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OtakuBoards Survivor: Game On! <rated PG with fantasy violence>


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[font=century gothic][center]Welcome to the wondrous world of videogames, where [i]anything[/i] can happen and [i]everything[/i] is possible!

A great event is about to begin, one that will bring together characters from all videogaming genres. It is the ultimate game, where there is only one winner.

The name of the game is
[size=3]OtakuBoards Survivor: Game on![/size]

Now, welcome your cute and fluffy host:

[SIZE=3]Mog the Moogle![/SIZE]
[img] http://www.ffcompendium.com/EspMon/mooglet-a.jpg[/img][/center]

[SIZE=1]?Kupo for everybody! I am totally kupo over this game, and I hope you all are as well! In this game, a misfit cast of videogame characters will compete against each other and the erratic and kupo events that the game has to offer. One by one these characters will get KO?ed and deleted until only one will remain to claim the title of the Ultimate Videogame Survivor. Isn?t that kupo or what?!? [/SIZE]

*flips in midair*

[SIZE=1]?Now you?re all probably wondering just how exactly you can participate to this kuporrific game? That?s easy as Hedgehog Pie, because all you have to do is to fill in the following sign-up form as good as you can, kupo! Good luck to everybody, and I hope to see you when the game starts!

Remember, you can?t win if you don?t play! Kupo!?[/SIZE]


To sign up for the game, carefully fill in the following sheet in the form of an [b]interview[/b].
[indent][b]Name[/b]: the name of the videogame character you choose to play. Please choose a character that is at least somewhat known in public. It doesn?t matter from what year the character is from, as long as it?s from a playable videogame.
[b]Picture[/b]: this is a must. Find a quality fullbody picture of your character and link it here. No other physical description is necessary.
[b]Game[/b]: the title of the game or game series where the character was taken from. If the character has appeared in multiple game series, please choose the most known one.
[b]Genre[/b]: the type of the game that the character is from. Genres are for example Role Playing Game (RPG), Fighting, First-Person Shooter (FPS), Adventure and Platformer.
[b]Personality[/b]: what your character is like, how it behaves, how it communicates and gets along with other characters, et cetera. If the character of your choice really has no given personality, you?re free to make up one, but please [i]try[/i] to stay in the context and frame of the respective game. Exaggerating is recommended, though.
[b]Talents[/b]: the special abilities your character possess, wether it be a superpower or just something the character likes to do.
[b]Motive[/b]: the reason why your character wants to join the Survivor: Game On! What are its goals, is it going for the victory or just for the fun of the game.[/indent]

The minimum [B]amount of players[/B] that are chosen to the actual game is 10, but it can be much more, even twenty, if there are that many quality players willing to join. The teams will be decided when the game kicks off.

You have time to sign-up until [B]November 13th[/B], and the game will begin soon after that, so keep those sign-ups coming!

Also, be sure to [B]check all my posts[/B] within this thread, they contain updated information about what type of character would be the best to choose.

If any [B]questions[/B] arise, post them either to this thread or PM me, and you are sure to get an answer.

When the game starts, there will also be a separate [B]Underground thread[/B] for out-of-character discussion and questions.

Hopefully this game gets lots of sign-ups, because the saying ?the more the merrier? is very true when it comes to OB Survivor. So don?t hesitate but join the ultimate game of survival! Game on!
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[font=Verdana][size=2][b]OOC: [/b]Yes! The game is on![/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]Editted because you asked for an interview...[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]I'm not sure what you meant though, whether with Mog or by myself.[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]Let me know if I should change anything, though I may edit it.[/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=navy]*Enters the room to see a furry creature on a chair*[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]Mog: [/b]Kupo, I'm Mog, take a seat and tell me what your name is, kupo.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=navy][b]Yuna: [/b]Hi, nice to meet you. My name's Yuna *sits*[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]Mog: [/b]Nice to meet you, Yuna, kupo! Now, what game are you from?[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]Yuna: [/b]I feature in Final Fantasy X and the sequel part to that, X-2.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]Mog: [/b]Yes, Yuna, kupo! And what kind of genre are those games?[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]Yuna: [/b]They're both Role Playing Games.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]Mog: [/b]I see, kupo. Did you bring any photos, kupo?[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]Yuna: [/b]Yep, here you go. [[url="http://img367.imageshack.us/img367/3299/026lm.jpg"]Pic 1[/url], [url="http://img367.imageshack.us/img367/170/018xx.jpg"]Pic 2[/url]] *Hands over two photos* The first one is just a pose shot I did for a magazine, while the second one I took with Rikku and Paine, my sphere hunting companions in Final Fantasy X-2.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]Mog: [/b]Great, kupo! They'll do just fine. *Places them into an envelope* Now, kupo, how would you describe your personality?[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]Yuna: [/b]Hmm...that's a tough one. *Puts a finger to her lip* I guess I'm gentle and strong minded at the same time. I like to get what I want of course *giggle* I'm extra competitive, especially if someone else is after the same thing I want, like a sphere *cough*LeBlanc*cough* Sorry, had a bit of a coughing fit there. I think that I work with other people incredibly well, seeing as how I did with Tidus and the rest of the group, then with Rikku and Paine.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]Mog: [/b]Hn, yes kupo! Now, *looks down at clipboard* do you have any talents, kupo?[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]Yuna: [/b]Well...I've got a talent with the gun *touches the dual pistols on her hips* I've got great aim. I also have the ability to change my costumes using spheres that I accumulated, and with each different costume, comes different abilities, though I usually wear this one, which is Gunner. And as if that wasn't enough, I still have the ability to summon the Aeons I collected on my quest during Final Fantasy X.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]Mog: [/b]Kuporiffic! Those are excellent abilities to have, kupo. Now, the final question is, what's your motive to join Survivor, kupo? [/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]Yuna: [/b]I just want something to do since I finished collecting my spheres and I've been bored for a while, just lazing around. Besides, it seems like fun so yeah thought I'd give it a shot, so it's not like I need the money or something. *Grin*[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]Mog: [/b]Excellent, thanks for coming, kupo. Hope I see you again.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=2][color=#000080][b]Yuna: [/b]Thanks, kupo. ^__~[/color][/size][/font]
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[size=1][b]Name[/b]: Hey y'all it's Crash 'The Bash' Bandicoot here *winks at a girl*

[b]Picture[/b]: Well, [url=http://www.chez.com/quiappele/ecran/crash.jpg]this[/url] was back from that last trip to Ancient Egypt. It was damn hot there *winks at girl again*

[b]Game[/b]: Well, I've had lot's of starring roles, so it's hard to decide. But, I have saved the world numerous times, so yeah. Don't anybody complain.

[b]Genre[/b]: I always was into them platformer type things, but then I felt limited. Like I wasn't...growing, y'know? So, I moved into more advanced genres, such as 3-D. Damn, that was cool. Mostly I run around and grab Wumpa Fruit, but sometimes I ride polar bears, shoot guns, or a number of other things. I am just, like, generally awesome.

[b]Personality[/b]: Awesome. I am wild, you just can't beat it. Plus I've saved the world, so that rocks out. Hey, do you like my leather jacket?

[b]Talents[/b]: Oh, lots *winks at another girl*. No, but seriously, lots. I can body slam, slide, duck, crawl, and perform an extra-high jump by sliding or ducking and then jumping. Plus, I have this outrageous spinning move - awesome grooves for the dancefloor.

[b]Motive[/b]: Wumpa Fruit, and all the pretty ladies *winks at the camera*[/size]
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[B]Name:[/B] Yo, this be Carl Johnson, straight outta Groove Street, ya 'urd!?

[B]Picture:[/B] [URL=http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.gtanet.com/newsimages/carl_johnson.gif&imgrefurl=http://www.gtanet.com/news/single.php%3Fid%3D23&h=448&w=640&sz=140&tbnid=5SqHeXme_nsJ:&tbnh=94&tbnw=135&hl=en&start=1&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dcarl%2Bjohnson%2Bgta%2Bsan%2Bandreas%26svnum%3D10%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official%26sa%3DG]Check me out hommie, straight up gangsta $#!^[/URL]

[B]Game:[/B] The one and only GTA San Andreas, hottest game on the planet busta!

[B]Genre:[/B] I gots everything, *** kicking, high rolling, big ballin, shot calling. But you bustas can just call it Action/Adventure.

[B]Personality:[/B] Straight up gangsta, what the @*&$ you expect!? If you clean, and respect the street, then we cool. If your a busta or hooked up with the yay, then we gots a problem, and we gonna have to have some words.

[B]Talents:[/B] If its got a trigger, I can shoot it, and if it moves, I can start it, steal it, drive it, whatur you need.

[B]Motive:[/B] I'm here to represent Groove Street to all these cartoony *** motha #*%!as. And to show the world that I'm the baddest son of a #*$@% on the planet.
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Riku

[B]Picture:[/B] If I must...[URL=http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y48/UnbornLordXion/Babes%20and%20Bishies/Riku.jpg]Here[/URL]. Don't mind the clothes, though. I was having some...issues at the time. At the moment, I'm back to [URL=http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y48/UnbornLordXion/Babes%20and%20Bishies/Riku20CG.jpg]this outfit[/URL].

[B]Game:[/B] My starring role was in [B]Kingdom Hearts[/B].

[B]Genre:[/B] RPG, of course.

[B]Personality:[/B] I have big dreams. Really big dreams. And I am willing to do anything I need to so I can accomplish them. I will protect my friends, but if they try and stand in my way, they are my friends no longer. Success is too important to be held back by misguided loyalty. I'm not afraid of anything, even being alone if I have to be. Because I'm going to travel the world, all the worlds, even, and become strong. Yeah. Definately.

[B]Talents:[/B] I am the [I]true[/I] Keyblade master. Don't listen to what Sora tries to tell you. Also, I'm a hard worker (unlike Sora) and I'm quite smart.

[B]Motive:[/B] I want to see the world, get out of my boring little home and actually [I]do[/I] something with my life. Plus, I want to become stronger. I bet a contest like this is just what I need.

[B]OOC:[/B] Curse you, Kitty. I was going to be Riku, changed my mind...and now you changed it back. Grr.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[b][font=Verdana][size=2]What is your [/size][/font]Name?[/b]: Hello. Well my name is Ruby. I hope no one forgets.

[b]Do you have a Picture?[/b]: Well ok.[[url="http://www.rpgamer.com/games/darkcloud/darkcloud/art/ch08.gif"]Here[/url]]Is a picture of me. Is that to small? Well ok...[[url="http://www.rpgclassics.com/shrines/ps2/dcloud/Pics/rubywink.jpg"]Here[/url]] is a picture of me a little closer. Sorry its not a complete picture.

[b] And you are from what Game?[/b]: I am from a game called Dark Cloud. I heard there was a second one but it could not possibly be cool. I mean I wasnt in it right? So it had to be lame.

[b]What Genre would you say that is?[/b]: I guess you could call it Roleplaying and Adventuring. Going to different places and kicking monster butt.

[b]How would you describe your Personality?[/b]: Well let me see here. I guess I am the kind of person who... Well hmmm. I am very sweet but I like getting what I want. What girl doesnt? If my friends do something and dont get a reward I am the first one to step forward and demand we get payed for putting someones lousy shop back together. I mean after all that monster slaying and trecking through dark damp gross places why shouldnt we get payed? I am nice though dont get me wrong. I just like rewards too.

[b]Do you have any Talents?[/b]: Well I can float or fly i guess but I dont do that. I did it a bit when i first met Toan but naw I prefer walking. How would I keep this body if i floated everywhere? I can use some magic such as fire ice thunder wind and holy. Though it drains me sometimes.

[b]What is your Motive for coming here?[/b]: Well I love rewards and I love winning. I do like fun though and this looked like the most fun one could have.
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[COLOR=#006aaf][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] The name's Sora.

[B]Picture:[/B] Y'know, I'm right here.. but if you really need 'em, I've got some with me. [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/kh-sora.jpg]Here[/url]'s one, and [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/KHrender03.png]here[/url]'s another. I'm sure I look stupid in 'em, but eh. It's hard to take a good picture, y'know?

[B]Game:[/B] You don't know? I'm from [b]Kingdom Hearts[/b], and don't you forget it!

[B]Genre:[/B] The best of 'em all: RPG.

[B]Personality:[/B] Kairi likes to tease me about how lazy and clueless I am most of the time.. but I'm real loyal. And you can trust me, no matter what. I love making new friends, too. The more the better, I say. I know how to fight real well since I've had a lot of practice with those Heartless. I'm kind of impatient, but at least I don't complain about it as much as Donald does.. Sheesh..

[B]Talents:[/B] I can wield my Keyblade better than anyone you've ever seen. Fighting's my thing. I'm also good at helping others. *wink*

[B]Motive:[/B] It wasn't my original idea, but Riku and Kairi used to talk about it. Riku bet me a while ago that I could never make it on, and I'm here to prove him wrong. Plus I'll get to meet a ton of new people![/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Lady Lara Croft

[B]Picture:[/B] Well I do have a wide selection of photos, mostly from my expeditions and with friends. I have brought several along since you seem so interested. [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24695&stc=1][I][U]This one[/U][/I][/URL] was taken for tactical analysis purposes so it isn't very glamorous. [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24696&stc=1][U][I]This[/I] [/U] [/URL] was taken on location in the Peloponnesian Mountains in Greece, I'm afraid I do like to show off sometimes. [U][I][URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24697&stc=1][U]This final photo[/U][/URL][/I][/U] is a favourite of mine. It is a wonderful shot of my friend Frank and I out in the field, a very down to earth man, though I honestly can't remember who the person behind the camera was.

[B]Game:[/B] Oh there are far to many to choose but one I'm afraid, though they are mostly all part of the 'Tomb Raider' franchise. I am something of a heroine you know.

[B]Genre:[/B] I suppose you could describe it as an Action/Adventure Platform game, though it does, however, incorporate puzzles and the like so it isn't your traditional platform. Its not easy you know, solving all those puzzles while being mauled at by tigers, though I suppose it should come in handy for what we're about to embark on *chuckles*.

[B]Personality:[/B] My personality? Well that is rather difficult for me to comment on, from my perspective anyway. Nevertheless I shall give it a try. Coming from an aristocratic background I have been brought up to be polite, well spoken and with good graces and manners. These qualities seem to be greatly overshadowed, however, by my lust for adventure and danger and I'm never one to pass up on a good bit of fun. I can seem aloof, almost arrogant to some people I guess, though most of the time I just come across as calm, confident and somewhat devil-may-care in my attitudes, even in the most dire of situations. Don't let that fool you. When the time comes I can be deadly serious, and I do mean [I]deadly[/I].

[B]Talents:[/B] I am an expert in all kinds of weapons and hand-to-hand combat, though my favourite weapons are my automatic pistols and the Uzi 9mm. I am very athletic and I train constantly when not out in the field. Having said that, I am not all braun, I have the brains to match. Though I prefer to be out scaling the nearest cliff I can be quite useful when research is required. Despite what they say I really am quite bright you know *smirks*.

[B]Motive:[/B] A challenge is a challenge my friend. I'm afraid my competative streak is a mile wide especially when there is a prize to be had *winks*.[/SIZE]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][b]Mog:[/b] Kupo! What's your name, first of all~?

[b]Dante:[/b] Name's Dante, pipsqueak. *Lounges back.*

[b]Mog:[/b] Kupo....Anyway, do ya have a picture we can use for publicity and stuff, Kupo?

[b]Dante:[/b] I usually don't submit for fan art, but let's just use one right now. *Pulls a camera out of pocket and snaps a photo, handing [url=http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/4877/danteinchair6wi.jpg]IT[/url] to Mog.*

[b]Mog:[/b] Very...nice, kupo! What game do ya come from, kupo?

[b]Dante:[/b] Devil May Cry 3, thank you. Running around and trying to kill my brother all day long sure gets tiring. Got any refreshments? I'm famished. *Gets up and wanders over to table, plucking a few bits of fruit and a can of Cola.*

[b]Mog:[/b] Kuuuupo! Those aren't for you-Oh, kupo, forget it...What kind of game do ya come from, Kupo?

[b]Dante:[/b] Action/Adventure. *Begins to poke around the office, ignoring Mog.*

[b]Mog:[/b] You're getting on my nerves, but I guess I better go on, kupo...what would you say your personality is?

[b]Dante:[/b] I'm the friggin' best fighter yer ever gunna meet. I have an attitude, I ignore people, I make wisecracks, ecterea. I also happen to have a flair for combat.

[b]Mog:[/b] I'm sure your firey temper won't be overlooked, kupo...anyway, what kind of talents do you have?

[b]Dante:[/b] I can fight melee, I have excellent abilites with firearms, I can slow down time, dodge attacks, short range teleport, I'm a master of swords, I have excellent Royal Guard, which is defensive skills, and I can find stuff prettah good.

[b]Mog:[/b] Sounds interesting, kupo! What's yer motive for coming here?

[b]Dante:[/b] I'm bored. There's an off chance that Vergil might crawl from the depths of whatever pit he landed in and come on too. And I'm better than anyone else, so that's a bonus.

[b]Mog:[/b] Thank you! Now put down that can of Cola and step out of the office, kupo...[/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=orange][b]Fox[/b]: Hey there, I'm Fox McCloud, here for the survivor interview thing.

[b]Mog[/b]: Well, you answered my first question, kupo! Now, did you bring any photos?

[b]Fox[/b]: *pulls picture out of wallet* Well, I don't really understand why you need a picture when i'm right here in fron't of you, but [URL=http://usuarios.lycos.es/ffviizone/notis/starasa02.jpg]HERE[/URL] you go!

[b]Mog[/b]: What a snice snapshot, Kupo! Now, what game are you from, kupo?

[b]Fox[/b]: I'm in all of the Starfox games. I call it the Starfox Trilogy! The games are Starfox (SNES), Starfox64, Starfox Adventures, and my latest appearance is in Starfox Assault.

[b]Mog[/b]: Ah, I see, Kupo! What genre are those, I havn't played them in a while.

[b]Fox[/b]: All of them are shooters (Platformer) except for Adventures (obviously it's adventure), though it did have a little bit of shooting in it *Pulls out gun and twirls it around*

[b]Mog[/b]: I see you are kupo about guns... *eyes the ray gun*

[b]Fox[/b]: Yeah, there really fun, but Pepper wouldn't let me use it when I was on Dinosaur Planet... Not sure why though *His finger slips and pulls the trigger, shooting a whole in the ceiling.* oops... I can pay for that... really.

[b]Mog[/b]: Oh...Kupo... *sighs* I wonder why he wouldn't let you use the gun... Anyways, Kupo, how would you describe yourself?

[b]Fox[/b]: Hmm... Well, I guess you could describe me as a young laid back pilot who doesn't mind risking his bushy tail to save someone. I'm a good leader even though I'm kind of young and I'm not always serious in battles unless it's really really really really life threatning. I'm pretty smart too.

[b]Mog[/b]: Well, combat experience is a good quality in this game, as well as brains, Kupo! Now, what are some of your talents?

[b]Fox[/b]: Well, I'm an ace pilot, one of the best in the galaxy. I'm also good in hand to hand combat (or with a staff) and I'm an excellant shot from the ground or sky. I'm good at solving puzzles too.

[b]Mog[/b]: Good, Good, Kupo! Last but not least, what is your motive for entering this contest?

[b]Fox[/b]: Well, things are kind of slow right now in the mercenary business and Slippy is driving me insane up in that ship, I had to get away from him! So, I thought "Why not join this contest, have a good time, and possibly win something from it?"

[b]Mog[/b]: Ah, good reason, I would want to get away from that frog too, Kupo! Well, that's all for now Fox, we'll contact you if you make it in, Kupo!

[b]Fox[/b]: Thanks, later!

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Whoa, ten sign-ups overnight! I'm impressed... ;D

If this pace continues, this game will be likely to begin much sooner than I first thought.

I won't say who's in and who's out just yet, but I just had to say that there's one or two sign-ups in this group that will definitely [I]not[/I] make it to the game (although a large majority of you probably will).

Just a few more [B]guidelines[/B] for future sign-ups:

please select a character that is clearly from a [B]videogame[/B], and not from any book or movie or anime that has been made into a licensed game.

Also, having few characters from the same game/game series is great storywise, but [B]I don't want to see the entire cast[/B] of for example Kingdom Hearts in this game. There's plenty of games out there to choose a character from.

And lastly, [B]more female characters[/B]! Just to make this game balanced. It has no relevance wether you're a he or a she yourself, you can certainly play either one in this game. ;D

I think that's it. Stay tuned for more info about the schedual of the game.
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[SIZE=1][B]Mog:[/B] Well then, kupo, would you care to give me your name, kupo?

[B]Kuja:[/B] My name is Kuja, though most people I talk to these days tend to refer to me as ?Master??

[B]Mog:[/B] And, of course, it would be good if you could supply us with some visual material, kupo!

[B]Kuja:[/B] Well, yes, of course! I do love having pictures taken?isn?t my hair divine?
[URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v219/AzureImi/one-11.jpg]Here's one[/URL]
[URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v219/AzureImi/one-08.jpg]And the other...[/URL]

[B]Mog:[/B] I must ask?are you female, kupo?

[B]Kuja:[/B] Oh, I get asked that all the time, you see, its because of my wonderful figure?.but I?m male. Very male.

[B]Mog:[/B] And where, kupo, are the audience going to know you from?

[B]Kuja:[/B] They?re going to know me from Final Fantasy 9.

[B]Mog:[/B] And this was a?

[B]Kuja:[/B] I do believe people have described it as an 'RPG'?

[B]Mog:[/B] Well, kupo, now we have the boring parts out of the way.

[B]Kuja[/B]: My pictures are boring??

[B]Mog:[/B] ?.please describe your personality, er?kupo.

[B]Kuja:[/B] Oh, well, where do I begin? I guess people would describe me as a little on the vain side, but honestly, a man has to keep himself looking fresh these days or who knows where he might end up! I keep myself in shape, as you can see, and routine is very important to me. I?m also proud, and I tend to let people know just how good I am?though they don?t usually see things my way. I?m used to having power, you see, so control is a very big thing for me. Some people think I?m just a fragile young man with a soft centre, but they?re terribly wrong. I?m power-hungry and to a certain extent yes, I am a bit of a maniac. But it?s all in good fun, my friend, I?m willing and ready to make a few friends on this little game, as long as they aren?t utter morons.

[B]Mog:[/B] Kupo?er, shall we move on? Can you please tell me of your talents?

[B]Kuja[/B]: Oh, you may want to make notes. Magic is my forte, as weapons would probably end up making my figure get too?hard. I wouldn?t want that. I also have this funny little thing called Trance, which basically means if I get riled up enough, I transform into [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v219/AzureImi/5-13.jpg]this[/URL]. I try not to do it too often, though?blood is hard to remove from silk.

[B]Mog:[/B] I?see, kupo. Um, last question then, kupo?what are your motives for joining this game?

[B]Kuja:[/B] Well, naturally, I want to prove that I?m not just something pretty people can look at, but I can use my power and mind, too. I?m an intelligent young man, and I intend to go far in this game. I have a lot to prove, you see. I have?family issues. My blasted brother just never gives up?

[B]I hope this is what you meant by interveiw format, Sandy. If it isn't, please let me know and I'll gladly change it over.[/B]

(And I think you could count Kuja as a girl, tee hee)[/SIZE]
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Eh, time for even more guidelines, guys... (geez I'm picky, ain't I?)

- [B]I will not accept any characters from Final Fantastic Survivor[/B]. That means Auron, Cecil, Zell, Rinoa, Zidane, Sephiroth, Zack, Cloud, Rikku, Freya, Tidus and Squall are all no-noes. The reason for this is simply that I want to separate this game from the previous one. (Wraith has been already received a PM about this.)

- [B]Consider carefully before signing up as a character from Final Fantasy[/B]. Having Mog, Yuna and Kuja is enough. This is [I]not[/I] another Final Fantastic Survivor but one combining all possible videogame genres, so there's a huge amount of choices for characters to play outside the FF-series. If you still crave to play as one, might I suggest characters from other RPGs?

- [B]Choosing a character from [I]any[/I] videogaming genre is possible[/B]. Well, you won't probably find very "playable" characters from sport- and driving games, but for example [B]fighting games[/B] have plenty of great characters, yet nobody's chosen one yet. And what about them[B] retro-games[/B]?
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[color=darkblue][font=trebuchet ms][b]Name:[/b] Hard Man
[b]Game:[/b] Megaman 3

[b]Genre:[/b] Platform/Action

[b]Personality:[/b] Of all of Dr. Wiley's evil creations, Hard Man is probably the most sympathetic. He tends to be very friendly and caring, in spite of the fact that he was created to destroy Megaman, and take over the world. However, he is not the most intelligent 'bot around, and his naivity tends to be taken advantage of by other people, machines, and the occasional villain.

[b]Talents:[/b] Hard Man have hard robot skin and helmet! He also lift heavy things, much more than normal robot could do. Hard Man use hard knuckles to smash! Hard Man also type 45 words per minute, and have good people skills.

[b]Motive:[/b] Hard Man win prize money, and destroy puny Megaman once and for all!

[center][url=http://home2.swipnet.se/~w-22134/nmm/3hard.mid][b]Hard Man's Theme[/b][/url][/center][/font][/color]
[size=1]Note: I am terribly busy these days, and probably won't be able to post as frequently as other members do. Hopefully this will not keep me from being admitted, but if it is, I totally understand.

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[size=1]Ok, sorry about the confusion there. This is the final time I will sign up for this thread, I promise you!

[b]Mog: [/b]Please state your name for the record, along with any titles you may possess, kupo!

[b]Shadow: [/b]The name's Shadow. Shadow the Hedgehog. And you'd better not forget it! *waves gun at Mog*

[b]Mog: [/b]Threatening me will get you nowhere in this competition, Mr Hedgehog! Wemay have to take points off your score before you've even started, kupo!

[b]Shadow: [/b]Don't you "Mr Hedgehog" me, small fry! The name's Shadow, I thought I told you not to forget that!

[b]Mog: [/b]Anyway, we need to get on with the interview. Firstly, do you have the publicity photos we asked for?

[b]Shadow: [/b]Yeah, but you should realise how priviledged you are. These are the only two pictures of me in circulation. In case you hadn't heard, I'm kind of a wanted criminal. [u][url="http://photobucket.com/albums/b16/Blayze54/"]Here[/url][/u]'s the first picture. Look kinda moody, don't I? And now [u][url="http://photobucket.com/albums/b16/Blayze54/?action=view¤t=ME0000572321_2.jpg"]here[/url][/u]'s the second. You see the gun? Guess where that's going if you get on the wrong side of me?

[b]Mog: [/b]*squeaks* I already told you not to threaten me, kupo! Next question: What game or games do you feature in?

[b]Shadow: [/b]Well, I do feature in some of my idiot brother's games. That's Sonic the Hedgehog, by the way. Idiot. I was the bad guy in all those games, by the way, not the cissy good guy. Also, I star in my own game, named [b]Shadow the Hedgehog[/b]. Pretty cool, huh?

[b]Mog: [/b]Very nice, kupo *sighs* Next question: What genre is this game in?

[b]Shadow: [/b]Its a platformer/shooter. I love crossing the genre divide.

[b]Mog: [/b]Interesting. How would you describe your personality?

[b]Shadow: [/b]I got one word for you: badass. I am no cissy, I'm not a little momma's boy like Sonic was, and I don't work for anybody. Some people think I work for the Eggman, but they're talking out of their *****. Shadow the Hedgehog works for Shadow the Hedgehog, and no-one else. I have never been a yes-man, and I never will be.

[b]Mog: [/b]So, you say you have a forceful personality, kupo?

[b]Shadow: [/b]Hell yeah!

[b]Mog: [/b]Very good. Ok, next question: what special skills or talents do you have?

[b]Shadow: [/b]Oh, you're gonna love this. I guess my main talent is my speed. I am a hell of a lot faster than that dweeb Sonic, even if he is two minutes older than me. Also, my shoes are much better.

[b]Mog: [/b]Could you get back on topic, please, kupo?

[b]Shadow: [/b]Don't rush me, tiny. My other main talent is my skill with a gun. Handguns are my speciality, but I do occasionally dabble in automatics. I'm also pretty handy in the old ring-collecting business.

[b]Mog: [/b]Ok, and final question: What is your reason for being here?

[b]Shadow: [/b]Well, aside from the fact that my parole officer said that it would count as part of my community service, I want to show the world that I am better than my loser of an older brother. They all love Sonic, and I want to show them who the top hedgehog is around here...[b](note: rambling continued for ten minutes after this, most of it was too obscene to be printed here)[/b].

[b]Mog: [/b]Well, thank you for making those interesting points, kupo. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Now please get out of my office, kupo.

[b]Shadow: [/b]Smell ya later *makes obscene hand gesture*
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Mog:[/B] Kupo, you'll need to give us your name, kupo!

[B]Gordon:[/B] There was a time when I would have gone by the name Gordon Freeman.

[B]Mog:[/B] Excellent, kupo, now I'll have to see a few pictures, kupo!
Gordon:[/B] I have a few I recovered from a Combine soldier during my last mission for the G-Man. [URL=http://www.cogsprocket.com/stubby/images/half-life2-gordon-freeman.jpg]One[/URL]
[URL=http://www.allthingschristie.com/archives/gordon_freeman.jpg]Two[/URL] He saw me coming and then I beat him to death with my crowbar.

[B]Mog:[/B] Crowbar fetish, kupo? Never mind, kupo! Now, what game are you [B]from, kupo?

Gordon:[/B] I believe he called it... Half-Life. Yes, that was it.

[B]Mog:[/B] Mmm, and what genre would that be?

[B]Gordon:[/B] First-Person Shooter, with a fair amount of puzzle solving involved.

[B]Mog:[/B] Kuporiffic! Now you need to tell me how you'd describe your personality.
Gordon:[/B] There was a time when I was outgoing, smart, witty, and a nice person, or so I'm told.

[B]Mog:[/B] And now?
Gordon:[/B] I've had little use for a personality ever since the Black Mesa Incident and my meeting with the G-Man.

[B]Mog:[/B] Strong silent type, then?
Gordon:[/B] As my old friend Barney put it.

[B]Mog:[/B] Kupo...riffic... Would you say you have any talents?

[B]Gordon: [/B]I have an uncanny knack for firearms. I have a survival instinct unparalleled. As my survival of Black Mesa can attest, I can solve any puzzle. I can also slaughter an entire army of enemies with my crowbar.

[B]Mog:[/B] Kupo, just tell me the motive for your entry and we'll be all done.

[B]Gordon:[/B] I do not know why I am here. I've been sent here by the G-Man. I do as I am told, but it is undoubtable of consequence to the world in some way.

[B]Mog:[/B] Kupo, we're done! Thanks for the kuporiffic interview! Kupo!

[B]Gordon:[/B] *Stays silent and stares menacingly*[/COLOR]
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[font=Verdana][size=1][b]Mog: [/b]Hi there, kupo. What is your name? kupo.
[b]???: [/b]Well, it ain't Kupo, that's for sure.... the name's Pac-Man.[b]
Mog[/b]: ok, kupo. Do you have a picture for us, you know, so the textual audience can see you, kupo.
[b]Pac-Man: [/b]The name isn't kupo! It's pac-man, and I'm sure the textual audience will know what I look like, you know, yellow pizza dude with a missing slice for a mouth, ring a bell?
[b]Mog, [/b]uh, yeah, kupo, but for games sake, we need a pic!
[b]Pac-Man: [/b]Fine! [[url="http://www.ecn.org/livello57/street2002/images/PACMAN.jpg"]Here[/url]] you go!
[b]Mog:[/b] Kupo, so what kind of game ya from?:
[b]Pac-Man:[/b]I come from a retroriffic little series called, of all things, Pac-Man! I'm married to miss Pac-Man, and she has a few of her own games too.
[b]Mog: [/b]Kupo, so, what kind of genre is your game where you are from, Pac-Dude?
[b]Pac-Man: [/b]Platformer I guess, well, I spend my time running away from ghosts and eating little blue dots. I eat the blue ghosts as well, I'm hungry! Do you have any spare blue ghosts?
[b]Mog:[/b] uh, no, kupo. Anyway, what's your personality like, kupo.
[b]Pac-Man:[/b] Angry little pizza dude, I don't like any of these new young punks who come into my territory and think they're all that just because they have a 3rd dimension, I'll kick their *** and take their names too! In comparison, my battles with DigDug were more of a challenge to me! Man I hope he signs up for this thing so we can sort out our 20 year vendetta!
[b]Mog: [/b]Kupo! So, like, what are your special talents?
[b]Pac-Man[/b] what, besides kicking ***, my obviously awesome humor, and having an unlimited appetite for blue dots and ghosts? Longevity, I guess, yeah, the girls are still calling me! (but I'm married though,)
[b]Mog: [/b]Kupo[b], [/b]very kupo, so, what was you movite for joining otakuboards survivor?[b]
Pac-Man: [/b]to show the punks in the 3D realm that they are still no match for my retrorifficness, I'll show the gaming world once and for all that you can't beat me! DigDug found that out the hard way, now it's these punks turn. I'm going to take them back to school. Pac-Man school.[/size] ~_^ [size=1]
[b]Mog:[/b] Good luck to you, kupo.
[b]Pac-Man:[/b] My naime isn't Kupo! AAAARGH! :animesigh[/size]
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[color=#503f86][b]Mog:[/b] Ku-u-po! Welcome to the interview! Please tell us your name.

[b]Krystal:[/b] Hello there. My name's Krystal, and I'm from the planet Cerinia. At least... I was until it was destroyed.

[b]Mog:[/b] That must have been awful, kupo! I'm really kupo to see you made it.

[b]Krystal:[/b] Well, it's nice of you to say so! I know I'm glad to still be here.

[b]Mog:[/b] I don't ku-ppose you have any pictures of the planet so we can see what it was like?

[b]Krystal:[/b] No... we didn't have much in the way of modern technology. Lots of magic, but obviously not enough. Um... I do have some more recent pictures of me, though, if you'd like to see them?

[b]Mog:[/b] Kupo, please!

[b]Krystal:[/b] [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=24714&stc=1"]This[/url] is me posing in my new uniform. Fox insisted I wear something more than [url="http://www.starfox-online.com/adventures/images/art/krystal.jpg"]what I'm used to[/url], in case... he didn't really explain why, actually.

[b]Mog:[/b] They're kupo pics! When were they taken?

[b]Krystal:[/b] Shortly after my escape from [Starfox Adventures] Dinosaur Planet. Once I joined the Great Fox I was landed (hah, so to speak) with this new uniform. I have a flight suit as well, but I don't like it.

[b]Mog:[/b] What did you have to do there?

[b]Krystal:[/b] Well, for the most part I did absolutely nothing. I was trapped inside a Krazoa Shrine crystal and hung in the air. I was trying to find my staff which had fallen down to the planet's surface a little while beforehand when things became... rather embarrassing! I suppose you could say I was exploring, in a Third-Person RPG sort of way.

[b]Mog:[/b] Hee, kupo! Being trapped in crystals isn't fun, is it? I see you have your staff back now. What does it do?

[b]Krystal:[/b] It does a variety of things- throw fire, shoot beams of light, enable me to jump incredibly high, and I can hit things with it. I'm quite a staff fighter, not that I get much of an opportunity to use it on the 'Fox.

[b]Mog:[/b] Is that Fox the ship or Fox your crewmate?

[b]Krystal:[/b] ...the ship, I mean. Um...

[b]Mog:[/b] Aside from the kupo staff, do you have any powers of your own?

[b]Krystal:[/b] A few! I'm telepathic, so I'm able to communicate with people I know over quite long distances, can sense when an anemy's nearby and can analyse weak points in the defences of various machines. I can talk to dinosaurs, too, and ride a Saurian airbike pretty well.

[b]Mog:[/b] And why do you want to join the Kupo Ultimate Videogame Survivor?

[b]Krystal:[/b] Well, I'm hoping that I'll be able to find some more clues about how and why my planet was destroyed. And... I was so fed up with taking a backseat in past adventures that I wanted to prove to myself (and everyone on my crew) that I was worthwhile. I don't feel free enough there. I mean, I'm not power hungry, but I'll not be reduced to a cheerleader! At least, that's my aim.

[b]Mog:[/b] Ku-po! That's the spirit! Finally, can you summarise your personality for us?

[b]Krystal:[/b] Oh, well... I'm always eager to show my strength and skill at something, but not so much as to be stupidly competetive about it. If there's something I can do, I'll make damn sure I do it. But um... I suppose having my planet destroyed has jaded me slightly and hardened me up; anyone who gets to know me should find me amicable and compassionate. I hate seeing living creatures being hurt... mostly. It depends on what their motives are. I mean, being telepathic means you can-

[b]Mog:[/b] I'll have to kupo you there, Krystal. Sorry! We'll have more of a chance to kupo later, hee. Take care!

[b]Krystal:[/b] Thanks, Mog. Bye![/color]
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Mog: So what's your name, kupo?

Link: Link

Mog: Great, kupo Do you have any pictures with you?

Link: Yea, here [IMG]http://ernesto.chez-alice.fr/thomas/link_h5.jpg[/IMG]

Mog: Kuporiffic

Mog: So, kupo what games are you from?

Link: A lot. The Legend of Zelda series.

Mog: What genre would that be kupo?

Link: best of all R-P-G

Mog: Coolio, kupo. And your personality?

Link: Quiet and shy kind of

Mog: Okay kupo, your talents?

Link: I can do some magic and I'm good with a blade* points at Master Sword hilt*

Mog: Cool,kupo and last but not least why did you try out kupo?

Link: I don't really know i guess for the fun of the game

Mog: And with that your done kupo. Thanks for coming.
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Mog: Kupo!!! I know you! You're S-

???: What?! Shadow is here??!! (Speeds over to Shadow and has a quick behind-scenes conversation)

Mog: Eeerrr...Yes, kupo, so can you tell the veiwers your famous name?

???: Sonic the hedgehog! (Smiles at camera)

Mog: Ummmmm...kupo...Can I have an autograph of you? :animeshy:

Sonic: Sure, here's an old pic of me, but I still look fine in it! Autograph's on the back.[IMG]http://www.free-game.com/Images/sonic1_1140.jpg[/IMG]

Mog: Kupo!Your signature!!! Anyway... Your Games?

Sonic: DER! The awesome punk-rock packed techno retro...Sonic the hedgehog games!


Sonic: It's been a great two decades or so, working in such a great adventure/action game. I even signed on to a hit show and sequel anime.

Mog: Kuporiffic games and shows! I have a bedspread of you! Sandy got it for me... She says your probably a jerk. I say your sweet. What do you say about your personality?

Sonic: That's hard. I usually don't pay attention to stuff like that. Well, errr I like punk-rock, running, jumping out of police helicopters andmaking snowboards out of helicopter parts... And running...Did I say that? Oh well. I don't know.

Mog: Kupo! That's good enough for me!Your kuporiffic talents?

Sonic: I can do awesome stunts, get chicks, and run really fast.

Mog: Can example your speed?

Sonic:Wanna see me do it again?

Mog: What?

Sonic: Run fast from here to manhatten.

Mog: But you never left the room...

Sonic: Exactly... Point prooven.

Mog:Your motives for joining?

Sonic: To just have fun and kick butt! Can I say butt on this show?

Mog: Kuperrrrrr, I think so... Well that was lovely to meet you Sonic!

Sonic: (winks at Mog)

Mog: (faints)
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[SIZE=1][color=#330000][B]Mog:[/B] Where?s the next contestant to be interviewed, kupo? *Blinding light flashes from the middle of the room and a young man is left in it?s disappearance, panting*

[B]???:[/B] *Heavy breathing*

[B]Mog:[/B] Ummm, hello. I?m Mog?your name, kupo?

[B]???:[/B] ?.Caim? *touches throat*

[B]Mog:[/B] Caim, kupo? You seem surprised to hear your own name, kupo.

[B]Caim:[/B] Yes?I signed my voice away in a pact made by me and my dragon?I suppose that being in this world has given me the ability to speak once more.

[B]Mog:[/B] ? Okay, kupo? So?you are here for the contest, right kupo?

[B]Caim:[/B] Yes, I suppose that I am.

[B]Mog:[/B] Wonderful, kupo! Do you happen to have a picture of yourself on you? We need it for recording purposes, kupo.

[B]Caim:[/B] [URL=http://image.jeuxvideo.com/images/dossiers/00003918/00003918_006.jpg]Here[/URL], a very recent picture of me. Might I ask why it is that you throw?erm?kupo on the end of every sentence?

[B]Mog:[/B] Kupo?

[B]Caim:[/B] Never mind.

[B]Mog:[/B] Okay, lets keep things rolling then, Kupo. What game will people recognize you from?

[B]Caim:[/B] Drakengard, a RPG I believe I?ve heard it referred to as.

[B]Mog:[/B] That?s kuporiffic. Quite a few of are contestants seem to be from RPGs?I guess they?re all kupo for a good fight. *laughs*


[B]Mog:[/B] Right, *cough* well?Tell me about yourself. How are you personality-wise? What are some defining features about you, kupo?

[B]Caim:[/B] Defining features? I?m going to assume you?re not talking about my pact mark on my tongue? I didn?t speak much, even before forsaking my voice. I?ve been told that ever since the death of my parents at the hands of Dragons owned by the Empire I?ve become ruthless, cold-blooded and murderous, and I don?t disagree. I care for my comrades and that is it, my enemy will see no mercy from me. Especially not the Empire. They?ll feel the cold sting of my blade if it?s the last thing I do! *Unsheathes blade and impales it into the table*

[B]Mog:[/B] Yeep! *Jumps backwards and falls on the ground* Eh?eh, a..are there any talents you h..have that you?d c..c..care to tell us about, ku..kupo?

[B]Caim:[/B] Sorry if I frightened you, Mog, was it? *Pulls blade out of table and helps Mog up* I am quite skilled with my sword, and in my world I had the aid of my most powerful ally at all times, my dragon, but she didn?t come with me to this world, apparently. I also have the ability to use magic, such as emitting plumes of flame, striking my enemies with lightning, and such. I don?t know if you?d count this as a talent, but I am quite proficient in taking life.

[B]Mog:[/B] Wow, kupo! You must be pretty powerful! Okay, on to the last question. What?s your motivation for being here, kupo?

[B]Caim:[/B] I suppose?it would be to become stronger. And, if allowed, to kill. I need the strength to oppose those who killed my family, and to achieve that strength I must be able to take out anyone who stands in my path. Hopefully there will be plenty of stronger warriors?strength can only be achieved by defeating those with it---? *three bullets come through the door, then a young man flies through violently*

[B]Riku:[/B] Dammit, Dante! *Summons soul eater* Die! *Jumps out and a flash is seen from the outer room*

[B]Mog:[/B] Eek, kupo! Interview finished! *Runs to door frantically* No fighting yet, kupo! KUPO! Don?t break that!

[B]Caim:[/B]?Who was that boy? He seemed quite strong. Maybe fate will grant me the chance to test my strength against him.[/SIZE][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=2][FONT=Times New Roman][B]Mog:[/B]Alright now many the next constant please co.*soon a blinding flash of light appears, and a person falls down from the midst of it* KUPO!..now what do we have here?!

[B]Musashi:[/B]Arg my head....cant that lady do anything right...She cant even send me to the right place. Woah!...Whats going on? Where am I now?

[B]Mog:[/B]Well its an adution for a game basicly...If you wish to leave..or seek medical attention the exit is right over there kupo..

[B]Musashi:[/B]A game you say! I would be just happy to join in it! I cant resist a challange. Oh sorry for the hyperness. That and a little bit of nausea are the effects of time travel afterall.

[B]Mog:[/B].....Alright... well first of all lets here what your name is?

[B]Musashi:[/B] My name is Musashi nothing more and nothing less.

[B]Mog:[/B]I see..would you happen to have any photographs of yourself?

[B]Musashi:[/B] I would happen to have one actually.[URL=http://tinypic.com/fjdnxh.gif]Here[/URL] Is a picture of me however...I does cut of my hair.*sigh* ...Wait a moment I happen to have [URL=http://tinypic.com/fjdpx1.jpg]another one.[/URL] A guy came up and took a picture of me by suprise...So I was shocked and..Lets say that I wont have to worry about him again.

[B]Mog:[/B]Very intresting kupo..Now what about the game that you are from?

[B]Musashi:[/B]Ha the easiest question you have asked me all day. Its Samurai Legend Musashi.

[B]Mog:[/B]I see now kupo...What about the Genre it is under?

[B]Musashi:[/B]Well I know that it is 100% action!..but ..Why do you seem to say kupo alot...?

[B]Mog:[/B]I dont know what it is you are talking about kupo..So then the next question..What is your personality?

[B]Musashi:[/B]...alright...Well I am one who loves games. I tend to take them to far at times and can get into alot of trouble because of that. I try my hardest not to get mad but when I do..I guess I can get a littly..Moody is a word that I think you can describe it as. So I guess I am basicly a fun loving person who will try to make friends with anyone. Even is they are my worst enemy..Well I will go that far unless they did something to really tick me off. Then I shall destroy them with all of my might...I also tend to be a little Hard-headed at times and will do something just to prove that it was right or wrong. *sigh* it has almost gotten me killed at times also.

If you were to ask me for my weakness however...I guess there is only one answer to that statment...It would have to be women...I will almost do anything to please them..*winks* I know that if they were to weave me into a trap that I would almost certainly die...I guess thats the price to pay..Since I am almost unable to keep my eyes off of them..

[B]Mog:[/B]............That is very.... intresting kupo...I am also slightly intrested in what talents that you have?

[B]Musashi:[/B]There you go aga....Nevermind. Well my talents are that I basicly am a samurai in training..I do have this other sword besides my katan that was made from the oar of an old boat. It is alot larger than a regulay sword afterall. I also have a move that I can do with it called the Malestorm...That however I will keep a secret from now. Until it is really needed.

[B]Mog:[/B]Ah so leaving me with a little teaser of sorts now are you? Alright then, the last question is what is your motive for joining?

[B]Musashi:[/B]Well as I have already told you I am higly addicted to games of anysort. Once I just heard of you talking about it. It was almost impossible for me not to join in. There could also be some new and intresting people to meet, and even more that I might be able to beat.

[B]Mog:[/B]Well that is all I need from you. I will tell you later if you were chosen to play or not.

[B]Musashi:[/B]Alright then I guess I shall see you later...Kupo.

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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Mog:[/B] Well that was.... Kupo... interesting, time to see our next contestant Kupo. *Blinding light flashes and a man drops down landing gracefully with a sword in each hand." KUPO! That was impressive, Kupo.

[B]???:[/B] Where the hell am I? Who are you?

[B]Mog:[/B] Kupo, well. Isn't someone a little hostile kupo. Your hear to be a contestant on our game.

[B]???:[/B] Game?

[B]Mog:[/B] Yes, kupo. Our game, So first off. What is your name Kupo? *Man sits down and sheaths weapons, strokes his beard lightly.*

[B]???:[/B] My name, well that I couldn't give you. Everyone calls me Prince, so that is what you will call me.

[B]Mog:[/B] Prince? Kupo, thats a funny name. What are you a singer or something kupo?* Prince draws his blade and points it at Mogs face*

[B]Prince:[/B] What was that? *Mog starts to sweat.*

[B]Mog:[/B] Kupo, nothing, nothing. Kupo! * Prince sheaths blade again and sits back down.* Whew, well do you have any pictuers of yourself?

[B]Prince[/B]: I do, [Url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/prince1.jpg] This is me now[/Url]. And yes, I always look like that.

[B]Mog:[/B] Kupo, alrighty. So what game do you come from?
Prince:[/B] I come from the popular growing game Prince of Persia: Warrior Within.

[B]Mog:[/B] Ok, Kupo. So what Genre would say is that game?

[B]Prince:[/B] I would say action, I just kill people the entire time.

[B]Mog:[/B]..... Ok, kupo. So what is your personality?

[B]Prince:[/B] I am a cold heart person. I kill anyone who dares get in my way, everyone who has ever been close to me had died. And because of a recent event I was forced to leave me home and I became a cold blooded killer.

[B]Mog:[/B] To much information but ok kupo. What are you special talents?

[B]Prince:[/B] I am very acrobatic, excellent sword skills with any bladed weapon good with puzzles and I can control time.

[B]Mog:[/B] Control time? Kupo
Prince:[/B] Yes, only for about 15 seconds. Just enough time to correct a mistake if made.
Mog:[/B] Interesting kupo. Well so I can get the hell away from you what is your motivation for being here kupo?

[B]Prince:[/B] Well I would like the chance to fix something I've done in the past, my time travel can't take me back far enough to correct the biggest mistake I made.
Mog:[/B] Alright kupo, well good luck and we'll see if you can play or not kupo.

[B]Prince:[/B] See you later, ya little weirdo. *Prince walks away.*
Mog:[/B] Freak, Kupo.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][b]Mog:[/b] Welcome Kupo! And what might be your name be?
[b]Lucia:[/b] My name is Lucia the demigoddess of Althena.
[b]Mog:[/b] Sooooo..kupo! Did you bring any pictures with you?
[b]Lucia:[/b] Yes. [URL=http://rreactor.com/lucia1.jpg][ Hands over one of the pictures ][/URL] Oh and there is one other too. [URL=http://www.rpg-o-mania.de/gallery/lunar/lucia_2.jpg][ Hands over the second photo ][/URL]
[b]Mog:[/b] *sarcastic* Talkative person arn't you kupo?
[b]Lucia:[/b] I'm told I lack human emotion and thoughts..but I don't see the need for it for all I'm looking for is Althena. We must find her! *dazed glare* Not to mention I lack common sense, whatever that is.
[b]Mog:[/b] Strange...kupo...anyways okay on to the next question then. *clears throat* What game do you come from?
[b]Lucia:[/b] Lunar 2: Eternal Blue which is much better then the first one if I do say so myself.
[b]Mog:[/b] Isn't that the [i]RPG[/i] where you must save the planet The Blue Star and Lunar from the god of evil? Yikes kupo! Sounds scary.
[b]Lucia:[/b] *cocks head slightly* Yes? kupo? I have no idea why you say that ..but I like it. Kupo Kupo Kupo Kupo!
[b]Mog:[/b] Well...do you have any special talents you could tell me about? Kupo?
[b]Lucia:[/b] If you don't think I have talent then why I am a goddess of Althena? That's an insulting comment. I can do just about anything...
[b]Mog:[/b]Okay kupo sorry! if your so powerful and can just do about anything then why did you want to sign up for OB survivor kupo?
[b]Lucia:[/b] Because I want to learn human emotions and relate to people. I've never really got to do that, and especially try human food and see how they interact with one another. Plus there is a chance of running into Althena. I've never had what humans call "fun" it would be very interesting. Especially if there is fish. I love fish.
[b]Mog:[/b] Kupo! Yes! Thank you it was nice talking with you but this interview has finally come to an end. Hope to see you later kupo! *runs out of sight*
[b]Lucia:[/b] Thank you. I look forward to seeing you again. Bye kupo! *waves happily*
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy]Well, Sandy, there's already a sign-up for Link. PM me if you want me to change my character. I had the sign-up done two days ago...[/COLOR]

Mog: So, kupo, who might you be?

???: ...

Mog: What, kupo?

???: ...k...

Mog: Speak up, kupo.

???: ....Link.

Mog: There, was that hard?

Link: Yes.

Mog: ...Okay, kupo! So Link, do you have any pictures?

Link: Yes. *Hands over*

Mog: Thank you much, kupo. So, what game are you from?

Link: The Legend of Zelda Series.

Mog: Okay, kupo! What genre is that?

Link: It's a fighting/action-adventure RPG game.

Mog: Good! So, what are you like, Link? What's your personality, kupo?

Link: The strong and silent type. I don't speak very often and I fight off monsters and Ganon(dorf) from Hyrule and keep it safe.

Mog: Good, good, kupo! So what about your talents?

Link: Well, I work well with swords. I also use a bow and arrow, a longshot, bombs and...

Mog: Okay, so you have a large arsenal, kupo?


Mog: Okay, and lastly, what is your motive for being here, kupo?

Link: To win. I want to win. I want to be victorious for all of Hyrule so that I can prove that I can do more than just save a kingdom or two!

Mog: Just, kupo?

Link: Yes.

Mog: ...Okay, well thank you for your time Link! Kupo! Hope to see you there! Kupo![/SIZE]
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