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Sign Up The Doomsday Redemption [M-LVS]


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[center][font=Tahoma]The year is 2051, the month is January, and the day is cold and dead. The Doomsday Clock is one minute to midnight, the second time the world has been this close to nuclear disaster. The reason ? Britain.

After a lot of changes to their government, Britain?s safety was placed in the hands of S.O.L.F., a mysterious yet, apparently, trustworthy organisation. The S.O.L.F. reinforced conventional police forces, rescue services and armed forces, providing a seemingly stronger and better-trained force behind the nation. S.O.L.F. trained officers were incredibly good at whatever job they were assigned ? Britain?s crime rate went down, whereas the status of the UK went up. With this new defence, the Nation was respected. Never feared, but respected.

Before long the most important position was given up to the S.O.L.F., or rather its leader, Victor von Arbin Ljungberg. In his position Victor only strengthened the S.O.L.F. ? he gave them more power, more control, more authority and more desire to carry out their ?justice?. The streets were safe, but freedom was far from sight. Many believed that new rules had been created that were unnecessary since Victor?s rise to power, and many more believed the way they were enforced was even more unnecessary. Despite his unpopular position in the public?s eyes, Victor remained in power. But what was more stunning to the country was the sudden and mysterious event that would happen next.

The current King of England was assassinated, as well as any predecessor except for his son, Sebastian. Sebastian was said to take the throne due to these unfortunate events, although the events weren?t so unfortunate for one man.

Only a few days after the assassination Victor broadcasted his country?s vast supply of nuclear weaponry and nuclear engineering to the world ? a global threat. As the S.O.L.F. were better at defence so were they at war; they had manufactured a great deal of weapons that not even the United States could compete with. Victor gave no demands, but the target above Britain?s head was unmissable. Even though the rest of the world was ready to fire back they knew that one push of the button would cause nuclear annihilation.

It was at this point that the Doomsday Clock, a metaphorical clock face where the minute hand moved closer to midnight (nuclear destruction) by human activities, was moved to one minute to midnight. The world was hanging on a thread of string that was breaking.

Britain was under 24 hour watch by the S.O.L.F., exceedingly powerful and allowed to use any force necessary for any reason they desired. The country was safe from everything except its protectors, who protect the streets, but toy with its people whenever they wished to be amused. Britain became locked down at night, no man who did not bare the mark of the S.O.L.F. was allowed on the streets.

But [i]they[/i] only came out at night.[/font][/center]

[size=1][align=justify]Over a thousand years ago two humans found each other. They were cast out from their primitive homelands for being different ? pale skin, sharp teeth, and demon?s eyes. When the two found each other, they instantly fell in love, love of finding someone who shared their loneliness. Their offspring shared their curse, but they didn?t see it as a curse. They saw it as a gift, and they wanted nothing more than to share their gift. Nicodemus and Augustine, the two sons of outcasts, decided their gift was for the world. They shared it by drinking the blood of all humans they could find, to feed themselves and their desire to never be alone.

This was the start of the two Vampire clans ? the Nicodemus Clan and the Augustine Clan.

In the near future when these two clans became large enough, one clan betrayed their roots. The Augustine clan brought up a vampire named Olav, in Norway. Olav became close with humans, closer than any Vampire dared. Their sacred desire to never be lonely was always impossible; Vampires never wanted the company of humans ? it was in their blood, in their nature to dislike them. But Olav changed all that. He became a part of a Royal Family, related to a King and related to royalty. The Augustine clan saw this as a triumph for Vampires and decided to follow the path of Olav. The Nicodemus clan, however, decided that it was an outraged. From that day, the two clans turned their backs on each other.

The Nicodemus clan was famous for mixing with humans, walking among them, sometimes speaking with them but never being directly involved with their affairs. They said that the world was humanities, not theirs, they were outcasts permitted to walk with norms; they had no place to change the world and no place to make humans uncomfortable. The Nicodemus clan were bitter about being lonely but their respect for life outweighed their dark nature.

The Augustine clan, on the other hand, said the world was rightfully theirs. They were superior; the superior would rule and protect the weak. They became involved in human activities greatly, pushing into politics, becoming heirs to thrones. Fortunately, no Vampire had ever had enough of a position to change the world and mould humanity to their desire ? until now.

Victor von Arbin Ljungberg was a Vampire. King Sebastian was a Vampire. Both were related to Olav, both were royalty and both were in a position that would keep the world hanging in Vampire hands.

When the Doomsday Clock came one minute closer to minute at the hands of Vampires, the Nicodemus clan reacted. They had no place in the world, no place to ever save it but the circumstances were different. Their own brothers had brought the clock two minutes closer to destruction ? their own blood would cause the end of humanity. They were not human, but they knew that nuclear war would kill them, too.

They walked through the day among normal people and when the sun faded they took off their sunglasses and cloaks. They rose against their follow brothers, the S.O.L.F., and defended a species that didn?t even know they existed.

It was time to redeem themselves form the Doomsday they were creating.[/align][/size]


[font=Tahoma][align=justify]Vampires can walk in sunlight but make a point of protecting themselves. Their only essential items are sunglasses and other items that tend to add to their clichéd appearance.

Physically, Vampires are stronger than human beings.

Vampires are immortal by age and very hard to kill but a mortal wound can kill a Vampire if it causes enough blood loss. Loss of limps will not cause death (unless the loss of blood is too great) but decapitation is often the easiest method to killing a Vampire.

The older the Vampire, the more Vampire features they will have ? unlimited sight in the dark, great reflexes, stronger fangs and brighter eyes. Although, due to this, they are more prone to harm from the sun.

The Nicodemus clan have been known to be more Vampire-like, which is why they rarely act through the day.

[i]Modern[/i] Vampires are not scared of garlic or crosses. In fact, there have been cases where Vampires have gathered inside old churches with takeaways that included garlic bread and hot cross buns. Vampires over the age of 200 are the exception to this rule.

They can?t really turn into bats. Or fly.

The myth of a Vampire?s flight is due to the Nicodemus clan. Whilst they are not as strong as the Augustine, the Nicodemus clan are able to leap over incredible distances at incredible speeds and their lighter mass allows them to travel further and give the illusion of gliding. This technique evolved due to the Nicodemus surviving mostly in the night time.[/align][/font]


Species and Clan

This is all you need. Do it however you want ? as a story, as a sign-up, add your own fields to it, anything. You can play either a Vampire or a human, and can be from any clan. The position of Victor and Sebastian will not be filled although I would like people to fill valuable positions such as Chiefs or Generals for the S.O.L.F. or Aleister Faust. PM me if you?re thinking of filling one of those positions.

Don?t be afraid to be creative. Your characters can have their own special skill, if you wish, or not. I?m looking for a lot of originality here, remember where you are (Britain), what year it is (2051), what condition the world is in (for our location, locked down, run down, secretive, traitorous), what your cause will be and who you are. It?s as simple as that.

This may be my last RPG, because I have a lot of things to finish in my life. I want to make it great, but to do that, you mustn?t be afraid of the game. If you?re unsure, ask, if you think you?re sure, attempt it and see how it goes. I don?t mind mistakes and I?m not that scary, heh.

I?ll show you my character as an example.

[CENTER][B]Shavik Deacon von Lorentzen
The Nicodemus Clan[/B]


Physically, Deacon is a young man who dresses in a style unnatural to most Vampires. He has a somewhat androgynous body as well as several piercings (two rings on the left and right side of his lip, two small spikes on both sides of his nose and a ring in his eyebrow). As far as his dress sense goes Deacon is becoming more traditional, wearing black (rather than his normal neon green look) leather, long coats and rarely any colour at all except for his green hair.

[center][B]Background and Personality[/B][/CENTER]

Deacon is a Vampire born in the Nicodemus clan, the middle child of Haakon Lorentzen. Haakon was a famous Nicodemus clan member, living past the grand age of a thousand years but, unfortunately, had little immunity to the sunlight. Haakon was thrown into the Great Fire of London along with his eldest son and burnt to death.

Due to the popular belief that his father and eldest brother were killed by Augustine clan members, Deacon does everything in his power to oppose them. If the Augustine think humanity is weak, Deacon thinks humanity is strong. If the Augustine rule, Deacon wants them dead. He is a paranoid Vampire, always weary of people?s motives. He does not talk to strangers even when spoken to unless he is sure that they can be trusted and even then, he?s weary of what he says. Deacon is generally a nice person, never evil, but never warm. He is closed to the world, cold, full of emotion but never wanting it to show. His desire to protect humanity is the only thing that proves he is a Nicodemus and that he has a heart, though he will put his life before everyone else in the world. His exterior makes him a very hard character to judge ? you?d never guess he?d take a bullet for you, but he would.

Due to his slightly androgynous look, Deacon?s skill does not match his personality. When necessary, Deacon can switch on a very, very sly and suave charm, a charm that is said to seduce any man or woman. So far, Deacon has not failed, though he rather detests his ability.

[B]Clan Life[/B]
Deacon was brought up beside his father and his brother. His brother protected him from the world and its danger; his father educated him to what was going on. When his younger sister was born, Deacon did the same with her, protected her, and still is now.

Deacon?s face is known throughout the clan, for he apparently bares his father?s features greatly. He is known for many actions in the clan even with his young age, such as protecting the existence of Vampires and fighting for his people when it is called upon him to do so. In his clan, Deacon has never had a romance with any other Vampire, or human for that matter, despite his incredibly skilful ability to seduce any man or woman. He kept himself to his father, brother and sister in the clan, afraid to be close to people, just in case he was hurt. When his father and brother died, his worse fears came true.

At that point Deacon became completely withdrawn from his position in the clan. He still protected his little sister but his communication with others became limited ? he was never an open boy, but now his mind was completely closed. He was always quiet, stalking around, listening from the back, keeping secrets from the clan. On one fateful night, Deacon left his good friend in charge of his little sister and disappeared.

It was during his time away that Deacon somehow became involved in both World Wars. He fought to survive, trying not to make a difference. The sight of human death before his eyes opened his mind to their suffering and he realised that his father was right ? human beings were not inferior, they were made to be protected by the strong and not shunned away. Having survived both wars, Deacon has first hand knowledge of how a war should be fought, not to mention an awful lot of skill to go with it.

After the war, Deacon ended up in Britain, looking for his sister. He stayed there for many, many years and witnessed the rise of Victor and the S.O.L.F., which made him even more determined to see them fall.

Deacon was greatly involved in the so-called ?Punk Movement?, which is where his cyber-gothic style comes from. He has changed over the years and awful lot, standing by in the background and trying to fit in as much as possible. In his opinion, the only way to fit in is to stand out, which he did in the Punk movement and is now doing with his odd dress sense. He is also one of the few Vampires who dislikes wine.[/size]
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[FONT=Tahoma]OOC: [strike]Wanted to get the basic stuff up, will edit sometime later or tomorrow. Hopefully this time around I'll be able to use Virgil for a long period of time.[/strike]
Edit 1 - Completed, unless further edits are required concerning relationships.

[center]* * * * *[/center]
[b]Name[/b]: Virgil Kingston
[b]Age[/b]: Around 400 years of age (cannot recall exact date of birth due to haziness in memory caused by the incident when he was turned) / appearence suggests early-mid 30s.
[b]Species and Clan[/b]: Vampire / Augustine Clan
[b]Appearance[/b]: [URL=http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b191/Bklynstyles/Virgil.png]Virgil[/URL]


Virgil is an indulgent yet diciplined invidual who enjoys intellegent conversating as his preferred type of communication with others, whether it be with human or vampire. He keeps in good shape and enjoys some of the finer things in life, more importantly beautiful women and certain styles of gothic and romanesque architecture. He also enjoys poetic literature and often cites his favorite lines when they relate to the current situation. Virgil is well-spoken and with his mannerisms can often pass for a human when in public. The turbulent times in Britain make it difficult to live out an ideal life to Virgil's liking, but it remains part of his motivation to stand by his clan's common goal.

Virgil often finds himself explaining the advantages of the Augistine's way of life in reference to how vampires and humans should live, and despite not completely being devoid of traditional beliefs; he understands the goals in the type of future the Augustine clan is aiming for. As laid back as he is however, he can become easily bothered by what he feels is ignorance on the side of the Nicodemus Clan. Though he reserves judgement for until he knows the invidual well enough.


Virgil's earliest memory was laying on the streets of 17th century Romania, the sky and ground decorated by rain, the dark clouds moving at such a slow pace. Virgil lifted his head to see a man of japanese background, extending his hand to him. His mind and vision were hazy...Virgil had no clue what had just happened, why he was laying on the streets, or why he couldn't remember anything.

"If you stay...the thirst will cause you pain...and you will become a monster" he heard the man who had his hand extended toward him say. Virgil looked at himself, he saw his blood mixing with the rain on the streets, but lacked the energy even to simply panic. Virgil felt compelled to take the man's hand, he was taken in by him and came to know him as Aketchi.

Over the years Virgil learned dicipline and how to live as he was amongst the world of humans, though it took time to sink in that he was no longer human himself. He was trained in the art of several types of weapons, including the nagamaki, fighting bo, kusari-gama, dagger, and longsword. He was naturally intellegent, but his memory was drastically effected during the attack that turned him. He remember close to nothing before the attack, but has an impeccable memory for events afterwards.

Virgil found his way to England close to the 20th century and resided there for the later part of his life and currently. Because of who he was, he inevitably came into contact with other vampires affiliated with both clans, some encounters more civil than others. After a long period of deliberation, and the forming of a close friendship with a member of the Augustine Clan, Virgil joined their ranks after deciding their long term goals were indeed in his best interest. Also as time went on he came to find that he held many disagreements in fact with members of the Nicodemus clan. Though overall, he was pro-vampire life for the purpose of their right to exist regardless of affiliation, even if he was forced to clash in ideals or in person with his fellow kind.

Years later, upon the formation of the S.O.L.F, Virgil was appointed as an emissary for the organization. Some years later he was promoted to one of the chiefs, which gave him multiple leadership responsibilities and prominence in the eyes of both clans, whether it was positive or negative was dependant on who's point of view it was from. Virgil's position didn't effect his approachability though, as he was known to be one of the more understanding and reasonable members of the organization.

Virgil also has a strong like for Helena Montgomery, having saved her from death and recruiting her into the Augustine's ranks. He enjoys having her around not only because of her looks, but also because she is like a breath of fresh air when he is stacked with work or even when he's just out and about. He'll joke around sometimes by calling her his secretary.

[b]Extras[/b] :

-Virgil has a unique ability that lies within his vocal chords, that when being used makes his voice sound polyphonic to the listener. The effect of which causes a quick and enhanced feeling of fatigue within the person. Making it an effective skill for attack and defense.
-As stated above, Virgil has an affinity for multiple types of melee weapons. Virgil dislikes using guns but isn't neccesarily inept if needing to use one.
-Virgil drives a fully customized black [URL=http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b191/Bklynstyles/lincoln_navigator_2007_1.jpg][u]Lincoln Navigator[/u][/URL]
-Virgil sometimes enjoys messing around with the younger vampires, but overall likes to look after them.
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[font=times][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Name: Linett Jhaena Dynn

Age: 200

Species and Clan: Vampire/Augustine


Personality: Once openly hostile towards nearly everyone, completely savage when confronted and at times, utterly mindless. Probably because she had been tortured as a method of punishment for her insane feeding habits. I.E., feasting directly from the heart and not the main artery of the neck as is customary. Since then, she has mellowed out somewhat, becoming less of a threat to everyone around her and more of an introverted creature who feeds on rare occasion.

Biography: As noted, Linett was one of those rare vampires that was born completely feral, killing her mother during childbirth, and biting the fingers of the midwife unlucky enough to have delivered her. Her seemingly monstrous nature has since been tamed either through her own will or through the will of her father, a prominent clan leader. Even though she's one of the more noble of vampires, she's rejected her political power, believing herself to be completely unfit to lead anyone to anything except slaughter.

Being born a vampire has left her striped of any sense of humanity, morality, or proper ethical conduct. The terms "depraved indifference" and "senseless violence" mean almost nothing to her. Of course, she's tried to learn the differences between right and wrong, and sometimes people will even tell her what to do, but as for going out of their way to educate her? Not a chance.

Her idea of proper clothing involve mostly dark clothes, dresses, long skirts, and other items that cover her mutilated body. When she's in public, or even around her kind, she covers her face, leaving only her amber eyes visible and perhaps a strand or two of hair. She's a separatist, but not in the usual way. She believes in isolation, but can be tempted out of her shell for good reasons, at least, somewhat good reasons. Her logic is usually incapable of being followed due to her only just contained madness, and sometimes she's quite easy to manipulate, even if she retains the power of the Blood in her veins.

Extras: Her entire body is lanced with scars, burn marks and lashes mostly, forming a slender criss-cross pattern she has grown to adapt to her normal features. After she became more moderated in personality, she had her scars augmented with tattoo ink to form less horrific body art.

Another fascinating side effect of her torture is her almost impossible resistance to pain. She's had bones broken and not wavered or shown the slightest sense of discomfort.[/COLOR][/font]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Tahoma][B]Name- [/B]
Youko Nakajima
Human, female
[B][URL=http://www.animefringe.com/magazine/2005/05/feature/12kingdoms00.jpg]Youko[/URL] [/B]
Youko lets her actions speak louder then her words. She speaks her mind at times when she thinks her opinion should be heard. She doesn?t like cry-babies and would love to shut them up herself. Nobody would on the face of the earth would like to get on Youko?s bad side. Her famous 'anger stares' would even make a vampire's legs shake. she doesn?t show mercy and you better pray to god if she ever does.

Youko has a weird obession over the rain. shee loves the sound of rain dripping on the ground. Maybe that?s the only thing he loves, besides her prized possesion. A three-thousand year old japanese sword that has been passed down from generation from generation. During free time, you can see her listening to music on a small earphone in her left ear.

Youko Nakajima was born in Tokyo, Japan on November 29, 2034. Her mother was killed giving birth to Youko as her father was the only one to take care of her. Fearing of death because of his wife's death, he taught Youko how to be strong when she was young. Teaching her the secrets of the Goshindo (Samurai training). When on Youko's 10th birthday, her father died of Cancer. She went to a deep sadness as she was to live with her Aunt in Britain.

Throughout the years in Britain, she continued to learn the ways of Goshindo through old books as well as learning english. Her Aunt was very rich has she enrolled Youko in special tournments of combat as she won easily. Applied tutors to guide her to a new accostom of life.

Soon she fitted into the average life of Britain and felt great until her aunt was attacked one night from walking back home. She was taken to the hospital and was injured severly. During her sleeps, she would speak of 'vampires'. Youko didn't want another death in her life as she began searching on who or what had done this. Presently, she is willing to do anything to find the beater and take it into her own hands.

A loving aspect that kept her going through rough times was the love for music. Not the techno rap she would hear on the radio, but hard riffs of a guitar and the range of a beautiful singer. She loved the old metal genre from long ago and began to practice on her crimson-rose guitar. One her free time she would study old material and learn to play it until her fingers bleed. It paid off as she earned the nickname from the kids at school, 'The Guitar Mistress'.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Charles Gabriel Baldwin
[B]Species and Clan[/B]
Human, [i]loosely[/i] aligned with the Nicodemus clan.
Friendly, confidant and maybe a bit arrogant. He loves to talk - about pretty much everything - and is generally kind, despite his appearance. He has a hair-trigger temper, but forgets conflicts (at least minor ones) quickly. He's insanely loyal, and does not turn his back on his friends, even when his friends prove to not deserve loyalty.
Charles never knew his parents. He only remembers the gang. He was raised by a street punk named Carlos, initiated into [I]his [/I]gang at a very young age. All he's ever really known is the streets, fighting and stealing.

He's held jobs, on and off, never steady and he always got fired for his drawers coming up short. He gave up on legitamate jobs before he turned 18, turning, instead, to the more lucrative drugs and other illegal business.

He failed as a dealer, though, when he disobeyed the one main rule: Never get hooked on the stuff you're selling. Cocaine became his drug-of-choice, the money he made from selling going directly back into buying.

He was a mid-rank in the gang when he and several others decided to discourage some interlopers - the discouraging backfired miserably when they ran into a group of about twenty from the other side. He doesn't remember much about that night, at all. Just a lot of pain, and a lot of fire. It ended with the others dead, and he was left alive but ostracized for surviving when no one else had.

Fast forward three years.

The SOLF's rise has put a damper on all gang activities. Former gang members have scattered, and Charles has run out of money for his drugs. He's gone through a long period of struggling with his addiction, one that he has replaced with a different addiction: making the SOLF mad without getting killed. Oh yay: freedom fighter in the making...
[B]Extras. [/B]
Charles is a skilled fighter, quick on his feet and good with his hands.
He's also a recovering crack addict.[/SIZE]
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I said to myself I wasn't going to join more than two RPGs here, but... I can tell right away this is going to be great, and for that purpose I will not only join, but play a character that comes from a song I wrote--a character I have never RP'd before.

**Since some of the parts of this signup blend together, I'll just blend the whole signup into one piece:


[quote][size=1][color=darkslateblue][i][center]Dressed in white
I have been wandering
In the night
I have been pondering
Thing that I have done just to get by

Here I float
A silent being
People like you are all around
You see me
An apparition in the darkness

Who am I to be stuck with this fate?
And where am I to go?
How to move on, I need to know
Who will save me?

This fine form
You'd want to hold me
But I'm cold
When you touch me
I give off an aura that chills the soul
With these hands
No, I'm mistaken
With these claws
I can possess you
Cause you pain and make you do what I bid you to

How do I sustain myself?
Only by an evil deed
After I make you kill yourself
It's your soul I need

Who am I to be stuck with this fate?
And where am I to go?
How to move on, I need to know
Who will save me?

From you I have heard of it
But no matter how I try
I cannot ever feel it
And everything I see is in shades of gray

I am one who steals souls for a living
I am one whose world is bleak and empty
I am one who cannot feel the love

I once wished that I could be
Powerful, possessing beauty
They came true
But they threw away my heart
Who will save me from this sadness?
Who'll extract me from this darkness?
Make it so I can reform myself

I want to be who I was before
Want to feel joy and love
I will abandon these powers
If I could see the light

Who am I to be stuck with this fate?
And where am I to go?
Everywhere around me's deserted
No one likes me now
Someone, please give me another chance
Who will save me?

[color=darkslateblue][size=1]Sondra sings this song with sorrow, the only powerful emotion she really knows. Sondra is a vampire of the Nicodemus clan. She just joined the clan no earlier than 1 January 2051, but she has been a vampire for 99 years. That 99 is very close to becoming a 100, though. Before joining the clan, she just wandered about the world, slowly discovering her abilities and the fact that she was a vampire, and maybe a few very rare fragments of her mortal life. For such an unfortunate creature as her has little or no memory of her life or how she died, and whatever memory she has of it is vague, as vague as a poorly made black-and-white movie. In fact, when she was fresh out of death, she had no sense of who she was nor who she had been before--sort of like a psychological disorder called "fugue" or "retrograde amnesia" in which one forgets one's past.

As for her appearance... Sondra is about 5'6" tall. Her hair is gray and slightly curly, and falls down between her shoulders and waist. She usually dyes her hair black, so as to not make herself look suspicious, but even then, small specks of gray might show up. It turns out nature intended on making her look old and frail, at least as a vampire, and both her hair and her very pale skin prove it. Sondra is thin in figure, exactly as she always was since she died. And about her eyes... they are clear--in other words they have no colour at all. One can say she has "light gray" or "white" eyes. Yet despite this, she hardly ever wears sunglasses--she just avoids being out and about in the daytime for the most part. Sometimes she might be seen with a pair of transparent purple sunglasses--not that she would know they're purple anyways...

Sondra usually wears at least one piece of clothing that is rather elegant in appearance--whether that be a fancy-looking top or a skirt of some sort or... But usually she wears either some sort of dress, or a long skirt and a simple blouse, and a pair of black boots that have heels that are a couple of inches high. She usually wears no colour at all, as the brightest "colours" that appear to her are black and white. Though sometimes she might happen to pick out something of a colour--mistaking it for gray--and this can make her outfit look rather tacky, especially if it's a yellow or orange or brown. Aside from that, two things that Sondra always wears are A) a necklace consisting of a silver linked chain and a large oval charm that is silver on the outside and a swirl of silver, blue, and purple in the centre; and B) a small analog watch which looks more like a bracelet because its face looks like a bluish green oval-shaped gem when seen from a distance.

As far as vampires are concerned, Sondra is rather an oddball. Her fangs are still sharp, but so short that they're not even visible. And her methods of obtaining energy and life force are quite a bit different. Sure, she could use the stereotypical method of biting someone and sucking out their blood that way, but that is the "wimpy way" as far as Sondra is concerned. If she were to choose blood as her method of survival, she would obtain it by using her claws to slice the victim down the left shoulderblade, then pull out a heartstring from the back and suck out the blood that way--and a lot more of it than usual. But as this method can be troublesome as well as messy, Sondra usually uses another method. She can also be classified as a "psychic vampire", meaning that she obtains energy by stealing energy from a person's aura. This is usually done by touch or eye contact. And as it says in the song, if Sondra really feels evil, she can clasp her claws onto a person's head and control their actions, make him (sorry to be gender-discriminant, but...) kill himself, and extract his soul immediately after his death. Anyways, as far as other vampire characteristics go... Sondra is not really that physically strong, which is rather odd for a vampire. She could be a rare case in which she [i]loses[/i] physical strength upon becoming a vampire. Also, she does not show aversion to garlic or crosses, and isn't very sensitive to sunlight. However, she does largely prefer night to day.

As you dive deeper into Sondra, you might see her mind as a desolate graveyard with a few ghosts occasionally wandering about the same way she does, weighed down by numerous chains of grief. Sondra is the sort of soul who blames herself for every problem that exists. She has a great deal of empathy, but as she cannot feel pleasurable feelings, this characteristic only magnifies the grief she often feels weighed down by. But another effect of that characteristic is that she cares about other people and really hopes for the best for them. She's often hesitant about killing or hurting people as she so often needs to do, but if she really needs to perform an evil act, she'll do so--ruthlessly. It is this pressure and need to do things that sparks aggression in her. That state could be called anger, except for the fact that Sondra doesn't really "lose herself" when she is angered in such a way--she remains determined and focused on her actions. And after performing such an evil act, she might feel fine immediately afterward, but somewhere down the line she'll sink into an even deeper depression that she usually feels, as karma takes its normal toll. Yet she is aware of this karma--this is one personality characteristic that was carried over from her mortal life, even though Sondra is unaware that she was that way in her mortal life. Another such characteristic is her spirituality. She is and has always been a strong believer in the supernatural, and she had always kept her mind open to anything that can ever happen, so long as fate allows it. Ah, fate... Sondra ultimately does "let her soul rest with fate", and believes everything happens for a reson. The problem is, she too often does not know what those reasons might be, and that sometimes leads to worry...

Molly Aurella is a name that is buried so deep in Sondra's unconscious mind that it would take such a significant event as reincarnation, I guess you can call it, to get her to remember it. That is such of many things Sondra is unable to recall about her mortal life. The truth is that Molly was a singer and songwriter, and a modestly attractive young woman as well. She never really became famous, but she did have other things going on in her life, such as a fascination for the paranormal and a backlot of stories and characters she created. She really was a creative and humble person--ohh, if only Sondra had known about that part or any of those parts. For so it goes that all of the above things in this paragraph are things that are buried as hopelessly in her unconscious mind as her mortal name. Except for one thing though: one song she wrote entitled "Who Will Save Me?", which was actually about Sondra. (Referring to the song at the top of this signup.) It was through Sondra's memory of this song that she realized many of her characteristics and abilities.

About the song... Yes, as the song said, Sondra is colour-blind, and she is incapable of feeling happiness or any kind of positive emotion like that. Almost everything else in the song is surprisingly true, but there is no evidence that the beginning of the ninth verse is true. However, Sondra does believe that part to be true--what else [i]could[/i] she believe about her mortal life?

Now, Sondra is in the Nicodemus clan--she is because she wants to make a change in the world, and also to cleanse her spirit which has been suffering for all of the past century. Her half-life was enough to suffer through, so the world should be no different. That one minute left on the clock is a crucial and creepy minute... it signifies a time that transcends all times, and could mean the end of the world if not utilized wisely. Sondra would not let the world end in such a miserable way.

OOC: Whoa, I think I got a little too carried away with that signup... it is unlike any signup I have ever done before...

*Note: I came up with the song about six months ago, but lines 4-5 of the fourth verse are actually a little different--they originally suggested Sondra was a ghost. ("And ectoplasmic... I can't be harmed by the physical world") Obviously I had to change that for the purpose of this RPG. But oh well, details details...

*Another note: The fourth paragraph of my signup explains a few other true facts about vampires, according to ancient folklore--especially the fact that most vampires don't have fangs, aren't affected by sunlight, and obtain blood with the other method I described there. Whether or not that's relevant to this RPG is beyond me...
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Name: Tai
Age: Appears 23
Species and Clan: Vampire/Nicodemus
Appearance: Tai is tall and lean, she has long black hair that is streaked with red and blonde, she wears a tight black tank top and a red leather vest over it, red leather wrist braces and black nail polish. She wears a tight pair of black jeans and thick black boots that have small silver crosses as the buckles. Her jewlery is simple and clean, a small cross hangs around her neck hanging off of a thick black leather band that looks more like a collar then necklace, and a small silver band ring graces her left middle finger. Her build is muscualr and lean, her face is fair and beautiful.
Personality: Quiet she is one to take anothers head and not even blink. Freindly under her hard shell she is dependable and careing.
Biography: Known throughout the clan as a cursed child she was born into a family that betrayed the clan and became followers of the Augistine clan. She was young but knew that it was not what she wanted so she stayed behind with her original clan, due to her family's betrayl she was attacked at a young age and almst killed had she not been found by the old priest in an alley, her throat had been cut and she had been left for dead. He raised her knowing what she was and years laer the church wass burned because of it by vampire hateing humans. Now alone she still lives in the rebuilt church helping the abbot and nuns who work there, but because of the injury to her throat she can no longer talk.
Extras: She can comunicate telepathiclly with other vampires due to her loss of voice.

(hope this is okay, I havent been on here for a while so I'm kinda rusty, if there's anything I need to change lemme know.)
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][B]Name[/B]: Josephine Constance Haughm

[B]Age[/B]: 1456-1462 -- 597 years

[B]Species and Clan[/B]: Vampire / Nicodemus Clan

[B]Appearance[/B]: [IMG]http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t278/Naruto_is_mine/6b65e4ba.jpg[/IMG]

[B]Personality[/B]: Over the course of the centuries, Josephine?s personality has seen periods of evolution many times. It was only 80 years ago that the horrible occurrence which changed her into what she is now happened. Josephine is very cold to anyone she doesn?t know and isn?t the time to make friends with anyone. For the most part she seeks total solitude and therefore is mildly behind the times -- so much so that she has before gotten in trouble with S.O.L.F. before without knowing what was going on.

Physically, she is not all that strong for a vampire, but she has inane speed. Josephine has stuck close to her vampiric roots, and has not consorted with humans in what seems like centuries. Her home itself is hidden away from society in a forest out in the rural area. Except when she has the absolute desire to feed, she never leaves her cabin home.

[B]Biography[/B]: Josephine Haughm was born human in France during the time of the renaissance. Josephine was a sort of distanced youth, which caused her some torment from her fellow children. At the age of 16, Josephine fell in love for the first time -- what she didn?t know was that her lover was a vampire.

Looking upon the callousness with which she?d been treated by humans, she gladly accepted the offer to become a vampire herself. She reclused from society, joining a clan of vampires. For a while, she lived in happiness with the man she loved and under the wing of her new vampire brethren. Unfortunately, the peace wouldn?t last.

When Josephine was 36 years old, she watched her home burn to the ground. The memory of the billowing flames was forever etched into her memory. Upon the roof of the house a giant cross stood, her husband nailed against it. Josephine was broken. It was only with the help of her clan that she was able to flee to Britain, where she would come to enjoy life once more many years later.

Josephine never trusted humans again, consorting only with her own kind within the clan. Most of her time, she stayed at the secret meeting places they had established in different cities where she traveled. She was fairly popular amongst her peers at the time, and had many friends among the clan. In 1630, she met the love of her life -- Annabel Kiala.

Josephine and Annabel were more deeply in love than ever before, and they began to spend all of their time together. For years, they?d retreat and never appear, finding an endless joy in just being together. Annabel was much older than Josephine -- over 600 years -- and she wielded great power. Many of her powers were given to Josephine, and she, too, became a strong magic user. During the 1800s, as the world became more open, the two did lots of traveling and became deeply cultured. Josephine began to trust humans again and even befriended some in her travels. For a time, Josephine and Annabel blended seamlessly into human society.

Things remained this way up until the 1973. In the middle of one cold winter, Josephine?s life would be thrown astray once more. Annabel had become good friends with a human and the two were becoming close. Feeling that she had trust in the human, Annabel revealed that she was actually a vampire. The human instantly turned on her, and led a group to hunt her down. Like Josephine?s first love, Annabel was slaughtered before her very eyes. The entire incident was covered up, but Josephine had no will to notice. She secluded herself from humanity, never to consort with them again.

[B]Extras[/B]: Josephine has various magical abilities which Annabel taught her in their many years together. These powers include minor necromancy spells (reviving small animals and such), minor persuasiveness spells (the ?evil eye? as they call it.) some electricity maneuvering (turn on an appliance with your mind sort of thing - only close range) and some light techniques (she can refract certain harmful sun rays)[/COLOR]
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[size=1][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][b]Name:[/b] Colonel Wilhelm Raeder
[b]Age:[/b] 57, turned in mid-20s
[b]Species:[/b] Vampire of the Augustine Clan

[b]Appearance:[/b] Well over six feet tall, muscular, with black hair that falls over his bright blue eyes (considered handsome by most). Most of his torso and arms are coverred in scars (from his violent turning), and he usually wears a heavy black trench coat over his S.O.L.F. uniform when not in particularly formal situations.

[b]Personality:[/b] Usually outwardly friendly and charming, however, his pride and his arrogance are the stuff of legends. Raeder considers everyone not of the Augustine Clan to be inferior to himself and his Brethren (often regarding them with extreme hate). Despite his arrogance, he is completely loyal to his clan and would never hesitate to carry out an order from his superiors or sacrifice himself for one of his fellows (not to say that he is at all above sacrificing a lower ranking ally for the sake of the greater cause). Has a knack for staying cool under pressure or hardship, but when angered he can fly into a blind rage which renders him a powerful leader but with a powerful weakness.

[b]Biography:[/b] Born in the late 21st century in Hamburg, Germany; Raeder lived a normal life until he was turned. He had been serving in the Heer (German Army) overseas for a year when his squad was attacked by a feral vampire, it killed all in his squad except him and he was left terribly scarred by a grenade that went off during the melee. After, waking up three days later in a medical tent, nearly dead from lack of blood, he quickly figured out what had happened to him and what he was. Out of instinct, driven by his nearly dead state he attacked a medic in the middle of the night, drank his blood and ran off into the night.

At first, shamed by his murdering of a fellow, he decided to end his own life. However, after he began to undersand more of his abilities, instead of being disgraced by the monstrosity of it, he became enthralled with the power. Raeder began to believe that he was a chosen one, and superior to all the ingorant masses.

For years he travelled the world, and eventually found his way into the Augustine Clan. Raeder has since become a rising force in the S.O.L.F., though not very powerful yet he has begun to become favored by many of the elders. He is now one of the most recognizeable members of the Augustine Clan and one of the most staunch advocaters of the use of deadly force against non-Augustines, and quickly raised through the infrastructure of the S.O.L.F., and came to lead one of their most elite combat divisions.

[b]Extras:[/b] Though native of Germany, has spent many years in Britain and speaks English has a second language with only a slight accent.
His years in the armed forces have made him a strong fighter, specializing in firearms but also highly proficient in explosives.[/size][/color]

OOC: Really looking forward to this if I get in. More or less made this up as I went so it might be a little rough but please PM me if there's any problems or if just isnt up to scratch.
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[b][color=blue]Name: [/color][/b][COLOR=DimGray]Chester Cornelius[/COLOR]
[b][color=blue]Age: [/color][/b][COLOR=DimGray]173: believes he?s 18[/COLOR]
[b][color=blue]Species and clan:[/color][/b] [COLOR=DimGray]Vampire/Nicodemus[/COLOR]
[b][color=blue]Appearance: [/color][/b][COLOR=DimGray]His hair is blonde and curly. He mostly wears a hat to hide this, for he wants a different hair color. He has eyes that are steel-like, almost made of iron you could say. He doesn?t believe he?s that great. Because of his lack of self-esteem, he wears completely black clothing with snappy words on his shirts. Usually insults, or jokes. His favorite shirt is a blazer, which he cleans every night . But he rarely wears it. It can be seen hanging on his apartment wall.

He is short, standing at a 5? 7?? level. But he is strong looking. He also wears bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc. His favorite earring is a skull with two crossbones. This is made of real bone to. Chiseled and then dipped in to gold. He doesn?t smile often so he just might have yellow teeth. Or maybe they?re perfectly white. His hair is very short so he can fit it into his hat.[/COLOR]

[b][color=blue]Personality: [/color][/b][COLOR=DimGray]Chester loves attention, yet he?s the kind of person who is never happy with himself. He wears those black clothes for he thinks they might hide his inner self to those demons around him. By demons he means those who would like to insult him. Yet, he is still made of by a lot of people. His true self was a heroic, justice seeker. Taking no one?s hateful remarks as ?just words?, this has come to the real problem. This sense of justice gets him into danger a lot. It could even be his downfall. But al-in-all he isn?t very bad to others, but himself! That?s the problem.[/COLOR]

[color=blue]Biography: [/color][/b][COLOR=DimGray]Chester knows well of what he is. But due to a bump on the head, he has lost sight of his true self. Yet he can still remember his powers, and what he?s capable of. He is a runaway, and rarely has contact with his tribe. They?ve tried to help him realize who he truly is, but he doesn?t need their help. He wants to find that out on his own.

His memory loss was due to a fight with one of his friends. They were in a quarrel about the way humans have been acting lately. Chester said something and his friend took it wrong. The man threw his fist so hard it hit Chester?s temple. He really lost his memory when he hit the ground. Some of his human friends are aware of his race, but they swore to secrecy. If the other members of his clan find out, they might try and kill them.

When Chester was born, he was born to a rich family member. Jealousy and bloodlust made the end result disastrous. His parents were killed when he was only 2 months old. Yet no one around him wants to tell him why.

He is aware of what?s been going on recently and he somewhat fears this. He is at a standstill about his next choice. In life, this causes him much depression and grief.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue][B]Extras:[/B][/COLOR][COLOR=DimGray]Chester can see someone's personality by looking at them. This comes in handy when he fights. Using their personanlity to find their strategy.
He is very strong and rarely sucks blood from his victoms. He collects blood in jars that he drains from them instead. Thus, he doesn't cling to necks.He's also very flexable. He can bend pretty well. Because of this, Chester can doge other's attacks pretty easily. Making him very fast and agile.
Chester, despite his self-image, respect's himself in terms of power. lpus he puts a lot of trust in his friends. Betraying him will make him mad.

[COLOR=Blue]well, hope this works great for me, haven't been in someone else's RPG for a while. [/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Helena Montgomery

[B]Age:[/B] 40 Overall
- 25 years as a human
- 15 as a vampire

[B]Species and Clan:[/B] Vampire // Augustine Clan

Credit for the picture goes to [URL=http://anarasha.deviantart.com/][COLOR=Red]anaRasha@ Deviantart [/COLOR] [/URL]
©2007 =anaRasha

She was turned at a young age and so kept her natural beauty, and dancer?s physique. Her skin is pale, but not un-naturally so, and soft/smooth to the touch. Helena is approximately 5?8 in height; she has excellent posture and moves with a certain noticeable grace. She favors dresses when choosing clothing to wear, and naturally leans towards a blood red color for her garments. The clothes she wears differ depending on her mood, varying from long flowing dresses to short revealing skirts and tight tops. Helena avoids wearing boy-ish type clothing, which includes long pants and shorts.

Her hair is long and naturally a very dark brown, with a slight kink running through it. Helena usually keeps it pulled up in a bun with a straight fringe that is brushed to either side, partly obscuring her face; she will leave it out if she wants to be ?seductive?. Her feet are either covered in high-heals of varying designs or ballet slippers, some times she may even prance around bare-foot. Her face is soft, round and rather mature, her lips are full and perfect for pouting. Her eyes are in proportion with her face but she enhances them with make up most of the time. Her eyes are naturally a bright green but she changes them often between a bright bellow and red with contacts, mostly for fun. Helena likes to enhance her natural beauty with make up, lining her eyes in dark black and surrounding them in red, and painting her lips crimson. This may change depending on the situation or her mood.

Both of her ears are pierced twice and adorned with expensive jewelry, some sort of necklace usually decorates her slender neck. Helena?s wrists and ankles are also usually adorned with something as well. Most of what she wears is gifts. When dancing [practicing or otherwise] she usually dons a gothic-like black and red ballet tutu with black and red ballet slippers that tie up with a long black ribbon that winds it way up each of her legs.

[B]Personality: [/B]
Helena is rather inquisitive; she is forever asking questions of her fellow vampires, being only a ?baby? herself. She looks up to her fellow clan members for guidance and understanding. If ever in trouble Helena is quick to bat her eyelashes and play innocent. In her spare time she likes to practice her dancing, a mixture of ballet and baroque. Despite her age, which is decidedly young for a vampire, she can be incredibly seductive. She knows that she is beautiful and has no qualms about using that to her advantage. At times she can be rather sadistic; a side which she usually keeps hidden, but it manages to find its way to the surface now and then.

Helena loves to learn and when not dancing or simply ?hanging out? with other members of the Augustine Clan she can be found reading books or researching various subjects. She is incredibly loyal to the Augustine Clan, but when faced with matters concerning Humans and other Vampires she is indifferent. At times she gets frustrated with the company of others and can get rather short with people.

Helena expresses no hatred towards the members of the Nicodemus Clan; she prefers not to be caught in politics. She does not consider her self superior to them in any way either, she would only fight one if forced to or they were threatening her. She enjoys prancing around in the sun light and flirting with human boys and girls if they happen to crack on to her. She expresses no remorse about being turned and rather dismisses the fact that she was once human.

Helena was fascinated with dance from a young age. She would forever be prancing around the halls of her home, humming and dancing, which is one of her fondest memories. Unfortunately for her she had been a human longer than a vampire and memories from that time still gnaw at her now and again. Her childhood, parents, friends and family shaped who she was as a human but held no influence on her after becoming a vampire. After being turned, she wanted to wipe the slate clean and did so, but still held onto her love of dancing.

It was in fact her dancing that contributed to her dramatic change in lifestyle and personality. For a time she was known among circles for her talent and very much enjoyed the attention given to her. On the eve of her life changing, Helena was dancing in front of a rather large crowd. At the end of the recital she received praise for her skills and after getting many invitations to parties decided to decline all those asked and spend the night alone.

On her way home, such was her bad luck, she happened upon a group of men. The cornered her after throwing insults and rather crude suggestions. They attempted to rape her, grabbing at her and shouting, they had almost succeeded when a person happened upon the group and asked the men to ?kindly remove their hands? from Helena. A fight ensued; the mysterious being had saved her, much to her delight. It was then that she found herself in a different kind of trouble, this man didn?t want to rape her but he did want something else.

After talking with her to boost her confidence after the previous attack the man inched closer to her. The unsuspecting Helena was grabbed; her head pushed to one side and found her savors teeth ripping into her neck the very next moment. Startled and rather frightened she tried to struggle but could not get free. Minutes passed, when she was sure she was going to die from blood loss, her second attacker fell to an unknown force. She found herself backing away from this man just as much as the second, her trust in such things at that moment fell to zero.

The unknown man assured her everything was quite fine, the last words she heard as a human came from her savior?s mouth. "Someone as beautiful as you can now enjoy that beauty eternally. Much better then dying on the streets at the hands of some primitive vampire." A notable vampire by the name of Virgil Kingston saved her that night, Helena feels indebted to him for what he did. She can be seen in his company from time to time or at the very least close by him.

-Helena is quite nimble; she is capable of pulling off complicated movements with her body. Sometimes bending it further than a normal body should be physically able. She is also rather graceful and hardly makes a sound when she walks, even when wearing high heals.

-Protection wise she keeps concealed on her at all times two small, razor sharp daggers. She can wield them with surprising accuracy and confidence. Helena would rather make a quick and graceful exit than fight, but if forced, she wouldn?t be a pushover.

-She loves to hang about with the more reputable members of the Augustine Clan or anyone with power.

-Helena possess a very, very mild form of pyromancy, she virtually holds no control over it, at least not to the point where she can harm someone with it. It serves to amuse her when she becomes board; she commonly manipulates flame to form small dancers or animals. She cannot create flame out of nothing and so commonly manipulates already existing fire, such as that of candles or of a lighter.
[COLOR=Red][SIZE=1][strike][B]-I'll finish this off asap
- Just got bio to do now, huzzah.[/strike]
-Done-ness It's long X ___ X[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] John “The Butcher” Baker; More commonly known as Bravo

[B]Age:[/B] 64; Turned at 18

[B]Species and Clan:[/B] Vampire, Currently not aligned to a clan; Formerly of Augustine

[B]Appearance:[/B] Physically speaking, John is a quite a handsome vampire. He has high cheekbones, a well-formed nose and chin and fine, straight white teeth. Most woman’s dream, at least his face is anyway. His dark hazel eyes give a moody look and the dark patches underneath give his otherwise handsome face a mysterious charm. His light brown hair is almost always spiked vertically upwards in the shape of a flame, the point at the top a good 3 or 4 inches off the top of his head.

His body is very strange indeed. Where as many other male vampires prefer their androgynous form, John has worked hard to move away from it. John’s shoulders are vastly broad, especially considering he is only about 5’8”. His arms are hugely muscular, well formed and destructively powerful. His chest is much the same, each pectoral bursting and well defined in even the baggiest of clothes. Although from there down he is very thin. Thin, but well toned. As such, John looks oddly proportioned, very much akin to the cartoon character ‘Johnny Bravo’ who was popular in John’s early teens. This is where he gained the nickname ‘Bravo’ and why he is sometimes call Johnny. It is also for this reason that John sometimes wears sunglasses as sort of an inside joke since not many people are aware of the character these days.

John has no tattoos or piercings and doesn’t care much to have either of them in the foreseeable future. He has very few scares on his body and aside from those already mentioned has little other distinguishing features. John is almost always caught wearing a form fitting T-shirt of varying colours and styles and always wears baggy flared blue denim jeans.

[B]Personality:[/B] John is a rather peculiar individual. The way he acts around different people (human or vampire) is never the same with two people. John takes the persons initial reaction from their first meeting and plays on that greatly. Generally, when people get the idea he’s crazy or are scared by him, he does all in his power to look insane in front of that person or scare them in any way he can. This is one of John’s ways to deal with the boredom of an immortal life. Although he hasn’t lived as long as some other vampires he knows, he has decided to start keeping himself entertained now before ‘the boredom’ sets in later.

Generally, he likes to enjoy life as much as possible. John feels right at home on the top of a mountain, admiring the fine beauty of nature and also being stuck in a bustling town full of people. Any pleasure or emotion he can take, he will. And then he’ll milk it for all it’s worth.

He has a sharp wit and is a keen intellect but rarely shows this to anyone. He likes to keep that to himself for when times of danger call for it. He is under the impression that it will confuse his enemies and leave him at an advantage, although there have been very few occasions to test this theory. All this in mind, the few people that know John believe him to have something of a multiple personality disorder. John himself always scoffs at this idea but likes to play along as much as he can while seeming oblivious when they point out the changes in him.

[B]Biography:[/B] Born into a very average, middle-class family in the valleys of South Wales, UK, John’s first memories (and one true passion he still holds from his human years) were of gazing out into space. As a child, John was fascinated by space shuttles and stations and wanted nothing more than to explore the stars of the universe. Despite this he despised Star Trek in all its forms for its cheesy portrayal of space adventures.

John was also fairly overweight and was persecuted extensively for it by his schoolmates. Having very few friends, John preferred his own company. Always seeking solitude, he pushed his parents and siblings away, even though they all cared for him deeply.

Becoming an angry teen like most other kids, John quickly banded with the other outcasts and freaks, although he felt no true allegiance to any of them. His only true friends were the talented musicians of the Rock’N’Roll and Heavy Metal genres. As such, for his 18th birthday he travelled to London to see one of his all-time favourite bands. This is where he was turned. John remembers very little of this encounter and tries not to. His first memory of being a vampire was heading back to his village in the valleys and slaughtering every single person there was to find, including his parents and siblings. This is where he earned his title as “The Butcher”.

After becoming a vampire, the excess weight quickly fell from John and he adapted well to life with the Augustine clan. Until he realised that they planned a war that would probably leave the world in ruin. Quickly realising that this would mean his dreams of outer space travel would be ruined he cut all ties with them and decided to go it alone. This was also when he decided on pumping up; deciding weights would be no problem with his increased vampiric strength. Despite his departure from Augustine, John still remains in contact with those few friends he made during his time and holds no grudge against them for their choice to stay.

He has wondered the world in the years since, studying humans and doing all in his power to aid those scientists (Be they human or vampire) who dedicate their lives to making space travel for everyone a reality.

[B]Extras:[/B] Through some means unknown to him, John is able to control energy in most forms. With this gift he can harness raw energy and use it as a weapon. However, this takes great strain on his body and is generally only used as a last resort if his fists don’t work on whatever he’s trying to kill/maim/destroy.

John has also had a special pair of roller skates made for him. Much like the popular inline skates of the early 1990’s in design, they have special gears and rockets designed in them that allow him to travel at speeds comparable to cars. Where as this would probably break the ankles of a regular human being, John has no trouble riding with them and even uses them to perform unimaginable fetes.

John also has a soft spot for cats. Although he does travel the world, he frequently returns to the UK (mainly his safe house in London) where he takes in strays and cares for them. He always brings more cats back and has some human friends regularly check in to feed them and clean up when he isn’t around.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Right-e-o folks.

I'm not closing the sign-ups now but I just like the point out they'll be closing Friday, or possibly before. I cannot post an accepted list, or ask for any improvements yet as I've broke my glasses. And even with the text on huge I can't see jackshit on this forum for some odd reason.

So I can't do much, but I will post something in the Underground thread that the Augustine Clan should look at. Or, look it up yourself right now: Sellafield.

Kudos to everyone who says "Ah, Sellafield!" right away.

I might keep the sign-ups open, but anyone wishing to join after Friday will have to post in the Underground.

Thanks for your interest guys.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Name:[/B] Darrick Adams aka Collin Flek

[B]Age: [/B] 27

[B]Species and Clan: [/B] Human, United States

[B]Appearance[/B]:[URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/RobLabou.jpg]Darrick Adams.[/URL] He stands at 5'10 and 210 lbs. He has a few scars around his mid section from bullets and a few stabs and cuts on his limbs.

[B]Personality:[/B] He's a bit rough around the edges, but he has the best intentions at heart. He has a strong sense of justice, but he also is a man of "the end justifies the means". This often makes him hard to work with and he often gets in trouble with his superiors over such matters. He believes in freedom above all else. Not only his own freedom, but in the free rights that belong to all mankind.

[B]Biography:[/B] He was born in North Dakota in the United States. He had a fairly typical up bringing. His father was the local sheriff of the small town he grew up in and his mother was a nurse at a local clinic. Seeing his parents working there whole lives to help there fellow man is perhaps what inspired him to become and officer of the law as well.

But he wasn't satisfied just working as a cop in his home town. He wished to help and protect so many more. When he was 22 he became an FBI agent. After only 3 years of meritorious work, he was approached by the CIA. He soon found himself as one of there covert agents. His life became a secret. As far as his family knew he was still working for the FBI as a pencil pusher, rather than a feild agent anymore.

It had been happening for awhile when he first enterd the agency. He was aware of Britians political changes, but he was unaware of to what degree it had taken. He saw a once free nation in the clutches of a threatening dictatorship. The very thought repulsed him. He begged his spuperiors to take some kind of action. He asked to be sent so he might learn some way to expose them to the world for what they were and what they had become.

After a year of what seemed to be endless requests and still not even a glimmer of hope he broke free of the agency and went rogue. He took the resources he had gatherd over the last 2 years to move himself about rapidly. After 6 months of country hoping he finally arrived in Britian. He has gone underground now, taking every resource no matter how small or unimportant it may seem. He took note that the streets were plagued with a rather odd group of what appeared to be enforcers of some kind. The rumors circling not only them, but the government the fell under itself seemed ubsurd, but he was willing to work with whatever he could get.

[B]Extras:[/B] Due his time spent with the CIA he has a knowledge of the under ground weapons ring. He has obtained many illegal weapons and has been slowly arming himself, preparing for what he sees as an all out war.

He has obtained many military grade armaments. Everything from simple gernades to much more advanced technology.

The [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/2020prototype.jpg][U]"U soldier" Uniform[/U][/URL] is one such assest. It comes with adaptive camoflage so he can quickly while still attracting little attention. It also uses a hyper tensive fabric to act as artifical muscle, increasing his physical strength by 30%. The helmet is fully wired to give him access to phone lines, as well as internet and self mapping capabilites.

He has also managed to obtain [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/HKPNG.jpg][U]the HK PNG[/U].[/URL] It's small and non lethal. To top it off, it's also fully automatic. It's great for crowd surpression, firing only rubber bullets.

The next weapon in his arsanal is [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/CornerShot-3.jpg][U]the Cornershot 3.[/U][/URL] A weapon, not only capable of reaching around corners, but also capable of interchangable means of fire. It can range from a mere 9mm to .45 cal to shotgun shells. It to can also fire rubber bullets for missions that require a non lethal approach.

But when all else fails he always has a weapon that never goes out of style, a good old fashion combat knife. Always good for sticky situations when your left with no alternative.[/COLOR]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][b]"...S-so, uhh...what's your name...?"[/b]

[b]"Yeh mean what I go by, or what my actual name is?"[/b] The figure behind an unshaky desk trembled, his face slick with cold wet sweat. His hair was soaked, and the sweat dripped in rhythm from his brow. He brought a chubby hand up to stroke through his mousy brown hair. His other hand held a tapping pen that chittered against the desk as his fingers trembled.

[b]"Y...your actual name...."[/b] The figure sitting opposite of the man behind the desk, was also opposite in manner. He wore a playful, knowing grin defined by a lit cigarette in between red lips. His dark skin belied his true nature, ash-blond hair sweeping across his face. His eyes were covered with dark shades that hid a delighed smile in his eyes.

[b]"Oui!"[/b] He said boastfully, and seemingly at random. He took a long drag of his cigarette, before looking at him again. [b]"Ezekiel Darrius von Kampfer the Second. Isn't it quite pompous?"[/b] Ezekiel looked at the shivering policeman.

[b]"Uh...it's not...my place to say. W-wh-wh-what were...were you doing out there?"[/b]

[b]"Does it really matter?"[/b] Ezekiel yawned and rolled the cigarette between his right and left fingers carefully. He lowered his sunglasses low enough for his eyes to gaze into the detective's for a moment, and something seemed to click. In an instant, the sweaty, balding cop was scrambling for the door of the cell, screaming.

[b]"He's done nothing, just, just get me out! Oh, god, get me out! I don't wanna be in this ****ing room right now, oh god, get me out! Let him go!"[/b] The detective pounded the door again and again, until the others let him out of the cell. Ezekiel laughed to himself, full of what seemed to be boyish delight.


Name: Ezekiel Darrius von Kampfer II
Age: Appears around 24. Not known for certain, birth certificates are currently unobtainable for unknown reasons.
Gender: Male.
Appearance: Only recent picture of him is attached. [Open file? [url=http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/7159/kdashgn5.jpg]Y/N.][/url]
Biography: Not much is known on subject. Appeared around ten years ago, seems to stay the same age. Has been invovled in several back alley fighting instances, and usually cooperates with the police. However, no one can bear to be in the same room with Mr. Kampfer for more than 10 minutes. [Captain's Note, view? Y/N.]
Extras: Has unusually dark sunglasses at any time of the day. Hair colour is a fine ash-blond, almost white. Has been known to smoke cigarettes from time to time.

Ezekiel looked at the rap sheet in front of him, nearly bursting into laughter as he read the captain's note.

[b]"Haha, "Made a bet to see who could stay in the room the longest with him." And they got lots of **** wrong. First of all, I'm not 24, I'm 354. Jesus.Second of all, those, "Back alley fights" were just some playin' around. Cops these days are so uptight. Here, I'll write this a lot better. Hand me a pencil."[/b] Ezekiel held his dark skinned fingers out, and a pen was placed in his fingertips.

[b]"Pen, pencil, meh...Thanks, love."[/b]He said absently, writing in his flowing script. He sat with a pen between his fingertips for a while, enjoying the literary exercise.

[i]Born in 1697 in Brazil, to a Brazilian mother and a Germanic father. Was moved to what would later be Germany at birth due to conflict breaking out in hometown. Grew up a literary scholar, aspiring to become a great writer who's books would be printed in the thousands. However, Ezekiel possessed what could be called a rebellious streak. He was always getting himself in trouble. However, he messed up one night and the family's secret slipped. To avoid persecution, Ezekiel's death was faked.

His funeral arrangements were made, though there was no body to be found. Months later, people say they saw what appeared to be a dark skinned, ashen haired man exploring the countryside. However, when these rumors reached Ezekiel's own ears, he fled down into Great Britian to escape the coming manhunt.

From there, he became more invovled with what he was, allied with the Nicodemus clan. He was invovled in World War I as an infantryman for the United States. He was invovled in many of the greatest fights, and under the name of "Sean Wiliams", held the highest kill ratio in his unit. People recount him as a soldier that took a bullet to the stomach and wouldn't go down, instead taking three of the Austrian troops and making the rest flee.

In World War II, Ezekiel took his place as a Commander, posing under the guise of "Nikolas Dermit". Ezekiel / Nikolas was crutially invovled with D-Day, and the rest of the war, eventually there for the offical end of the war, where he once again staged his own death. His name can be found in the records of the United States Army if looked for.

After WWII and his feigned death, Ezekiel moved back to Britian to rejoin the Nicodemus clan under true pretenses. The rest, as they say, is history.[/i]

Ezekiel combed over his biographical style of writing, even if it was an autobigraphy. Satisfied with his work, he smiled and sighed. He added a short little blurb at the end of the already scrawled on paper.

[i]Extra extra: Ezekiel seemingly has the power to control the chemicals in the brain to invoke either a fear, nervous, or adrenaline reaction. Able to induce other effects, even though they're not fully documented.[/i]

[b]"Well...that was good, now I think it's time for a beer and a nap."[/b] Rising to his feet, he set the pen on a wooden desk, stretching out his long limbs as he walked.[/color][/size]

[b]OOC:[/b] It may be...slightly unorthodox, but I imagine I did okay. Alright, I hope you like it. =D
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BKstyles as [B]Virgil Kingston[/B] [Augustine]
Neuvoxraiha as [B]Linett Jhaena Dynn[/B] [Augustine]
Nefertimon as [B]Sondra[/B] [Augustine]
Monkatraz as [B]Colonel Wilhelm Raeder[/B] [Augustine]
Disenchanted as [B]Helena Montgomery[/B] [Augustine]

Lionheart as [B]Youko Nakajima[/B] [Human]
Ozymandius Jones as [B]Charles Gabriel Baldwin[/B] [Human]
Starwind as [B]Darrik Adams 'Collin Flek'[/B] [Human]

Myself as [B]Shavik Deacon von Lorentzen[/B] [Nicodemus]
2007DigitalBoy as [B]Josephine Constance Haughm[/B] [Nicodemus]
Forgotten-Hero as [B]Chester Cornelius[/B] [Nicodemus]
Engel as [B]Ezekiel Darrius von Kampfer II[/B] [Nicodemus]

Andrew as [B]John 'The Butcher' Baker[/B] [Neutral]
Allamorph as [B]Aleister Faust[/B] [Pending][/CENTER]

I'm still awaiting Revelation and Allamorph is going to play Mr. Faust for us. Look out for the RPG in the Arena at some point soon. The sign-ups will remain open throughout the RPG, although I may be harsher with what I expect. As normal, I'm trusting even the players I have never role played with before to do their best. And I'm sorry if your name is not on the list, I truly am.

Check out the Underground for the current Locations in the game.

And good luck, my little Vampires.[/SIZE]
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