him. I have to meet him. ^_^

[B]James[/B] - I still wanna hear him talk in that cute Australian accent of his. :catgirl:

[B]Panda[/B] - Cause she's my online Mom. And one of the nicest people here.

[B]Charles[/B] - Since he loves cats on the same level that I love dogs. That and he cracks me up with all those crazy pictures he finds and posts.

[B]indifference & Rachmaninoff[/B] - I put them together for the same reason my mom does. That and I love talking with both of them. I'm really hoping to go to that Anime Banzai 2007. That would be sweet. Meeting OB members and attending my first Anime Convention all at the same time.

[B]The staff[/B] - I say that cause I'd love to have a get together with all of you. That would be the funniest party ever!

Also I definitely want to meet Sara, Shy, DeathKnight and DB [[SIZE="1"]so long as he doesn't try to pat me on the back, since as he put it, he'd end up finding a way to make it sexual. o_O[/SIZE]]

Anyway, if you're not listed it's because I'm an idiot and forgot to mention you, not because I wouldn't want to meet you. :p[/COLOR]
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[FONT="Tahoma"]I was surprised the picture thread was started again before this one was...well, actually no i'm not surprised. Pictures do a lot for people on this board, heh.

Alright lesse...

[b]SunfallE[/b] - Someone who makes me feel young again everytime I talk with her ;). Heh, kidding. But really, she's an absolute down to earth sweetheart who hasn't lost touch with her humor, childhood side, and nerdiness. Plus, she makes me awesome wallpapers.

[b]Aaryanna the Dog[/b] - It's a cute ball of fluff, what more can you ask for in life? Oh, and i guess her owner and her owner's mother too. Heh, but seriously...[b]Aaryanna[/b] and [b]A_M[/b] are awesome and intellegent peeps. It would be a pleasure to meet them.

[b]Sakura/Disenchanted/Redemption[/b] - Collectively known as my M&M&B, or my aussie girl group. Three of the coolest ladies in the world, would love to hang out with em and watch some anime, check out kangaroos, whatever comes our way.

[b]Dragon Warrior[/b] - I believe we are supposed to be making a movie together, hehe. Awesome and funny guy, would love exchanging ideas and putting something together with him.

[b]Keyblade Wielder[/b] - She's hawaiin :). Oh, and she is a totally friendly and cool person to talk to as well. Plus, she's got a cute doggy.

[b]Raiha[/b]: East meets west, of the United States anyway. Be interesting to see what a night out on the town is like with her, even if it does end up with someone passed out on the other's couch.

[b]Dagger[/b] - Don't actually know her like the others I mentioned, but she seems like quite the knowledgeable otaku, would love to sit down and talk with her sometime. As long as she can promise to keep herself restrained from trying to spoil things for me, heh.

I feel like I may be forgetting some people, if I am...my bad. I am tired and have to depart soon for a dinner with the folks.
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Guest Copycatalyst
I want to meet [b]Aaryana Mom[/b] because she's the Big Mother of OB, say like Jesus has become distorted to become the Big Brother of America; and I feel like the Winston Smith of this little Ninety-Eighty-Four escapade of cartoon plastic people like uptight hentai.
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[COLOR="Indigo"][quote name='Shy'][size=1][list][*]Trap [b]Sandy[/b] and [b]White[/b] in a locked room, to see who makes it out alive.[/list][/size][/QUOTE]I'm with Aaryanna on this one and I'll bet $50 on Sandy to be the one who comes out alive.
[quote name='2007DigitalBoy;781616][COLOR="DarkOrange"][B]Prem [/B]- because he and I are buddies, and because I want to put electrodes on the sides of his head and shock him until he gains the ability to think.[/COLOR][/QUOTE]I'm game, and I'll even help you put the electrodes on.[quote name='2007DigitalBoy;781616][COLOR="DarkOrange"][B]Rachmaninoff/SunfallE/BKStyles/Aaryana/Aaryana_Mum [/B]- the reason I've listed them all together is beacsue their personalities are so similar that they sometimes feel like the same person to me XD We would make an awesome club. They could pick on me for being youngest lol. Oh, and while they aren't quite the same personalities, [B]Sandy [/B]and [B]indifference [/B]should totally ne in this club too. And [B]Darren[/B]. >_> He can bring hell along if he [i]really[/i] wants too[/COLOR][/QUOTE]Oh I suppose they seem so similar because SunfallE, Aaryanna and Aaryanna_Mom are actually nice. Rachmaninoff and BKstyles are just ruffians. :p [[SIZE="1"]Though I'm willing to bet that it's because both of them are gentlemen[/SIZE]] Still other than Rach [[SIZE="1"]who I already know and dragged kicking and screaming into the world of anime and thus to myO and OB[/SIZE]] it would be fun to meet everyone you've listed, hell I'll even meet you so I can smack you in person DB. [QUOTE=Aaryanna'][COLOR="goldenrod"][B]The staff[/B'] - I say that cause I'd love to have a get together with all of you. That would be the funniest party ever! [/COLOR][/quote]I'll second that. Because it's true and it makes it easy for me to be lazy and not list each of them individually. I would imagine that Des would be the life of the party while James would be the one with the cutest accent.

There's a lot of other's I'd be interested in finally getting to meet, such as DeathKnight, Gavin, DeadSeraphim, Mariskah, Shy, Allamorph, etc. There's more I'm sure.

But the one I'm looking forward to the most is meeting SunfallE and Aaryanna at the Anime Convention at the end of the summer. It's just too bad she won't be able to bring that cute little dog of hers along. :)[/COLOR]
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[quote name='DeadSeraphim'][SIZE="1"][FONT="Arial"][color=indigo]
Molly cause we need to visit a zoo, .[/color][/FONT][/SIZE][/QUOTE]

[COLOR="SeaGreen"]Somehow it makes me happy to be on someone's list, let alone Alan's. I guess all that effort I put in way back when paid off... I'd love to meet Alan. We can go to the zoo, as long as there are penguins. I also want to meet Tony. When I used to post a lot I was always in awe of well thought out and intelligent posts, although I'm too shy to initiate anymore chats with him. James, because he's so levelheaded and deals with everyone with the insight of a sage. I wanna meet Mimmi cuz I already love her to DEATH and Anomoly since she's a fun girl. I also love jazzlady22, someone who does not come here anymore. I don't remember if this is her SN anymore, but anatema. She's incredibly eloquent and creative. SOLO, I want to meet that lovely Englishman. He's polite and delightful.[/COLOR]
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from the boards i would like to meet:

Muar'Dib (jacob)- me and j go back a ways, he's a good buddy of mine and we just jell together.

Squiggles- no way i would get away without visiting her. she would hang me up by my toes and continue to smack me in the face with a fan if i didn't try to meet up with her. much love babe ^_~.

James- this guy knows his sitebuilding and he and i have had serious intellectual conversations in the past. plus i would want to see the site administrator in person. that's a no brainer. PS james, i think it's awesome that every word like color and favorite has the "U" in it. that's just tres cool.
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[quote name='Sesshomarufan']Squiggles- no way i would get away without visiting her. she would hang me up by my toes and continue to smack me in the face with a fan if i didn't try to meet up with her. much love babe ^_~.[/QUOTE]

[size=1][color=indigo]It would be more painful than that. *grins*

Lemme see, there's also [b]erinzeyger[/b], wherever she went, [b]Chichiri'sGirl[/b], wherever she went... two of my friends from back when I first joined as SailorStar.

Then there would be [b]Citrus[/b] or whatever she's called now. I <3 ya, Natsu.

All right, now for my idols:

[b]Annie:[/b] oh wait, I already said that.

There will be more...[/size][/color]
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[quote name='Squiggles'][size=1][color=indigo]
Then there would be [b]Citrus[/b] or whatever she's called now. I <3 ya, Natsu.


geez how could i forget Natsu. oh the memories. the old gang really needs to reunite. the four otakueers baby, yeah!
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[SIZE=1]I'm still fairly new so I haven't had a chance to meet a bunch of uber neat people, but I have a few that would be interesting:

[B]Rachmaninoff and Indifference:[/B] Rachmaninoff because he's the better Darren... :( And I think he's a genius (by the way he posts) and Indifference for 2 reasons. 1) She keeps Rach in line with Random whacks on the head, and 2) she was cool enough to be the captain at the beginning of OB: Survivor and to put Hopeless in her signature...

[B]Anomaly and Aaryanna:[/B] My longest running-mates in OB: Survivor and the other great minds behind Hopeless... They're creative and talented. Plus, they outlasted me.

[B]Vicky:[/B] The first person I befriended here on OB. The only goth that would be fun to hang around. Not to mention that she lives in the U.K. It's an excuse to travel, and I love London!

[B]2007DigitalBoy:[/B] Hah, because I find it very funny that he owns noobie slaves... He's creative and doesn't mind taking time out to help others out... (By the way DB, I wouldn't make fun of you for being the youngest... I would just make fun of you)

[B]Trigun 11:[/B] I don't know whether it's our geeky obsession over Power Rangers (and Johnny Yong Bosch) or the fact that we're both involved in Forensics and debate, but something made her "glomp me" and suddenly I was forced into OB marriage... Hehe, anyway She's smart and funny and I think it's an amusing combonation that she's a debater/wrestler/dancer.

[B]SunfallE:[/B] I'm a secret fanboy... And she pwned me at debating... Plus, I believe that she is also a genius. (her and Rach are perfect toegether) Enough said.

I also wouldn't mind meeting [B]Allamorph[/B] or [B]Dragon Warrior[/B]. Allamorph is a great poster and I like that he's pretty random. DW is also random and funny and I got to know him as part of the LOLs. He was really interesting.[/SIZE]
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[color=darkorchid][font=times]Why is it that everyone, or almost everyone, has put something in their blurb about wanting to meet me that includes words like "rape" sex" "orgy" or- Why am I even asking this question?

Psh, whatever. I hear it's easier to get orgies with me now that I'm single IRL though... ANYWAY.

Gavin: Cause he's my OB husband, do I need better reasons?

BKstyles: Cause booze is funny.

Malkav/Boss: Cause rape is funny too.

Jokopoko: Cause booze is funny even overseas. Perhaps even moreso.

James: Cause he's got the purtiest eyes.

Alan: Cause if I don't say I want to have another orgy with him, he'll cry lots.

Adam: Oh wait, I already met him...HAH! I win.[/font][/color]
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[COLOR="Navy"][B]Copycatalyst[/B] - This guy's views are very well thought out. From what I've read he has deep understanding for things. I'd love to have a debate with this guy!

[B]Indifference[/B] - A good friend of DB's, and obviously one of the many who wants to eloctrocute my mind until I can process right.

[B]Allamorph [/B]- hH's been helping me become a writer much like DB did. But now his style is on a more deeper level. Plus he's random. Random people make others feel smart. Well at least me. >_>

[B]BKstyles[/B] - He's a fan of Breaking Benjamin, but not only that he's a very fun person, from what my ol' friend Tekkaman told me.

[B]Aaryanna the dog[/B] - Well I rememeber seeing her dog for the first time. She hapens to be my favorite breed of dog. My aunt and uncle had one that was very nice. It had babies... I think?[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Purple"]Oh Boo, I didn't know![/COLOR]
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[quote name='Premonition'][COLOR="Navy"][B]Indifference[/B] - A good friend of DB's[/COLOR][/QUOTE]

[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Interesting, since I don't rally know her at all ^^;; not to say I don't think she's cool :animesmil

wow, I forgot some people. I definitely have to meet [B]D_W[/B] since he's been my idol for years, and I need the chance to bask in his glory.

And...you know what? Let's all just have a giant OB Orgy. The older mebmers can be on the top of the... erm... blob >_>[/COLOR]
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Well obviously I need to add anyone who wants to meet me as well.
2007DigitalBoy[/B] - Because once we are done electrocuting Prem he's next. Just read his post before this one to see [I]why [/I]he needs to be shocked.

[B]Darren[/B] - Because he wants to meet me and that would be fun. And no, I'm not the better Darren. Not by a long shot. o_O

[B]Desbreko[/B] - I can't believe I didn't mention him. After all I am a fanboy.

[B]DeadSeraphim[/B] - Because a while back I forgot to get my soul delivered to him by the deadline, so it seems that I'm screwed at this point. Unless I bring enough cigarettes and booze to convince him to let me off the hook.
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[quote name='Rachmaninoff']Well obviously I need to add anyone who wants to meet me as well.
2007DigitalBoy[/B] - Because once we are done electrocuting Prem he's next. Just read his post before this one to see [I]why [/I]he needs to be shocked.

[COLOR="Navy"][B]Rach[/B], you are officially on my cool list.;) Sorry [B]DB[/B], but he got you [I]good[/I].[/COLOR]
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[quote name='Neuvoxraiha'][color=darkorchid][font=times]Why is it that everyone, or almost everyone, has put something in their blurb about wanting to meet me that includes words like "rape" sex" "orgy" or- Why am I even asking this question?[/font][/color][/QUOTE]

Well, since the Baron never posts in these anymore, I cannot continue my tradition of skipping over everyone else's posts just to flame him for not mentioning me, so instead I'll focus on you. Because you did not mention me you have cooties and Put on Your Red Shoes and Dance 2 is off!

Anyway, I want to meet Sandy because he's dreamy and he's my hero.
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[FONT="Arial"]I would like to meet the rest of the staff, if not for any reason other than they're my colleagues. We've had some fun moments before, and I think if we actually got together in person it would be a blast.

There are also several nonstaff people it would be cool to spend some time with; pretty much anyone who has ever commented on my writing, like Allamorph and DigitalBoy, as well as anyone who wants to meet me (which I'm pretty sure includes Nomura, :P). And Sara, even though we've never really talked; she's just very cool and I know we like some of the same movies (Labyrinth ftw).[/FONT]
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[quote name='Charles']Well, since the Baron never posts in these anymore, I cannot continue my tradition of skipping over everyone else's posts just to flame him for not mentioning me, so instead I'll focus on you. Because you did not mention me you have cooties and Put on Your Red Shoes and Dance 2 is off!

Anyway, I want to meet Sandy because he's dreamy and he's my hero.[/QUOTE]

[font=times][color=darkorchid]Bah, you were implied. And if I added you into my post now as an afterthought, you'd be even more mad. So I suppose the only cure would be for me to ask my room mate for help. *circle circle dot dot now I have a cootie shot*

There. All fixed.

ANYWAY. You know that you and I are destined to meet, have a lot of drinks, and then pass out. It's totally inevitable. Besides, we already discussed this.

Added to the list: Ikillion: Cause I'm more black than him, or so he says and we have to be absolutely sure.[/color][/font]
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