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[B][SIZE=1]A Vampire RPG[/B][/center]

And my last game, at that.

Yes. After G&C, although it did not finish and I regret to say I cannot finish it, I bring you what might possibly be my last RPG. That's not a ploy to get everyone to join, just that I said to myself I'd stop after G&C. But I want to make something else before I go.

Which is why I'm creating the Underground thread before the actual Inn thread. I might not be able to get the actual game up tonight, so I thought I'd spark a bit of interest in an Underground thread.

[CENTER][B]The Doomsday Redemption - An Overview[/B][/CENTER]

Over the centuries, many tales have been told of Vampires, creatures who steal blood to keep their own cold hearts alive. They are feared throughout the land, even though their existence is questioned often. In fact, who really believes in Vampires? As the world grows up, so does its rationality - monsters are for children, not workmen and adults. Humanity has outgrown burning people for being witches, or accusing their fellows of being heretics for claiming the Gods were not real. The world has grown up, certainly, and humanity has gained morals that will make it better now and forever.

But it is not humanity that needs to grow up.

The two Vampire clans - the Nicodemus clan and the Augustine clan - had a so called 'fallout' centuries ago when the Augustine's disagreed with their brothers. They believed that the weak needed to be whipped into shape, so they could protect themselves and only then should they be allowed to live beside Vampires, clearly the superior species. The Nicomedus, just as dark as their brothers, believed that the weak should be protected by the strong - indeed, Vampires were superior, but they did not have the right to play God as they were, many years ago, human as well.

When Victor takes control of a rather small part of the world his enemy clan, the Nicodemus think nothing of it. But when the King of England is mysteriously killed as well as his rightful heirs, leaving Sebestian, a second Augustine Vampire to the throne, the Nicodemus become suspicious.

With Britain on lock down no creature is allowed to roam the streets after the sun falls - if so, Victor's new law enforcement will have them shot. Now in power, Victor takes the first step to Doomsday. Somehow, he has managed to increase Britain's supply of nuclear weaponary, as well as its effectiveness, beyond anything even the United States posses. Although he does not make any threats, Victor promises the US, and all other countries, that he has his finger on the button and that, soon, his dreams will be reality.

The point which Victor made his speech to the Nations of the world was the point that the Doomsday Clock moved forward to one minute to Midnight.

And when that happened, the Nicomedus decided now was a better time than ever to act against their menance which was their own blood. Creatures of the darkness were never meant for good, they could never [i]do[/i] good... except in this instant, where in they could redeem themselves form the Doomsday they were about to create.

Short overview, nothing special. Like I said, I'm doing the Undergroumd before the game to spark interest, and because I'm still trying to type the rest of the story up properly. There will be many typos in that Overview, it's kinda... 4 in the morning, you see.

But, comments are apperciated on the Overview, and anyone interested could let me know.[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=#4B5B5B]You've got me hooked even before you mentioned what it was about, Vicky Goat. You can count me in...as always. It's been a while since I participated in a good vampire RP; sadly Boss' vampire RP didn't really finish either. *sighs* Oh well, I know I can find fun in this, I'm sure. =][/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1]Be on the look out, I've almost finished editing this. And thanks for your interest guys. Tell you friends ;)

Also, there's one difference between most Vampire RPGs: not traditional Vampires. Forget all the Blade Trilogy crap, it's much easier with new rules. The only real difference is they [i]can[/i] walk through sunlight (although most of the RPG will take place at night) depending on how old they are and that they can be killed more ways than a stake through the heart. Difficult to kill, but not [i]impossible[/i].

Reasons for this? Well, you've got an entire city and army of Vampires. It would take a pretty long damn time to kill all the bastards.


[B]EDIT: Also, is anyone willing to help with some banners for Chapters? My Photoshop is incredibly dodgy at the moment (hence the banner and avatar didn't turn out great) so sometimes I won't be able to do much. Doesn't have to be WOW AMAZING graphics, just a bit of a grungy feel to it and shizz.[/B][/SIZE]
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Awww... the thought of "last RPG" really saddens me... I really will miss you after this, Vicky, after four years of RPG activity. I wasn't going to join more than two RPGs at a time here, but I think this RPG convinced me otherwise. Ohh, this is going to be special!

**I already posted my signup by the way. Forgive me if it seems a little... odd.
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[quote name='Disenchanted']Vampire rp yes! Yo Vickey, I'd like to help out with the graphics if you want. I hope this goes for as long as G&C.[/quote]

[SIZE=1]Will be longer than G&C I hope =) And ta fer the graphics help.

Just a quick question: is anyone willing to play Aleister Faust? I should have said a bit more about him. He'll be one of the oldest Vampires in the RPG, with a sort of Marilyn Manson-y feel look to him (unlike traditional Vampires) and pretty much knows everything there is to know. The idea is, most questions go to Mr. Faust, and any odd comments I'll make in the RPG that count as facts (such as history) will come under a header - Faust's Facts #01 .ect

Probably have a little mini graphic there as well.

Basically, you won't be posting any information, just playing the actual character - if anyone's interested, drop me a line.[/size]
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[quote name='Ozymandius Jones][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOrange][/COLOR]Oh snap. [COLOR=DarkOrange]And I thought [/COLOR]TMI[COLOR=DarkOrange] was bad enough...[/COLOR'][/SIZE][/quote]
[FONT=Arial]No Kidding. Especially this bit:
[QUOTE][I][B]The Missing Body Parts Scandal[/B]

[SIZE=1]One of the most controversial aspects of Sellafield's history is the missing body parts scandal. Over a period of years, tissue samples, organs and even limbs were removed from the corpses of dead employees. After a series of complaints from relatives of the dead employees in 1980, a large-scale investigation ensued during which many of the plant's senior management and even members of the British government were implicated.[/SIZE][/I][/QUOTE]
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[SIZE=1]*looks at posts* ...

...I guess none of you have ever been to the Sellafield Visitor's Centre?

Don't shoot me! XD

But here we go. There are 5 locations I'm going to point out before the game starts. You don't need to memorize them or anything, just keep them in mind. Their exact location isn't nescessary, all you need to know is if they're north, south, west or east of the city. I'll post them up tomorrow, right now here's Sellafield. You should look at the Wikipedia link as well.


Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the British monarch in London. The Palace is a setting for state occasions and royal entertaining and a major tourist attraction. It has been a rallying point for the British people at times of national rejoicing, crisis, and grief.

Originally known as Buckingham House, the building forming the core of today's palace was a large townhouse built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703 and acquired by King George III in 1762 as a private residence. It was enlarged over the next 75 years, principally by architects John Nash and Edward Blore, forming three wings around a central courtyard. Buckingham Palace finally became the official royal palace of the British monarch on the accession of Queen Victoria in 1837. The last major structural additions were made in the late 19th and early 20th century, including the present-day public face of Buckingham Palace.

Today, the Palace is owned by Sebastian, the Augustine Vampire. It is used for many meetings and although Sebastian himself is in League with the S.O.L.F., Buckingham Palace is a popular place for all Augustine Vampires to meet. In large-scale planning, the Augustine clan can be found in the Palace as it is more secure than their normal gatherings in social clubs or backstreets.

As well as being a meeting centre, the Palace is also a hotel for Vampires. It came to Sebastian?s attention that many of the Augustine clan spend their days hiding in abandoned houses, away from the light. He, out of his kindness to his own kind, offers his Palace to any Vampire in need of a place ? all Vampires in his clan, that is.


The Clock Tower is a turret clock structure at the north-eastern end of the Houses of Parliament building in Westminster, London, England. It is popularly known as Big Ben, but this name is actually a nickname for the clock's main bell. The tower has also been referred to as St. Stephen's Tower or The Tower of Big Ben, in reference to its bell.

Since Victor took his position in Britain the House of Parliament has been a dead. Victor?s politics were all he needed; he did not need the house anymore. So, since it died in such an odd fashion, the Nicodemus clan were drawn to it. Because of their arrogance and their tendency to follow their leader like a lost puppy the Augustine do not go near the Big Ben clock ? it is a safe place for the Nicodemus clan until they are found out.

Most Vampires stay inside the clock itself and can rarely be seen in the actual house itself. As far as the Nicodemus clan go, they have been known to invite humans back, but never into Big Ben itself.


Highgate Cemetery is a famous Cemetery located in Highgate, London. In recent years, the Cemetery had been closed off due to Vandalism (especially of Karl Marx?s grave) and, as a result, became overgrown with plants and trees. It is relatively easy to find your way around the grass, but the deeper, older parts of the Cemetery are hidden and it is, besides the Big Ben, the safest place for the Nicodemus.

Highgate is one of the Magnificent Seven and is associated with the Augustine?s cemetery gathering ? Brompton Cemetery.

Highgate is constantly guarded by many of the Nicodemus? clans most vicious Vampires. To enter it without another Vampire would be incredibly daring and, most likely, lead to death. It is also said that at the far end of the Cemetery, guarded more than the entrance itself, is the burial of the Nicodemus? clan?s most valued members.


Located in the Earl?s Court in West Brompton it is the second cemetery to be filled with Vampires. It is the Augustine?s place, although it has only recently been used for the more anti-social Augustine Vampires. The S.O.L.F. are rarely seen in this Cemetery.

Some gravestones have been knocked down and attacked by the Augustine, for their hatred of humanity and whether or not their entire clan agree with this act is unsure. The Cemetery is filled to the brim with Vampires watching you, Vampires that hardly ever go outside the Cemetery itself.


Sellafield is located on the coast of the Irish Sea in Cumbria, England, and was previously run by the British Nuclear Group. However, shortly after their appearance, S.O.L.F. took control of Sellafield after funding a new disposal method for HLW (High-level waste) which was safer for the environment and prevented any leakage at all.

Only a year after Sellafield?s take over, the site was closed only to S.O.L.F. representatives and the site?s operations became very secretive. Since Britain had been controlling ILW (Intermediate-level waste) for other countries as well, Sellafield suspiciously began to allow HWL as well, when their policy was not to allow it from other countries. The reason for this is still unknown.

Since Sellafield?s take over there have been no accidents. However, when Victor managed to take control it became clear that Sellafield was more than a waste processing centre. The radioactive waste had been used to create Britain?s dangerous secondary supply of nuclear weapons.

The site is used now and then by the Augustine clan to meet with their S.O.L.F. brothers and has been rumoured to be used as an interrogation camp. Several bunker-like buildings were created next to the storage chambers for the HWL with unknown purposes. Another rumour is that Vampires are quite immune to low doses of radiation (such as background radiation) but, when exposed to HWL, can be subjected to immense torture.

There have also been enclosed experiments carried out at the South side of the site, classified from only the top S.O.L.F. members.[/SIZE]
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  • 2 weeks later...
[SIZE=1]Yep, because I needed to post something important, rather than edit the location's post ^_~

[B]Chapter One[/B] begins tonight.

And it will be the most important Chapter in the RPG. You'll be judged. Basically, throughout this Chapter, all I need if for you to post a few times, be creative, interact with different characters if you wish. The chapter may or may not be short, I'll try and give everyone time to post. But why on Earth is this Chapter the most important? Simple.

You'll be judged. I let almost everyone into the game when I said I wanted creativity, so I've decided that, depending on the creativity and awesomeness of your first posts, your character's roles will be decided. Not to say one post will mean you get the stage presence equivilent to a choir boy, rather that the best few posts will mean your characters get more responsibility in the game and more challenge. I did not judge sign-ups on creativity, I decided to leave it to the first chapter.

So that's all. You can do as you please - make up what you want. Just remember what's at stake here. If you're unsure about what I'm rambling on about, just ask, and I'll try to clear things up.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]i hope my first post was okay. I had Engel's permition to use his/her character, though I might've overdid it a little. I plan to post more int his fist part to fully introduce my character, so don't go thinking her to be useless just yet! This RP seems interesting and you system of decisiveness is very interesting. I hope to enjoy this RP very much.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Arial]My apologies for the extreme tardiness of this sheet. I had several things I needed to take care of at the time, and I wished to be thorough with this character.



[align=justify][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Aleister Faust

[B]Age:[/B] Uncertain; estimated to be at least 1000.
Faust is an ancient vampire, born years before the famous (or infamous) Olav of Norway, years before the bitter division of the clans. To those either brave enough or impertinent enough to ask him his age directly, he generally responds with sarcastic disinterest. On one occasion he was heard to remark:
[indent][I]?I left off keeping count at around five hundred an ninety-three. It did not appear likely that I was to be killed anytime soon, and quite frankly the arithmetic was becoming tedious.?[/indent][/I]It is rumored that he has actually forgotten his age, if only because he has never once answered the question directly.

[B]Species and Clan:[/B] Vampire/Undeclared.
Faust has long since abandoned interest in clan politics, though those few old enough to remember believe he may have been Nicodemean. Because of his [I]de facto[/I] neutrality, he is able to consort freely with both clans, as he sees fit.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Faust is unmistakably characterized by his tall, lean frame and gaunt features. His brow is high, his nose is long and thin, and his slender eyebrows are sharply defined angles, like two opposing, upside-down Nike symbols. His grey eyes, set perfectly on either side of his nose, alternate between calm inward reflection and a penetrating searching, and yet still manage to give very little away. His black hair is slicked neatly back and trimmed close to his neck. His cheekbones are high and pronounced, leaving his cheeks ever-so-slightly sunken, and his thin lips are generally curved in a quiet smile that speaks of a certain reserved arrogance deserving of one of his age and stature. His movements are almost languid, but fluid and sure, like those of a domestic feline out for a stroll.

He has never been seen to wear anything but highly stylish suits in perfectly coordinated, if sometimes unusual, colors?his favorites are quite obviously black, garnet, and deep blue, though he will wear others as the mood strikes him. Aside from that, there are four items that Faust is never seen without: a pair of driving gloves, black or white depending on his suit; a custom fedora with an extended front brim, of which he owns several and which he likes to wear pulled a little lower than one might think normal; a custom pair of black, silver-tinted sunglasses that form precisely to the contour of his face, with silver accents around the earpiece hinges; and a simple, straight black cane with a spherical knob handle.

[B]Personality:[/B] It is difficult to directly describe Aleister Faust. Upon first meeting him, one initially wants to call him eccentric, and yet the word ?eccentric? itself carries with it a certain spastic connotation, not unlike Christopher Lloyd?s portrayal of ?Doc? in [I]Back to the Future[/I], and if Faust is anything, it is most certainly [U]not[/U] spastic. ?Peculiar? seems to simple, ?puzzling? too childlike, and ?weird? too ignorant and uncultured. Even ?bizarre?, though it comes close, doesn?t quite seem to fit; he is, well ? odd. He is odd.

Perhaps the most obvious showcase of his oddity is in his interaction with other vampires (he has yet had no incentive to commune with humans). He never directly faces the person or persons he is addressing unless he wishes to make a point, and he tends to speak cryptically, almost at, and quite possibly for, his own amusement. Often times the meaning of his words is not fully grasped until much later, if indeed there is any meaning at all. Certainly Faust has been known to make no discernable sense whatsoever, and sometimes by his own admission.

Unlike other of the vampire elders, Faust?s voice exerts no obvious power over his audience, or if it ever did he now keeps it quelled. It is, however, pleasing to listen to, in that it seems to inspire clarity of thought in the hearer?s mind, instead of clouding the mind?s reason, as vampires are supposedly notorious for doing. Faust also has a great love for language, and always appears to know exactly what he wants to say exactly when and exactly how he wants to say it. It is therefore rather difficult to catch him off-guard.

[B]Biography:[/B] Aleister Faust is one of thee oldest vampires still known to exist, and as such his knowledge of vampiric history is immense; some say he even knew the two clan Lords personally at one point. He also holds the honorable distinction of being a born vampire, though he does not speak otherwise of his childhood. Indeed, he speaks little of his own past at all, dismissing it on the occasions it happens to arise as longwinded, boring, and irrelevant. It [U]is[/U] known that his parents were killed in a religious raid only a few decades into his life, but there is no current record of the incident, its participants, or its consequences, which is unusual. Faust invariably dodges the subject.

[B]Extras:[/B] Though records were mentioned before, they are secondary with respect to Faust. Faust is essentially the self-contained annals of the entire vampiric history; for anything that ever happened, he was either alive for or was told directly by a firsthand witness.

In addition to his love for words, Faust is also an accomplished musician, and is able to play a wide variety of instruments. He was once asked which his favorite was, and he responded thus:
[I][indent]?Currently I favor the pipe organ, the cello, and the trombone, though who knows what may happen in a century?s time. Consider the electric guitar.?
[indent]?You play the electric guitar??[/indent]
?I play a great many things for my own amusement. I have also destroyed half a dozen bagpipes.?
?They irritated me. There [U]was[/U] a seventh, but that one I destroyed for the mere hell of it.?[/indent][/I]One of his more signature and sometimes annoying traits is his natural stealth. He is never seen approaching unless he wishes to be seen; otherwise, he either draws attention to himself by speaking, or he waits and allows himself to be noticed. In the former case he reveals himself from some hidden niche or other, or just pops up behind his "target"; in the latter, he is always in an extremely conspicuous location, usually just where one had been looking only a moment before. The fact that he makes utterly no sound when he walks only adds to the effect, though he would claim that never tries to conceal himself.

On certain important occasions Faust can be seen in the company of another vampire: a woman, with blue eyes and straight, blonde hair that falls just past her shoulders, known only as Madeline. The woman is remarkably somber and rarely speaks, though when she does it is evident that her perception and intellect are almost a match for Faust's?by their manner, it appears that she functions as an assistant of sorts. She will only address him as 'sir'.[/SIZE][/align]
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[size=1]Here you are, my good friend. A sign-up, though not untraditional, but a sign-up nonetheless. =] Enjoy. ^_~*

[color=#4B5B5B][B]Name-[/B] Theron Agnes Marlow
[B]Age-[/B] 182 years
[B]Species/Clan-[/B] Neutral vampire; though once acquainted with Augustine
[B]Appearance-[/B] [URL=http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/6125/kagarilc9.jpg]Theron[/URL]
[B]Personality-[/B] Theron is the least of what you?d expect from a long line of well-respected vampires. She may have the Marlow?s sense of loyalty and dignity, but that?s all she possesses. She, unlike most female vampires, is straightforward with a sour mouth that spews sarcasm- both blunt and subtle- and word-play that could make any person gasp in shock. She also has a devil-may-care attitude, never caring for what others? thought of her, and always doing reckless things. Theron was filled with unrepressed attitudes, though never once has she shown signs of sorrow, stress, and the like, only happiness, anger, contentment. Basically, Theron was known to be everything the girl next door wasn?t.

[B]Biography-[/B] NUTSHELL- She?s been in the Augustine Clan since birth but left when her father-figure was killed. For about 70 years, she?s been roaming the streets as a rogue, doing what she wanted without the fear of authority barking at her. Then she met John Butcher, since their meeting they?ve been roaming together.

[B]Extra-[/B] Currently, she partnered herself with John Butcher and more often than not has made it a thing of poking fun at him. She also has a way of showing up out of nowhere and making people jump three feet out of their seats.

[I?ll fix this up. It?s just so that people know a bit.][/size][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Yes, BK and I are collaborating. Generally, it's best not to interfere before a consult. Linett's a bit of an oddball, communitates in a more obtuse way than you'd probably portray.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Arial]Finally got something up. I've had the worst case of writer's block ever for the past four days?I couldn't even write my own stuff, and this morning I spent two hours agonizing over the right synonym for mournful and gave up. It finally, [I]finally[/I] hit me as I was watching the local girls' softball league play that the word was [U]dismal[/U], which was only in the first bloody line of my post. Curses.

(Not that their playing made me think of it; the two events happened to occur at the same time. :animeswea )

Anyway, forgive me if I went a smidge overboard with the dialect there. I calls 'em like I sees 'em.

I am going to have a good deal of fun with Mr. Aleister Faust. A good deal of fun.[/FONT]
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[SIZE=1]A note beforehand: Doomsday is currently the only thing I can run on OB. I don't actually have a computer and I'm currently going all the way to Bury just to use my friend's computer. Yep, it's true. I'll be going to Stalybridge tomorrow to use Photoshop and finish the graphics I started. So I will make one post today and leave room for those who haven't posted, and then the new chapter will start. I've looked over all the posts and I have a few comments to make on those who have posted already, just a few:

Vicky's Comments:

[b]Raiha and BK[/b] - I feckin' love the stuff you two put together. Very cool indeed.
[b]Ozy[/b] - Only one post, but it's great for a one post. Plus I already have faith in you from our past RPG with Charlie-boy, heh.
[b]Disenchanted[/b] - Again, pretty impressed with the entire Augustine clan for how you've all involved each other so easily, so that's a thumbs up for you as well.
[B]Starwind[/B] - Hmm... tis alright, indeed, in fact it's also a thumbs up because your posts were incredibly easy to follow and you have left room for other character's to interact. Nice.
[b]2007DB[/B] - Another alright one, though I did have to scratch my head and read it a few times to figure some things out. It might be due to me not being on my own computer, but it was half and half. Pretty fine in terms of your writing, though.
[B]F-H[/B] - Umm... well, you started off pretty good, to be honest. But then you brought in far too many characters that won't actually be involved in the game and it became very hard to follow. Also, if you involved Buckingham Palace, which is the Augustine/SOLF hide out then your character would probably be dead by now. The posts did seem to get a bit lazy now and then, not much break in speechand harder to follow. Not trying to discourage you, but try to be more careful next time and don't force so much into it (this is only the first chapter).
[B]Engel[/B] - Only one post, again, but I do like the way you've played Ezekiel. It really did make me grin, lol.
[B]Allamorph[/B] - Your post made me laugh, not in a bad way, mind you. It's the speech. It half reminds me of the way my friends talk, and since we're English, then obviously it's a thumbs up. Good job with Faust, considering I had high expectations for the character I am indeed impressed.

Favouritism? Nope, I'm going off what I've seen here and before, so I will indeed have slightly more faith in those I've RPGed with before. Don't let these comments put you off, but now I know where a lot of you stand in the game. Don't worry, I'm pretty impressed with everyone who posted so far. The start of the game is often the hardest. I would like to point out, again, that the Augustine clan's collabration is immense. Nicodemus and the humans have a lot to compete with... so I think I'll be shoving Deacon in somemore.

Okay, information on the next chapter:

[CENTER][B][U]Chapter Two[/U]
Pu-239 Drigg Ambush[/B][/CENTER]

The Transportation used to transfer waste from London to Sellafield is a twenty-carriage train, laced with 50cm of steel around the cargo and code named 'Drigg'. The train's massive weight causes it to be a huge hazard to the SOLF as it is the easiest target to attack, especially when on the move. The SOLF had ordered a supply of its nuclear fuel to be brought to Buckingham Palace, a dangerous task. The nuclear material itself is harmless and, even though it is encased in 50cm of steel, it is also concealed in the SOLF's infamous 'black box', known for keeping radiation inside unless it is opened. Sebestian has asked members of both the SOLF and the Augustine clan to renedezous with Drigg half-way to London, and protect it at all costs from a possible ambush until it gets to the point outside London in which the cargo can be unloaded.

I need a few people from the Augustine to guard the actual train and a few people to ambush it. Don't worry, there'll be stuff happening other than the ambush, which will only take place over a few posts and then we have the aftermath that'll be in London for everyone to join in on. We'll see, won't we?[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]chapter 2 sounds great, but can I squeeze in my second post beforehand? It's taking me a bloody eternity to work on, and without it, my character doesn't really fall in anywhere ^^;; Sorry it's taking so long, but I've been sick all week I'll have it in by 5 PM (here it's currently 2).[/COLOR]
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[quote name='2007DigitalBoy][COLOR=DarkOrange']chapter 2 sounds great, but can I squeeze in my second post beforehand? It's taking me a bloody eternity to work on, and without it, my character doesn't really fall in anywhere ^^;; Sorry it's taking so long, but I've been sick all week I'll have it in by 5 PM (here it's currently 2).[/COLOR][/quote]

[SIZE=1]Sure thing. I'll be posting a post for myself anyway in five hours, so I need a post after mine to start the new chapter. Take your time =)[/SIZE]
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[quote name='Vicky][SIZE=1']Sure thing. I'll be posting a post for myself anyway in five hours, so I need a post after mine to start the new chapter. Take your time =)[/SIZE][/quote]

[COLOR=DarkOrange]>_< sorry, looks like I beat my own alloted time. I'll be sure to post again between yours, though, if no one else does first. I only have one question - should I tone down the cussing, or am I cool?[/COLOR]
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[quote name='2007DigitalBoy][COLOR=DarkOrange']>_< sorry, looks like I beat my own alloted time. I'll be sure to post again between yours, though, if no one else does first. I only have one question - should I tone down the cussing, or am I cool?[/COLOR][/quote]

[SIZE=1]Cool as **** (pun intended).

Damn filter.

But yeah, go ahead. I swear like it's in my blood and it'll kill me not to swear in every spoken sentence, so I don't mind. The RPG is rated for language, so it's perfectly fine.[/SIZE]
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