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[b]What is a VRMMORPG?[/b]
[indent]VRMMORPG is an acronym for Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game. Millions of players from all over come together to play one game.[/indent]

[b]Virtual Reality?[/b]
[indent]That's correct. In 2010, a man was placed inside a Virtual Reality machine for the very first time. Later, in 2017, the first Virtual Reality facility was launched, allowing civilians to go to a store and pay to play. Finally, January 1st, 2020, personal VR machines were available to buy for your home at an easily attainable price.[/indent]

[b]So, What is EVIO?[/b]
[INDENT]EVIO (Elements VI: Online) is the sixth installment to a series of games started in [i]2003[/i]. It's the first online game in the series and one of the original VR games (currently, there are only four including Pokemon Online, Digimon Immersion and World of Warcraft: VR Edition). Taking place in a steampunk age, where gears and levers are the main use of technology.

When one comes of age, they are to choose an elemental path to follow. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Shadow and Light. After, they choose to either take the path of Fighter or Wizard.[/INDENT]

[b]Sounds fun! How do I sign up?[/b]
[indent]Simply go to your local gaming store and by yourself and EVIO Timecard, which you'll use as a sort of memory card everytime you log into your game. Once in, you'll have to fill out the following form.[/indent]

[U][b]EVIO Application Form[/b][/U]

[B]Name:[/B] Your name given to you at birth.

[B]Birthdate:[/B] The year is 2021.

[B]Gender:[/B] Male or Female.

[B]Username:[/B] Preferred in-game name.

[B]Appearance:[/B] You will appear in the game the same way you do out. A picture or detailed description will do fine.

[B]Faction:[/B] The elemental path you'll be taking.

[B]Class:[/B] Fighter or Wizard.

[b]Weapon:[/b] The weapon your character has or will have.

[B]Known Spells:[/B] If you are reactivating your account, then your character will already have skills. Please give a short description of what they are able to do.

[b]Skill Level:[/b] How long have you been playing? Feel free to get detailed here.[/FONT]

[SIZE=2][center][color=#555555]And that's that. If you have any questions about anything, it is most likely already answered in the [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=733599#post733599]Underground thread[/url].[/color][/center][/SIZE]
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OOC: Let me know if my link doesn't work
IC:[CENTER][B]EVIO Application Form[/B][/CENTER]

Name: Robert Russ

Birthdate: oct. 29-2007

Gender: Male

Username: Zero

Appearance: Just like Edward Elric only he's about 5' 8" tall. Blond hair, black clothes with long red jacket, and a mechaniacal arm. [IMG]http://images.quizilla.com/H/Haloelite/1126710005_PicturesEd.jpg[/IMG]

Faction: Wind

Class: Fighter

Weapon: A regular broad sword. He also has a secomdary weapon wich is a small blade that comes out of his wrist.

Known Spells: none

Skill level: My character is a Newb.
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Name: Hirosuke Uchira

Birthdate: 2008

Gender: Male

Username: Sasuke

Appearance: [IMG]http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/i284/mushrumluver/sasuke_21.jpg[/IMG]
in real life he wears a plain blue t-shirt a baige colored shorts and a pair of blue sandlas.
Faction: Fire

Class: Fighter

Weapon: Sword of Kusanagi-diamond edged blade which can paralyzed an opponent upon contact.

Known Spells:
Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu
Yet another powerful fire elemental NinJutsu,This is believed to be the second strongest of the fire NinJutsus, Fire Dragon Flame no Jutsu.

Katon: Housenka no Jutsu
Katon Housenka is a very powerful and flexible technique. Instead of following the way of the other fire techniques, Housenka is unique by creating many small, yet powerful fireballs from the users mouth

Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu
The user must first gather a large amount of chakra in his hand and mouth; this attack is pretty similar to a flamethrower.

Katon: Karyuu Endan
A Katon (flame type) Ninjutsu technique where the ninja inhales deeply, drawing in a full chest of air. They then exhale, producing a very wide stream of flames that approach their target as a huge wall.

Skill Level: he's a mid level player who has been playing for 5 months.
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[U][b]EVIO Application Form[/b][/U]

[indent][B]Name:[/B] Ridgeway Ranger

[B]Birthdate:[/B] May 3rd, 2003

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Username:[/B] Relyk (Rel, for short)

[B]Appearance:[/B] With long, straight black hair that reaches just above his shoulders, he looks like a pretty quiet guy. He stands at 6'2" and wears a lot of black and white, quite the retro look. He can be quite a serious guy so he may tend to look stern a lot.

[B]Faction:[/B] Shadow

[B]Class:[/B] Fighter

[b]Weapon:[/b] He tends to favor the Scythe.

[B]Known Spells:[/B][list]
[*][b]Fade:[/b] He's able to disappear and reappear when he likes. A cloaking technique of dark proportions.
[*][b]Cloak:[/b] Using a black cloth-like magic, he can trap an opponent in darkness and hold them there like a net.
[*][b]Black Wings:[/b] Normally he has this constantly cast. Black Wings does just what the name implies. He gains black wings of an archangel to take flight whenever need be.
[*][b]Darkflame:[/b] He may engulf a weapon or himself in a black flaming inferno. It just simply adds extra damage or make enemies not even want to go near him.
[*]More spells may show up...[/list]

[b]Skill Level:[/b] He was one of the first to get the game and has played it ever since it was released. He is a master.[/indent]
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This could be fun.


[b]Name:[/b] Kiva Salqarian

[b]Birthdate: [/b]January 20th, 1996

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Username:[/b] Kiva

[b]Appearance: [/b]A little over 6 ft. tall, aand of about average build. Good-looking, but not beautiful. Over the so-called 'ideal' weight, which basically pusts her at about the ideal weight (in terms of health) for one of her size and build. She's in very good physical shape, as well.

[b]Faction:[/b] Wind

[b]Class:[/b] Fighter

[b]Weapon: [/b]Kiva's weapon of choice is a bladed staff. This may not be a standard Wind Faction weapon, but Kiva chose it anyways. It's certainly a more manuverable weapon than a sword or an axe or other such weapons. Kiva can pull off some pretty impressive moves with her staff. She's very skilled with it.

[b]Known Skills:[/b] As a Fighter, Kiva doesn't have actual spells. However, she has mastered various elemental skills. She can use her affinity with the wind to increase her agility, though it's difficult to maintain this for more than a short time. She's able to call upon bursts of wind, which she can use to move objects or knock opponents around. She's also able to use the wind to give herself a temporary burst of speed, useful when she needs to move quickly. She can also manipulate the wind in order to increase the height or distance of a jump, though only to a certain extent.

[b]Skill Level:[/b] Kiva first played EVIO two months after its release, and has been a regular player ever since then, so she's been playing for ten months now. And she's learned fast. She may not be among the absolute best players, but this is only becasue she doesn't play quite as much as those people do. Unlike them, she has a life outside of EVIO. However, she is a very skilled player. Plus, she's got a good mind for the game. She quickly got used to the oddities of VR, and got used to EVIO's gameplay mechanics even more quickly. And she's proven herself to be quite inventive. If you're fighting her, you need to be ready for anything, because there's no telling what she'll do.

Well, there's my sign-up. I realize I did the known spells bit differently. I even called it something different, known skills. I didn't think 'spells' was appropriate, as Kiva's skills really aren't spells. ALso, I didn't give them names. This is because they're not really stand-alone abilities. Kiva uses them in tandem with her staff. Alone, they don't do much. If I need to change anything, White, just tell me.[/font]
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Name: Daryl Corey

Birthdate: November 14, 1995

Gender: Male

Username: Guardian

Appearance: Black hair to the shoulders, deep brown eyes. Average build wears dark clothing usualy in shades of dark green and black with simple practical boots

Faction: Shadow

Class: Fighter

Weapon: matching set of Shadow enchanted Daggers

Known spells: none though he has mastered a passive skill that allows him to remain unseen in shadows

Skill level:He has been playing alot for about a month
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Name: Kosuke Ochira

Birthdate: 9/22/2007

Gender: Male

Username: Ledah


Faction: Light

Class: Fighter

Weapon: [URL=http://www.n-p-s.net/image/iaito/iai-muramasa-01.JPG]Muramasa[/URL]The blade known as ThunderWeaver. Very long at least 4-6 feet in length giving almost perfect space to cut. It's light weight for a sword that size so it's pretty flexible giving the weilder speed with the sword.

Known Spells: Dragon Hammer Strike- Where he jumps up and brings the blade down with immense strenght and speed causeing a deep cut into the opponent.

Holy Strike-Where Light magic is enfused within the weapon and is used to attack if it's an undead enemy it's vanquished other than that it does more damage than a normal attack.

Heal- Heals a selected players wounds a little and his own wounds a little more. Stops bleeding and heals the wound forming it into a scar.

Skill Level: Has been playing for 3/4 of a year.

EDIT: Alright, I added some more detail to the spells
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[B]OOC:[/B] Neat, it's like a redo of the old Element RPs....kinda ><;;
Looks like I'll be the first to sign up as a Wizard >.>
Let me know if I have to change anything.
[B]EDIT:[/B] Added a couple more minor spells and a weapon.

[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Sakura Blum

[B]Birthdate:[/B] 15th of February 2000 (She's 21)

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Username:[/B] Sakura

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img301.imageshack.us/img301/5099/girls836vv.jpg]Here[/URL], she's about 5'6" and has a lean and athletic body from years of gymnastics. She usually wears a white button down top and navy blue cargos.

[B]Faction:[/B] Fire

[B]Class:[/B] Wizard

[B]Weapon:[/B] Sakura uses a [URL=http://www.conqueronline.com/guide/images/tr.jpg]Glaive[/URL] because it works as an offensive weapon with the blade but also helps to enhance her magic because it's staff-like. There's a series of glyphs engraved into the wooden haft which strengthen it so it won't break, but she can also activate them with her magic, where the glyphs will glow red and her blade will glow red which will cause more damage, and if combined with her Flame spell it would cause a lot of painful burns for people.

[B]Known Spells:[/B]
[B]- Fire Manipulation:[/B] This isn't really a spell, just simply control over the element of fire and create it out of no where, she's able to make fires that are hot enough to burn blue, green and white. She can tame any fire with ease and it can't hurt her because she's trained with it her entire time in the game.
[B]- Apocalypse:[/B] This is one of her more advanced spells where she causes fire and brimstone to rain from the sky onto a particular field, destroying her enemies in a blazing inferno.
[B]- Ring of Fire:[/B] Sakura can cause a circular wall of flames to surround her enemies, she has the power to shrink or make it grow at will, usually shrinking it to gather the enemies into a tighter group. She mainly uses it against enemies prone to running like thieves or animals that are fast and hard to attack since they constantly move.
[B]- Fireballs:[/B] An easy spell that everyone in the Fire Faction, even the new players has in some form or another. For Sakura she forms them in her her hands and thrusts outward (like Ryu's Hadoken from Street Fighter). Sakura's fireballs display that they're powerful because from the outside inward the colours are red, orange, yellow, blue, green and white. If it hits someone dead on it will cause a lot of pain because a direct hit means the entire fireball has engulfed them, allowing them to feel to the centre where the flame is incredibly hot. She also has a very sharp accuracy so they almost always hit dead on.
[B]- Flame Shield:[/B] This is Sakura's only protective spell in her arsenary, it works in several ways, it can just be a frontal shield like a handheld one, it can take the form of a wall in front or behind her, or it can encompass her and any of her allies in a protective dome, all these types made out of fire which will discintegrate any attacks that get in close range of the barrier.
[B]- Dragon Fire:[/B] This is Sakura's potentially strongest spell because at it's full power she will be able to summon a dragon of flame to aid her in battle but currently the spell is only a strong jet of flames that shoots forth from her mouth to engulf her foes. She's still working on it and can feel that it's starting to progress slowly, but she knows that when it's mastered, it will be an awesome force to be reckoned with.
[B]- Creation:[/B] Sakura can create things of fire, mostly inanimate unless they're small animal-like creatures. This includes creating weapons if she doesn't have one on hand.
[B]- Flame:[/B] Sakura covers her weapon or a part of her body in flame to cause more damage. She can also use this to cover her in fire and allow her to fly (like the Human Torch from Fantastic 4)
[B]- More spells to come as she learns them.[/B]

[B]Skill Level:[/B] Sakura was privileged enough to be one of the small group of people chosen to sample the game before it's public release and evaluate it. She was one of the very first people to have access to it and to buy it. She's a pro at the game, no doubt.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Tahoma]Seven sign-ups in one night. Not too shabby. Just a few problems with some of the sign-ups. Nothing that can't be fixed. :whoops:

[b]Zero and mushrumluver[/b], [color=#555555]I added an extra option onto the sign-up. So if you could just add the "Skill-level" part into your post, that'd be great. And Zero, I'm not quite comfortable with you using the name Edward Elric. Try to be original. ^_^[/COLOR]

[b]DracoGuardian[/b], [color=#555555]although you don't have to, I'd suggest changing your username to something more realistic. Perhaps only one word? You also have a few spelling/grammatical errors to fix.[/COLOR]

[b]Rurouni922[/b], [color=#555555]try to get more in-depth with your spells. Refer to Sakura or Dragon Warrior's sign-up sheets for good examples.[/COLOR]

[b]Sakura[/b]. [color=#555555]Yeah, that's why it's Elements 6. XD[/COLOR]

And remember, everyone! You can ask any questions you have in the underground, where I'll add it to the FAQ.[/FONT]
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[B]Name:[/B] Peter Durken

[B]Birthdate:[/B] Oct, 9th/2003

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Username:[/B] Stone henge (Stone for short)

[B]Appearance:[B] [url]http://dndvault.ign.com/DemonStone/RanektheFighter.jpg[/url]

[B]Faction:[/B] earth

[B]Class:[/B] Fighter

[B]Weapon:[/B] Stones weapon of choise is a braod sword and a hammer infused with the power of earth.When holding it he can use the spell 'easy lift' this spell allows him to lift any amount of stone,brick,concrete,sand,or clay.With extreme ease nomatter how large or heavy,although the spell doesn't effect objects heavier than 3 tons.

[B]Known Spells:[/B] [B]Sand skin:[/B] this is his first spell it allows him to take one hit from any weapon and take no damage.the area struck simply busts into a cloud of dust then refoms to his normal body.
[B]Stone flesh lvl1:[/B] With this spell small plates of rock appear on his knuckles,giving him more damage if he punches someone
[B]Stone flesh lvl2:[/B]His fists become entirely incased in stone and spikes appear where his knuckles once were.
[B]Stone flesh lvl3:[/B]His armes hands and upper torso are covered in thick rocky plates giving him extreme defense against bladed weapons and tough offence in hand-to-hand combat.
[B]Shape:[/B] With a sufficiant amount of stone,brick,concrete,sand,or clay.He can create bladed objects or just plain objects ie knives, shields, hammers, and many more.(He will learn more threwout the game.)

[B]Skill Level:[/B] He's only been playing for about two months, but he's a gaming expert and practicly mastered this game within the first two weeks.

OCC: pm me if you want anything changed
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Theodore Marsters

[B]Birthdate:[/B] 10th January 1995

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Username:[/B] Theodore

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img157.imageshack.us/img157/5316/92060720050106screen0590iz.jpg]Here[/URL] (Doesn't actually [I]use[/I] the sword)

[B]Faction:[/B] Shadow

[B]Class:[/B] Wizard

[B]Weapon:[/B] The weapon he has in the picture is a sword (obviously), a very basic sword, one which he doesn't use to fight with but instead threatens people with it. Theodore isn't extremely talented at swinging a sword around, either.

[B]Known Spells:[/B]

[COLOR=DimGray][B][I]Toxic:[/B][/I][/COLOR] Toxic is a dark type of illness that temporarily paralyses (ranging from blindness to not being able to move at all, depending on how much you absorb). It is transferred from the user?s hand to the opponent and although it doesn?t work instantly it is fast acting. This isn?t one of Theodore?s most advanced spells, nor one of the most ?evil? type he can use but it does help to get the job done since the effects can last for hours, again depending on how long the user keeps in contact with their opponent. It is presumed that later on this ?toxic? is capable of effecting the mind and not just the body, not just paralysis but controlling their mind, too.

[COLOR=DimGray][B][I]Summoning:[/B][/I][/COLOR] Theodore isn?t a fighter, so he has the ability to summon creatures to fight for him. However, the stronger the creature the less control he has over them. If Theodore is attacked himself then this can mean that the creatures will ?go back to where they came from?, a failsafe in case a more powerful creature turns against Theodore. Fortunately, Theodore tends to only summon beasts with a medium power until he is confident enough to try for the bigger creatures. He also tends to bring back creatures he has recently seen die/killed by others, rather than the ones he killed himself (since he relies on these kind of spells to kill he doesn?t want to run out of ideas and have nothing to defend himself with).

[COLOR=DimGray][B][I]Shadow Puppet:[/B][/I][/COLOR] Probably one of the Theodore?s favourite spells. He can create a life-like shadow puppet, mimicking the face of anyone he remembers. From a distance so he doesn?t get hurt himself, Theodore is able to control this puppet, to fight for him whilst he stands at a distant and lets the puppet take the hits. This is the spell?s primary function, but Theodore knows it is capable of much more. Sometimes, if a person has strong hatred or sadness for another person the shadow puppet will mimic itself to invoke an emotional response, mostly fear. Theodore prefers to create his own faces on the puppet but he does know how to create a life-like puppet to create a sense of fear and deceive.

[COLOR=DimGray][B][I]Shadow Ball:[/I][/B][/COLOR] Probably one of the most basic shadow attacks. Theodore, as mentioned before, is not a fighter so he uses this spell as a means of escape mostly rather than to defend himself, sometimes he uses them from a distance as a surprise. The shadow ball can knock an enemy over or confuse them for a short period of time but if it hits the ground at a great force it will explode creating harmless black energy to obscure the opponents view for a quick get away or another surprise attack.

[B]Skill Level:[/B] Theodore has been playing the games for quite awhile, but he isn?t exactly one of the people who are constantly playing. He?s an on and off guy. He knows what he?s doing, in fact he?s very good, but if he kept up and didn?t spend so much time off the games then he could be much better. Recently, he?s been spending a lot more time on the game, and has actually become hooked. Most of his spells are either basic because they?re just not very powerful or he hasn?t had time to fully develop them, but now he?s actually spending a lot more time on the game itself he intends to master it. So, he?s not a complete newbie and it actually very good at the game, but he wasn?t the type to spend more than five nights a week on the game, until recently.

Let me know if anything needs changing. I?ll edit his name from the spells (which I?m a little iffy about) when I decide my Username and I?ll upload my picture soon.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Woo~ An online like rp, I have always wanted to try one, wondering what it was like and all.
[B]Name:[/B] Sevarro Yaszavim

[B]Birthdate:[/B] January 1st 2003

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Username:[/B] Ixi

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img149.imageshack.us/img149/7299/b09b0wi.jpg]Ixi[/URL], He stands at around 5'9" and uses the staff in his hand as a kind of catalyst for the few spells that he actually knows. His clothes however, have changed to a deepish teal color to align him more to the elemental path that he has chosen.

[B]Faction:[/B] Wind

[B]Class:[/B] Wizard

[B]Weapon: [/B] For a player that has gone for a while in the game, Ixi still tends to use the basic enchanted staff that he had durring the begining of the game. (The one in the picture.)

[B]Known Spells:[/B]

[B]Anima[/B]: This is Ixi's basic and one of the first wind oriented magic. With a slash of his sword, a green, sickle shaped of energy is drawn from the staff and flies in a straight, or if he had wanted it to, a curved line towards a target with the power to cut through most kinds of rocks. The more energy that he puts into the attack, the larger and more powerful the sickle like source of energy is.

[B]Fimbulveter[/B]: With just another flick of the staff. Ixi is able to create a large high speed tornado. Although it may seem like just another run of the mill Tornado, Embedded within its swirling torrent of winds, there are many small and sharp pieces of ice along with the small objects that the tornado is able to pick up with its natural winds.

[B]Exanimus:[/B] The jist of this spell enables Ixi to control wind and nothing more. Although it seems rather useless it can be quite useful in some times. If he controls it around himself it can enable him flight, If there was something nearby he could use the wind to throw it at an enemy. These are the only ways he has found to use this spell and there are bound to still be more along the way.

[B]And of course, there will be some more later on in the game.[/B]

[B]Skill Level:[/B] Ixi has actually gotten the game rather recently (As in the last 4-5 months.) He has gotten only three spells thus far but still intends to Atlas become much better than what he is now. He doesn't consider himself a pro just yet, however he knows he isn't a newbie either. More of a happy medium.

Hope that was good enough or something close to it. I think my second spell may be going over to the water side since it involves ice and all, but I didn't think that was to much a problem. Pm me if it needs changing.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#1e7628][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Isabella Laurens
[B]Birthdate:[/B] August 3, 2005
[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Username:[/B] Izz

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/characterimage1.jpg]Isabella[/url] (picture and art (c) [url=http://fetalstar.deviantart.com]fetalstar@devART[/url])
In the game, Izz looks just like this, except with the addition of a small sword attached at her hip instead of a bag, she's wearing shorts instead of jeans, goggles instead of glasses that she keeps either on her forehead or loosely around her neck, and she has a large sky tattoo on her right shoulder.

[B]Faction:[/B] Wind
[B]Class:[/B] Fighter
[b]Weapon:[/b] Izz has recently replaced her old small sword with the [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/KSF-1_Perspective_2.jpg]Sword of Clao[/url], a powerful sword once used by an old acquaintance, now retired. Originally found in the Temple of Clao, before the server it resided in was deleted and replaced with larger and more difficult servers during EVI's second upgrade and expansion, the Sword of Clao was actually designed for players of the Light faction, but is compatible with Wind and Water players. When equipped, it can increase the player's stats by nearly double, and enables the player to learn several spells normally reserved for members of the Light faction over time, regardless of class.
[B]Known Spells:[/B] Izz, being a Wind Faction fighter instead of wizard, has mostly basic spells that can enhance her abilities or protect her in battle or exploring of the EVIO world.[list]
[*][b]Flight[/b]: Just as the name says, this spell enables Izz to fly, not just glide, anywhere she wants. The wind she can control surrounds her legs up to her knees, making it look as if she has a ghostly tail rather than human feet, which also makes it impossible to land without uncasting the spell first.
[*][b]Disable[/b]: Using the air surrounding her opponent, she can take away their weapon or temporarily prevent them from moving. She can still move around and attack after restricting movement, making this spell potentially very dangerous.
[*][b]Protect[/b]: Basically a shield of air she can quickly conjure up to block anything from small rocks to fireballs being thrown at her. It is virtually unbreakable, and can also redirect the projectiles or attacks back at the attacker.
[*][b]Wing Strike[/b]: This spell gathers clouds and makes them look like feathery wings that then attach to her back and allow her to fly around her target before diving and detaching right before becoming solid and using the speed gathered from flying downwards to continue going until hitting the target. Similar to her Flight spell, but used primarily as a weapon rather than a means of travel/escape.

[b]Skill Level:[/b] Isabella (Izz) has been playing EVIO since it first came out, back when virtual reality games were not as massively popular as they are today. She is experienced, though not extremely dedicated, but finds the game pleasurable and finds that as reason enough to play as often as she does.

OOC: Hope my sign up is okay. This looks really cool, White. I'm amazed there are still spots open. xD

EDIT: Added the weapon part. :3
EDIT2: After my post, I updated the weapon section. Yes, I went a little overboard. Sorry. >.< If there's anything wrong with it, go ahead and let me know.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Lindsay Yoshioka

[B]Birthdate:[/B] Nov.4-2007

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Username:[/B] Eva

[B]Appearance:[/B][URL=http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/NarusegawaNaru.jpg]Click Here.[/URL]

[B]Faction:[/B] Light

[B]Class:[/B] Fighter

[B]Weapon:[/B] She has a golden rod which has many rings in which each ring has their different spell and then some.

[B]Known Spells:[/B] [B]Jikir[/B]-shoots wind wildly
[B]Jikirga[/B]-shield of wind that not only blocks opponents moves but sends them straight back at them.
[B]Seoshi[/B]-is a bright light that stuns opponents for an easier way to attck them without any trouble.

[b]Skill Level:[/b] Newb
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[FONT=Tahoma]Everything looks great so far. Just one problem this time.

[b]Starwind[/b], [color=#555555]remember, the game has only been out a year. So, just fix your Skill level part. ^_^[/COLOR]

And I'm adding another option to the sign-up. As Sakura pointed out to me, it would be a good idea to say what weapon your character uses, so I added that underneath class. Take whatever weapon you want. You don't have to have it the whole game. You can just buy a new one. :)[/FONT]
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Name: Ash

Birthdate: Nov. 4, 2007

Gender: Female

Username: Shia

Appearance: .[IMG]http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h51/demon_command/halloween.jpg[/IMG]

Faction: Shadow

Class: Wizard

Weapon: a magic bow and arrows

Known Spells: [I]Seoshi- a dome shield, Jikador- paralyzes enemies, Ion Gravrei- a ball of shadow energy, and Veil Luvor Drug- traps enemies in little prisims and then breaks( kills the enemy inside of it)[/I]

Skill Level: Sorceress in training
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][LEFT][b][u]Evio application form[/b][/u]
[b]Name[/b]: Blanca Simon
[b]Birthdate[/b]: January 15, 2005.
[b]Gender[/b]: Female.

[b]Username[/b]: Paradise nicknamed as "[i]Pari[/i]" (Par-ee)

[b]Appearance[/b]: [URL=http://www.deviantart.com/view/5017696/]Paradise[/URL] (c) [b]Asaphira@Deviantart[/b]
Blanca appears very much alike to her character Paradise, in game. She has long dark brunette hair that runs almost to her knees, with emerald eyes, and stands about 5'8" with a frail figure. Pari, is mostly seen wearing dresses, especially a dark pine green one which sleeves run to her elbows and the bottom almost touches the ground. She also is seen always wearing a goden scarf around her neck. It is obvious that she is not the most althetic person in the world.

[b]Faction[/b]: Earth
[b]Class[/b]: Wizard
[b]Weapon[/b]: A type of wooden [URL=http://www.wandworkshop.freeserve.co.uk/Robyns-wand.JPG]wand[/URL] with a small green bulb at the tip. It's also a strange corkscrew shape.
[b]Known Spells[/b]: [list]
[*][b]Nature's Call[/b]: A technique that is used in order to call for help. Those who hear the spell feel compelled to come to the companion's aide, human or not.

[*][b]Divine Grace[/b]: Boost the stamina and confidence of companions, it can also cure certain poisions and illnesses with special herbs.

[*][b]Englighted Healing[/b]: Can heal companions easily, but takes awhile to regenerate. In state of higher healing, must need the use of herbs.

[*][b]Striking Earthquake[/b]: Strikes the enemy down with a short earthquake, causing them to either become confused or injured.

[*][b]Nature's Grip[/b]: Roots take hold of the person holding them still for up to ten minutes at a time, leaving them vulnerable for attack or for leaving time for escaping.[/list]

[b]Skill Level[/b]: Blanca had recently borrowed a game from her older brother, who had moved out severly months ago. She just recently started playing three weeks and is still in the process of learning. Although she is a newbie at such things, she is doing not so bad for someone who never touched video games in general.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy][B][U]Name:[/U][/B]Caden Olivetti
[B][U]Date Of Birth:[/U][/B] January 16, 2001
[B][U]Gender:[/B][/U] Male

[B][U]Username:[/B][/U] Genjii
[B][U]Appearance:[/B][/U] [IMG]http://img164.imageshack.us/img164/7209/warofgenesis0ig.jpg[/IMG]
[B][U]Faction:[/B][/U] Water
[B][U]Class:[/B][/U] Fighter
[B][U]Weapon:[/B][/U] A katana that instead of being the normal steely color but instead is a pale blue with runes etched into one side and a wave like pattern crafted into the other.

[B][U]Known Spells[/B][/U]

[B][U]Vorpral Slash:[/B][/U] Caden creates a water like blade that streaks off of his blade and becomes as sharp as a normal blade and will cut into any solid material.

[B][U]Water Sword:[/B][/U] By running his index and middle finger along the side of his katana with runes on it Caden can turn his sword into that of water. The blade not only cuts like a normal sword but can extend small distances and douse out flames. Also while the sword is in this state Caden can purify any type of water so that if it were poisoned the toxins would be nullified.

[B][U]Water Dragon:[/B][/U] Though this might be considered more of a wizard's spell this is actually when Caden's Katana goes into its water form and it takes on a life of its own and appears to be a sea-serpent like dragon. If the "dragon" gets ahold of a victim it swallows it and the victim instead of being "eaten" instead drowns to death or untill incapacitated and then dropped.

[B][U]Skill Level:[/B][/U] Caden has been playing the game since it first came out for the home system. So he's in the mid thirties level wise.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[b][u][font=Tahoma]EVIO Application Form[/font][/u][/b][font=Tahoma]

[b]Name:[/b] [/font][color=#333399][font="]Brenton Schneider[/font][/color][font="].[/font][font=Tahoma]

[b]Birthdate:[/b] [/font][color=#333399][font="]January 1, 2000[/font][/color][font=Tahoma].

[b]Gender:[/b] [/font][color=#333399][font="]Male[/font][/color][font=Tahoma].

[b]Username:[/b] [/font][color=#333399][font="]Ember[/font][/color][font=Tahoma].

[b]Appearance:[/b] [/font][color=#333399][font="][url="http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/2213/bscap0163zp.jpg"][color=#333399]Here[/color][/url][/font][/color][font=Tahoma].

[b]Faction:[/b][/font][font="] [color=#333399]Fire[/color][/font][font=Tahoma].

[b]Class:[/b] [/font][color=#333399][font="]Wizard[/font][/color][font=Tahoma].

[b]Weapon:[/b] [/font][color=#333399][font="]A pair of gloves made of an unknown fireproof metal. They are completely unaffected by fire, and are engraved with a special rune that allows him a connection with his familiar that is similar to telepathy[/font][/color][font=Tahoma].

[b]Known Spells:[/b]
[/font][i][color=#333399][font="]Pyre Shine[/font][/color][/i][color=#333399][font="]: Brenton can control the color, and subsequently the intensity of a flame. The hotter and brighter the flame that is created, the shorter the amount of time that it can be maintained. The color can range from a dull orange to a bright white, but the hottest flame that Brenton can maintain for a decent period is a bright blue one.[/font][/color][color=#333399][font="]
[/font][/color][i][color=#333399][font="]Flame Wall[/font][/color][/i][color=#333399][font="]: Brenton's only protective spell. He can create a wall of fire before him to block incoming attacks. His control of this ability is so well developed that he can manipulate the flame wall into a sort of skintight armor to give himself a degree of invulnerability.
[i]Blaze Up[/i]: By making himself the weight of fire, Brenton can take to the air and fly at relatively high speeds. He can also use this ability to make himself fire and move through a fire for the entire distance that the fire burns, but he's not very good at this yet.
[i]Gunfire[/i]: In its basic form, it is nothing more than a simple fireball; however Brenton's control has progressed to the point that he can create a continuous jet of fire by using both hands.
[u][url="http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/4987/bscap0120lh.jpg"][i][color=#333399]Efreet[/color][/i][/url][/u]: Brenton is able to summon his familiar, the fire being [u][url="http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/4554/bscap0094sd.jpg"][color=#333399]Ef[/color][/url][url="http://img158.imageshack.us/img158/9576/bscap0188fq.jpg"][color=#333399]re[/color][/url][url="http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/2268/bscap0107ry.jpg"][color=#333399]et[/color][/url][/u] by willing his form into existence. They share the same abilities, except for the fact that Efreet can absorb fire to increase his power and heal injuries.
[i]Sword of Efreet[/i]: Efreet can be transformed into a sword, but the ability takes a high degree of concentration and synchronization between wizard and familiar to initiate and maintain. Efreet becomes a longsword that is composed completely of a lightweight yet strong metal similar to titanium. There is a garnet stone in the middle of the sword where the blade would meet the hilt, and the same rune that is engraved on Brenton's gloves runs down the middle of the blade, repeated until it reaches the stone. The color of the blade signifies its strength, and is currently bright orange when the ability is used.
[/font][/color][b][font=Tahoma]Skill Level:[/font][/b][color=#333399][font="]Brenton has been playing for about nine months. He has a high level of skill, but he's way too humble to call himself a pro[/font][/color][font="].[/font][font="][/font]
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[SIZE=1][U][B]Name:[/B][/U] Shing Wen
[B][U]Birthdate:[/U] [/B] January 4th 2003 [18]
[U][B]Gender:[/B][/U] Male

[U][B]Username:[/B][/U] Juan Feng (Joo-an Fong)

[B][U]Appearance:[/U][/B] [URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=11&pos=3]Shing Wen[/URL]
Those are his clothes in game. Out-of-game, he sticks to jeans and sleeveless shirts. His hair, facial features and body structure are the same, though. (Except for the pointy ears >>)

[U][B]Faction:[/B][/U] Wind
[U][B]Class:[/B][/U] Fighter
[U][B]Weapon:[/B] [/U] The ones shown in his appearance picture. They are two large, albeit short, blades and can also be used to deal blunt damage if he keeps them sheathed.

[U][B]Known Spells:[/B][/U]
[B]Tornado Strike- [/B] Shing can rotate his body at high speed using the magic of wind. He holds his swords out at arms length, becoming a slicing tornado for 15 seconds. Afterwards, however, it takes a while for him to regain full footing. Usually used for a finishing blow or a desperate last attempt.

[B]Return Blade-[/B] Using a strong string that attaches his blades' sheath to his belt, Shing can toss his sword and manipulate the wind to control the blade as it's in flight. This skills requires effort and practice to perfect, but Shing has learnt it pretty well and uses this as an opening strike on a charging enemy.

[B]Sonic Boom-[/B] Shing has taken months to perfect this skill and still has trouble with it sometimes. It involves a huge amount of wind energy being gathered before Shing is blown forward by the force. The rush of wind combined with his two swords pointed toward his enemy is a deadly combination. It's highly inacurate and one foot out of place could cause Shing to throw himself headfirst into the dirt.

[B]Air Thin-[/B] This is a minor spell that is easy to cast. It simply 'thins the air', making it extremely easy for Shing's swords to move. He can make high speed combos using this technique.

Shing also combines sword art with martial arts in game and tries not to rely on his magic-based skills too much.

[U][B]Skill Level:[/B][/U] Shing has been playing almost since the game was released. He was a game addict before hand and for months eagerly awaited for the release of EVIO. For the first couple of weeks the stores were sold out immediately, but he eventually got his hands on a copy and has been addicted ever since. The reason for his small amount of spells is because he prefers relying on his sword and body skill rather than magic. [/SIZE]
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[color=#555555][FONT=Tahoma][strike][B]Notice:[/B] The profile you are about to read is that of a GM (gamemaster). GM's keep the peace in the game and can be called upon with a help function in your menu. Although White is generally friendly to all the players, he doesn't usually stay around long enough for anyone to find out anything about him.[/strike]

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Username:[/B] White

[B]Appearance:[/B] About 6'2", he walks proudly when doing his job. He has shaggy blonde hair and bright blue eyes, making him seem angel-like. He wears a sleeveless white shirt and white baggy pants with a fancy brown belt to boot.

[B]Faction:[/B] Light

[B]Class:[/B] Wizard

[B]Weapon:[/B] He has five large golden bracelets on each hand. These contain magic and he draws mana from them when he is low on it.

[B]Known Spells:[/B]
[b]Teleport:[/b] One of the only spells that the users know White has. When you call upon a GM, they normally get to you with their own spells. White teleports which leaves blue sparkles floating around shortly after.

[b]Relocation:[/b] For the sake of getting players unstuck, White can teleport other players short distances. This also leaves the same sparkles.

[B]Skill Level:[/B] Not really known. He doesn't fight much anymore, but before he was made a GM, he faught a lot. So it's assumed he's decently leveled.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma][U][B]Name:[/B][/U] Todd Saotomi
[B][U]Birthday:[/U][/B] September 18, 2002
[B][U]Gender:[/U] [/B] Male

[B][U]Username:[/U][/B] Gippal

[B][U]Appearance: [/U] [/B] [URL=http://www.deviantart.com/view/34226422/]Gippal[/URL]

[B][U]Faction:[/U][/B] Fire
[B][U]Class:[/U][/B] Fighter
[B][U]Weapon:[/U][/B] A enormous sword that he calls Blue Inferno. It has strange markings on the blade and Gippal makes it look as if it's just a simple blade. Glows blue and fire flashes around it everytime he gets into a fight or senses when enemies are near, hence the name.

[B][U]Known Spells:[/U][/B]
[B]Fire Rage-[/B] Only having recently learned this technique, Todd is still trying to perfect it. Holding his right palm out in front of him, fire surges through his arm for a few minutes. Then, with the slightest twitch of his hand, Gippal can control the fire at free will and strike many foes with the flames. Although, he can't use it for long because it tires his body.

[B]Sonic Boom-[/B] Wielding his heavy blade, Gippal swings it towards his enemies and creates a huge explosion with pyro outbursts. It hits at random, so he's very careful when using this, trying not to hit his friends.

[B]Unlimited Rage-[/B] Gippal swings his firey blade at the enemy and uses different sword combos for however long he can fight before he gets tired.

[B]Fire Dragon God- [/B] Gippal lifts his sword in the air and the once bright sky turns black and grey, fire blazing all around him. Then, as the sword turns bright blue, the flames suddenly strike the blade and creates the image of a huge and firey dragon. Finally, holding the sword with both hands, he strikes the ground and the dragon flies off the sword and towards his foes, opening his firey mouth for a strike.

[B][U]Skill Level:[/U][/B] Todd is a little new at this game, since he's played it for almost a year. He isn't a newbie to the game, but he still has a lot to learn from the other people he'll meet.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Alex Quatermain

[B]Birthdate:[/B] 12th September 2001 [20]

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Username:[/B] Archer

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img240.imageshack.us/img240/156/archer9gg.png][COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Picture[/B][/COLOR][/URL] is of her in game, out of game she will usually wear jeans and a simple Tee shirt or a tank top with sneakers nothing overly fancy. Her father is brittish, thats why she has an english name.

[B]Faction:[/B] Light

[B]Class:[/B] Wizard

[B]Weapon:[/B] She possesses no weapon that can strike her enemies, she channels her spells through a transparent white-blue, hollow crystal orb [see picture].

[B]Known Spells: [/B]

[B]Halo:[/B] A simple light spell, a rope of light encircles the enemy, holding them in place for 5 minutes; it renders her enemies paralyzed for that amount of time. When used against the undead it binds but also burns them with a holy white flame.

[B]Flare:[/B] Another simple light spell. White light so intense that it blinds, it only blinds her enemies, her self and allies vision are filled with the light for as long as she holds it for, which is only for a few seconds as that is usually all that is needed.
Archer has varied the spell, flare can also be channeled into her weapon acting as an instrument that allows her to illuminate dark places like a torch.

[B]Ascension:[/B] Her seccond most powerful spell. A large, beautiful, glowing white bird is summoned; the bird hovers above all of her allies or one in particular and heals all their wounds. If allies have died this spell allows her to resurrect them. Depending on the situation and her emotional state, the amount she can heal her allies varies. When cast on the undead this spell can cause major damage.

[B]Dissention:[/B] Her most powerfull spell and an unusual one, this spell allows Archer to take the life force of her enemy, herself or surroundings and turn it into a shield, the shields strength depends on her choosing. This light shield can be cast on herself, selected individuals or all her allies. This spell cannot be used on the undead as they possess no life force.When casting this spell on all her allies at a high strength, it takes a tremendous amounts of energy from all three sources listed above, she dislikes using the stronger form.

more may follow...

[B]Skill Level:[/B]
Not that long ago she was somewhat of a noob, playing the game here and there.
Archer has been playing the game on and off since it was released but in fairly recent times she has increased her playing time ALOT. Her wealthy father bought her one of the first copies of the game when it was publicly releaced; she liked it but couldn?t play it that often.

In more recent times she has increased the amount of time she plays for exponentially, she almost lives in the game now [slight exaggeration]. Recent events in her life caused her to become more introverted; Archer uses the game as an escape from the real world where she doesn?t have to deal with her father or anything else for that matter. Before the games release she was a die hard platform gamer and reluctant to try VR. [/SIZE]
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[b][u]EVIO Application Form[/u][/b]

[b][u]Name:[/u][/b] Deagan
[b][u]Birth date:[/u][/b] November 17 2005.

[b][u]Gender:[/u][/b] Male

[b][u]Username:[/u][/b] Saitoshi

[b][u]Appearance:[/u][/b] [url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v714/Dregen/saladin.jpg"]Here[/url] he also has a tattoo on both arms of a flame serpent.[/font]

[b][u]Faction:[/u][/b] Fire

[b][u]Class:[/u][/b] Fighter.

[b][u]Weapon:[/u][/b] Sai uses the same 2 swords featured in the pic above the swords have a mind of there own it?s more like they lend their power to Sai, The right Sword?s name is Hido while left blades name is Kaito the names or etched in the swords while a flame rages on the other side of the swords.

[b][u]Known Spells:[/u][/b] [/font][u][font=Tahoma][/font][/u]

[b][u][font=Tahoma]Manipulation lvl 2:[/font][/u][/b][font=Tahoma] basically this allows Sai to manipulate fire he can twist and bend the fire as he sees fit it?s not perfected yet but it?s a work in progress[/font][font=Tahoma][/font]

[b][u][font=Tahoma]Fire Ball:[/font][/u][/b][color=black][font=Tahoma]It?s just as the name states a fire ball which is something that all fire [/font][/color][color=black]Faction[/color][color=black][font=Tahoma] can do.[/font][/color][color=black][font=Tahoma]

[/font][/color] [b][u][color=black][font=Tahoma]Magma Strike lvl 3:[/font][/color][/u][/b][color=black][font=Tahoma] This spell is a basic move that powers up as Sai gains levels Sai jumps into the air and brings his sword down earth a crash to the earth with in seconds the area is encompassed with molten rock spewing from the ground[/font][/color][color=black][font=Tahoma],[/font][/color]

[b][u][color=black][font=Tahoma]Over Heat lvl 2:[/font][/color][/u][/b][color=black][font=Tahoma] What it does is cover Sai?s body with a thin layer of fire while in this state Sai appears red. The fire shield is not only protective but it also adds damage and gets stronger as he lvls. This spell is nothing more then an enhancer it adds points to all of Sai?s attributes strength and defense agility stamina etc. While in over heat Sai?s body absorbs energy from any fire around him making the over heat a very useful spell in battle.[/font][/color][u][color=black][font=Tahoma][/font][/color][/u]

[b][u][font=Tahoma]Flame strike lvl 5:[/font][/u][/b][font=Tahoma]When using this spell Sai makes an X with his sword. The pressure of the slash combined with slight manipulation causes an explosive white X to be produced this was one of the 1st spells rather moves that he learned in game.[/font][font=Tahoma]

[/font] [b][u][font=Tahoma]Omega Flood lvl 1:[/font][/u][/b][font=Tahoma] This is by far Sai?s strongest attack Sai raises his blades and touches them over his head as he does this the flame serpent tattoos on his arm begin to intertwine with the flames on his blade. The sky becomes a burning red as the dragons rise into the sky only to come crashing back into the earth turning the surrounding area into a lava pit this couple with the absorptive effect of over heat raises Sai?s combat abilities to the max. This spell is still being perfected as it is now do the energy being absorbed Sai can not stay in the over heat form for long.[/font][b][font=Tahoma][/font][/b]

[font=Tahoma][b][u]Skill Level:[/u][/b] Deagan got the game when it 1st appeared but do to the fact that he was a hardcore plat former it went into the game pile without a second thought. Only in these last 2 months has he started playing do to a very good friend offering to help him out and teach him the ropes. He learned the game rather quickly and is still learning.[/font]
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Alrighty, time to get this thing rolling. I'm about to post a list of people who are in. However, this means nothing because if you aren't on the list, you can completely re-do your sign-up [I]and[/I] I'm not [i]closing[/i] the sign-ups.

[INDENT][FONT=Tahoma][U][b]EVIO Accepted Applications[/b][/U]
Ridgeway Ranger -[B] Relyk [/B]
Kiva Salqarian - [B][COLOR=DimGray]Kiva[/COLOR][/B]
Sakura Blum - [B][COLOR=DarkRed]Sakura[/COLOR] [/B]
Theodore Marsters - [B]Theodore[/B]
Sevarro Yaszavim - [B][COLOR=DimGray]Ixi[/COLOR] [/B]
Isabella Laurens - [B][COLOR=DimGray]Izz[/COLOR][/B]
Michael Philanasis - [B][COLOR=Wheat]Watcher[/COLOR] [/B]
Blanca Simon - [B][COLOR=DarkGreen]Paradise [/COLOR] [/B]
Caden Olivetti - [B][COLOR=Navy]Genjii[/COLOR] [/B]
Brenton Schneider - [B][COLOR=DarkRed]Ember[/COLOR] [/B]
Shing Wen - [B][COLOR=DimGray]Juan Feng [/COLOR] [/B]
Todd Saotomi -[B] [COLOR=DarkRed]Gippal[/COLOR] [/B]
Alex Quatermain - [B][COLOR=Wheat]Archer[/COLOR][/B]
Deagan - [B][COLOR=DarkRed]Saitoshi[/COLOR][/b]
Jessica Hunter - [B][COLOR=DarkGreen]Random[/COLOR][/B]
Lee Matsui - [B][COLOR=Wheat]Gale[/COLOR][/B]
Wilhelm Schweitzer -[B] [COLOR=Navy]Kaiser[/COLOR][/B]
Sylvester Writer - [b]Gabriel[/b][/FONT][/INDENT]

For those of you still planning on signing-up, I'd appreciate it if there were no more Fire or Wind elementals. I'll make a post in the underground when the Adventure Square thread is up.
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