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Anime Picture Caption Game

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Despite the dismay of all the fan girls and their fantasies, Sasuke and Naruto DID NOT enjoy their lip-lock.
Sasuke: I can't believe I felt your tongue...
Naruto: WHAT! That wasn't me you pervert!!
Sasuke: Whatever loser. Now everyone thinks we're gay.
Naruto: Let them think what they want, I'm going to be hokage someday, believe it!

Jirayia: I don't know what just happened with you guys, but I need to fix this!!! Let's go for some drinks and see some women instead... say, Naruto, you got your wallet with you?

Naruto: Ugh, perverted hermit, I'd rather be rubbing Old Lady Tsunade's..er.. feet! than let you spend all my money on booze and women. Believe it!

Sasuke: You're such a moron. Excuse me while I go rinse my mouth with bleach.

Wow, longest caption ever.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]The quotes have been judged, the voting is now closed, if I ever see another Yaoi fanfic in my life I think my head may go "kersplode"....Now the winners

In [strike]957,234,435,656,191th[/strike] 1st place we have
[quote name='r2vq]"[I]Sasuke[/I] and [I]Naruto [/I] couldn't help themselvs when their yaoi fantasies took over, [I]Ikillion [/I'] was never the same again.."i[/quote]

I have to admit...I was never the same again....you will burn and pay though...-plots-

In 2nd
[quote name='KKC][size=1']Naruto *thinking*: Why do his lips taste like cherries?!?![/size][/quote]

All I have to say is the **** was he thinking that for...o.O

and finally in 3rd
[QUOTE=CoLoR_Me_EviL][FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Naruto: I wonder if the "I tripped and fell on your lips" excuse will work like it did with Sakura...

I bet if Sakura saw that, she would have done the same thing Tsunade did to Jiraiya...complete Ownage.

and as a honorable mention
[quote name='Gaara kun][COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Garamond]Playing truth or dare, Naruto and Sasuke realize the consequence of Naruto's dare a bit too late...fanfictions.[/FONT'][/COLOR][/quote]

Yes, a friend of mine asked her to read a fanfic of hers, after I read it I realised I really didn't want to read any more fanfics...for a long...long ...time.

You win...this time.. r2vq, get a picture or the Yaoi ninjas will...get you![/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Ah~ I get what you said about revenge now. xP

~hai hai, this'll be the picture.
From the oh so lovely Basilisk anime, we have Tokugawa Ieyasu, head honcho and Shogun.

You folks'll have four days before we close this round.

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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]....There are so many things that could be said to that....I just...xD oh my..

"this is how bad herpes will become in the future...unless you young children stop having intercourse at such a younge age!"

Feh, my revenge failed...horribly >_> You win this time... [/FONT] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[QUOTE=Tatsubei Yagyu][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Refering to ChibiHorseWoman's Custom Title:

"[B][I]You're gonna have to drink a lot.[/I][/B]"[/FONT][/COLOR] :D[/QUOTE]

[color=#9922ff][font=Monotype Corsiva][size=4]I vote for this person!! Why? Because I'm narcisstic.

Another attempt for the picture:

Damn! I knew I should have stopped at five potatos![/color][/font][/size]
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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS][quote name='ChibiHorsewoman][color=#9922ff][font=Monotype Corsiva][size=4]I vote for this person!! Why? Because I'm narcisstic.![/color][/font'][/size][/quote]

I owe you for this one. I couldn't thing of anything, but I read your title and had my idea.

And aren't we all a little narcisstic? :p [/FONT][/COLOR]
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Hey folks, I don't have much time so I'll make this fast. ^^

Third Place
[spoiler][Tatsubei Yagyu]
"You're gonna have to drink a lot."[/spoiler]

Second Place
*Scratches chin*
Hey, how'd these get here...
*Puts in pants*[/spoiler]

First Place
A double chin gone horribly wrong.[/spoiler]

Honourable Mention
[spoiler][Gaara kun]
What you gonna do with all those lumps...all those lumps inside that hump??[/spoiler]

That means [spoiler]Awaken,[/spoiler] you're respoonsible for the next picture. Hope it's a good one. ^^ If [spoiler]Awaken[/spoiler] doesn't post one in 3 days, it goes to [spoiler]_Kenshin_[/spoiler] and eventually so on in the heirarchy.

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