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Welcome to Hybrid Vigor. Before you begin, please read the first post in the Underground thread (click here to view it). The original post sets the stage for the beginning of Hybrid Vigor and it should give you some idea as to what your character could be like.

So that I avoid cluttering this thread too much, I'm going to use the sign-up thread to focus on exactly what information you need to sign-up specifically. But you [i]will[/i] need to have read my first post in the Underground thread before you even consider signing up here. You may also use that thread to ask questions as the RPG continues. Below, you'll find the sign-up form as well as other information about how this RPG works. Have fun!


In this RPG, I will be using a system called Free Chapters. How does this work?

Well, as the RPG's creator, I will be "running" the RPG. This means that I will be directing the course of the overall plot - the very general path that the RPG takes. All players will have the ability to affect the storyline in significant ways, though, and I am specifically hoping that players will guide the plot forward themselves.

As I post, I will routinely introduce new chapters. These chapters will basically revolve around my character or a certain situation - they will provide the "spine" of the plot. In other words, they will represent the main course that the plot takes.

However, not all players need to participate in the chapters. If the "main plot" of the RPG is occurring in Paris 2, your character doesn't necessarily need to be there - they might be in another city elsewhere, following up their own sub-plot that you have created for them. They don't have to interact with the players who are involved in the main plot at all. And those who opt-in on the chapter can move their character out of it at any time.

In this way, I will continue to create chapters and direct them, but other players can choose whether or not they wish to participate in those specific chapters. Players may not make their own chapters and there will still be a posting order, but now players can participate in any way they like - whether or not they are involved in the current chapter or not.


This RPG will contain plenty of plot-twists. And although I will be directing the [i]overall[/i] plot, [b]all[/b] players will have the opportunity to contribute a variety of revelations that will affect the story. As you can imagine, though, if everyone contributes a major earth-shattering revelation, the story could quickly spiral out of control.

In order to fix this problem, all revelations (including my own) will be listed under the [b]REVELATIONS[/b] area in the Underground thread. It will be a simple dot-point list, which all players can follow, so that you can keep track of story revelations. In this way, all players can be keep track of what's going on in the grand scheme of things.

If you wish to create a revelation for the RPG, you simply have to PM me. If I like the revelation and it doesn't conflict with anything, I will post it in the Underground thread. If I don't like it, or if it conflicts with something, I will tell you via PM.

Obviously we can't have people uncovering revelations frequently. So, I will only update revelations now and then, so as not to confuse everyone. Whether or not your revelation is used depends entirely on how well it works with the story and so on.


Artifacts work a lot like revelations, except that they relate to specific objects. Artifacts are somewhat less important and the way they are used really depends on the players.

Basically, artifacts that are important to the story (perhaps they lead to the uncovering of a revelation) will be listed in the appropriate area within the Underground thread. One of the first artifacts in the RPG will be the [b]Mona Lisa[/b].


So, before you sign-up, I'll just summarize some key points here. You may ask questions in the Underground thread if any of this is too confusing.

[*]This RPG will contain a posting order. You do not need to participate in chapters, but you must post when it's your turn.
[*]To add a revelation, PM me. Think carefully about your revelation, as it could significantly impact the main story.
[*]Artifacts can be added in the same way. Be creative with this one.
[*]While your character does not need to be located wherever the chapters are occurring, all characters must remain within West France until the Revelations section reveals what lies beyond.
[*]All characters are hybrids (for more detailed information on hybrids, check out the Sign-Up form below).
[*]Uh, I think that's about it! If I've forgotten anything, please use the Underground thread to let me know.


Before we get to the sign-up form, I just want to spend a quick moment explaining hybrids.

As the Underground thread mentions, hybrids are a genetic fusion of human and animal. Hybrids' animal features are generally not obvious (you're not likely to see a human walking around with an animal's ears, for instance). The idea is that the animal's abilities are inherent within that human being - whether we're talking night vision, enhanced sense of smell, faster running speed, ability to climb up walls, camouflage, etc etc.

However, hybrids may have some very subtle distinct features (uniquely coloured eyes and hair are common among hybrids). Generally I want you to think about eye/hair/skin colour, as opposed to things like antlers or forked tongues or whatever. If I need you to edit your character's appearance, I'll just ask you via PM.

[b]Name:[/b] Please use a first and last name. Please let's not have a million Japanese-style names. Your character can be from anywhere, so try to keep the name relevant to their country of origin.

[b]Age:[/b] Self-explanatory - let's try to have relatively few teenage characters.

[b]Gender:[/b] Can be male, female, both or have the ability to change genders. Don't forget that various animals have these abilities too. You may be as mundane or as creative as you like here.

[b]Place of Origin:[/b] City and country, preferably. Add any further detail you like.

[b]Known History:[/b] Talk briefly about your character's history, before the coma. Please be creative here - I'm looking for characters with different jobs, families, educations, etc. Try to be relatively realistic, too. All characters are from the early twenty-first century.

[b]Personality:[/b] Pretty obvious - just talk briefly about your character's general personality.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Picture and/or a description would be just fine. Again, please remember the nature of hybrids as mentioned at the start of the Sign-Up form. Let's also avoid any Sailor Moon look-alikes.

[b]Animal Genes:[/b] Which animal is your character crossed with? You may only choose one. Think carefully about that animal's abilities.

[b]Hybrid Abilities:[/b] You may have [b]three[/b] hybrid abilities. Usually one ability is stronger or more powerful than the other two. Remember that these abilities derive from your Animal Genes. So if you choose, say, a snake...you might have heat vision and poisonous saliva or something along those lines - fangs would be acceptable, as long as they're relatively subtle. Please try to keep these abilities within reason.

And there you have it! I will post my sign-up shortly and I really look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. There are some new elements to this RPG, so I really hope nothing here is too confusing. I will do my best to answer any questions that arise, anyway.
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[B]Name:[/B] Emilio Batou

[B]Age:[/B] 31

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Place of Origin:[/B] Small village near Tuscany, Italy

[B]Known History:[/B] Born in a lower middle class family, Emilio was the son of a tailor. He lived a simple life with only a basic education. What most he learned, he learned from books, which he holds quite a passion for. He favors adventure and fantasy stories most of all and enjoyed playing out the parts of the different characters when he was a child.

In his teen years he began learning his fathers craft so he might help support the family. He had an older sister named Angela and a younger brother named Antonio. His mother stayed at home and tended to the household matters, like most mothers where he lived. Emilio was a bit of day dreamer, and would often let himself become lost in a book and forget to work at all.

He was married when he was 25 to a women named Maria. Then when he was 28, they had a child, a daughter they named Riza. At this point in his life Emilio had become the sole tailor for there small town and made a desent living by the local standard. He had a simple and happy life here.

[B]Personality:[/B] Emilio to this day is a bit of a dreamer. He gets lost in thought and is easily distracted by subtle things. Even something as mundane as a butterfly passing by can distract him from a converstaion. He has a pleasant enough personality. He tries to treat others with great curtosy and kindness. He is a very religious person. He loves animals and children.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/ryoji.jpg]Emilio Batou.[/URL] Despite the image given, he usually a much happier looking person. He usually wears a pair of tan pants and simple jacket of the same color. He has a white birth mark in his hair on the right side of his head. The only physical feature that gives hint to his hybrid status is his second set of canine teeth which are set directly next to his first set.

[B]Animal Genes:[/B] He has been infused with the genes of a bat. More specifically the Pteropus scapulatus, or Flying Fox.

[B]Hybird Abilities:[/B] Like the species he obtains his genes from, he has adopted the flying foxes exquisite sight. He has powerful vision during the day, and even better vision at night.

Also like his genetic donor, he has a light frame work. This makes him much lighter in weight. As such, he has an increased speed, balance and overall agility. Sadly as a down side, this also means he sustains injury fairly easily.

Finally, he is also capable of climbing on even only slightly rough surfaces. As long as there are even only light scratches, he can climb up walls, trees, or whatever the situation might call for.

OOC: Let me know if this is okay.
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[color=darkblue][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Allisa Osborne

[b]Age:[/b] 22

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Place of Origin:[/b] Born in Weisbaden, Germany (on an American military base), but raised in Forestville, MD, a small town about 25 minutes outside Washington, D.C.

[b]Known History:[/b] Allisa was born into a relatively average family; not rich, not poor, had its fair share of problems. Growing up had its ups and downs, like every other family, but her parents dug themselves into a rut that they've never quite gotten out of when she was 18, mostly financial. Luckily, she was still able to enter college despite it and avoided most of the problems at home.

Doing work-study to pay for the parts of the tuition the few scholarships she received didn't cover, she managed to get though school and graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts. With it, she managed to get a job at a local newspaper, mainly working on layout and ad design, but also freelancing articles from time to time. The pay was enough for her to get an apartment in one of the slightly rougher areas of town, but she doesn't bother anyone and no one bothers her, so it works out.

Not having a boyfriend or anything of the sort, she lived alone, but occasionally took in a stray cat or two some nights when she was feeling particularly lonely.

[b]Personality:[/b] Allisa's personality seems to change depending on her mood. She can be very fun-loving and care-free one moment, then broody and touchy the next. Often times, she'll try to be very buddy-buddy with someone if she wants something. However, she is a very kind person at heart and can't bare to see someone suffering to horrible extents.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Allisa has tanned-looking skin and dark brown hair, which, for some odd reason, makes people believe she is of Hispanic descent. Slightly on the husky side, she often wears slightly baggy clothing to make herself look small. Other than that, nothing really jumps out about her, save for her slightly gold-coloured eyes and fingernails, which she always keeps slightly long and fairly sharp from constant filing.

[b]Animal Genes:[/b] Common housecat [i](felinius domesticus)[/i]

[b]Hybrid Abilities:[/b] Being that she's been fused with a cat, Allisa's hearing has been greatly heightened. She also has the ability to fall from slightly high distances while being able to land on her feet (though not from too high). Her flexibility has also been enhanced.[/color][/size]
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[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][U][B]Name:[/B][/U] Ethan Newark

[U][B]Age:[/B][/U] 29

[U][B]Gender:[/B][/U] Male

[U][B]Place of Origin:[/B][/U] Born in Northeastern America, settled as a resident in New Haven, Connecticut.

[B][U]Known History:[/U][/B] Ethan Newark lived a humble yet favorable life. Growing up he wasn't coddled by his parents as a spoiled braggart, nor was he the neglected shell of a child that would be defined as a latch-key kid. His family respected him, loved him, and provided whatever resources available as he grew up, that seemed enough. He grew up as a normal, healthy child, one that had some ambition to do well in life and thus persued it.

Finishing as the valedictorian in his graduating class, Ethan soon found himself on his way to Yale University as an Archaeological studies major. Such a study and interest left young Ethan a little lacking in his social skills however, but he managed at the occasional mixer and common college shenanigans that came up. He was always the type to live by the book, and at times would appear to be a bit of a bore around his peers. Although he still wanted to provide for himself and a future family, he only saw it as practical. When his term of study ended, he had turned into quite a well rounded man. Later he would find that persuing a teaching profession would be more to his liking than traveling aimlessly around the world digging up artifacts (although a small part of him desperately longed for it).

No, he decided to stay close to home, keep in touch with the folks and find a nice girl to settle down with.

At the age of Twenty-eight, he still persued his goal of teaching his favored subject with room for little else. A whispered rumor about a position on the board keeps the fires of promotional desire stoked deep within his heart. While there doesn't seem to be much else on Ethan's mind, he still finds time for one Ellen Arden, and would hope to propose to her soon, it would only be the right thing to do after all.

[U][B]Personality:[/B][/U] Ethan is an individual who is set very sternly in his ways. He often has objections with himself in doing what is right and what is practical. It makes for a very boring individual, but for as factual and prudish as he is, there is also a liberal side to Ethan Newark.

He's never known to be the angry type, but he can rarely get very worked up over something he may feel passionate about or being subjected to an environment he is not familiar with. Most of the time, Ethan is a very pleasant individual, with a restricted sense of humor and a reserved amount of compasion.

[B][U]Appearance:[/U][/B] Ethan is a tall, slender man. He is fair in appearance and would probably appear handsome if he smiled more or perhaps carried himself with confidence. Casual buisness attire suits him well and he is rather sharp when he chooses to dress himself up. Ethan has dark, alert eyes that contrast sharply with his short shock of white hair. His pale-colored locks seem to be the only visible effect of his Hybrid nature, and usually gives him an elderly appearance.

[U][B]Animal Genes:[/B][/U] Arctic Fox ([i]Alopex lagopus[/i])

[U][B]Hybrid Abilities:[/B][/U] Ethan has the Fox's ability to survive near-zero temperatures comfortably, along with any preadator's heightened senses.

He is also subjected to rare instances of cunning, in which his adrenaline and daring push him to do things he wouldn't or couldn't normally do.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[B]Name: [/B] Jake Owens

[B]Age:[/B] 26

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Place of Origin: [/B] Boston, Massachusetts

[B]Known History: [/B] Raised in middle class, went to film school after high school. Always had a fascination with the natural side of the planet and would spend long stretches of time away from home camping or photographing the New England wilderness (with a female companion accompanying him when he could help it).Became a documentary photographer/journalist and spent much of his time travelling the world helping gather footage for documentaries of animals, indigenous people, etc. Has seen so much of the world he considers himself to be one of the most travelled people on the planet (especially in Africa). Though later he also became active as a political/conspiracy (mostly true ones) journalist. Has been a member of many different activist organizations such as Green Peace citing every reason from saving the Earth to women. He believes the greatest sin in the world is ignorance, and that all 'evil' stems from it, which is why he tries to use the press to make the world a better place.

[B]Personality: [/B]Seems very calm and somewhat friendly as well as talkative but he is a much deeper thinker than is usually given credit for. In conversation he is usually nice though very straightforward and (some say) a little bit self-assured. Considers himself a naturalist and often times tries to 'save the planet' and is a known dissenter. Often surprises people with his calm demeanor masking his radical side. He is also incredibly nonviolent and truly believes the pen is mightier than the sword. Carries a camera with him constantly and has occasionally used it to stamp on the feet of corporations that he thought needed to be taken care of by exposing their secrets though his methods of filming them are somewhat questioned.

[B]Appearance: [/B]Wears normal clothes (usually black and tan, though when dressing to impress he wears a beret, citing that it brings out his 'artistic qualities'). Has shaggy-ish brown hair and oddly yellow eyes. He is also somewhat pale for someone who has spent so much time in the sun.

[B]Animal Genes: [/B] Leopard

[B]Hybrid Abilities: [/B]Night vision, physically has speed, climbing, and jumping abilities above most humans and is (as he puts it) 'one sneaky devil' which comes in handy when his efforts to 'save the planet and reveal the truth' cross over into the wrong side of the law (as they often do, though with the best intentions).

[CENTER][B]"How could someone be so careless if they knew what they were doing? Truth is, they're ignorant of the implications of their actions... Why else would someone do things like that? How else [I]could[/I] they?"- Jake Owens, photographer and journalist. [/B][/CENTER]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Liane Grayson

[B]Age:[/B] 30

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Place of Origin:[/B] Paris, France
Known History:[/B] Liane spent most of her early life blissfully absent of any special or remarkable talents and as such enjoyed a rather uneventful childhood in the city of Paris, France. There she lived with her English father, owner of the successful French newspaper L'Humanité and French mother, a writer and art critic for a local Parisian magazine. As an only child Liane was adored by her parents and attended the finest schools in the city, excelling in the study of literature and the arts, though rather lacking somewhat in the areas relating to mathematics and science.

Liane went on to study at L?Université de Poitiers, earning a bachelors degree in ancient and modern literature. In her third year Liane travelled to Oxford in England where she stayed for a number of months studying ancient texts within the Bodleian Library. Going on to study a master?s degree in classics at Oxford University for a further year, Liane once again returned to Paris and due to the loving guidance and influence of her parents, quickly gained a job working as a research assistant within the historical department of L?Université Paris Sorbonne.

During her time as a research assistant Liane began working on her PhD in Ancient Literature. At the age of 25, however, she did take a year out to travel, as many young adults do, and discovered a love of climbing and caving, often spending vacations since at the French Alps with friends and partners, indulging in this adventurous hobby.

Just before her coma, Liane?s father suffered something of a breakdown, apparently stress related, and was sacked from his position as CEO of L'Humanité. Though still effectively the owner of the newspaper, almost all administrative powers where handed over to his second, not without struggle however. This was just the beginning of the family?s troubles, of which Liane soon became blissfully unaware.

[B]Personality:[/B] Obviously unfamiliar with the tougher side of life Liane can come across as particularly haughty and condescending at times. She can?t really relate to the working classes and to be honest she doesn?t actually try. Though a sincere and amicable person she is very opinionated and tends to be rather tenacious when caught in the heat of an argument. She has an adventurous and curious nature, which can get her into trouble at times though mostly this is just translated in her hobbies and her work ethic.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=25493&stc=1][B]Portrait[/B][/URL] and [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=25494&stc=1][b]Body[/b][/URL]

[B]Animal Genes:[/B] Salamander

[B]Hybrid Abilities:[/B] Most dramatic is the ability to re-grow lost limbs such as legs and arms over a certain period of time. As you can imagine this can be quite disturbing to watch to an outside viewer. Obviously fingers and toes will grow faster than arms and legs, the head, of course cannot be re-grown.
Because salamanders are amphibious Liane is also able to spend extended periods underwater and in addition is able to secrete a light neurotoxin via her saliva glands, though not deadly it can paralyse the subject for a small length of time.

[B]OOC:[/B] I would like to point out that I have spent over 2 hours working on this sign-up and would like this to be noted should any similarietes between my characters history and that of Angelus_Necare's become an issue, unintended though they might be.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Sienna][B]Name:[/B] Darren Henderson
Age: [/B]25
Gender:[/B] Male
Place of Origin: [/B]Salt Lake City, Utah USA (or former if it no longer existed when my character was born)
Known History: [/B] Although given the best education possible, Darren was never really interested in reading or learning anything. As a result he barely managed to graduate from High School, once done with what he saw as the tedious chore of education he started working as a construction worker.

For a couple of years Darren was content to just be a simple construction worker, but when he noticed that he was always passed over when any promotions were due he decided to go to college so he could learn how to run his own construction company. He has yet to earn a degree in business management, but his efforts to learn finally got him the promotion he desired.

Being a little on the shy side where girls are concerned Darren usually spends his free time struggling with the homework from his college classes since he rarely dates. Darren does not mind too much as the rest of his spare time is usually spent with his younger sister Bethany.

[B]Personality: [/B]Darren is on the simple side in that he is very straightforward and always says what he thinks. He knows he?s not very bright and for the most part does not care that others are smarter than he is.

For the most part he?s very easy going and nice, but if provoked he can and does lose his temper. He?s already been arrested twice for beating guys severely enough to put them in the hospital. Though he considers it justice since they were harassing his little sister Bethany when he had already told them to leave her alone.
Appearance:[/B] Darren is six feet tall, medium build with short brown hair and brown eyes. He?s easily overlooked as he?s so plain, but when he smiles he?s almost charming. The only exception to this is when he climbs walls if you look closely you can see tiny little appendages (think Spiderman here) on his hands and other parts of his body. But once he?s done climbing they retract leaving him looking completely normal again.

[B]Animal Genes:[/B] Common house spider.
Hybrid Abilities:[/B] Darren?s most obvious ability is that like a spider he can climb walls. He is also quite strong and occasionally can produce webbing like a spider. (again think Spiderman here) Though the ability to produce webbing is very unreliable and rarely happens. Most of the time it has been cases of extreme stress where being able to produce the webbing saved his or someone else?s life. [/COLOR]
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Name: Tanya Langley

Age: 26 (although she looks a lot younger

Gender: Female

Place of Origin: Was born in London but lived most her life in St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands

Known History: Living in St. Thomas Tanya spent most of her time on the beaches she was a(n) Marine Biologist Intern going to collage to get her degree on the subject of Marine Biology she before the comma she was studying the Tiger Shark its habitat, mating habits, and other various things about the species. Her main reason for studying these type of sharks is because when she was little she was attacked by one and ever sense then she been fascinated by them. Before she went into a coma she was engaged to her fiancée Zenoske from Japan. When Tanya heard about the Hybrid project she thought it is an excellent way to advance her research, but she was wrong after she got the procedure she was fired from her job her fiancée left her and she was evicted from her home. Heartbroken and alone she dived into the water and swam off she heard of this new faction called the second faction and swam to their leaders wanting to join very badly before she got put in a coma and sent to west France.

Personality: She is very withdrawn and very smart, and cunning. She is very depressed also and sometimes she wants to kill herself she tried to on several occasion if you were to look into her eyes you would see someone who has lost everything and given up on love and everything else in the world she is very easy to manipulate as does whatever she is told, making her very vulnerable but she doesn?t care anymore she spends most of her time in the water sulking in short she?s a pessimist

Hair: mid back length Black-Sliver hair and a ponytail
Eyes: Grey
Skin: white almost pale skin with gills on her neck
Hands and Feet are webbed
Clothing: she wears a dark yellow tank top and a long yellow and white jogging pants and sandals and black gloves
MIsc: she is very pretty and has a well formed butt and Brest and long glossy hair and shinny skin and a fresh manicure

Animal Genes: Tiger Shark

Hybrid Abilities: Sharp Sense of smell, Viscous attitude, Improved Physical Abilities (strength speed and endurance)
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[B][U]Name:[/B][/U] Miguel Del Rios

[B][U]Age:[/B][/U] 31

[B][U]Gender:[/B][/U] Male

[B][U]Place of Origin:[/B][/U] Brooklyn, New York City

[B][U]Known History:[/B] [/U]

Miguel was born and raised in the heart of New York City. A troubled youth, his parent?s worked hard to support the meager lifestyle they lived in. As a reaction to poverty, Miguel was an active gang member through out a lot of his youth. A traumatic event would lead to a turning point, however he discusses it rarely, so it is largely unknown.

It is clear it happened within time for him to save his high school career and attend a respectful university within city limits where he pursued a career in criminal justice. His dreams were to rid the world of bad influences on children, such as him. Through his studies, he found there were deeper roots than just common street thugs who were responsible for crime in the world. He decided what he wanted was to hit crime and evil at it?s roots, the men behind the scenes.

And so, after his graduation with an Associates Degree, Miguel applied for a position at the Central Intelligence Agency. He got in with ease, being both mentally and physically sound to become an effective field agent. He acted in several missions through out his career. The details, however, are strictly classified. The most likely possibility being that he took part in Black Ops activities. Through this, he slowly built up a reputation as a reputable espionage and infiltration agent. During his time as a agent of the CIA, Miguel would be infused with animal genes to enhance his agent skills...

Shortly after these procedures, Miguel awoke within the confines of Paris2.

[B][U]Personality:[/B] [/U]

Miguel isn?t a quite man. Coming from such a rough childhood, he?s grown into a man with hard emotions to disrupt outwardly. Because of this, he easily overcame the physical and mental hardships of the CIA training programs. This hard training only helped to strengthen both his ego and confidence in himself. Miguel is often described as ?charismatic? in the ideal situation, though it?s usually a much more vulgar term. He cares little though, for he feels his goals justify any personality flaws he may retain, such as inherit arrogance and what many describe to be full-hardiness. Regardless, he gets the job done and missions accomplished. For him, actions speak much louder than words, and he can articulate both.


[URL=http://evilchamber.blog.jeuxvideo.com/images/mn/1133200071.jpg]Miguel Full Body[/URL]

Miguel?s outward appearance is nearly indeterminable from a regular human. Only a close look to his grey slitted eyes and a showing of his elongated canines will tell of his true nature.

[B][U]Animal Genes:[/U][/B] [URL=http://www.blueplanetbiomes.org/black_mamba.htm]Dendroaspis Polylepis[/URL] , also known as the Black Mamba.

[B][U]Hybrid Abilities:[/B][/U]

[B] Paralysis Inducing Venom:[/B] the Black Mamba produces the most potent poison in the reptilian species. It?s venom can cause paralysis, and death within minutes. Miguel?s body has been cultured to produce this deadly venom in both his finger nails and subtle fangs that appear to be elongated canines.

[B] Increased Speed:[/B] the Black Mamba is the single fastest snake in the species. It is capable of reaching speeds of upward to 12 km per hour by just slithering. Aswell, it?s reflexes are sharp and lightning fast, allowing it to strike out at enemies at blinding speed. Miguel retains these abilities himself.

[B]Agility and Flexibility:[/B] as in inherit in all snake?s and most reptiles, Miguel has amazing flexibility in his spinal column which allows for tight and agile motion in combat and infiltration. A practical contortionist, Miguel can shape his body into nearly any needed form in order to conduct acts of espionage.


[B]Thermal Sensory:[/B] all snakes have the ability to sense their prey through thermal or heat waves given off from their bodies. This ability translates to a natural thermal vision for Miguel.

[B]OOC:[/B] Please inform me if there are any changes you suggest making.

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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]Name[/B]: Zoraki Sunoco

[B]Age[/B]: 24

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Place of Origin:[/B] A town that wasn't too far away from Moscow, Russia
Known History:[/B] Although at a young age, Zoraki was forced to endure a rather rough schooling career. Since his parents were the kind whom though that one who didn't have the utmost perfect grades. Always being forced to study and having the constant though of without education he would only fall down in despair and ultimately death. He constantly kept himself.

Once Zoraki's intense schooling was finally over at the age of 18, He began to travel the world, and he had become very interested in many different kind of poisons. The reason why he suddenly became intrested He went from places to the jungles of Africa, to the think and seemingly endless rainforests of the Amazon. While in his quest throughout the world he did slightly build his intellect while also tending to find new species every now and then having poisons and toxins worse than the last species.

Yet for some unknown reasons he was pulled back into America at around 21 and began to work on a new project to develop a universal cure. It was suppose to be a cure that had the ability to cure all major diseases and viruses after being slightly exposed to the virus itself. He was called in because of his expertise on insects and used some natural products from some of the poison's to be used in the formula. However after on the brink of a cure there was an internal sabotage that caused many of the laboratories that he had worked in to explode. Sending years of hard work to go to waste and caused many of his colleges to commit suicide at the lost. Yet only months later he was put into a Coma to hopefully get another chance to try once more.

[B]Personality:[/B] He tends to lean on the quiet side of people. However he isn't as quiet as those people whom seem like they are stones around a fire. Other people can really persuade him rather easily. Slightly on the gullible side at times, Yet he will eventually come to a kind of realization. Because of his tendency to be gullible he can at times, he can be overly caring. Seeing if someone has an injury of some kind. He will over obsess thinking that it can be something that is life threatening yet that can relate to his knack of being easily fooled. However due to some of his past history he can have his moments of a genius like qualities. Although every once in a blue moon he tends to have a more playful, childish like side. Yet this happens on very rare occasions.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img368.imageshack.us/img368/8284/c0f7re28tu.jpg]Zoraki[/URL] for some unknown reasons Zoraki seems to have an oddly young like appearance. His eyes also tend to have a more ellipse like shape instead of a round one.

[B]Animal Genes:[/B] Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis)

[B]Hybrid Abilities: [/B]

[B]Corrosive activity [/B]:For a while it was though that the Komodo Dragon had a kind of poison that they used to kill their prey. Yet it was later known that there was a multitude of different kinds of bacteria inside ridges in their teeth that can cause a kind of infection known as Septicemia. Zoraki can do the same thing except he can cause the effect to come out at the tips of his fingers. Enabling his hands to "eat" through many kinds of solid objects.

[B]Heat Resistance :[/B] Because of the quality of skin that most Komodo Dragon's. Zoraki has a tendency to be able to withstand high temperatures as if it was just a normal day to him. However since most Komodo Dragon's arn't in deserts like other lizards. he can't stay in such a hot place for to long an extended time.

[B]OOC:[/B][strike] I don't know why but I feel braindead on the abilities part. I may go and update it at a later date. besides that tell me if anything needs changing.[/strike] There, I changed my animal to something I felt more comforatable with and such. If I need to change something than Pm me please.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][B]Name:[/B] Bethany Henderson
Age:[/B] 20
Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Place of Origin:[/B] Salt Lake City, Utah USA (or former if it no longer existed when my character was born ^_^)
Known History: [/B] Unlike her brother Darren, Bethany loved school and excelled at her studies. From a very young age she declared that she was going to be a vet when she grew up and spent countless hours reading everything she could find about veterinary medicine. When she was in High School she started a group dedicated to assisting the humane society with finding homes for abandoned pets and campaigning for donations to pay for their care at local vet clinics.

Now she is attending college to get her bachelor?s degree as most students entering veterinary schools have received a bachelor?s degree focusing on the pre-veterinary requirements, which consist of biology, chemistry, physics, math, English, humanities, and social sciences.

In addition to attending college and continuing her work with the local humane society she also provides basic grooming care for pets for the elderly by going to several homes a week and bathing, brushing and doing basic care for their pets as many elderly can not afford to pay a professional pet groomer. Any spare time after her activities and homework is often spent with her older brother Darren.

[B]Personality: [/B]Bethany is very outgoing and friendly. She has never known hardship or loss and has a hard time understanding why others would be mean to other people or animals. Her kind and sweet nature results in her being a bad judge of character and she is often taken advantage of. Her trusting nature tends to not only get herself into to trouble but her brother Darren as well.

[B]Appearance: [/B]Unlike Darren who favored their father, Bethany looks just like her mother who has black hair with blue highlights and green eyes with a trim athletic frame. Unlike her mother she is on the short side and barely reaches five feet in height. She is often singled out by others looking to take advantage of her but most of them are intimated by her older brother Darren and for the most part she is left alone.

[B]Animal Genes: [/B]Common household dog.

[B]Hybrid Abilities: [/B]Bethany?s strongest ability is that like most dogs she can easily jump several times her own height. Combined with her ability to run really fast she can easily jump onto the roof of a two-story building. Her other ability is that on some level she can sense if someone is telling the truth or not based on how they smell and other body language clues. Though unlike her ability to run fast and jump, it?s not as reliable since her sense of smell is not strong enough unless she is very close to the person in question. And even then it can be muddled by other smells making it harder for her to sort them out.

[B]OCC:[/B] indifference and I thought it would be fun to do a sign up where we played sister and brother. Though if you want us to change that, just let us know. ^_^[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Georgia][COLOR=Sienna][b]Name:[/b] Sigrún Luntdotter

[b]Age:[/b] 25.

[b]Gender:[/b] Female.

[b]Place of Origin:[/b] Uppsala, the fourth largest city in Sweden, located 70 km north of Stockholm.

[b]Known History:[/b] Sigrún grew up inside the city of Uppsala with her father who worked as a researcher for a pharmaceutical company. She grew up with constant pressure from her father, who though loving could be a bit pushy, to direct her field of studies on the same area as him ? Medicine and Pharmacy ? and for years she did, acing her science courses throughout elementary and high school.

After graduating high school she spent the next several years working so that she could pay her own way through college. After three years and about four jobs, she had enough money.

She moved to the university but after about a year there working towards a Pharmacy major, she realized her area of interest was not in that particular field but in the field of biology. Within a month, after numerous discussions with her guidance counselor, she informed her father that she was switching her major and ? surprisingly ? he didn?t complain.

Soon after that she moved to Stockholm where she?d transferred into a college. Sigrún settled in easily, making a few[i]very[/i] close friends, apprenticing to various departments and studying hard so that she?d make her father realize that this was the right area for her.

Sigrún graduated in the top five percent of her class just this year, has received at least one job offer and is expecting more as she sends her resume out.

[b]Personality:[/b] Sigrún is very skittish and jumps at the slightest sound. She can also be very dreamy at times, and can spend incredible amounts of said time just sitting and thinking. She?s wary of almost everything and it takes a lot to earn her trust; you?ll lose that trust very easily if you scare her somehow.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Sigrún stands at six foot three in her stocking feet and is, well, built along the lines of a caribou. She?s very, [i]very[/i] bony and gangly, often looking unsure of what to do with her limbs. Her hair is a dark wheat color and reaches her mid back, but she usually keeps it in two long braids wrapped around her head. Her eyes are large and a warm friendly brown. Her clothing usually consists of worn blue jeans, flannel shirts and hiking boots ? comfortable clothing. All in all, she isn?t what you would call ?attractive,? although she does have her moments.

[b]Animal Genes:[/b] Caribou, [i]Rangifer tarandus[/i].

[b]Hybrid Abilities:[/b] Sigrún can adapt very well to being out in horrible weather ? rain, snow, sleet and great cold really don?t seem to bother her in the least. She also has increased strength, no one has ever called her a weakling. The last thing she has is enhanced hearing, she often considers this more of a hindrance than a help, as she startles at the slightest thing. [/COLOR][/FONT]
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Alexander Crowne, prefers Alex

[b]Age:[/b] 35

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Place of Origin:[/b] Westminster, Inner London, England

[b]Known History:[/b] Alexander was born into a middle-class family, his father being a public official and his mother being a part-time journalist for [I]The Economist[/I]. The oldest brother of three boys, a great deal of responsibility and freedom was given to him at a relatively young age.

Alex attended Oxford after receiving superior marks in secondary school and graduated with a degree in Law. After several nerve-wracking years of shuffling around England looking for work, he finally found a comfortable job as a prosecutor for the government. Once life had finally quieted down in the calm of routine, he found a delightful woman (previously known as Julia Ashford) and married her.

Prior to the Second Faction threat, Alex and Julia had thoughts of starting a family. However, due to the uncertain nature of British national security, they agreed to hold off until more stable times. But after a national announcement given by their Prime Minister that "Britain shall not fall -- Churchill prevailed and so shall we," the couple thought times were more accomodating to children. They had one daughter, Sarah, before Second Faction overran the country.

[b]Personality:[/b] While confrontational and charismatic in the courtroom, Alex tends to be considerate and compassionate in day to day life. He has been fearful of challenges and ultimately, failure, but has managed to surmount the obstacles presented to him thus far. From his mother he inherited an interest in politics and a humanitarian, liberal mind. From his father he received an iron will, a willingness to argue, and knack for playing the odds.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?pos=-352][link][/url]
A passionate lover of formal attire, Alex can be seen almost always wearing a newly pressed suit and matching tie. Standing at 5?10? with platinum blonde hair, piercing green eyes and medium build, he is a relatively mediocre looking fellow.

[b]Animal Genes:[/b] [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peregrine_Falcon]Peregrine Falcon[/url]

[b]Hybrid Abilities:[/b] Alex?s primary and most dominant trait is his shockingly keen eyesight, rated many times sharper than that of a conventional human. This heavily attributes to his second trait, being his heightened reflexes, which are only faster due to his ability to perceive almost everything happening in any given situation. When faced with physical danger, his senses are increased to their limit due to adrenaline secretion, which triggers his growing talons. These talons can only partially develop, and are not as sharp as conventional ones.[/size]
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[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Julia Vella

[B]Age:[/B] 25

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Place of Origin:[/B] Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

[B]Known History:[/B] Julia has lived in Sydney her entire life, being born and brought up there. Her parents both died when she was 13, her father getting in a car crash with a truck because the truck driver swerved suddenly for unknown reasons, and her mother was in a train on her way to work when it was de-railed, killing her and everyone else except 4 passengers. She had been forced to learned how to take of herself and went through high school, envious of all the other kids that had parents but always complained about how annoying or embarrassing they were while she just wished that hers were still around. Her way to relieve stress was by running, she was excellent at cross-country and gathered several trophies and medals from doing interschool cross-country.

She had always had a great interest in animals, so when she graduated school, she decided to go to University, studying Zoology and another course to do with Animal problems. Since it was something she loved, she enjoyed doing the courses and ended up doing well, graduating with no problems.

Julia took a couple of months to find a job because she didn't know what to do because there were so many options to choose from; she could do more study and become a Vet, she could work at a Zoo somewhere, she could be a lecturer, she could do analysis work, and so on. Finally she found the right place for her, getting a job with the NSW branch of the RSPCA; the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

She fit in straight away and got to work, getting used to it quickly because it was so fun and interesting. She was completely into campaigning with the other workers there and she felt great amounts of pity for the abandoned or lost animals in the pound. She took in a puppy named [URL=http://www.adoptapet.com.au/photos//lostfound/13427.jpg]Kero[/URL], and a kitten named [URL=http://www.adoptapet.com.au/photos//lostfound/14052.jpg]Ginger[/URL]. She cared deeply for them because they had been abandoned with no one to care for them, just like her, so they became her new family. She kept up with her running skills, not letting them deplete because she would take the animals out for walks or to play with them, and she'd chase or run from them, keeping all of them fit.

[B]Personality:[/B] Julia is a kind hearted person, with a special place in her heart for all animals, big and small. She's is caring to everyone she meets, treating everyone with respect unless they're criminals who she despises. She can be a little jumpy at times. It's evident when she's nervous or worried because she'll twitch and look at any movement she can see. Julia's a confident person and seems to make friends easily. She's been described by her friends as being strong hearted because she doesn't let life's troubles get her down for too long, moving on with her life and looking on the bright side.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Julia has a golden brown tan from sun exposure, standing at 5'5" with honey brown hair reaching just past her shoulders with long bangs which almost touch her chin, and her eyes are a bright emerald green with a jagged ring of gold right around the pupil. Her choice of clothes usually consists of navy blue cargo pants with several pockets, and a white button up shirt with regular sleeves and a crisp collar, finishing off with plain beige trainers on her feet.

[B]Animal Genes:[/B] Cheetah, [I]Acinonyx jubatus[/I]

[B]Hybrid Abilities:[/B] The main ability that Julia has inherited from the Cheetah genes is the amazing fast speed they own, able to reach amazingly fast speeds in a second with her feet seeming to barely touch the ground. The next prominent feature is her ability to see well in the dark, so she can spot out practically anything at night or in a dark environment. And finally she is able to twist her spine to land on her feet if she falls from a height. The max she can fall landing perfectly on her feet is about 6 storeys up, any higher she might not hurt herself as badly as other people but it won't be perfect either.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][B]Name[/B]
James Lawrence (Lawrie).



[B]Place of Origin[/B]
Born and raised in Portree on the Isle of Skye; lived in Glasgow, Scotland since age twenty-four.

[B]Known History[/B]
- Before entering his coma, Lawrie was working as a laboratory assistant to the researchers at the University of Glasgow. Superficially, he enjoyed the work, but was going through a stage of feeling unfulfilled.
- At age twenty-four, he achieved a First in biochemistry from the University of Glasgow, whose faculty agreed to give him a job where his talent and qualification could find some use.
- Between the ages of nineteen and twenty-four, he lived in a series of rented flats in his home town on Skye, jumping between mediocre part-time jobs in order to pay his rent and tuition fees, while working tirelessly towards his long-distance degree.
- At age eighteen, he realised he was heading towards a life of dullness and apathy, and took the exams necessary to secure a place studying biochemistry. He was accepted by the University of Glasgow on the strength of his exceptional Biology grades. He blamed his parents for wasting two years of his life by not giving him enough motivation; this led to arguments, the most emotionally charged of his life. The growing rift between parents and son led to Lawrie moving into rented accomodation.
- Between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, he did nothing of consequence; continued living with his parents, enjoying freedom from compulsory education, but subconsciously feeling inexplicably unfulfilled. Mr and Mrs Lawrence were concerned at the lack of direction in their son's life, but had always held the opinion that his decisions were his own, and so put no pressure on him.
- In his school years, he enjoyed science and was fascinated by the inner workings of the human body. He was encouraged to go further with biological science, but considered education something to escape as soon as possible.

Lawrie has always regretted falling out with his parents, and has since forced himself to roll with the blows life deals him; he doesn?t dwell on the bad experiences anymore, or try to apportion blame for unpleasant experiences. This results in a sunny outlook, but a lot of unresolved negativity sitting at the back of his mind, which he refuses to deal with. He also gets bored quite easily; jobs don?t hold his attention for long, but he tries to maintain his optimism, usually until he reaches breaking point and almost can?t stand to serve out his two weeks? notice. He isn?t shy, but he doesn?t make friends easily; get inside his bubble and you?ve made a friend for life, but it?s hard work getting there.

Lawrie has very pale skin, unnaturally dark black hair and a tendency to hide behind his fringe. He?s a little on the skinny side, and tends to dress like he?s ten or fifteen years older: white shirt, tweed jacket and beige slacks seem to be his default wardrobe, along with a tan flat cap he never takes off. His eyes are a milky pale grey.

[B]Animal Genes[/B]
[url=http://www.seasky.org/monsters/sea7a1o.html][u]Firefly squid [I](Watasenia scintillans)[/I][/u][/url]

[B]Hybrid Abilities[/B]
[B]- Bioluminescence.[/B] Simply put, Lawrie glows in the dark. His skin, eyes, saliva and to a lesser extent his blood all give off a pale green light when no other light source is available. Where his skin and eyes are concerned, Lawrie has a small degree of conscious control and can make himself glow faintly even when his surroundings don?t require it.

[B]- Flexibility.[/B] Lawrie?s skin is more elastic than a normal human?s, and his bones have more ?give? in them; his limbs will tend to bend where a human?s would snap, although they?ll still break if enough force is applied.[/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][b]Name:[/b] Mahima Gavaskar.

[b]Age:[/b] 43.

[b]Gender:[/b] Female.

[b]Place of Origin:[/b] Born in Bangalore, India, moved to London, England, at the age of 20.

[b]Known History:[/b] Mahima was born and raised in Bangalore, India, in a traditional Indian family. She grew up in that culture, learning to cook and clean and sew and be a "good wife". As such, not much of note happened to her in her early life.

When Mahima was eighteen, her family set out to make a match for her. And, unlike some girls, Mahima agreed with the man who was chosen for her, and began what would be avery pleasant marriage to a moderatly sucessful businessman named Bhuta Gavaskar. Not a full year into their marriage, though, Bhuta decided London was the place to be. And so that's where they went.

Several uneventful years passed. the couple had four children, and, thanks to Bhuta's sucessful career, had a large house near Hyde Park. Her children began to grow older - Mahima happily nagging them all the way - and soon, as her oldest, her daughter Indira, was old enough to be married, shocking the community (and her parents) by choosing (yes, choosing!) a Westerner, a nice man named David Finchley.

After some time (and loud arguments) Mahima was forced to give in. Indira was given her parents' blessings...and the last thing Mahima remembers before awakening is the happy night before Indira's wedding.

[b]Personality:[/b] Mahima's personality pretty is much what you would expect it to be. She's very motherly, with a slight - or maybe not so slight - nagging edge when she feels things aren't going her way. She is as protective as an enraged tiger over those she cares for. She also has a somewhat hysterical side, which often comes into play when she feels as if she isn't recieving enough attention...these hysterics often come in the form of the dreaded 'headache', a favored attention getter and convienient excuse. She also has a tendancy to pout.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Mahima is a small woman, standing at four feet, eleven inches tall. She once had a graceful face with defined cheekbones and large eyes. Now some of the definition has faded, leaving behind a kind ? if slightly wrinkled ? dignity. Her body is slender and toned in a healthy - but not [i]too[/i] athletic - way. Her hair is short, maybe an inch and a half long, and black, beginning to grey at the temples. Mahima has brownish eyes that have a very strong golden-yellow tinge. She generally wears bright colors - yellows, oranges and greens - and skirts and saris; rarely ever will she wear pants. She also usually wears heavy makeup on her eyes and lips, but applied in a skillful manner.

[b]Animal Genes:[/b] Chameleon ([i]Calumma parsonii[/i])

[b]Hybrid Abilities:[/b]
[B][U]Color Changing [/U][/B]- Mahima can change the color of her skin. Stimulus for doing so can be involuntary, based on moods, but she can also change intentionally. It's a gradual process, generally starting at the extremities - fingers and toes, mostly - before spreading inwards. There doesn't seem to be any color she can't mimic, although hot pink gives her a headache and she refuses to try neon yellow. This is the strongest of her abilities.
[B][U]Tongue[/U] [/B]- one of the abilities Mahima is not exactly fond of displaying is her tongue. [i]Much[/i] longer than a typical humans, and rather sticky, Mahima is capable of lashing her tongue out and drawing small items back to herself quite easily. However, the weight she can retrieve without hurting herself is rather limited - and there is no way on [i]earth[/i] she could lift herself with it.
[B][U]Heightened Vision[/U][/B] - Mahima is capable of processing two seperate fields of vision. Unlike a typical human, she can focus her left eye fully left, and her right eye fully right. She tries not to think about the implications - it gives her a headache.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[/size][/b][size=1]Malcolm "Mal" Greyson[/size]


[size=1][b][u]Gender:[/u] [/b]

[/size] [size=1][b][u]Place of Origin: [/u]
[/b]Dublin, Republic Of Ireland

[/size] [size=1][b][u]Known History:[/u]
[/b]Born into an upper-middle class family, Malcolm had the potential to become a spoilt brat. He had it all: all the possessions, friends and money he could ever need in life, but instead of embracing it and forcing his parents to give him more, he wanted to get out of that dip. He wanted to experience the real world, not to be coddled into obscurity by his mother. He wanted to make it on his own, not to piggy-back on his parents' successes.[/size]

[size=1]As soon as he was legally able, Malcolm left home and entered university, taking a course in the Media at Cardiff University in Wales. Following his course, he used his parents' connections for the first and only time in his life, to get a career as a reporter for a mainstream Irish newspaper. He enjoyed his time here, but a botched attempt at a cover-up destroyed his career in the media at age 29.[/size]

[size=1]The next three years of his life had become a blur, including heavy drinking and ingestion of copious amounts of other substances.[/size]

[size=1]Finally, Mal awoke in Paris 2, unaware of how he arrived there...

[/size] [size=1][b][u]Personality:[/u]
[/b]Once, back in university, one of Malcolm's lecturers described him as "so laid back he is almost horizontal." This just about sums Mal up in one sentence. He is laid back almost to the point of being lazy sometimes, but he is also effortlessly cool and calm. He has almost never been seen to get into a bad temper, but the times he has been seen, it wasn't pretty. He is easy to get on with, but is sometimes arrogant, on the verge of being annoying, due to his laid-back outlook on life.

[/size] [size=1][b][u]Appearance:[/u]
[size=1]Not the most attractive or physically alluring man alive, Mal has had his fair share of criticisms about the way he looks. But he doesn't care too much for physical appearances anyway. He wears what he is comfortable in, usually the clothes seen in the picture, but occasionally you will see him wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, sometimes a suit. His clothing very much depends on his mood. He rarely takes his dark glasses off, though, for reasons apparent only to him.

[/size] [size=1][b][u]Animal Genes: [/u]
[/b][i]Atrax robustus, [/i]the Sydney Funnel-Web Spider

[/size][size=1][b][u]Hybrid Abilities: [/u]
[/b][u]Silk Production:[/u] Malcolm has a number of glands on his body, mainly located on his hands and feet, which can produce a special kind of silk which is, proportionately, as strong as steel. However, he can only produce a limited amount of this silk at any one time, limiting the kind of structures he can create with it. He can create web-lines, small-scale orb webs and occasionally a ball of silk tough enough to break through glass, but this very much depends on how hard he concentrates on creating it.

[u]Venom:[/u] Mal can spit the same kind of venom that the Sydney Funnel-Web Spider can produce, which is one of the most deadly venoms that exists on this planet. He produces it in two small glands at the back of his throat, and he can spit this venom short distances from his mouth. This ability also gives him immunity to most kinds of spider venom.

[u]Proportional Strength and Speed:[/u] Spiders are one of the world's fastest and strongest animals of their size, and this has been transferred to Mal through his spider genes. He is a lot faster than the average human, and he can lift almost twice as much. This also gives him increased muscle tension in his legs, meaning he can jump a lot further than most humans, often a fair distance up the side of a building.
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[b]Name:[/b] Leo Dennett

[b]Age:[/b] 26

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Place of Origin:[/b] Surrey, Greater London, England

[b]Known History:[/b]

[- Though brought up within what is esteemed as the 'wealthiest county' in England, despite being surrounded by international celebrities, Leo was born into a typical middle-class background.

- Parents divorced when he was 7 years of age after several years of turbulent, volatile arguments which were beginning to take their toll upon their children. His mother remained in an average-income house-hold pursuing numerous career fields such as domestic violence aid, or crime investigation. However, the father had worked his way up the ladder in a sports ground only to become the Managing Director of a well-known security firm.

- Had a brother whom was unfortunately killed during a freak accident involving a panicking wolf in Canada. He had chosen to join an animal observational agency, or so it is known.

- Obtained a 1/2 class degree at Sussex university in Contemporary History. However, with no real clue of what field to pursue, Leo turned freelance in a Private Investigation firm.

- Nearly married a 'Helen'. However, due to what are remembered as 'painful circumstances' , the relationship did not work out forcing Leon into travelling at age 22.

- Gained a work placement at a small establishment, however, after his VISA expired, he was forced to board a plane to head back to England.

- Flight 634 was said to have made an emergency landing in Germany - Last recorded.]

"He awakes..."

[b]Personality:[/b] Having sustained himself after a childhood filled with insecurities, Leo can find it particularly difficult to trust others who are new to him. Therefore, because of this trait, he generally dwells on issues that can then haunt him unnecessarily.

However, this is not to say Leo is not a sociable person. Furthermore, to those who have proven trustworthy, he can be extremely loyal, often placing others' problems as priorities instead of his - though this can also lead to other problems which he had tried to counter during his two years of counselling.

Never satisfied with evidence at 'face value', Leo has a tendency to read between the lines, possibly too much. However, he is known to have been gifted with an intuitive sense, and because of this he is very aware of his surroundings and even gains random insights into future occurances.

Ultimately, Leo is a very pleasant, reliable person to know. But due to emotional scarring, he can seem distant at times and is often afraid of loss of others more so than himself.


-Clothing would be much more modern. Tends to wear a smart/casual dress, though was last seen to be wearing a black suit with striped, blue tie.

-Has appeared to be an attractive young man.

[b]Animal Genes:[/b] Wolf/[i]Canis lupus[/i]

[b]Hybrid Abilities:[/b] [Though would be recorded later]

- [b]Intuition[/b] During times of anxiety or the 'unknown', Leo is gifted with the ability to sense coming events. Though nothing is presented visually, changes in the atmosphere and sound frequencies allow him to prepare for what are usually daunting occurances. This has been known to occur when Leo seems very 'on edge' and others tend to leave him in his rogue state for it can prove very useful to know when to be cautious.

- [b]Emergence of Agility and Ferocity[/b] When faced with a situation where clearly the odds are against him, Leo has been able to unknowingly sprint long distances at exceptional speed. Though this can reduce stamina very quickly, the ability to escape when times appear very negative has the potential of being life-saving. [[i]Intuition appears to act as a catalyst to his adrenal system allowing abnormal performance.[/i]]

Also, usually as a result of intuitive nature, Leo can summon great ferocity enabling him to fend for himself with ease. [[i]Hands appear to change to a clawed paw-like form when angered.[/i]] This would also be effective in situations where he appears to be trapped. However, caution to others has to be given as during a state of rage, it appears very difficult for him to establish a difference between friend and foe when cornered.

- [b]Temperature Resistance[/b] Though fairly subtle, Leo is able to resist harsher temperatures than an average human being. So much so that sub-zero climates appear to hardly hinder him.


Haven't done this thing in ages.
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Name: Jesper Iwers

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Place of Origin: Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden

Known History: Grew up in a stable home with parents until the age of 18 when he went to college to be a theologist. He graduated with his masters degree. In college he meet a women named Selma, that he married once out of college. He worked for the same college that he went to as a theology professor at 20.

Personality: Jesper is a man who likes things to be easy going. He is a smoker and likes to drink sometimes. He enjoys conversations to allow you to use your brain but also enjoys light conversations but as long as they don't become stupid. He is a man who hardly ever gets depressed and always tries to look at the brighter side of things, even if some situations don't seem to have one.

Appearance: Silver hair, blue eyes, about 6'1, has a slinder build to him. Usually wears blue jeans and solid color shirts, and a pair of black and white converse.

Animal Genes: Timber wolf (Gray wolf)

Hybrid Abilities: Keen sense of smelling and hearing, and faster running.
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[SIZE=1][b]Name[/b]: Rhodesia Matsumoto ([i]African & Japanese[/i]) prefers to be called "[b]Rin[/b]"

[b]Age[/b]: 25

[b]Gender[/b]: Female

[b]Place of Origin[/b] : Born in Tokyo, Japan but was raised in Uganda.

[b]Known History[/b] : Rhodesia was born in Tokyo and lived there until she was around 6 when her father was sent away for military duties. Her mother was working hard at two jobs and couldn't afford the rent anymore in which they decided to travel to Africa, where buisnesses were needed and places were cheap. Rin didn't care all too much about leaving Japan, for she got a lot of wierd glances from the locals there for her unique dark skin like her fathers and slanted eyes like her mothers. Nevertheless, Uganda became her new home.

She had felt more at home there and began to work early at the age of 10 to help support her mother in a factory from Europe. Rin had never seen her father in over 5 years when he came back one day to tell them he was leaving for good. It wasn't until her mother gave birth to her baby brother, Abdul that Rin had found out why. Her mother had met a tourist from Saudi Arabia and had cheated on her father, Rin sought out to blame her mother for her hard life and poor future.

Meanwhile, Rin had to take the responsibilities of taking care of Abdul when her mother grew ill and dropped out of highschool by the age of 15. She took on the job at the factory full time to help pay to feed her mother and brother, saying goodbye to her dreams of a successful future. Of a future where she could be herself and could support her own life not just her family's.

[b]Personality[/b] : Rin finds it hard to trust others, and to guess what other people are thinking because of her tough childhood. For someone so young, she is very mature and thinks of things very realistically. She can be thought of as too serious sometimes and never seems to relax. She is also very responsible after having to take care of her younger sibling, Abdul.

Rin has always been self-conscious of her decisions and the people around here, and always has put people above herself. One thing about Rin that is hard to come by, is that she is extremely patient and understanding. She will never complain to anyone or make you apologize for anything. Ironically, this gets on people's nerves easily even though she feels the need to protect others.

[b]Appearance[/b] : Rin is known for her tanned brown skin and slanted asian brown eyes. Her hair is dyed to a honey blonde which contrasts with her skin tone. She gets a lot of recognition for her vibrant choices of clothing, whether it be feminine or masculine. She is often seen wearing jeans or flowing long skirts, walking barefoot with a gold ankelet bracelet. A nose ring is apparent on her left nostril, appearing rebelious and yet her appearance contrasts with her personality. Rin always wears a charm bracelet given to her by her father, and is never seen without it off. The inscription reads, "Without love, there is no hope for the future."

[b]Animal Genes[/b] : [URL=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/species/thumb/1/15/Gorilla.jpg/200px-Gorilla.jpg]Mountain Gorilla[/URL]

[b]Hybrid Abilities[/b] :

[b]Abnormal Strength[/b]: For such a small girl, Rin can bend almost anything. While she is not known for being a fast runner, she can bend things such as thick trees to breaking down a house. Rarely, when she is angry she has even been known to dent and bend metal and iron to her will. Her brutal strength alone is something to be feared.

[b]Thick Skin[/b]: While most people would be injuried after being stabbed or punch once, Rin has an extra protected layer on skin that helps her be more sturdy to injury. If she were to fall from a three story building, it would hurt her less then the average person. She litterly is "A bundle of bricks" that can not feel most pain physically, and receives very little damage what so ever.

[b]Sense of Emotions[/b]: While this ability does not seem very useful, she can sense other people's feelings that are close to her. Rin has found it to come in handy to decide whether or not that person wants to cause her harm. She has found it a great way of weeding out predators from friends. Although sometimes knowing what others are feeling might not be all that wonderful... [/SIZe]
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[color=slategray][b]Name:[/b] Viktor Vladislav

[b]Age:[/b] 20

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Place of Origin:[/b] Yegeryevsk, Russia

[b]Known History:[/b] Viktor Vladislav was born to middle-class parents, in a middle-class home, to a middle-class life. He grew up to an abusive lifestyle, though he struggled every day to find something to smile about. He excelled in school, using it as an excuse to avoid his home, but made few friends. He became proficient in the sciences and histories, but became a target for bullies and snipes from girls, despite his impressive physique.
He graduated from high school and joined the army, thinking of aiding the Motherland. He was a skilled combatant, though he excelled more at the studious tasks of command. His last memory was of being taken into the medical facilites on base after receiving a gunshot wound to his right forearm during a field exercise.

[b]Personality:[/b] Viktor is fiercely loyal and has an incredibly acute sense of justice. He is strong-willed, and very, very stubborn. He will sometimes fail to listen to reason in an effort to mete out what he feels is justice, and he is usually correct. He is incredibly smart, and of slightly above-average strength. Nature has apparently remedied this by making him somewhat clumsy, as well, which is an ever-present thorn in his side.
Viktor is never rash, though if the proper chord is struck, he is incredibly quick to anger. When his ire is aroused, or he feels it necessary, he will usually target the throat of the antagonist, almost to exclusion of all other vital areas.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Viktor has long gray hair, with orangeish, black, and white streaks along the sides. His eyes are a cool amber, and his skin is extremely pale. He is built well, and has an impressive physique, though it leans more towards the martial-artist build rather than the Mr. Universe build. He is roughly six-foot-seven, and weighs in the neighborhood of 232 lbs. of sheer dense muscle. Viktor can usually be seen wearing long sleeves and a blue-jean jacket. He is never seen without a pair of jeans, or his trademark drumout glasses. He keeps his hair cropped to the front, with a slight fringe hanging just over his eyes, while the rest is usually wild and spiked down the back to his shoulders. His palms are slightly padded, though most wouldn't notice this, and his eyes are also just the tiniest bit slitted like a cat's.

[b]Animal Genes:[/b] [URL=http://library.thinkquest.org/C006372/]Siberian Tiger ([i]Panthera tigris altaica[/i])[/URL]

[b]Hybrid Abilities:[/b] Viktor's strength is equal to that of somebody his height and build that engages in regular, intensive exercise, which Viktor does. His animalistic traits afford him no enhancement to strength or agility: he has to train them himself.

[i][u]Subtlety (Primary)[/u]:[/i] Viktor is naturally surrounded by an aura that marks him as 'nothing special'. If he does not wish to be noticed, and somebody is not paying attention, he can stride, in full view, into the middle of a crowd without being noticed. This ability is limited, however, in that a keen-eyed person, or someone with an exceptionally strong will, can overcome this aura and view Viktor as he is. In essence, he is 'camouflaged within a crowd', even when he isn't in a crowd.

[i][u]Sensory Acuity:[/u][/i] Viktor's senses of smell, hearing, touch, and vision are enhanced moderately beyond that of a normal person's. An example would be that Viktor could hear a whisper from across a room, or read the fine print of a contract. He is not especially grateful for his sense of smell, which renders him painfully immobile when struck by particularly foul smells unless he is paying attention or dampening his natural senses through concentration. This concentration hinders Viktor by giving him tunnel-vision, and makes all sound and smell sensed as through through a downy comforter. His sense of touch remains acute no matter what, though, because of the pads in his hands. This grants him a tiny bit of an advantage when looked for purchase on a rock face, or a crack in a wall to signify a door.

[i][u]Temperate Cold:[/u][/i] Below freezing temperatures are comfortable, or moderately so, for Viktor until they reach approximately -20 degrees celsius, though this is usually aided by the thick jean jacket he frequently wears. While he is quite comfortable in the cold and moderate temperatures, anything over 10 degrees celsius would cause personal discomfort to an alarming degree. For this reason, he refrains from wearing his jacket outdoors, unless it is adequately cold out, and frequently wears a cooling neckband.[/color]
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[COLOR=Teal][B]Name:[/B] Bellerophon Adrianopoulos, named after a hero of the Ancient Greece.

[B]Age:[/B] 23

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Origins:[/B] Athens, Greece

[B]Biography:[/B] Bellerophon grew up with his mother and five siblings. Being the third oldest, he felt he never got the attention he needed. His father worked in a museum in Acropolis, but he got killed in a bombing by a group of anti-cultural activists whose mission is to destroy the remains of ancient civilizations that they claimed "held back progression". One of Bellerophon's ambitions became to fight back the cultural terrorists by restoring ancient artefacts. Despite his mother's resistance, he studied restoration and started to work in a museum just like his late father. From his work he has gained a vast knowledge about ancient mythologies, especially Mediterranean ones.

Bellerophon's other ambition was swimming. His family lived in the coast of Mediterranean, and in his childhood it was common for Bellerophon to spend entire days in the beach swimming and collecting seashells. He competed in his school's swimming team, but despite his success he chose another career. Nevertheless, water is still the element he is most comfortable with.

[B]Personality:[/B] Bellerophon is determined and ambitious, always aiming toward something and doing everything he can to achieve his goals. He also has a strong sense of justice, although it can sometimes be obscured by his equally strong will. He isn't a very sociable person, he even comes off to some people as cold and cocky. However, inside he's still the insecure kid who always had to work twice as hard as others to get attention.

Bellerophon has shoulder-length dark curly hair. His skin is tanned, and after the genetic transmutation it became water-resistant. His body is slim but muscular, like that of a professional swimmer. His eyes are a peculiar of dark blue, with a tinge of green in them. He usually has a serious expression on his face and he often squeezes his hands into fists.

[B]Animal Genes:[/B] [URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bottlenose_Dolphin]Bottlenose Dolphin [i](Tursiops truncatus)[/i][/URL]

[B]Hybrid Abilities:[/B]
[INDENT][I]Echolocation:[/I] Bellerophon is able to receive mental images of his surroundings based on echoes. This is especially useful in dark places and underwater.

[I]Fast learning:[/I] Bellerophon can memorize things much faster than other humans, as well as keep them in his memory longer. His logical thinking and problem-solving skills are also increased.

[i]Enhanced movement in water:[/i] His genetically enhanced muscles allow Bellerophon to practically slide through water with overall boosted speed and agility.[/INDENT][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Dawn White

[B]Age[/B]: 24.

[B]Gender[/B]: Female..

[B]Place of Origin[/B]: Northern London, United Kingdom

[B]Known History[/B]: Dawn was born into an ordinary British family. Her mother was Arab, and her father was Caucasian. They lived in a relatively medium sized house, Dawn loved her house. Her friends were always over on the weekends when school let out. She just lived a normal life, she went on to graduate her secondary schooling with decent grades.

During her free time, Dawn enjoyed walking downtown to vist the local antique book store. She found documents on ancient people very intesting, and in some odd way, she thought she was connected to them in a way. Little did she know she was..

Dawn went on to college to study medicine, she graduated at the age of 20. Back then, you were able to find Dawn working at a small hospital in London. I guess you can say Dawn was leading a pretty successful life. She then managed to buy and maintain a small house in the outskirts of the city. At the age of 22, Dawn started to date a young man by the name of Michael Bitingly. Dawn thought the whole world revolved around this man, they were in love. Nothing was able to tear them apart.

Then something had happened, and Michael strangely disappeared, never to be found. Depression got the best of young Dawn, she spent most of her days staying in her bed crying, not eating, nor leaving the house. There were also countless nights where Dawn woke up and went to open the door and peer around the cold night landscape, in hopes that her dear Michael would be there.

One night, Dawn went to bed. And didn't wake up, she was in a coma. Her parents thought it was because of her depressed state, professionals thought the same. She didn't wake up for a long time...

Until now....

[B]Personality[/B]: Dawn is one of those ?so what? kind of people. She is always thinking of what is going on in the future, never about the present . In school, if Dawn had gotten in some sort of trouble she would say, ?So, how is this gonna affect me in 2 years?? Dawn?s logic was always somewhat annoying, but a completely understandable one at that. Also because of this attitude toward life, her parents used to think that she was going to be some sort of club hopper, and were dumbfounded with her decision to go to college and study web design.

Dawn?s number one pet peeve is redundance.

[B]Appearance[/B]: Dawn?s dressing style can be best described as bohemian. This style of dressing is that of loose clothing that makes the person wearing it feel more free and comfortable. And anyone knowing Dawn knows that feeling free is what Dawn yearns for so much.

A beautiful almond coloured skin is another trait that Dawn carries. It blends in perfectly with her dark black shoulder length hair. Everything about Dawn seems Arab, but one feature sets everything else apart. Her blue eyes. Her eyes are probably the most awe-striking feature of her body.

[B]Animal Genes[/B]: European Rabbit - Oryctolagus cuniculus

[B]Hybrid Abilities[/B]: 1. Enhanced Jumping Ability - Dawn?s two feet are more powerful than most of her companions, Dawn pushes down and then lets her instincts do the rest. She jumps and runs at high speeds, sometimes only seen as a brown blur.

2. Aggressive Use of Feet - Dawn jumps in mid-air, and uses her feet to kick the opponent in the chest. Usually sending him/her into the ground.

3. Enhanced Alertness - Dawn?s senses are more acute and aware when she is by herself in an easily spotted state. Slight movement is all she needs to spot out a potential enemy.[/SIZE]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][b]Name.:[/b] Zerstoren Eifersucht.
[b]Age.:[/b] Thirty-two. (32).
[b]Gender.:[/b] Male.
[b]Place of Origin:[/b] Germany. Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, if you really want to know.

[b]Known History.:[/b] Raised in a lower district in a low class town, Zerstoren wasn't a socialble person. Prefering to keep to himself about things, never talking to the other children his age. Indeed, his parents were incredibly worried about his lack of social skills. At an early time in his life, his parents took him into a free psychologist on the eastern side of town. After the poking and prodding, he looked up from his mess of dark hair and said quietly. "I'd like to ignore your cynicism." His parents were confused. Happy, but confused. They left with him a few minutes later.
As he was growing older, he wondered why his parents had done what they had done. They coddled him and loved him so. The real world was simply not that way. He loved them for it, but knew they were mistaken in the way they were letting him grow up. At the age of eighteen, he kissed his mother on the lips lightly, hugged his father, and then walked out of their lives forever. A cold smile on a colder face, he went out to face the world in all of it's ugliness.
He had no job of his own until nearly two months after he left. Zerstoren went to live with a friend in Western Russia for a while, doing things for him to earn enough cash to buy his own place. At the age of twenty seven, he was finally settled into a real life. He worked as a musician by night and a police officer by day, earning money from both. After a show at a local nightclub, he was involved in a bit of drinking before happily passing out on his comfortable couch, to not wake on his own property again.

[b]Personality.:[/b] Zerstoren can be cold and quiet, minding his own buisness at his time. Whenever he's had a beer in him, however, he relaxes and gets quite talkative about anything and everything. Sometimes it doesn't even take the little nudge of achohol to get him talking, if you're nice-or good looking enough-to interest him. If you anger him, he smiles and just literally puts you on an ignore status until he stops seething.

[b]Apperance.:[/b] [url=http://img235.imageshack.us/img235/3054/trent2uf.jpg]Zerstoren.[/url] With hair as dark as his soul seems at times, smiles are used as rewards for him, as he rarely uses them. Preferring blue jeans and a shirt, usually with some logo or just plain, he sometimes sports a jacket. With steel blue eyes, everything about his persona emanitates a feeling of [i]cold.[/i]

[b]Animal Genes.:[/b] Loxosceles reclusa. Brown Recluse Spider.

[b]Hybrid Abilities.:[/b]

[b][i]Venom.:[/b][/i] Brown Recluse have very special venom. Their bites can cause necrosis of flesh. These necrosic ulcers can take years to heal, and very rarely do heal. Zerstoren can spit this as a projectile or insert a tiny amount into fluids and solid food to effectively necrosify the throat and mouth upon contact. However, the poison may take several doses to fully work. [In process.]

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[SIZE=1][[B]Edit[/B]] Done and dusted.

Fr. Neil Edmund Gratzner



[B]Place of Origin:[/B]
Waterford City,
Republic of Ireland

[B]Known History:[/B]
In the seventy-ninth year of the nineteenth century, Neil Edmund Gratzner has the wondrous fortune of being born into a country that was for all intents and purposes third world, but this country wasn?t to be found in Africa, or Asia, or anywhere one would expect to find it, no, Neil was born in the Republic of Ireland. A sorry sight compared to it?s economic revitalization a decade later, Neil grew up in conditions of high interest rates, inflation and unemployment, even worse, Neil didn?t exactly come about through the most reputable of circumstances, his mother being the teenage victim of clerical sex abuse. What his mother?s real name was, like so many other things he craves to know is simply beyond him, he was found on the doorstep of Waterford General Hospital wrapped in a dirty, bloodstained blanket at the mercy of whoever came upon him. By chance or miracle, Neil was found by Dr Edmund Gratzner, a GP in Waterford General who in one of his many acts of simple kindness brought the tiny child into the hospital and had him placed in the infant care ward.

After several weeks in the ward, Neil was judged strong enough to leave and be cared for outside the hospital, his mother remained missing but assumed potentially safe, which left the baby with nowhere to go. Again but for his finder?s mercy, Neil?s life may have turned out so differently, he was taken home by this kind man and raised as his son. His infant and childhood years passed quickly for Neil, as thankfully did Ireland?s severe economic depression, in the early 90s as Neil entered his teen years and Secondary Education, the Celtic Tiger was born. However Edmund unlike so many other Irish citizens had never been badly off, his being a medical practitioner meant that there was never a shortage of money when it was required and had been able to invest moderately into the blooming property market. By the time Neil?s fifteenth birthday rolled around his father had moved into a private practice and had made considerable financial gains from his investments. Of course for anyone who had money in Ireland at the time this is not an uncommon story, in fact the Celtic Tiger was really built and sustained by people like Edmund Gratzner.

If there really is such a thing as irony in the world, it?s that in spite his biological father, Neil always had an intensely deep spiritual faith, something that would decline in the overall Irish population as he grew older. With his father?s resources and his own high intelligence, Neil could have quite easily entered Trinity College and studied medicine, following in Edmund?s footsteps. Instead, perhaps more directly due to his father?s own influence he chose to forgo that life of prestige and wealth to follow his heart and enter the seminary in Kildare, opting for a life of simple fulfilment. Many would question his reasons for doing so, barely eighteen, Neil could have been accused of never having lived life, never having loved, never having done the stupid childish things that so many people later look back on and laugh at. However his choices were made to the best of his ability at that time, and he does not for one moment regret it. The study of theology was a particular interest he acquired while a deacon, impressing several of the seminary with his dedication.

Two and a half years ago Neil was fully ordained a member of the Catholic Church, three days ago he fell into a coma and woke up in a city he didn't recognise with no idea of how he got there.

A generally quiet and pleasant man, Neil's beginnings, that mystery surrounding who he really is and where he comes from have imbued him with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, to learn all that can be learned of himself, the world around him, and God's plan for those dwelling there in. Underneath Neil's quiet exterior lies a heart of great intensities, more often that not this focus is centred on his flock and their spiritual needs, but sometimes, just sometimes this focus is turned inwards on how he can improve himself as a person, and as a servant of God. How he can take all those questions that gnaw away at him and just be free for a moment, to seek the peace and clarity that comes with a settled mind.

His normally silent mannerisms are odd to some people, the heart of which traced back to his early teens when he developed an odd habit of allowing his body language to take over basic parts of conversation. As he grew older and entered the seminary, this tendency lessened somewhat, but still retains a certain subconscious hold on Neil's conversational skills. Some have said that Neil is a young man with an old head on his shoulders, translated this means that Neil has wisdom not normally attributed to a person of his age, of course that is only when one can draw him into conversation, the surest method being to engage him in a theological debate. At his core Fr Neil is just a kind young man trying to bring his own deep faith to others under his watch and to kindle the light of Christ that burns in the soul of everyone on Earth.

[url=http://zeitgeistglee.250free.com/Cillian.jpg][B]Neil[/B][/url]. As a member of the clergy, Neil is most often seen in his clerical cassock, the bishop's version of which can see [url=http://www.dwc.org/bransfield/images/choir_cassock.jpg][B]here[/B][/url]. However seeing as he has not yet risen to the position of bishop, Neil's cassock lacks the sash and red piping. Standing just under six feet tall and attired completely in black, save for his collar of course, one could be excused for thinking Neil somewhat sinister and severe looking, that is if one were completely unaware of his vocation.

[B]Animal Genes:[/B]
[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferret][b]Ferret[/b][/url] [Mustela putorius furo]

[B]Hybrid Abilities:[/B]
[U]Hyper Awareness[/U] [Primary] - The most instinctive of all his abilities, Neil is acutely aware of anything going on around him within a six meter radius. Be it a stray look or potentially something much more threatening, subconsciously Neil catalogues everything he sees, hears and smells for possible future reference. If someone were to drop a pin in a busy bar, chances are Neil would not only be aware of it, but would be the first to react to it.

[U]Enhanced Litheness[/U] [Secondary] - The second, and perhaps most useful of his hybrid capabilities is Neil?s greatly enhanced dexterit. This, coupled with his hyper awareness makes him next to impossible to strike physically as he simply dodges the blows too quickly. In slightly more practical uses, or perhaps more accurately uses that are more commonly occurring, it means Neil is capable of moving more quickly and more deftly than a normal human.

[U]Scent Marking[/U] [Tertiary] - One of the more well known traits of the ferret and other similar carnivores is their ability to secrete a trace odour from a sac near the anus. Fortunately for Neil, his own secretion system is slightly different, being located in the nasal cavity and under his direct conscious control, thus when he wishes to mark a target, be it a person or object, he must merely run his thumb and forefinger against the nostril, as though wiping his nose, and then apply the scent to the intended target. The smell is not strong enough for a normal human to pick up, and does not attract the attention of animals out of it?s particular aroma. [/SIZE]
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