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[OFFICIAL] Otakuboards Nifty Fifty 2009 Final(ly)


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[INDENT][LEFT]Yup it's finally finished, and we have the added bonus of being up before the Oscars. While I can't provide Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin as hosts, we have Ace and Allamorph who are just as good.

Also sincere thanks to [B]Shy[/B], [B]Boo[/B], [B]Delta[/B] and [B]Sara [/B]for all their hard work.[/SIZE][/LEFT][/INDENT]


[SIZE="1"]"Allamorph is a sage of knowledge, a constant prankster and overall a good person to know. For better or for worse, Allamorph will always be two things: Honest and Direct. The amount of things he has done for Otakuboards are numerous and fantastic. It has been a pleasure to know him"[/CENTER]

[B]Every member that answers the calls of the needy in the Art by Request sub-forum![/B]

[SIZE="1"]"Without their superb artistic skills and will to aid those in need of avi/banner sets, I personally would be without one! My pleasure at having a visual identity on teh internetz would be null and void!"[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- chibi-master[/RIGHT][/SIZE]


[SIZE="1"]"Dude. He created the Padded Room Party thread. He should be granted eternal life for that alone!"[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- chibi-master[/RIGHT][/SIZE]

[B]The Boner Thread[/B]

[SIZE="1"]"Submitted under the title Two Points Of View, this ballsy topic asked us to examine ourselves in a most...unique way. Most of us declined in favor of cracking nut jokes. Like that one.

Also I got to slap a big fat TMI sticker on it."[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- Allamorph[/RIGHT][/SIZE]


[SIZE="1"]"Because you can never have enough news stories"[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- taperson[/RIGHT][/SIZE]


[SIZE="1"]"Because she can do a Chiquita dance like no other, while still being one of the nicest people you'll ever meet."[/CENTER]

[B]Did I Just Screw Up[/B]

[SIZE="1"]"Because for some reason someone went back there to replace all their posts with "10char" which I thought was pretty nifty, considering the title is "Did I just screw up?" So yeah."[/CENTER]

[B]Guild Wars Revival[/B]

[SIZE="1"]"Because there hadn't been playing as many Otakus Guild Wars at the same time since the QKT was abolished, and this was awesome and scary at the same time, because I was gained in on way too quickly by all others. But it was a bit of quality time that you wouldn't have anywhere else on the web. <3"[/CENTER]


[SIZE="1"]"Pretty much defined humour for quite a bit of last year."[/CENTER]




[SIZE="1"]"Both for being the only person besides me to actually contribute to the Anthology since I was put in charge of it and for somehow managing to retroactively traumatize me in one of her latest stories."[/CENTER]

[B]Desbreko's screencaps[/B]

[SIZE="1"]"No matter the situation, there is always a fitting screencap somewhere in Des' collection. Plus, he spammed a buttload of 'em in the Anime Out of Context thread once, which was silly good fun."[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- Miss Anonymous[/RIGHT][/SIZE]


[SIZE="1"]"Shin is the gift that just keeps on giving. His World posts are always fun to read and, for me, they're also very educational (especially when he discusses films that I may not have seen). This alone makes him very worthy of a nomination."[/CENTER]

[B]Otaku Jeopardy[/B]

[SIZE="1"]It was a fun little game that Korey hosted, with new topics every week, and it was pretty cool getting a flashy title for winning. It also turned me into a competitive little monster for awhile, which only happens when I really get into things. I see that as a good sign"[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- Miss Anonymous[/RIGHT][/SIZE]

[B]Movie Sign[/B]

[SIZE="1"]"Move Sign has been going on for over a year, and is something that I’ve been attending since March. It is the best way to spend Sunday evening, and even though some of the movies we watch are horrendous (and even make some of us cry), it is something to look forward to every week. "[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- AnimeArchAngel[/RIGHT][/SIZE]

[B]Cullen Cancer[/B]

[SIZE="1"]"Because seeing everyone stuck with Edward Cullen avatars at theOtaku on April Fools was fantastically amusing. "[/CENTER]


[SIZE="1"]"He’s real easy to talk to, and he’s willing to help out members if they need it. He also manages The Watercooler."[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- Miss Anonymous[/RIGHT][/SIZE]


[SIZE="1"]"Because, though she is one of theOtaku’s younger members, you can’t always tell; she surpasses a n00blet stage that many of her peers cannot seem to escape, and she manages to do so humorously."[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- Wayward Warrior[/RIGHT][/SIZE]

[B]Becky’s Block Busters[/B]

[SIZE="1"]"When a writer is stuck or simply wants a challenge, this archive of prompts (located at The Writers’ Bloc) is available to help him or her push on and write that fiction!"[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- Wayward Warrior[/RIGHT][/SIZE]


[SIZE="1"]"Red may be a little crazy sometimes, but we love him all the same. He does a great job moderating Chat and is always very kind to everyone. He always makes sure I’m watching the best anime series. Red is also the only person that will take my abuse. XD"[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- AnimeArchAngel[/RIGHT][/SIZE]


[SIZE="1"]"Katana is the reason why I am into MST3k and Doctor Who. She helps run Movie Sign and almost never misses an episode. She is a wonderful artist and also writes great stories. She lets me bother her on Skype all the time. She’s an awesome friend too!"[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- AnimeArchAngel[/RIGHT][/SIZE]


[SIZE="1"]"For their endless enthusiasm and friendliness in chat, and their inability to be sneaky is always amusing to watch."[/CENTER]

[B]TheOtaku Birthday Alerts[/B]

[SIZE="1"]"It makes it easy for a forgetful person like me to remember that special day for all of my friends."[/CENTER]

[B]Anime Central[/B]

[SIZE="1"]"Because someone needs to love the poor thing. And I do love it so."[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- Shinmaru[/RIGHT][/SIZE]


[SIZE="1"]"Because she showed up again and immediately made the forums more fun. You know a Sara thread will lead to good times."[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- Shinmaru[/RIGHT][/SIZE]


[SIZE="1"]"For his goofy antics in chat."[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- Rachmaninoff[/RIGHT][/SIZE]

[B]Chatlogs of Doom[/B]

[SIZE="1"]"Even though the logs are sometimes hit and miss, the best posts are absolutely hilarious. We are a bizarre bunch of people."[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- Shinmaru[/RIGHT][/SIZE]


[SIZE="1"]"Not only is he a funny, easygoing guy and a great storyteller, he should also be commended for his yearly Remembrance Day/Veteran's Day/Arimistice Day posts. Those are always great, interesting reads."[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- Shinmaru[/RIGHT][/SIZE]

[B]Threads like ‘What are you listening to?’ and ‘What are you reading?’[/B]

[SIZE="1"]"It’s more than just seeing what fellow otaku’s are listening to or currently reading. I’ve gotten exposed to some excellent artists just by checking out what others are posting about."[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- SunfallE[/RIGHT][/SIZE]

[B]Adam’s new site, 100 Things I Learned[/B]

[SIZE="1"]"Because it shows just how hard Adam is willing to work to improve the site. This was more than just some side project; this was him spending the time to learn even more about setting up a website in order to further benefit the network as a whole. He’s truly dedicated to the growth of the site on a level that few know about or fully understand."[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- SunfallE[/RIGHT][/SIZE]

[B]Keiling Kat[/B]

[SIZE="1"]"She’s Ceiling Cat. What more do you need to know?"[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- Rachmaninoff[/RIGHT][/SIZE]


[SIZE="1"]"He's still here, still cool and still posts in [color=deeppink]pink[/color]."[/CENTER]

[B]Graphics Worm '09[/B]

[SIZE="1"]"The GW is one of the coolest projects the network has ever seen and it's still going, thanks to heaps of commitment from our fantastic artists."[/CENTER]


[SIZE="1"]"The ever pleasant Delta is one of OB's best artists and always willing to lend her talents to those in need. Nifteh'd."[/CENTER]


[SIZE="1"]"For one thing, quite a few people refer to her via an acronym ("CHW"). This alone is kind of cool and is, interestingly enough, a privilege usually only bestowed on rappers and cult leaders.

Aside from that though, CHW was one of the most prolific thread creators in 2009. Not only did she spur heaps of discussion, but her threads were all different and usually provoked us to think more deeply about everyday things (did you ever think much about what you keep under your bed until the CHW thread? I bet you didn't!)"[/CENTER]

[B]Woody Harrelson: Zombie Hunter[/B]

[SIZE="1"]"Because as excuses for attacking paparazzi go, this was one of the best."[/CENTER]


[SIZE="1"]"Because she totally pwned Adam with the magical girl avatar she made."[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- Rachmaninoff[/RIGHT][/SIZE]


[SIZE="1"]"One of the nicest and most dedicated staff members OB has every had. Damn you RL for taking her away from us."[/CENTER]

[B]The Watercooler[/B]

[SIZE="1"]I think The Watercooler was one of the biggest success stories on theOtaku over the last year. I'm not sure how I'd describe them, except to say that they're pretty random, but they do provide a perspective that you just won't find anywhere else on the network."[/CENTER]


[SIZE="1"]"Because he is so fond of thread necromancy that he even nominates a 2005 thread for the Nifty Fifty. And because he's the only Australian with a conscience.

We need more Jameses in the digital world"[/CENTER]


[SIZE="1"]"All our staff work very hard, but I don't think most people actually know how much Petie does behind the scenes. He's been working on a major new site and he has provided a seemingly endless supply of updates and support over the last year. We definitely owe much to Petie and I really want to recognise him for being a quiet achiever"[/CENTER]


[SIZE="1"]"Between her work here and her work over at TheO itself, she's got her hands full, but she's really good a juggling, so it's all good."[/CENTER]


[SIZE="1"]"Because he will politely steal your women and booze when you’re not looking."[/CENTER]
[RIGHT]- Rachmaninoff[/RIGHT][/SIZE]

[B]'Tis teh Boo![/B]

[SIZE="1"]"He's our very own anthropomorphic blob of weird, a little Boo can spice up any conversation."[/CENTER]
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[B]Otakuboards Prose Contest[/B]

[SIZE=1]"Although OB is home to some amazing writers, it's rare that the site spotlights that outside of RPGs and Suggestions arguments. It was great to go toe-to-toe against some of my online peers, and though I lost I'm glad I participated in it."[/SIZE][/center][SIZE=1]

[B]John's Reputation System[/B]

[SIZE=1]"Because with the Good/Evil system it might finally be possible to see what people actually think of you, but then in a nicely dressed manner! Plus, it makes us look more lively and fun than we actually are."[/SIZE][/center][SIZE=1]

[B]Mr Maul[/B]

[SIZE=1]"Consistency is key here, and Mr. Maul continues to prove with every post how consistently awesome he is. He's often too smart for the room, but chooses to entertain us with his presence anyway"[/SIZE][/center][SIZE=1]

[B]OB Meet-Ups[/B]

[SIZE=1]"This is a personal one for me, since I've been on the site forever (and make a point of reminding people that in every post I make.) But through this site I've been able to meet up some of the funniest, kindest and most sincere people on the Interweb. Whenever possible I try to meet up with some of them in real-life, and the results have always been great. There's a level of trust and familiarity with my friends on OtakuBoards that does not extend to other sites: OB is my online home, and by that same sentiment its members are my family"[/SIZE][/center][SIZE=1]


[SIZE=1]"Always helpful, always funny, always there to whack me one when I'm being a moron. Thanks, bro staff."[/SIZE][/center][SIZE=1]


[SIZE=1]"taperson always has the dopest signatures and avatars. Very ecletic, but it works, somehow. Plus she is constantly contributing to the Random Thoughts and Photo threads."[/SIZE][/center][SIZE=1]
[RIGHT]- Korey[/RIGHT]

[INDENT][SIZE="1"]And that's our fifty Nifties for this year, congratulations to all our winners and here's hoping we have a nifty-filled year ahead of us for next year's nominations.

In regard to the [B]"Of the Year"[/B] awards, well seeing as they're the crème de la crème of the Nifties I'll be posting them in a separate thread with special graphics for the winners. Unfortunately said special graphics aren't ready yet but should be finished this coming week.[/SIZE][/INDENT]
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Navy"]Just for this I'm making an av/ banner set of German stuff. Thanks you guys :rolleyes:

Great job as always to all the people who did this. Shy and co, you have my official thumbs up! You guys are nifty too.

Congrats to everyone who was nominated and who made it as the Nifty Fifty. Here's to another year of being nifty!

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[FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"][SIZE="1"]Oh, the Chatlogs of Doom...oh, how many times I've wanted to close you for one reason or another. But y'know what? I'm glad I haven't now. We are indeed a bunch of bizarre people. But we're [I]awesome[/I]. And Nifty.

Congrats to my fellow nominees, and those that wound up being deemed Nifty. <3 And thanks so much for deeming the CoD Nifty, cause it's definitely here to stay now.

Stay Nifty, everyone~![/SIZE][/FONT]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]Oh god, of all the magnificent quotes I had on this site, you had to pick that one.

Oh well I suppose it could've been even less flattering. ...I suppose.

And congratulations to the people that I voted for. I HAD A HAND IN YOUR VICTORY![/FONT][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=royalblue][i]How[/i] in the world did I get deemed nifty? That's...wow.

But since I [i]did[/i] win...some...how...I will say...Uh.

Thanks? 8D;; And congrats to everyone else. I love the cracktastic bunch that we are.

And my baby of Movie Sign won! ;w;

[strike]Also WAY TO BE LAZY ON THE BANNER BOO.[/strike][/color][/size]
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[quote name='Stephanie'][size=1]The Game is officially over, according to 4chan.

Oh, and grats, guys. :)[/size][/QUOTE]


[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]The Game's been over for eons.

As for all you people who won, Imagine fireworks. I can't give them to you, but you totally deserve them.[/FONT]
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I approve of this year's niftiest. Well done, nifty crew! You're so nifty!

PS - this is the meme guy.[/COLOR][/SIZE]


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[font=SECRET FONT]Wow, the Boo banner is the most awesome. I bet someone real awesome made it.

Also: shut up, Ginger.

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[font=franklin gothic medium]Congratulations guys, this is really fantastic. I love the banners. And the idea of using quotes and medals is awesome.

Funnily enough I only just noticed this thread the other day. When the actual awards are up, we'll have to announce the whole thing here and on theOtaku. Well done everyone![/font]
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