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Which Animes Are Dubbed Best/Worst?

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(Hopefully, this question hasn't been asked before. >< If so, I apologize.)

At some point of our live, we've all watched dubbed animes. For the most part, most avid anime fans started out with dubbed animes. I know I did. After awhile, some of us move to subbed animes because of horrible dubbing or we just prefer the actual Japanese voices which sound SO awesome. However, once in awhile, we get some awesome anime that's dubbed awesomely.

So far from the animes I've watched, there are only a few which I'd gladly watch dubbed. One is Trigun. Each voice was perfect for each character, at least, I think so. I LOVE Legato's and Wolfwood's voice. How can you not? Vash's voice matches his personality perfectly. Meryl's and Millie's voices weren't annoying at all to my ears.

Another one is Ghost in the Shell. While, unlike Trigun where some of the voices just stand out screaming perfection, this one doesn't have any voices that make me think..."Yup, perfection." (I know, weird uh? lol) Now, I'm not saying the voices are dubbed bad, they're not. Major Kusanagi's dubbed voice fits her right. It's not annoying, doesn't belong to some VERY young female, but more to a older mature female. All the voices were pleasing...no annoying voice. ><

DBZ was dubbed alright (the voices, that is...I won't get into the cutting out of blood, the cuss words, etc). However, it doesn't compare to the original voices. (Vegeta's original voice was uber sexy...no one can top it in that anime. lol)

I know this is going to be weird, but I actually enjoyed dubbed Sailor Moon...well the later episodes with the permanent voices (since, they had changed some of the scout's voices around and stuff. :/). But that's no surprise since SM broke me into anime when I was in 4-5th grade. ^_^ Yeah, sometimes Usagi gets her high annoying scream going on, but for the most part, I'm alright with their voices. ^^

Now, for the worst. There are some animes out there...where the dubbing is just terrible or just...WRONG! ><;

For example, Evangelion. Now, before I start, I want to say...I LOVE Evangelion. I'm not a hardcore knowledgable person when it comes to that anime, but I truly think it's brilliance. However...(here it comes!)...I DESPISE the dubbed version of it. Don't ask why. I started watching Evangelion subbed, but, when I borrow one tape from a friend, it had been dubbed (he didn't have the subbed version of those 3 eps). I was like, "ok, let me check it out". But when I did check it out...the voices were so wrong. :/ I didn't like ANY of their voices...I especially hated Ritsuko's voice.

So yeah....I'll get back in here to post more on some other animes I hated dubbed. :/
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Gundam Wing
Gunsmith Cats
Neon Genesis Evangelion :p

Yami no Matsuei (Geshoushin sounds like a freakin' bodybuilder... and that's just NOT RIGHT!)
Outlaw Star (Poor Jim!! That has got to be THE worst one!)

And that's about it off the top of my head. But I'm not a dub/sub person, I'm into whatever language is going. Heck, I've watched Evangelion in French O-o So I'm honestly not picky! I'm one of these people that's happy to watch anime whatever form I get it in ^_^

*can somehow foresee this turning into a debate about which is better, subbed, or dubbed*
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Personally, I like Trigun because the voices are perfect and Cowboy Bebop because the voices are done very well there too (except for a little problem I have with Julia's voice, but I can't figure out what it is).

I can't think of any that I absolutely hate (because I honestly haven't seen that much), but some of DBZ's voices really annoy me, like Goku's when he's on his way to Namek...he sounds like a Valley Boy.
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I have an anime which has subs so I guess that counts, but it is Ayashi No Ceres, or better known as Ceres: Celestial Legend. I bought it from Japan and I absolutely hate the way they subbed it! Compared to the english version it makes no sense what-so-ever. Also it kind of was boot-legged so that probably explains it!

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i think that the best dubbed anime is trigun, princess mononoke, cowboy bebop. Some of the worst ones i just cant stand to listen to is outlaw star and escaflowne. In outlaw star, i cannot stand melfina's voice. its so high and squeaky and she doesnt seem to fit her and hilda sounded like a man. i mean, i know melfina was supposed to be all sweet and innocent and hilda is supposed to be tough and stuff, but i cant stand to listen to them. In escaflowne, i dont like hitome or meryl. van was okay, but i think the japanese versions of the voices were much better than the english.
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I haven;t heard many subs, but I can list my opinions
Hellsing- The only voice I didn't like was maybe Walter's and only because it was a bit too...grandfatherly. But I liked the rest.
Cowboy Bebop- They fit! They freakin' FIT! I love this dub! I love it almost as much as I love the subs!
Evangelion- Admittedly, I heard Cartoon Network's version, but still...really, people. Rei sounded like she was in a hentai, and the rest...oh my god. Gendo sounded like a robot...*shakes head* That dub was just so bad, it was funny...
Trigun- People are gonna bash me for this, but besides Vash, all of the voices are horrbily out of proportion and just plain scary...*shudder*
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One of the worst dubs I've ever heard has got to be the Inuyasha dub. The voices just feel so off, like Valley Girl style Kagome and the completely flat and emotionless voice of Sesshoumaru. Inuyasha's voice is all right- he has that sort of irritable whiny quality of Inuyasha's character, while Kaede's is just... painful...
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Oh yes, how could I forget Princess Mononoke? I saw it dubbed first and loved it. ^^

I rather not have this turn into a debate which is better. We all have our differences but that debate would lead to a stalemate since it's our own opinions. :/ But, I must agree, I'm also happy with whatever language I get my anime. lol
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Best: Tenchi Muyo, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, Lupin the 3rd

Worst: Cardcaptors, Sailor Moon, DBZ

In-between: Digimon, (At first, every guest star impersonating a celebrity was annoying, but after a while it just became part of the series), Trigun, (Everyone else was good, but for some reason Vash's voice always sounds...off...to me. I don't know why.), Gundam Wing
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[B] Best Dubs! [/B]
[B] Cowboy Bebop: [/B] This dub owns. The voices fit perfectly.
[B] .hack//SIGN: [/B] I'm not sure why, but even after seeing the sub version, I keep coming back to the dub. It's not stellar or anything, but the voices do seem to fit the characters' personalities (even Tsukasa's, though some people I know don't seem to like his voice).
[B] Utena: [/B] The voices seemed to fit the characters well, though Chuchu's voice can be annoying at times.
[B] Boogiepop Phantom: [/B] The voices on this are wonderful, from what I've seen (episodes 1-3). Boogiepop's voice is stellar and might even be better than the original voice (shudder). However, I don't like Manaka Kisaragi (the Butterfly Girl)'s voice for some reason.

[B] Worst Dubs... [/B]
[B] Yugioh: [/B] I honestly love the anime itself, but the voices just don't seem to fit the personalities. I can stand Isis, Malik, Kaiba, Mai, and Yami's voices, but I don't like the accent they decided to give Joey, and for some reason, there's just something about Tea's voice that doesn't seem to suit her.
[B] Cardcaptors: [/B] Ahh, yes... the horribly butchered version of Cardcaptor Sakura. Not only did they decide to feature "Li" as the main character to make it appeal more to boys, but they made Sakura seem like an uncaring witch, Madison sounds like a valley girl, and countless other things I could mention. Buy the sub. It owns this version.

I'm sure there are a lot more that I'm forgetting...
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There are only a handful of good dubs i've seen. Ranma 1/2 is one. I like dub and sub the same for that, so it ties there. Another good dub is Nadesico. Even if Yuri's voice sounds a lot older than a little kid, they still a good job (although I still would not watch the dub or the sub).
Some that I didn't like too much was Inuyasha. After seeing the subbed for quite a few years, the dubbed voices seemed a little awkward. While some voices matched well, some didn't go well at all ( didn't like InuYasha's voice too much).
I didn't enjoy the Kenshin, Yugioh, or DBZ dubs. They just don't seem to fit the people at all.
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[color=hotpink][size=1]HEY PEOPLE! No listing! That's spam....

Well, the worst I've seen is Sailor Moon. I'm sure there are others that are awful, but that one just annoyed me so bad. It ruined the series and made it seem way more juvenile than it really is.

Next is DBZ. I hated how they changed voice actors all the time. It was AWFUL.[/color][/size]
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Hey this isnt a comment on my favourite but...

In Trigun did any notice the difference between subs and dubs in episode 25 when Vash is up on the hilltop and Meryl and Millie go to fetch him back? The emotions they have gone for in both languages are so different, it was the only thing that I noticed about differences I dont know if it ever does that in other parts of that series.

Trigun is an amazing dub.

The Tenchi Dubs really irritate me...Princess thingmy (excuse my ignorance but I forget her name right now....)
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[COLOR=royalblue]BEST DUBS:

Cowboy Bebop is Awesome. All of the voices fit their characters perfectly, and I think the show would be missing something if Ed had a different voice[/COLOR]
[COLOR=crimson]Second would be X1999. I love this show! I like every voice exept Kotori's, her's is just too high. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=sienna]HunterXHunter is perhaps my avorite anime of all time except for one small problem: I'v seen over 50 episodes of the series, but never in English. And the subtitles suck like monkeys, I tell you! Me and my frinds now have sayings that are made up of the bad subtitling! All the names are selled wrong, ad they say things like. 'I hate Bus!' [/COLOR]
[COLOR=orange]This isn't really for the show, but I hate Kaoru's voice dub for Rurouni Kenshin! I think she seriously needs to die, and her voice is a bit too high and not serious enough. [/COLOR]
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Best Dubbed: Yu Yu Hakusho, Cowboy Bebop.
Worst Dubbed: Pilot Candidate. Don't ask me why, but some of the voices didn't seem to fit. all of the girls sounded exactly like Kagome's english voice-over, high and whiney-sounding. Hiead's voice was perfect(^_^) for his character, but Zero's voice was awful. He always sounded so...hyper. It was like he was never serious. Just my opinion though.
Sailor Moon: It's AWFUL. The japanese voices were ok, but for the English dub they...screwed up somewhere along the way. Usagi sounds like a valleygirl, Ami sounds like she's from England...it's just really messed up.
In-between: Vampire Princess Miyu, Outlaw Star:)
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Osmosis [/i]
[B]One of the worst dubs I've ever heard has got to be the Inuyasha dub. The voices just feel so off, like Valley Girl style Kagome and the completely flat and emotionless voice of Sesshoumaru. Inuyasha's voice is all right- he has that sort of irritable whiny quality of Inuyasha's character, while Kaede's is just... painful... [/B][/QUOTE]

Actually, I don't think that the Inuyasha dubs are THAT bad.
-Inuyasha's dubbed voice goes well with his firey personality
-Sesshomaru's voice IS supposed to be calm, cold, and emotionless--it goes very well with his arrogance--similar to the seiyuu's voice.
-Kagome...err...I'm with you on this one. Her voice is much too SQUEEKY!!

My favorite anime in terms of dubbing quality is Cowboy Bebop. I remember when the movie was going to be released in the US, there was much arguing as to keep the orginal voices. I have'nt watched the dubbed movie yet, but I think that it features the same dubbing cast.
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I don't get why people make such a HUGE deal out of this. If you don't like the English voices, then don't watch it. Go spend all your money on DVDs if you're unhappy with the dubbing. If it weren't for dubbing in the first place, honestly, how many of us would be watching anime.

I personally don't mind English voices. I own all of the InuYasha DVDs (after seeing the dubbed first, by the way) and they are both good. You have to understand that Japanese culture is much more expressive than ours.

Also, I have the whole subbed Hellsing series on my computer here and sometimes its hard to follow because of the subs. Your best bet is to just learn Japanese and watch the original, with no subs.

This is just my opinion here. No need to flip out on me now people.
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Best: Cowboy Bebop, TriGun, FrutuBa(Fruits Baskets), GunSmith Cats, Dragon Ball, GTO

Worst: Yugiou, Card Captor Sakura, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT,

You people do know what a dub isn't just the voices. You cannot just base a dub off of the voices, which is what I've seen most of you doing. You have to gauge a dub, on its accuracy to the original in terms of story, voices, how accurate its lines are, and how accurate its character personalities are.
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