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[i]The world of Gaia faces impending turmoil. The Chancellor of Verdun has ordered a rapid expansion of the nation's military powers, including the construction of the world's first long-range military silo.

These developments are troubling to Verdun's southern neighbour, Oleron. The peaceful land of Oleron is based on the use of magic and swordsmanship; not on the use of cannons or guns.

The Oleronean Guild of Power (the governing body in Oleron) has called a Grand Assembly, inviting the leaders of Gaia's other two populated nations: Esperna and Almaran.

As the representatives arrive in Oleron's capital of Meridion, a large explosion rocks the eastern sector of the city. It seems that someone isn't interested in peace -- the people of Oleron strongly suspect that Verdun was behind the attack, but there are some who suspect that greater forces are manipulating Verdun behind the scenes...[/i]

[b]The World of Gaia[/b]


The world of Gaia is made up of [b]seven[/b] continents. Of those seven continents, [b]four[/b] are populated by a specific race of beings.

The map above uses colour coding to demonstrate where each race's territory lies. As you can see, Verdun is home to the Hume, Oleron is home to the Elves, Almaran is home to the Halbreed and Esperna is home to the Quart.

In the map above, the colored icons represent [b]capital cities[/b] and [b]important geographical locations[/b]. Specific towns and buildings are represented by numbers, which are listed at the bottom. Each number and its corresponding structure/city/town is also colour coded, to demonstrate which race it belongs to.

[b]Sign Up[/b]

[b]Select Character[/b]

Selecting a character is pretty simple. But you'll need to read carefully, just to ensure that you choose wisely.

Below, you will find a complete list of possible characters to use in the RPG. Each individual character is given a number. In the select character field, all you need to do is type the number of the character you want. If someone else has selected a character that you want to use, you will need to find another. Only one model per participant.

Once you have chosen the model of how your character will appear, you simply need to fill out the following fields:


And now, I'll introduce you to the various races:


[size=1]Female Elves[/size]

[size=1]Male Elves[/size]

The Elfin race occupies the nation of Oleron. Elves are generally considered to be the most noble creatures in the world. They are highly knowledgable and their society prides itself on knowledge and wisdom.

Elves tend to focus on non-mechanical weaponry. That is, they utilize everything from daggers and swords to lances and ninja stars. All of their weaponry is hand-made and in some cases, elves add magical qualities to their weapons.

In general, elves carry two light weapons -- one in each hand. They do not carry guns, pistols or any other kind of automatic weaponry.

Elves are moderately powerful when it comes to magic ability. And in general, elfin magic is based on the dark arts (offensive magic).


[size=1]Female Hume[/size]

[size=1]Male Hume[/size]

The Hume are the wealthiest and most technologically advanced race on the planet. They occupy the nation of Verdun, to the north of Oleron.

Throughout history, Hume were perhaps closest to Elves in terms of their society. But in recent decades, the Hume have moved beyond Elves in terms of technology and society -- the Hume capital of Vin Kartia is the largest and most polluted city on Gaia.

The continual technological advancement has come at a price; the hume have completely forgotten magic. They no longer practice magic of any kind within the borders of Verdun and recently, it has become illegal to practice any kind of magic at all.

Those who practice magic are sent to Solace Prison, a prison which already contains thousands of people from all over Gaia.

Hume generally use some sort of automatic weapon -- a pistol, a rifle, a shotgun or even a high-energy laser weapon. Due to the fact that Hume weaponry is the most powerful in the world of Gaia, hume generally only carry one weapon.


[size=1]Male Halbreed[/size]

[size=1]Female Halbreed[/size]

The Halbreed are an ancient race. They occupy the nation of Almaran.

Halbreed are actually a mixed race; they are half Hume, half animal. The combination is a unique one, because it gives the Halbreed much more sensitive hearing, vision and sense of smell.

In some cases, it also allows Halbreed to control wild animals through a form of hypnosis.

Halbreed are fairly peaceful but are often reluctant to accept outsiders. They prefer to deal with their own kind whenever possible.

Halbreed weaponry is fairly simplistic, consisting of basic swords, knives and clubs. However, what they lose in weaponry they make up for in physical attributes. Halbreed are the physically strongest race in the world in Gaia. They can run the fastest, jump the highest and they even have the ability to camouflage with natural surroundings.

Like Hume, Halbreed can only carry one weapon at a time.


[size=1]Female Quart[/size]

[size=1]Male Quart[/size]

The Quart are a race which inhabits the western continent of Esperna.

Quart appear very short and look very young. However, they posess the longest lifespan of any creature in the world of Gaia.

Some Quart have been known to live for more than 500 years -- Quart do not age on the outside and therefore, it can be very difficult to tell exactly how old a Quart male or female actually is.

The Quart are tribal people who live in villages which sit amongst the branches of enormous trees. They are physically the weakest of any race on Gaia, however, they posess very powerful magic abilities. In general, Quart utilize powerful white magic (which can be either defensive or offensive). Due to their magical power, the Quart actually have a great deal of control over the planet -- they are considered to be the guardians of the natural balance.

Quart do not carry any weapons. They use magic, which does not require weaponry.

[b]Other sign up fields include:[/b]




Items (up to five can be carried):

White Magic Spells: (used by Quart only)

Black Magic Spells: (used by Quart and Elf)

Ability 1: (any race can use abilities -- however, the abilities should be related to what that race can realistically do [ie: Halbreed might have a "sense" ability])

Ability 2:[/b]

I'll post my sign up soon.

[size=1]EDIT: I just noticed that two models have the same number. If you want to use a character which shares a number with another character, just say in the character number field what the race and sex of the model is.[/size]

[b]I'm using character number 50 -- it's reserved. :)[/b]
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Vin Kartia


Rasanak has lived in Vin Kartia all his life. He is almost sealed off from the outside world, knowing nothing of life away from Verdun really. Sometimes he used to venture out into the Desert of Solace, but after an incident involving his brother who was killed by monsters in the wilderness he was forbidden to ever wander out of Vin Kartia alone while he lived with his parents.

He left home when he was 19 and brought an apartment in a business dictrict of Vin Kartia. It wasn't much, but it's all he needed, considering that he was out more and only came back to the apartment when it was night. He and a friend now visit the frequently, mostly for Rasanak's job as a Monster Hunter. He just hunts Monsters and receives rewards for killing, that's his way of surviving.


Rasanak is calm and laid back alot of the time. When he's tired he is quiet and doesn't say anything and in battles he acts like he is playing around. His emotions are easily controlled by him though, it's hard to tell when he's sad because he always smothers it in another emotion.


Shining Spear


Charge Cell, Two Potions

[b]White Magic Spells:[/b]


[b]Black Magic Spells:[/b]


[b]Ability 1:[/b]

[b]- Shockwave:[/b] The Shining Spear charges up and a small charge of electricity pulses from the head of the spear and creates a dome of electricity around the user and then sends it out in all directions, harming all enemies.

[b]Ability 2:[/b]

[b]- Decapitator:[/b] The user stabs his Spear into an enemy then charges the laser, doing heavy damage to lightly armoured enemies. Only can be used on one enemy.[/SIZE]
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[b]Shin-ji Karika~number 24[/b]

[b] age: 27[/b]

[b]location: south-east of auril city[/b]

[b]Bio:[/b][i] Shin-ji grew up in the mountains, south-east of auril city, alone with his dad. His father was more then an elf. He was a skilled swordsman (something like a samurai). His father, shiona Karika trained Shin-ji in the ways of the swords, as well as in the way of magic. Unfortunitly his father died in a cruel battle with a Halbreed, which is why Shin-ji has an enormous hatred for them. He trusts no one, which makes him a terriblefreind, and this is why he lives alone. Shin-ji rarely visits any type of city or civilization.[/i]

[b] Personality:[/b][i] Besides, his hatred for Halbreeds, Shin-ji is a natural born hero. He will save anything that needs help, but right away he will leave. He needs no freinds and he doesnt want any....[/i]

[b]Items:[/b][i] In his pouch, which he carries at his side, is everything Shin-ji needs to live. He carries his food, clothing, housing material, and anything else he will need to live.[/i]

[b] Weapons:[/b][i] Shin-ji carries two samurai swords, which he uses for everything. They were his father's so he makes sure they stay with him for everything.[/i]

[b] Black Magic:[/b][i] Shin-ji has the Ability to infuse fire or Ice or any weather technique into his two swords. He can also create "force" feilds which helps him when fighting, or even hunting for food.[/i]

[b] Ability1:[/b][i] Shin-ji has the ability to move very very quick, which also helps him when fighting of hunting.[/i]

[b]Ability:[/b][i] Shin-ji also has the ability to move certain organic items with his mind...[/i]
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[b]char. number-[/b] 9

[b]name-[/b]Elsyan Eglaannûn

[b]age-[/b]16 in human years (over 200)

[b]location-[/b]Kahn Forest

[b]Bio/history-[/b]Elsyan is an Elf that lives somewhere deep within the Kahn Forest. She lives alone with her mother because her father went journeying a few years ago, and she hasn't seen or heard of him since. she has been trained to use a sword, so she is now an Elfin Warrior. She and her mother don't leave the forest much ever since the news of recent events have been heard, but Elsyan knows that she must go soon.

[b]Personality-[/b]Elsyan is usually very quiet because she tends to keep to herself. She is fairly open-minded, but may be stubborn at times.

[b]Weapons-[/b]An Elvish sword and a long bow with a quiver of arrows.

[b]Items-[/b]a small pack where she keeps a small rations of food and water.

[b]White Magic Spells-[/b]none

[b]Black Magic Spells-[/b]none

[b]Ability 1-[/b]

Healing Hand: She can heal people, but only to a certain extent.

[b]Ability 2-[/b]

Pass without Trace: She moves more swiftly and silently than usual, so it makes her harder to be seen. It's pretty pointless, but it does come into good use.
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Char no.-37

Name- Terrin Alderbrook


Location-Vol-mar town
Bio/history-Terrin was rised by her Father when her mother died shortly after her birth. When terrin as 12 her father died aswell leving her alone to run the family buisness, a firearms and explosives shop, by herself. Terrin has learned to take care of herself and runs her buisness well, knowing every trick of the trade.

personality-Terrin is usualy obnoxious when comfortable in her surroundings, she keeps her past very close to her and rarely, if ever talks about it.

Weapons: sawed of shotgun

Items: food, clothing, aid kit and a small bomb, all in a shoulder bag.

white magic spells-none

Black magic spells-none

Ability one- Sharp shooting.

ability two-Dissarm explosives.
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[color=indigo][b]Character Number:[/b] 73

[b]Name:[/b] Zaius ¥undra [ Zay' ? us Uun' ? dra ]

[b]Age:[/b] 54

[b]Location:[/b] Thira Town

[b]Bio:[/b] Zaius ¥undra originally lived in Antakan City. At quite a young age he grew tired of the city's dense population. He went on a long and tedious journey clear across his people's lands, all the way to Thira Point. The journey took him many years as he traveled on foot. He even had to create a small wooden boat to cross the water from one island of Almaran to the next. Traveling across he had many adventures through wild life which in turn hightened his senses and his ability to control them. Once he reached Thira Town he was welcomed in. From then on he has lived fairly peaceful for the rest of the life that he has lived thus far.

Though, upon hearing of the disaster of Oleron he has become upset. He fears the potential of great battle, and hopes for the reign of peace.

[b]Personality:[/b] Despite his age, Zaius ¥undra is one of the greatest Halbreeds in his particular town, not to mention great wisdom. He much prefers to stay out of confrontations, only fighting when absolutley neccesary. He is exceptional in the hunt and a skilled craftsman. His physical ability is often doubted, but he is no lesser able than any of the other younger Halbreeds. He is very strong both phsyically and in will power.

[b]Items:[/b] A thin, soft leather utility belt holding[b]:[/b] Basic tools [small hammer, pliers, sharpening stone/filer] ? First aid ( pouch ) ? Small rations (pouch)

[b]Weapons:[/b] Large, blunt club [ length: 4.5' ? weight: approx. 150 lbs ? circumfrence: 27" at its widest ]

[b]White Magic Spells:[/b] N/A

[b]Black Magic Spells:[/b] N/A

[b]Ability1:[/b] [i]Focus:[/i] Zaius ¥undra has grown the inate ability to focus his senses to increase their use. He can see as far as 100 miles over water* with crystal clear picture. He can hear things from great distances and even through objects, such as walls, but he must be in close proximity. His sense of smell is similar to his sense of sight. Only one sense can be focused at a time, and it isn't just automatic. Also the ability to focus them depends on his health condition. (ie: if he is sick, he won't be able to focus very well if at all)

[b]Ability 2:[/b] [i]Durability:[/i] Due to the Halbreeds exceptional strength, and Zaius ¥undra's wilderness experiences, he has developed very coarse, thick skin making it rather difficult to be pierced. Pain is also rather difficult to inflict upon him.

*over water: For those of you unsure of this term, it simply means as long as there is nothing obstructing view, things can be seen that far. If there is a mountain in the plane of view, obviously one can't see any further than that.[/color]
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Char-Number: 18

Name: Indrid Syelhan

Age: 214

Location: Kahn Forest

Bio\History: Trained by his father in swordsmanship and magik at an early age an taught himself the Elven Longbow
.He never knew his mother. Indrid now lives with his father in a small hut, high in the trees of the Kahn Forest. Due to this Indrid is an expert climber aswell.

Of late, Indrid has been searching for any trace of his mother, as his father never talks of her. He is determined to find her, and is readying(spelling) himself for his quest, on the search for his mother.

Personality: Indrid is an outgoing type, and always does what he wants. Open-mineded, always willing to listen to someone else's opinion. Will often jump into freindships with no consideration of anything.

Weapons: An enchanted Elvish Staff; Raklan.

Items: A quiver of arrows, and a pack for food and water.

Black Magik Spells: Burning Hands
Lightning Charge

Lightning Charge; Using his black magik skill, Indrid charges his
Staff with static charges, and spinning the staff over his head,
releases thunderous charges, damaging all enemies.

Weapon Arts; His skill with a staff is unrivaled. Indrid is an agile
fighter, but using this skill enhanches his fighting ability with his
Staff. He becomes, stronger and more agile, swell as employing
techniques, such as flips and balancing in his staff.
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]Char-Number: 26

Name: Lacroix Vukodlak

Age: 234

Location: Wasteland in the Auril Desert

Bio\History: Lacroix lived a complacent life until he was 53 years old. Reivers destroyed his family home, and brutually murdered his parents. Lacroix survived barely, the flames and the attackers leaving him physically scarred, and slightly deranged. Lacroix wandered the world for 160 years, not knowing who he was, what he was, or what his past was. Then, upon awaking, his mind was suddenly flooded with images. The attack, crawling away from the flaming wreck, his parents' blood staining his hands. Wondering where he had been, he searched his mind further, and found nothing. The 160 year gap where he was lost and insane is unknown to him. He is aware there was a large period of time, but he has no knowledge of it.

When he started to remember things, Lacroix realised a few things about himself were different. He had skills he had certainly no learned in childhood. He could fight extremely well, both with weapons and martial arts styles, and he was extremely acrobatic. Lacroix now wishes to find out what happened to him during the large gap in his life, and to find out just who he is.

Personality: Lacroix is a dark, introverted soul, with mental problems that still occasionally haunt him. He is almost miltantly pessimistic, with a depressed and cynical outlook on life. He finds company often oppressive, and prefer a solitary existence. He rarely speaks other than to make a point or to tell people to leave him alone, although he has been heard to hold long, rambling discourses with himself, despite his existentialistic beliefs.

Weapons: Twin scimitars, set of throwing stars.

Items: A small hunting knife for skinning, a small tent. Lacroix prefers to live off the land, and travel light.

Black Magik Spells: Static discharge (basically ionizing the air around him, a shield against any metal missles), Life tap (drains the life force of opponents. If the opponent is particularly strongwilled, this spell has no effect. If the opponent is undead, this spell is likely to harm Lacroix)

Abilities: Assasination: One of the skills Lacroix learned was assasination. Due to his increased knowledge of deadly arts, he is able to perform acts such as poisoning weapons, or killing without being noticed.

Weapon Arts: Lacroix is trained to perfection in twin weapon fighting. He blends acrobatics and martial arts into his combat, quite often discarding his weapons in favour of disarming his opponent and using his weapon against him, or some other such trick. Lacroix is loathe to use his throwing stars in combat, he reserves them mainly for hunting beasts too swift for him to run down.[/font][/color]
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[B]NAME:[/B] Kahn

[B]AGE:[/B] 30

[B]LOCATION:[/B] Vin Kartia

[B]Bio/history:[/B] Born and raised on Vanar Island, Kahn travelled to Vin Kartia only a few months ago, seeking better employment for himself as a bodyguard, or mercenary. He has been trained in various forms of weaponry since he was a child, but tends only to use one kind. He once travelled to Meridion, and found it a pleasent place, and has always planned to visit there again. However, his continuing search for more and more gil means that he simple hasn't had time to do so. He is tall, and has a muscular build.

[B]Personality:[/B] Quiet, modest, likes to listen more than talk. He is not one to rush into a fight, but has no remorse once he gets into one. He has no time for friends, and has such has become strictly business-like in what he does.

[B]Weapon:[/B] A lime green beamsabre.

[B]Items:[/B] 2x concussion grenades (not fatal, used to paralyse a foe temorarily.) 2x potion, 1x ether.

[B]White Magic Spells:[/B] None

[B]Black Magic Spells:[/B] None

[B]Ability 1:[/B]

[I]Kai-Kan-[/I] A well practiced series of moves, it is used to confuse a foe woth a series of fast sabre momements, then the sabre is flicked 'round n the hand once, gaining speed for a strike to the creatures chest area.

[B]Ability 2:[/B]

[I]Executioner-[/I] Using a dial on the beamsabres handle, it increases in length, and it's colour deepens... he then uses the blade to strike, in a stabbing motion, through an enemies cranium.
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Character number: 28

Name: Aleron

Age: 17 in human years

Location: Meridion

Bio: Born in The Nuroa village but moved to Meridion. Took a carrer in Blade craftsmanship and made quite a profit. Took His own blade and went to Kahn Forest to train for a year and returned a master swordsman Offered his services to the Elvan Council if needed after the strange goings on.

Personality: Quiet And Wise: Has learnt a lot from just listening to other people. His magic ability far surpasses some of the oldest and wisest of the elvan race and his abilty with his sword is yet to be matched from his kind.

Weapon: Elvan Blade which is practically Unbreakable. He also has an elvan bow.

Items: 2x healing potion, a quiver of arrows and a fletching kit

White Magic Spells: None

Black Magic Spells:
Elemental bolt: A random bolt of an element is fired from his hands.

Natural Disaster: As the name suggests, natural disasters like small earthquakes, volcanoes and torndaoes can be summoned. Capable of destroying only small villages. Has only eve been practiced once byn Aleron.

Abilities: Elemental Charge: Can charge up his blade or arrow with an elemental speel of his choice.
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Char. Number: 53

Name: Ryowa Davis

Age: 23

Location: Vin Kartia

Bio/history: Ryowa was born on Alamar. He loves to travel and explore new places. His main weapon is his Sword. It was given to him by his father. His father gave him the sword just before he died. He lives with his mother when he is not on any adventures. His favorite place to go and relax is the Nuroa beach.

Personality: Quiet usualy. Sometimes can get annoying. He is friendly to his allys but not to his foes.

Weapon/s: A medium sized sword.

Items: 3 potions, 2 Ethers

White Magic Spells: None

Black Magic Spells: None

Ability 1:

Omega Shock: The sword makes lightning which it absorbs during lightning storms come out of the tip of the sword.

Ability 2:

Electric tornado: A second blade comes out of the other end of the sword. Then Ryowa uses his Omega Shock ability while he spins the double bladed sword in circules fast which usualy makes a mini tornado which destroys the foe. Its accuracy is usualy great. But not always.
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NAME: Kallabow Bulvih
AGE: 24
LOCATION: Thira Town
Bio/history: He was born in Thira Town. He was raised by his father and mother with in a litter of six. However all his siblings perished in a horrible swimming accident. His parents later died of old age. He still has a few older brothers and sisters from earlier litters, but he has little contact with them.
Personality: Because he was the only one to survive his litter, he tends to be a loner. If met with a challenge, however, he can become uncharacteristically aggressive and stubborn.

Weapon/s: He carries a light, curved sword that he calls "Blood."

Items (up to five can be carried): He carries the basics: A small food pouch filled with nuts and berries, some elixer for healing himself, a walking stick, and a cloak his father made for him out of the feathers of an eagle.

Ability 1: He has an uncanny ability to sense others approaching. "Sense"(lol)

Ability 2: When put in difficult situations he can quickly focus his mind and body for the task at hand. "Rush"(lol again)

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[size=1]CHAR. NUMBER: 88

NAME: SeecSucher

AGE: 18

LOCATION: WindHyte Plains

Bio/history: SeecSucher has lived in the WindHyte Plains most her life or from what she knows, Alone...She doesn't really know much of her past due to her parents abandonned her and she was forced to grow up and survive on her own at a very young age. Nothing is really known about her, she seems to be a very mysterious character.

Personality: Shes quiet and usually kept to herself, mostly because she travels alone and hasn't come in contact with any others. despite her tough stubborn attitude, she has a kinda heart.

Weapon: A small dagger

Items: She carries a small potion pouch and a napsack in which she keeps her food/water in.

White Magic Spells: none

Black Magic Spells: none

Ability 1: She has the ability to hear and sense other living creatures within a large range around her.

Ability 2: She also has the ability to keep her scent hidden while camoflaged.[/size]
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[color=indigo]CHAR. NUMBER: 54

NAME: Corran Wrath

AGE: 26

LOCATION: Solace Prison, Solace Desert

Bio/history: Corran was sent to Solace Prison by accident. The police of Corran's original home, Vin Carrtia, thought that Corran was practicing black magic. Ever since that time Corran has been determined to escape the desert prison and to find a teacher to show him how to wield black magic.

Personality: Arrogant and vengeful, Corran is a proud man who has a loud bark and a vicious bite.

Weapon: Laser Claw

Items: He has no possesions besides his laser claw, but Corran has becme a fairly good thief since he was sent to Solace Prison.

White Magic Spells: none

Black Magic Spells: none

Ability 1: Steal...Corran can steal from anyone

Ability 2: Distract...Corran has th ability to distract enimies, alowing his teammates to more effectively attack[/color]
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...James, why does the background plot of this RPG remind me so much of Episode II? o_O;;

[b]Name:[/b] Amadrienia Lómilmandel (Ami for short)

[b]Character number:[/b] 5

[b]Age:[/b] 17 (In Human years)

[b]Location:[/b] Kahn Air Station

[b]Bio/history:[/b] Ami was born and raised in a tiny village in the Kahn forest. She was an only child, and was raised by her grandparents. She had a love for adventure. At the age of 14, her Grandfather died, and she began to run the household. Bby the age of 15 her Grandmother had passed away, and Ami had decided to move away from the village. She had been working on an airship of her very own, and could now devote all of her time to it. She sold the family home, and finished her Airship, the [i]Drienia[/i]. Ever since, she's been adventuring around the world, living out her dream.

[b]Personality:[/b] Although she can come off as a bit ditzy, Ami is a serious, smart and occasionally mature person. She loves to travel, and is one of the few who actually own an Airship of their own. She's a caring and loving person, and doesn't like anything bad happening to anyone. She has no enemies, and has no rascist feelings towards any of the other species on Gaia, but is sometimes fearful of the Humes, and their quickly advancing technologies.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Two short but sturdy elvish swords, made from Mithril excavated in the Auril desert. The swords are engraved with Elvish runes, the meanings unknown by all except Ami. Also carries a crude Crossbow, but doesn't use often.

[b]Items:[/b] 3x Elixirs, 2x Remedies.

[b]Black Magic Spells:[/b]
[b]Fire[/b] - The Ability to manipulate fire in various ways.
[b]Wind[/b] - The Ability to call upon strong torrents of wind and the like.

[b]Piloting:[/b] Ami can call upon her Airship whenever she needs it, and it will instantly proceed to her destination. She can do this in battle as well, and use her Airship as a means of Offence and Defence. Her piloting skils are easily the best in Oraneon, unrivaled by even the best commerical pilots.

[b]Agility:[/b] Ami may not be a very strong fighter, but certainly makes up for it with Agility and effective blows. She knows where to strike and has the speed to get there. Her agility also helps her dodge moves and escape fights, which is essential, seeing as she has lower defence than most.

This should prove interesting...
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NAME: Hikari Nagisa

AGE: 21

LOCATION: Meridion, Oleron

Bio/history: she has lived in Meridion for the past 5 years, nothing is known about her past. It is said by many people that the reason for her cold personality is because of an incident that had happened to her in the past, possibly the death of a very close family member or friend. In 5 years even the people who have known her longest have never seen her cry or smile, nor any kind of emotion shown on her face

Personality: difficult to understand, to many she seems cold hearted, she only speaks when she needs to and holds no regard for anyone else. She is usually the quiet one, the "loner", if you will.

edit-what the hell, I filled in weapon, item, ability 1 and 2 and they're not here anymore?

*scratches head in confusion*

may as well do it again....

Weapon: Big Broad Sword

Items:2x Potion, 1x Ether, 1x phoenix down, 1x remedy

White Magic: none

Black Magic: Fire, Ice

Ability: Berserk-greatly raises the user's strength, causing them to attack, but while in berserk, the user can ONLY attack

Ability 2: Chakara-restores some hp and mp to user or ally
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[b]Char Number:[/b] 50

[b]Name:[/b] Luca

[b]Age:[/b] 19

[b]Location:[/b] Vin Kartia

[b]Bio/History:[/b] Luca has lived in Vin Kartia since he was five years old. Before that, he lived in the coastal town of Nara-Zemir.

Currently, Luca lives in a tall apartment building within the heart of Vin Kartia. His best friend, Rasanak, lives in the same building.

One of Luca's biggest passions is [i]Sky Hockey[/i], a sport which originated in Verdun countless years ago. Verdun is the only nation which plays Sky Hockey, as it requires highly advanced technology to work.

Outside Sky Hockey, Luca travels all over Verdun's enormous Desert of Solace with Rasanak on the hunt for Monsters. This is both Luca and Rasanak's primary source of income.

[b]Personality:[/b] Luca is a bright and cheerful guy who loves his Sky Hockey and Monster hunting. Outside of these pursuits, he has very little in the way of other interests, although one of his dreams is to travel the world and explore the unexplored.

Luca was brought up in a very stable household and as such, he has never suffered any major problems in life. Even though this somewhat contributes to his general cheerful disposition, it also makes him slightly naive when it comes to life experience.

[b]Weapon/s:[/b] Luca carries a long, thin staff made of pure titanium. The staff is technologically wired to Luca's DNA, meaning that nobody else can use it. Furthermore, Luca can simply grip the staff in different places to use its various functions.

[b]Items:[/b] 1x Grenade, 1x Pendant, 1x Sky Shoes (used in Sky Hockey), 1x Hi Potion and 1x Antidote.

[b]Ability 1:[/b] [i]Pogo Jump:[/i] This ability is based on Luca's titanium staff. By gripping it in a certain way and driving it into the ground, Luca can boost himself up in the air very high. It is particularly useful during battle and allows Luca to be highly flexible in combat.

[b]Ability 2:[/b] [i]Elemental Rod:[/i] Whilst Hume are not able to use magic on their own, Luca's staff is equipped with the ability to utilize the four major elements -- fire, ice, water and lightning -- in order to further expand the staff's capabilities. Luca can "charge up" the staff with a particular element and use it for added effect in some circumstances.

[size=1]Okay, there we go.

I have a few ideas about this RPG, which I'd like to explain.

Firstly, there could be an added benefit to having everyone select characters from the models I have provided.

I'm considering cutting out each player's model and making them seperate images, each hosted off-site.

My idea is that, whenever someone talks, they use the IMG tag to put their model infront of their name. For example:

[IMG]Link to Luca's model here[/IMG] Luca: Hi, I'm Luca.

See what I mean?

Admittedly, it'd require extra effort...although, it wouldn't be too hard to put the links in, as you'd merely have to right click the appropriate model (I'd put them all up at the start of the RPG) and copy and paste the link into the image tag.

That way, it'd be a bit more like a "real" RPG. If you'd like me to demonstrate it, I'll do so at the end of this sign up thread...so you guys can see how it looks. By actually using models within the story itself, we can always remember what the characters look like...and it gives us a better impression of who is talking (rather than just having a name and nothing else).

I think it'd be cool and I'd be happy to cut all the images up etc...but it's up to you guys, if you think it's worth it.

I have a few other ideas which could potentially make the RPG a little more interesting...but I'll introduce those later. ;)[/size]
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Ack!! Am I too late to sign up? Erm... I can't belive I ignored this! *taps back of head* I guess... I'll post my sign up and delete it later if the rpg is full...

Char. number: 13
Name: Siren Kojia
Age: 18 in human (267 about)
Location: Khan Forest
Bio/history: Siren was orphaned at the age of twelve... Her parents left her on the shore of the ocean as they sailed away... For years Siren would roam the beaches looking for anyone who knew of them... The information she found was not what she had in mind... The whisperings told her that her parents had left to the Feilds of Eternity never to return... Dispirited and alone, Siren gave up at age fifteen... Catching a ride with a merchant, she traveled to the Khan Forest where she has been living with an isolated commiunity honing her fighting ability and magical skills...

Personality: Somewhat quiet, has a air of determination that surrounds her, she a dry sense of humor and an evil temper... She hates little kids and birds although they seem to be attracted to her... She has a sense of honor that often fouls her up... She'll not use magic in a fight aginst a swordsman, nor will she use blades in a magical battle... Siren has little patience with amateurs and children... She is a dreamer and will drift off in iminportant occasions...
Weapon/s: Sai, rapier, shurrikens
Items: Trail rations, a small bag of sand, whet stone, flint and steel, lump of hematite
Black Magic Spells:
Black firespout: a whirlwind of blackish purple flame
Disorientation- confuses and slows enemy
Force bolt- sends a bold of almost invisable air at the enemy
Concussion- explodes the ground in every direction for a radius of 15 ft

Ability 1: Siren can shut out everything and eyeryone except what she chooses... Refreshes and hightens concentration

Ability 2: She can place a mental tag on her opponent to see/feel his location at all times..
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Man James that sounds great, This is coming out to be a [b] True[/b] Rpg,and it sounds amazing.

Could there be away to make up many outfits and weapons, each person picking them they add it to there char's head and make an image of what there char. looks like???

O yea when is this thing gonna start?
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NAME: Real Daskar

AGE: 17

LOCATION: Nuroa Beach/Village

Bio/history: His life has been madness ever since the evening in the Auril Desert. His father was an adventurer and merchant and collected special items. Real traveled with his father since his mother died of a disease after he was born. That one evening... it was the most terrible thing he ever saw. His father was killed by shadow creatures. He's been out to kill them ever since. he was only 6 when this happened and luckily he made it to civilization before the shadow creatures found him.

He lived with some old folks out on the Nuroa Beach. The place was good enough to call home. The painful memories of his lost family was hard on him through the years, but the thought of his brother still out there stayed with him as well. His brother was lost in the same desert, causing Real and his father to go there.

The world can be a crazy place and that's what got Real started. He felt the need to leave his home. A journey. He doesn't know what it is, but he must find it.

Personality: His humorous ways get him some places and his kindness can attract many friends. yet, his eagerness for adventure starves his appetite and he always leaves on that same quest of no meaning. If he had some people that'd dare to journey with him, maybe his life would let up a little.

Weapon/s: Ragnarok (His father's sword)

Items: 2 potions and some items found on his journeys
and a puch to carry the items

White Magic Spells: None yet

Black Magic Spells: Bolt

Ability 1: Agility- He has increbile agility and speed which serves him well in a chase or battle or even escapes.

Ability 2: Sense- He can sense things that no one else can. An odd, but useful tactic.
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[color=teal][size=1][b]CHAR. NUMBER:[/b]







Windhyte Village


Fled from Thira Town to avoid death after losing entire family to war involving Humes several decades ago. Because of this, he considers himself a coward and waits for opporitunity to prove himself. The attacks, which many people suspect were caused by the Hume-inhabited continent of Verdun, allows Xeshiur to both physically and verbally abuse the entire race. His acts gain him a followers, and soon becomes a rising leader of Almaran.


Xeshiur is stuck in the past, and has a fierce desire for vengeance. He is hot-tempered, but intelligent and cunning. However, when he is angered he jumps to conclusions too quickly, making bad desicions.


A three foot curved saber made of plutron, a material of ultra-hard minerals and animal matter unique to Almaran. Is a family heirloom, all Xeshiur has left of his relatives.


Halbreed Horn, 2 potions and a small pouch of Almaran coins worth 127 Halbreed dollars.

[b]White Magic Spells:[/b]


[b]Black Magic Spells:[/b]


[b]Ability 1:[/b]

--Howl: Lets out ear-piercing howl which causes severe but nonfatal damage to enemy's brain; the smarter the enemy, the more damage done.

[b]Ability 2:[/b]

--Scythe: Saber is thrown boomerang-style, and Xeshiur controls its movements by calling out animal matter inside the blade. Very deadly.[/color][/size]
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