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Sign Up X-Men: Beginnings [M-SLV]


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[SIZE=1]Mid-morning. The air is crisp, cool, and quiet. At 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Westchester County, New York; two men converse on the grounds of the estate. One man, tall, slender, with a command in his voice and a chill in his stare that exudes confidence and charisma. The other, one of the greatest minds the world has every seen, ironically confined to a chair. The sun, low to the east casts an enchanting glow over the landscape, and as the men stare out into it, they know they may be looking at the calm before the inevitable storm.

?It?s here Charles. The day you always feared. The day the homo-sapiens woke and found they aren?t alone on the planet.?

?It was never the day I feared Eric, but the actions of people on that day; actions that will shape our future? that will shape every day that follow this one.?

?So, once again old friend we find ourselves on a pivot. Humans have always feared what they do not understand Charles, and they will not understand us.?

?Then it becomes our responsibility to give them understanding.?

The silver haired man snickered.

?So how do you explain to a parent that their child can burn down the walls of their house with a stare, or convince a husband it?s normal that his wife can suddenly fly??

A sigh escaped from Charles? pursed lips. The task truly seemed almost insurmountable. If his closest friend could not agree with his ideals, how was he to bring the populace to accept his kind?

?They will think us mutants Charles. They will cast us down and out until we are all branded and behind bars. I have seen the brutality of the concentration camp once before Charles? it is an experience I would prefer not to relive.?

?You don?t know they will react that way??

?Oh come now Charles? if the ignorance of one man could lead to the slaughter of a religion, imagine what the ignorance of a species could accomplish. If they perceive us dangerous, we could quickly find ourselves in a fight for survival. When that fight reached my doorstep, I intend to be prepared.?

?We can co-exist Eric. We will exist peacefully because we must. The planet belongs to two species now. They will understand.?

?No Charles? the planet belongs to us now. We are the future Charles, not them.?

Xavier sighed again, turning his eyes from that of his companion. In that moment, both realised they were fighting a lost cause, and both knew that their relationship would never be the same again.

?I am afraid Charles, that this is a subject you and I will never agree on. Goodbye? old friend.?
At that, the taller man turned and walked away, his coat swaying lightly in the wind. Charles did not turn, but stared out into the landscape, the only sound the echoing clap of Eric?s soles on the stone patio. As the eleventh hour drew to a close, Xavier knew he was about to face a foe that may be too great even for him.


[B]October 12th, 2007:[/B] Reports arise out of Matsusaka, Japan of a girl that can allegedly set herself alight and remain unharmed.

[B]December 3rd, 2007:[/B] Rumours begin to arise about Olympic athlete Dikembe Ohalete, that whilst training for the 2008 Beijing Olympics he was seen outpacing an attacking lioness.

[B]January 2nd, 2008:[/B] Television footage shows Tennessee native Nathan Hodge lifting a car above his head before a crowd. When interviewed, Hodge insisted his incredible strength had come along very sudenly, and was completely natural. He agreed to be blood tested to find the source of his unusual abilities.

[B]January 10th, 2008:[/B] American President George W. Bush refuses to comment when asked about alleged human mutations, addressing the topic as ?mere speculation, at least for the time being.?

[B]February 15th 2008:[/B] A public press conference discussing the results of Nathan Hodge?s DNA tests reveals a mutation in his genes that may be the source of his amazing strength. As a result, the general public begins to refer to these super-humans as mutants.

[B]March 1st, 2008:[/B] As reports of super-human activity continue to rise, multi-billion dollar corporation Trask Industries chairman Bolivar Trask releases statement condemning these super-humans as mutants and a threat to humanity.

[B]March 12th, 2008:[/B] In Freiburg, Germany, Franz Mittelstaedt kills four human protestors who reacted violently when it was revealed he was a mutant. This heightens public tension and protestors grow in number, claiming mutants are indeed a threat.

[B]May 3rd, 2008:[/B] Dikembe Ohalete wins Olympic gold in 200 and 400 metre sprints, slashing both world records in the process, previously held by "the worlds fastest man"; Michael Johnson.

[B]May 7th, 2008:[/B] Nathan Hodge is admitted to a Nashville hospital with severe injuries after being attacked by "anti-mutant" protestors.

[B]May 23rd, 2008:[/B] A mysterious individual attacks one of Trask Industries main military production facilities, causing millions of dollars in structural damage, and the deaths of several workers. Trask employees who witnessed the event claimed the man referred to himself as "Magneto".

[B]May 27th, 2008:[/B] A military installation at Alkali Lake in Canada receives permission to experiment on mutants, both as test subjects and soldiers. Project Weapon X becomes active.

[B]June 2nd, 2008:[/B] Blood tests conducted on Dikembe Ohalete following his Olympic victories showed that he contained the same mutation in his genes as Nathan Hodge and several others. Immediately there after, protests begin demanding his medals are stripped from him.

[B]June 15th, 2008:[/B] Professor Charles Xavier officially opens his "Institute for Higher Learning", though no students have enrolled as of yet.

[B]June 20th, 2008:[/B] An anti-mutant organisation, calling themselves the "Anti-Mutant League", converge on Washington D.C., demanding individuals with the "X" gene be forced to register such a fact.


Okay boys and girls, the plan for this RPG is that we're going back to the beginning. Mutants are just being discovered, the X-Men are not yet active, and you will be playing the role of a mutant out in the world on his own. Don't worry, your characters will be recruited into the X-Men soon enough.

As with all my other X-Men RPG's, I must insist that you pick the [b]power[/b] of a mutant that does exist in the Marvel universe. I do this in order to stop demi-god characters, and it has always worked fine in the past. The most drawing thing about the X-Men, in my opinion, is that they all have weaknesses and so need to work as a team. This also promotes great RPing. You can choose the power of any mutant you wish, and can even use the identity of that mutant so should you choose. However, if you want to take a power and put it in an original character, that's fine by me. The powers of these mutants, however, are off limits:

1. Professor X
2. Magneto
3. Juggernaut
4. Apocalypse
5. Franklin Richards
6. X-Man
7. Onslaught

Other than that, you're all set. You want Storm's power? Knock yourself out. Colossus' power take your fancy? It's yours. This is not a first come, first serve system however. If several people apply for the same power, the best sign up will get said power. Now, lets go have some fun.




[B]Age:[/B] Teens or low twenties are preferred, but not essential.

[B]Power:[/B] The person whose power you are taking. A description of said power would also be nice.

[B]Codename:[/B] Just because I'm making you use someone's power, doesn't mean you have to use their name. If you can think of a better one, go crazy.

[B]Appearence:[/B] Description or a pic, either is fine.

[B]Personality:[/B] Is your character a goody two-shoes, or a bit of a *****? Here's where you let us know.

[B]Bio:[/B] What brought your character to the point where this RPG kicks off? Here's your chance to get a bit creative and make an impression.

One more thing. I will be using Wolverine's power, so if any of you want to try and apply for that, feel free... but I don't like your chances of beating me for the spot.

Okay, that's it. Enjoy.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=TEAL][B]Name:[/B] Damien Kaye.

[B]Age:[/B] 19.

[B]Power:[/B] [I] Marvel Character - Sunfire[/I]
Brightwind is a mutant with the power to ionize matter (usually air) through a mentally triggered unknown biochemical process so that it is converted to plasma, the super-heated state of matter. Plasma is the state in which matter making up the sun exists; hence, Brightwind refers to his projecting "solar fire." Brightwind can generate plasma temperatures which reach about 1,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit at maximum level. Brightwind can temporarily exhaust his power by using it for too long a time, or at too high a level. The amount of the time he needs to rebuild his power depends on the extent to which he has used it. For example, achieving his maximum temperature would immediately exhaust his powers, and he would need an unspecified number of hours to rebuild his powers to their normal level.

Brightwind can use his powers to create super-heated air currents which push him forward through the air, enabling him to fly. Sometimes this super-heated air is visible as a trail of flame behind Brightwind. The upper limit to the speed Brightwind can achieve in flight is not yet known.

It is unknown whether Brightwind emits radiation when he utilizes his power. If he does, he is protected from at least its short-range effects by a psionic force field which automatically comes into being whenever Brightwind uses his power. The force field protects Brightwind from the intense heat he generates, as well as from air friction, and also prevents excessive amounts of light from the plasma from reaching his eyes so as to blind or damage them. Brightwind could be harmed by heat from another source if he was taken by surprise, and if he was not using his plasma powers at the time. Brightwind's force field is sufficiently powerful to protect him from powerful quasi-solar optic blasts. It is not known whether it can protect him from solid objects.

[B]Codename:[/B] Brightwind.

[B]Appearance: [URL=http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/GMWoolvett/Gord3.jpg]Click here.[/URL][/B] [I]N/B: When Damien?s powers become active his eyes start crackling with the energy released and his hair becomes vertical.[/I]

[B]Personality:[/B] On the surface Damien is one of those ?average-Joe-by-day? heroes who isn?t anything incredible or amazing in his civilian life. Underneath however his has emotional turmoil as a result of his abilities. When he isn?t concentrating on the task at hand he is worrying about people discovering his true identity and exposing him. His ?normal? personality is a quiet individual, you could call him average, who would go the extra mile for friends and family if they need him, he can be deeply caring and when he gets angry it is only for short stints, it is never a prolonged thing.

Interestingly when his power becomes active his whole personality changes and he really becomes Brightwind. Gone is the quiet unassuming person and in his place is a loud and sometimes over confident alter ego who is also much more aggressive than the civilian. Brightwind often gets into trouble but given the extremeness of his power he can easily get himself out of it. It is due to his power that makes this element of Damien so over confident in almost any situation.

Both of these sides however do share the caring for friends and family, both also have a respect for life and the Brightwind persona will try to keep his quarry alive so they can be dealt with by the authorities instead of killing them.

[B]Biography:[/B] Born just before the digital age Damien?s early life was always about convenience and getting what he wanted immediately, no waiting involved. This wasn?t Damien?s choice however; his father was a high flyer in Electronics Company so it was very likely that the latest technology was around in Damien?s house sometime before its general release, from the cordless phone right up to the latest generation of mp3 players. His mother was a house-wife in the most strained use of the term, she did not have a job but nor did she stay at home much at all because as soon as Damien?s farther had earned the money his mother was out spending it. Of course his parents loved Damien as any parents would love their child but their way of showing it was for Damien to have many gifts and to make sure he was cared for round the clock, even if it wasn?t by them.

So most of his early childhood was spent having fun with other adults, or staying over at his friends houses but rarely did he spend ?quality time? with his mother and father. By the time Damien was of schooling age he was sent straight to the best boarding school in England, nothing but the best for the son of Alan and Sarah Kaye. The change from his life of convenience and luxury was immediately noticeable, even at his young age. It was this sudden change in lifestyle and the stark difference between his parents and the teachers that started Damien down the path of becoming more closed in on himself rather than the active youngster he had once been. He wasn?t highly gifted at academia but he wasn?t terrible at it either so he was always comfortably average within his class. He wasn?t as fortunate in sports though, he hated these lessons because the teachers always expected the students to be better than the rest because of their privileged status.

After Damien turned ten his fathers business took a turn for the worst and ended up being brought out by a rival which then fired him. The first thing to leave the house was his mother, with no money to spend she suddenly lost interest in Alan Kaye and her son, gradually everything Damien knew and loved about his house disappeared until they were forced to move into a two bedroom flat. Obviously Damien needed to leave his private school life behind him and enrol in the local school. As the months went on his father got more and more depressed as he couldn?t find work and started taking unemployment benefits. All the while Damien turned a blind eye to this trying to focus on his studies and friends, keeping his private life and public life separate. But unfortunately this couldn?t last for ever.

Ever since his mother left something had been building up inside of Damien, not another side exactly but part of him that had grown enough to be considered a separate entity and this other side was linked to his mutation that had not yet come to the surface. After a particularly bad night of drinking his father stumbled into his room and began blaming him for everything that had happened, as the verbal abuse grew the thing that had been growing inside of Damien burst out and Brightwind came into the world. Before he could reign in his powers Brightwind had set his flat ablaze with super-heated plasma and his father had collapsed quickly from the effects of the alcohol coupled with the intense heat given off by the blaze.

After using his flight to escape the burning building Brightwind sank back into Damien?s psyche for the time being and Damian returned, so to speak. Damien was sixteen at the time and had just recently sat his GCSE examinations so he had nothing to tie him down to his current home so he took off that night and hasn?t been back to see his father since. The last three years of his life have been spent making a living in various cities across England but his paranoia about being discovered as a mutant causes Damien to move every few months to ensure his identity remains a secret.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Sienna][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name: Jake Wallace

Age: 19

Power: Cannonball. Able to generate biokinetic energy bursts from his lower body which propel him through the air. Also creates a biokinetic blast field which is nearly impregnible and keeps him safe while flying.

Codename: Top Gun

Appearence: [URL=http://www.tfz.net/data/images/2469.jpg]Like This[/URL]

Personality: Usually a genuinely good person, and a strong leader. However, because he often supresses his anger to be the voice of reason, when he does snap, watch out, because he's letting loose a lot of aggression.

Bio: Jake has been around flying his entire life. His grandfather flew fighter planes in the second world war, and his father was a pilot for the US Navy in the late 70's and early 80's, only to become a farmer and crop duster when he returned to civilian life. Growing up, Jake learned to fly a single prop plane before he could drive a car. Flying was his families passion, so imagine his excitement when Jake found out he could fly without a plane.

When Jake was 14, he was flying his father's single prop stunt plane, which had been modified for crop dusting. Jake had convinced his father he was ready for the responcibility of flying the family crop duster alone. However, Jake got too cocky and attempted to pull a loop, a trick which his father had forbade him to do for years. Jake found out why when the plane's engine stalled as he came out of the loop. Jake was sent hurtling towards the ground, unable to pull the plane up and out of free fall. With only seconds before hitting the ground, Jake paniced. The sudden rush of adreniline activated his latent mutant powers as he rocketed from his seat in the plane. As the plane crashed nose first into the ground below, Jake rocketed through the air, overcome with a mixture of relief, fear, and excitement. This was brought to an abrupt end when he crashed into the side of a nearby corn silo. Remarkibly, Jake walked away from the crash, which would have squashed a normal man, relatively unscathed.

Over the next few years, Jake honed his amazing abilities in relative peace, flying over his families large farm land. He used his own knowledge of flying, along with his fathers, to learn how to control his flight path and, most importantly, control his landing. However, out of fear of public ridicule and outrage, Jake's parent forbade him from using his amazing abilities in public. They had heard rumors of others portraying similar abilities and being astrociesed, even arrested, for their mutations.

Having reached the age of 19, Jake has left home and is headed to college at NYU. His reasons for this are two fold, to get a good college education, and because he has heard rumors of other super-powered being located in the NY area, and he figures this would be the best chance to meet them.


I pmed this new char to Yoda for approval if he'll take me. I know the bio is short, but Jake has led a relatively simple life, which i think is important because it will let him grow up as a person during the course to the RP.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name: Saio Uzu

Age: unknown (looks about 12)

Power: able to transform into a were-beast, part man-part tiger and absorb and use other mutant's powers, for a short while. Just think of him as a very weird Rogue

Code name: Cat

Appearence: Saio is a typical teen, with several exeptions. For one, he's bright blue with black stripes, even when he is not in his catty form. His hair his ankle length, and he is very petite looking, almost fragile. His legs are like that of his counter-part form, but considerably more human looking. In his tiger-man form, he's again, bright blue, and taller. His head resembles that of a tiger, and his all around muscle structure is like that of a really big cat. His eyes are more catty in appearence as well.

Personality: very shy and withdrawn, he hides his apearence, which makes him even more ashamed. He's polite but crass, a smoker, and he always helps others, even when the odds of saving them are impossible.

Bio: A genious inventor, he uses his skills to make himself look human. His parents wondered why he was normal all of a sudden, but rejoiced, he was 'normal'

Running away because he could not face them when he told them the truth, he found himself in a new place, where there were other people like him.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Indigo][B]Name:[/B] Theresa Balk

[B]Age: [/B] 19

[B]Power: [/B] [I]Nightcrawler[/I]: Extremly agile, sure footed and flexible. Capable of teleporting a limited distance, three miles at the very very most, and even then only to places she has been before.

[B]Codename: [/B] Shadow Stalker

[B]Appearence:[/B] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v257/OzymandiusJones/theresa.jpg]Theresa with her image converter on.[/URL].
[url=http://frodis.net/xmen/shrines/nightcrawlershrinepic.jpg]True Form Reference Pic[/url].
In Theresa's true form, her eyes are pupilless amber-yellow, and her entire body is covered with indigo fuzz. She only has three fingers, two fingers and a thumb, technically, and two toes. She also has a prehensile tail that is capable of supporting her full weight, provided whatever she's hanging from can also do so. Her canine teeth are more like fangs, and her ears are pointed.

[B]Personality: [/B]Generally happy, chaotic and carefree, Theresa adores pranks of any sort; pratical jokes, phone calls, anything that could be qualified as really annoying? She does it. School homework, responsibilities like chores? She'll try to get out of it all, any way she can. Live life for the moment seems to be her motto...on the outside.

On the inside, she's manipulating, but not in a malicious why. She simply likes to predict things, and adores it when things go her way. She truly does know the importance of her acting responsibly, and when she [i]needs[/i] to, she does. Sometimes, however, her judgement isn't best when it comes to what qualifies as "needs to."

She's very caring, willing to do almost anything for a friend. She seems to have split ideas about one thing: when she has her appearence converter on, she is confidant. But catching her in public in her true form is the easiest way to see her actually be quiet. She's very sensitive about her appearence, as it is anything but human.

Whenever she feels "down" her first instinct is to get higher; and thus she can usually be found on the roof of the Insitute, hanging from the light in her bedroom, or at any of the nearby churches, usually in the balconies.

[B]Bio:[/B] Theresa was born blue and fuzzy; to parents who are, at this time, unknown. Abandoned at the hospital, the little girl was adopted by one of the nurses, who raised her as her own for a while. Generally, children cannot be adopted by single parents, but given the odd nature of the child, the hospital and the authorities at the time let it slide.

Theresa was subjected to image peer pressure at an abnormally young age; while girls generally don't care about looks until sixth or seventh grade, Theresa was mocked for her odd appearance as early as first grade. She just took it, grinning on the outside, until she was thirteen, relying on her personality to detract attention from her looks.

When she turned thirteen, however, her previously single adopted mother remarried...and her new husband did not care for Theresa, a fact he hid until they were married. Unable to put up with his constant verbal abuse, Theresa ran, sending a postcard back to her mother telling her not toworry, she'd be fine...and home when [i]he[/i] left.

Theresa wandered the country on her own for a grand total of a month before she decided it was [i]not[/i] the life for her. She had to wear a hoodie, baggy clothes and gloves to hid her appearence, and she started to get lonely as well. She'd made it from Tacoma, Washington to Baton Rouge, Louisiana before her money - and her enthusiasm for living on her own - ran out.

Two days of living on the streets made her seriously consider returning home, despite her stepfather. She was prepared to hitchhike all the way back home when she made an interesting discovery - the Barnham and Bailey circus was in town. She snuck in, wanting to see the acrobats...only to find out that the acrobats were canceled because one was sick.

So she made a deal with the ringmaster; if she could stay with them, she could replace the sick acrobat. The deal went just fine; and Theresa spent a subsequent six years with the circus. Only since things have been going badly with mutants has she quit, not wanting to draw negative attention to her friends.

Oddly enough, her last perfomance was in a town where an Academy was just starting...[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Sorry about the delay in finishing this Craig, I got roped into working with my uncle for a few days away from home. Hope this is all up to scratch.

[b]Name:[/b] James "Jack" Griffin

[b]Age:[/b] 24 years old as of July 2nd

[b]Power:[/b] [i]Super-strength[/i]: To say Jack is strong is to say the Atlantic Ocean might be a little wet, he has been a mutant for nearly a decade and as such has considerable command of his powers. Jack's strength can be measured as being Class 100, meaning that at peak strength he is capable of military pressing up to and over one hundred metric tons, however due to Jack's own nature he has never pushed himself to lift such an extraordinary amount of weight, and as such it may be said that his current level of strength is closer to around Class 60. It is believed that with proper training Jack could be capable of possibly going beyond Class 100, though at the moment those theories are unfounded, and Jack has little interest in training to lift such amounts.

A side effect of Jack's superhuman strength are superhuman levels of endurance and permanence, which obviously compensate his body's ability to lift such tremendous weights. His enhanced stamina allows him to lift such excessive masses for long periods at a time, in essence giving him the superhuman staying power to lift weight in accordance to his Herculean strength. Along with this stamina and strength his mutation has compensated for the tremendous pressure his body is exerting when Jack puts his powers to use, his skeletal structure, and more specifically his spine has been augmented through mutation to incorporate an unknown mineral that far increases the resilience of his bones. His muscles' tensile strength has already been described as being currently between Classes 60 and 100, and has also been compared, perhaps inaccurately to the nigh-indestructible metal Adamantium in terms of sheer durability.

His internal organs, tendons, joints and bodily systems (cardiovascular, circulatory and respiratory) are far more advanced and efficient than their normal human equivalent, Jack body burns over 87.5% of all calories he consumes within one hour, leading to Jack?s greatest flaw, a massive and insatiable appetite. Jack increased strength and endurance comes with them a superhuman appetite, though some would surmise that part of that hunger is a hold-over from his pre-mutation days of being overweight, and as such may be actually psychological. Psychological or not, Jack eats like a hippo, consuming at least twice the normal amount of food for someone his size, and continuously snaking in between those meals, however his body burn off nearly all the excess calories, if there ever are any, within an hour. Jack himself is also pretty rigorous in his exercise regime and works out constantly to ensure he doesn?t end up overweight again due to his eating.

[b]Codename:[/b] Brawn

[b]Appearence:[/b] [url=http://adventkane.250free.com/McFadyen.jpg]Jack[/url], this photo was taken during a performance of Hamlet by Xavier's students with Jack in the title role. In terms of physical size, Jack is a giant, standing 2.025 meters or 6'8" in height and weighing over 120 kilos. Despite Jack's mutant abilities he doesn't look nearly as strong as he is, in actual fact he looks like a tall normal person, rather than a super-strong mutant. His muscular structure looks the equivalent of someone who works out regularly in the gym without building up bulky muscles, they are toned, rock hard and spread across his body, but he looks merely athletically well toned. In terms of dress, Jack normally sticks with plain coloured chinos and a shirt of some variety, though he'll wear literally anything that's comfortable, his shoes are size 15 and are normally black or brown leather of some formal description.

[b]Personality:[/b] Normally a quiet man, Jack prefers to sit back and listen to others talk, then offer his opinion if asked or warranted. While he is quiet by nature, if a person were to actively engage him in conversation, they would fine him to be eloquent, well-versed in many subjects and willing to listen to arguments or debates with an open mind and offer back in depth, unbiased and honest responses. He is regarded by most to be an immensely kind and considerate man, innocent in his beliefs with a certain naive charm, honest, genuine and above all loyal. A major character flaw would be that Jack takes everything said to him to heart, making him very sensitive to what other people say to him, which can lead to outbursts of anger rarely seen in the man. His sensitive and perhaps bookish nature have meant that he is also very shy in approaching women he is romantically interested in, causing frustration on his part. He is also quite blind to when women show interest in him, unless they come right out and say it. Overall Jack is a gentle giant, unwilling to do harm to others unless absolutely necessary and even then he will hold back as much as possible.

[b]Bio:[/b] Jack has known very little, if anything personal about his parents growing up. His father Connor, now deceased, was the lead singer of the Heavy-Metal band Death's Excess and throughout the early, mid and late eighties lived the excessive, alcohol and drug fuelled life of an 80's music superstar. Jack's mother was Connors long-time groupie/on/off lover Natalie McCarthy, also deceased, with whom he spent most of his free time in the 80s between gigs and recording sessions. Jack knows relatively little about his mother aside from the fact that she was an orphan, which may or may not be true given his grandparent's dislike of her son's girlfriend, but for the time being until such a conception is contradicted he is happy to assume it's the truth.

It would seem that Con and Natalie became parents by accident, something that eats away at Jack, Natalie fell pregnant after a fairly intense session of drug-taking and love-making and considered having an abortion without telling Con. When Con found out he was going to be father, it didn't really make any difference to him personally, saying that he'd simply dump the kid on his parents back home in Ireland and continue on with his life in the States. Natalie being a groupie was happy to do whatever Con wanted of her, lest she be rejected by him and lose everything, she gave birth to Jack in Ireland on July 2nd 1985, as part of Con's plan to make it easy for Con's parents to raise Jack and rid him of the responsibilities of fatherhood. Natalie herself was more concerned about the fact that should couldn't have access to her cocaine and vodka supply while she was in hospital, than she was about her son.

The presiding physician said it was utterly staggered that a child like Jack, born of such indulgences could come out as healthy as he did, his parents didn't really give a **** whether Jack was healthy or not, and left for the States so that Natalie could get lipo to get her figure back. Jack's grandparents, Jim Senior and May took their grandchild home, dotted on him and raised him as their own. Jack is at times a little sad that he never knew his parents, and at other times glad that their dead because he couldn't possibly forgive them for the background to his birth and their callous behaviour in regard to him.

Growing up on his grandfather?s farm, Jack was like every other child, he went to a local national school, enjoyed interacting with other kids his age and played sports with great enthusiasm. When news came in 1991 that Jack?s parents had been killed in a road accident the cause of which was revealed to be a massive excess of drugs and alcohol Jack?s grandparents were devastated, while they had never approved of their son?s lifestyle and choice in girlfriend, he was their son and they were heartbroken at his death. His body was so badly burned in the accident, that the coffin had to be left closed during the funeral and wake, he was interred back home in Ireland along with the rest of his family. The loss of their only child meant that Jack?s grandparents began to feel their age, his grandfather was nearing sixty and his grandmother wasn?t far behind him, in the end, the couple decided to sell most of the farm and keep the house and remaining acres as a country home. Jack was barely eight at the time and so doesn?t really recall much of this clearly.

Between the time of his parents' deaths and his mutation, Jack developed a predilection for overeating, maybe it was a way to deal with stress, maybe he just used food for comfort after his mum and dad died, nobody, least of all Jack is really sure why. Over the months that were to follow Jack began to get taller, but he also began to get wider and to a very noticeable degree which would make him the target of fairly severe bullying in school. The bullying caused Jack to get more and more insular, and made him turn increasingly to food as comfort, as well as eating more, possibly the only positive effect of the bullying would be that Jack become far more involved in his school work than before, unlocking the bright young man within him. But his school work, like his comfort eating was just another way to try and forget about the bullying he went through on a daily basis.

Life continued in that same miserable cycle for Jack for a number of years, he's become insular to the point of near agoraphobia and would spend his time alone in his room, either watching movies, reading books or doing school work. His life, if it could be called that, was a major concern to his grandparents, and though they tried to get him out and about into the world, their attempts were met with a wall of silence from their grandson. Jack would have been the first one to admit his life wasn't exactly ideal it was better than having to deal with the **** he'd have to deal with if he went out into the world. However all that was going to change one day during the summer of 1999, when Jack's mutant power would first manifest.

While Jack didn't spend much time in the company of those his own age, Jack loved spending time with his grandfather when he's start work on some new DIY projects. Jim was a man who loved to work with his hands, and has his own full woodwork workshop converted from one of the old animal houses back before they sold the farm. Jim's big plan was to build his own medium-sized boat that he could go sailing on the Shannon with, and by late June '99 he was more than 90% finished overall. Only a week before Jack's fifteenth birthday, his grandfather was in the workshop when the support for the dorsal section of the hull collapsed on Jim, pinning him to the ground and crushing his legs.

Jack was the first on the scene of the accident, the blood was completely drained from his face when he saw what had happened. Grasping at the broken hull section, he began to pull, somehow hoping that he'd be able to dislodge it from his grandfather, Jim himself was shouting how he wasn't strong enough to move it, how no human was. Jack couldn't really hear his grandfather speaking, it was all like white-noise as his grip against the timber of the ship intensified, his attention was entirely focussed on moving the dorsal section of the boat. He felt the blood begin to drain from his head after a few seconds, but all of a sudden the boat seemed to get lighter, before his grip on it disappeared altogether, his vision darkened and he fell to the floor in a heap.

When Jack woke up, he found himself in a hospital bed, his grandparents worried eyes locked on his, their expressions a mixture of shock and joy. His body felt entirely drained, he could barely whisper, let alone move and had to hoarsely whisper to ask what had happened. His grandmother looked around the ward awkwardly, before turning to her husband and nodding slowly, Jim leaned in to his grandson and imparted an explanation which sounded so ridiculous that it forced Jack to laugh and further strain his hurt body. According to his grandfather, just before Jack had passed out, had had not just lifted the boat off his grandfather, but thrown it out through the roof of the old animal barn, a feat of pure superhuman strength. As ridiculous as it sounded, Jack had to admit that it explained why his grandfather was actually sitting there speaking to him instead of being a mushy pile on the barn floor.

The doctors were unable to explain why Jack had exhausted himself so, seeing as how for the moment Jack?s grandparents had kept the secret of Jim?s rescue to themselves. Jack himself was perfectly fine, and yet had been in a coma for over two months, obviously the strain caused by the activation of his mutant abilities, though Jack was still shocked he'd been in a coma for over eight weeks. Now awake, the mystery of why Jack was so tired because evident, his body wasn't receiving enough sustenance to function properly, after eight weeks it had already burned through all of Jack's excess weight reducing him back to a normal weight. Now awake, his appetite grew in tandem with his body's food requirements, requiring Jack himself to consume the equivalent nutrition for two people at least.

Leaving the hospital with a clean bill of health, Jack wasn't really sure what to do with his life, his weight problems were gone, now replaced with the fact that he wasn't like other people in a very evident way. His grandfather was now confined to a wheelchair after the accident, though he made sure to explain thoroughly to his frightened grandson that without his help, Jim wouldn't be alive, let alone lucid enough to complain about the loss of his legs. The trio returned home , but Jack knew his life as it had been was over, the new millennium was only a few weeks away, and with it, it would seem Jack's lige was to take a new direction.

Not much is know about Jack's life between his sixteenth birthday and when he joined Professor Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning in 2008, a full eight years he is unwilling to disclose in detail, though many assume Professor Xavier himself is fully aware of the details. He has admitted that he was a bare-knuckle boxer for a number of months, possibly even years, quitting after he severely injured a man during one of his more intense fights when things got out of hands. He has also revealed that he spent some time in the company of his maternal family, though more details than that he hasn't revealed, and subsequently several rumours on his life have become popular.

Nowadays, Jack is happy to just spend his time among people like him and has been vocal in his condemning the idea of compulsory mutant registration, calling it xenophobic and claiming it will lead to increase violence against mutants young and old.[/SIZE]
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Name: Gabriel Ives

Age: 19

Power: [I]Iceman:[/I] generates subzero cold that freezes anything in its path, forming water vapor into various ice shapes, can shield himself in organic ice form with enhanced strength, durability, and cryomorphing powers

Codename: Frost

Appearence: [URL=http://img227.imageshack.us/my.php?image=frosthuman0pd.jpg]Frost Human[/URL]
Transformed Appearence: [URL=http://img167.imageshack.us/my.php?image=frost8bz.jpg]Frost[/URL]

Personality: Kind and gentle, Gabriel is a very nice person who gets along well with others.

Bio: Gabriel has just recently figured out he was a mutant by accidently freezing his moms favorite flowers. He didnt even want to he was thinking about winter and how the flowers would freeze.
Is this ok if not ill add more to bio when I think of more
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[B]Name:[/B]Triana Garcia

[B]Age:[/B] 20

[B]Power:[/B]Storm. Has the ability to change the atmospheric conditions around her. Whether it be strong winds, rain, snow sleet, fog, thunder and lightning. Whatever she can do it. Can manifest into water spouts and change the surf conditions to if it occurs near a water source. Now don't think she can control water. No.. only its affects when affiliated with a storm conjured up by her. Also has the ablility to fly, do to her control of the wind she can manipulate it in order to elevate her and carry her for various distances.

[B]Codename:[/B]Trueno (spanish for thunder)

[B]Appearance:[/B] Triana stands at a tall 6'1", with a light carmel brown complexion. She has a curvy frame with good musculature. Her hair is a deep auburn and she has golden brown eyes. (Upon release of her powers her hair shimmers with greyish undertones and her eyes turn white sometimes leaving only the dark pupil in the center to see.)

[B]Personality:[/B] Triana had a shy sweet dispotion while growing up. But as she grew older she grew more isolative and at times violent when picked on. She has been known to be a wise *** but is more so laid back and cool headed when left to her devices. It's hard for her to trust and when her boundaries are overstepped she has no qaulms with letting you know.

[B]Bio:[/B]Growing up in rural Costa Rica, Triana had no problems while helping her parents farm their lands or going to school to get her basic education. She was sweet and kind and caring but when she turned 13 her life changed drastically. In a crazy thunderstorm in the middle of the night. Her house caught aflame and while she escaped with only minor cuts and burns her family suffocated in the fire before the flames overtook the house and burned it and their bodies to the ground. The rains soon fell calming the flames but Triana's life was never as kind to her again.

With no family she was sent to a orpahnage in a small city where she was taught more than the 5the grade school level she had learned back home but was also subjected to the teasing and taughts of the other kids. She was 13 and already 5' 8". Her body began to fill out and so did her brain with the information given to her through schools and the books she now turned to. She at often times withdrew further into the books as the teasing continued to grow as did she.

On the day of her 15th Birthday, Triana now was closing in on 6' and her looks began to develop. The kids continued their picking but when she gre mad the weather began to change. As the storm of anger built within her it showed in the weather surrounding her. A strong gust of wind blew or a lighting streaked across the sky. Her hair blew with the gusts and whie highlights shimmered in her hair. Her eyes were the most frightening thing. They turned white with only the pupil showing through.

The kids called her "Diablo de la tormenta" (storm devil) and began to isolate her in more things. When she turned 16, she had gained her equilavent to a High School Diploma and was bound for college. But while sleeping one night a group of boys and girls dragged her out into the street trying to beat her. She tried to fight back but they began to over power her. As the emotions welled up inside of her so did the weather the thunder rolled and lightling crackled. Torrents of rain soon fell upon them all. In one instance a streak of lighting touched down very close to them and the group scattered. Leaving her there. Another lightning bolt flew to the ground and struck her. The kids gasps in horror but she only rose. Her hair wisps around widly like flames with the white crackled through it. Another bolt of lighting struck at a boys feet and she rose a few feet off the ground approaching the kids who tried to torment her.

It was at the moment she realized that she was the was causing this weather. The next day no one dared touch her and she left the orphanage. She settled in San Jose. Where she attended the Universidad de Costa Rica. For two years she gained her bacic college education and also took English. At college no one bugged her. She worked for whatever she needed and had only a few friends. None knew her secret, especially now when people began to discuss the possiblities of mutants. Many spoke negatively about them. She continued to keep her sercet. But that soon also became hard to do.

Mandatory blood tests were institued for new students, and the government of Costa Rica urged people to report others with unusual characteristics. She continued to do her work but began to look for a way out of Costa Rica. She wished to continue her schooling and wanted to move to the United States before people caught on. All her transfers were ready and a day before she left. An old enemy from the orpahanage came across her and began to harass her in public. She took his onslaught of words nor revealing her powers until a large crowd of people rallied behind the young man. They cursed her and threw various objects at the girl.

She tried to escape them but they continued after her some, hitting at her. She survived the torment for 20 minutes before she revealed to them her true nature. Lighting once again crackled landing in the middle of the crowd some died. Their blood and the high currents of electricity flowed in the air. People scattered their screams and wails filling the streets. She cowered as the rain and a horrible memory from years ago rushed down on her.

She remembered the nightmare from the night of her family's death. She caused her family's death. It was her who dreamt up the thunderstorm that caused their house to burn down. It was her fault.

She fled from the scene before the authorities arrived and headed straigh for the airport. Everything she owned was left behind and she fled for the States.

That was 1 year ago, she has not returned to school. She works and continues her life of isolation. No one knows the truth about her. Only that she waits tables and serves drinks at various bars and strip clubs in Miami. That was until, he found her.....

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A lot of the sign-up's are looking promising so far guys... if only one of you would actually finish one I could make a far more educated comment.

[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkGreen]Accessing Project: Weapon X subject files?

Classified data? Enter password?


Password accepted?

Accessing files; Howlett, C.D.

Level 3 classified data? Enter password?


Password accepted?

Subject information:

[B]Full name:[/B] Craig David Howlett

[B]Designated codename:[/B] Wolverine

[B]D.O.B:[/B] 03/12/85

[B]Height:[/B] 179cm

[B]Weight:[/B] 175lbs

[B]Blood Type:[/B] O

[B]File Photo:[/B] Please see attached document.

[B]?Mutant? abilities:[/B] Like all Weapon X subjects, Howlett possesses an ability to recover from physical injury at an accelerated rate, which he has possessed since birth.. Testing showed immune system capable of combating every disease it was subjected to. Not advanced to the point where lost limbs can be recovered i.e. subject Wilson.

Unknown whether accelerated recovery system will retard aging process in any way, thought tests suggest so.

Howlett possesses advanced sensory organs, similar to subject Creed; developed during puberty. Field testing showed Howlett able to track subjects by scent up to eight hours old. Eyes contain double that of average light gathering retina in the eye, extending his vision into the infrared portion of the spectrum. Hearing is sensitive to the point where light breathing could be detected in a cave from a distance of two hundred feet. Acute taste sensors able to detect one part foreign matter in ten thousand.

X-rays taken shows that Howlett?s forearms house three claws comprised of dense bone matter. Claws remain dormant as subject appears unaware of their existence.
Subject has been approved for project X103447: Adamantium testing

[B]Psycologic Evaluation:[/B] Subject displays trouble trusting others, probable result of past experiences. As such, seems quiet and somewhat disgruntled towards company, including other Weapon X subjects. Subject often displays signs of antagonism, and will quickly become aggressive should such a situation arrive. Displays signs of physical rivalry with subject Creed, and to describe their relationship as volatile would be doing so lightly. Anger can at points escalate to point of becoming feral in nature. However, in previous contact the subject has displayed signs of fierce loyalty, especially around past associates.

[B]Background:[/B] Howlett was born on the grounds of his Estate in Canada to parents David Michael Howlett and Anne Howlett. Difficulties arose during birth; Howlett was taken from the womb feet first, allowing his umbilical cord to wrap around his neck during birth, chocking the infant into unconsciousness, severe lung and throat damage, and what should have resulted in brain trauma and eventually death. Howlett was kept on a life support system for two weeks, three days, before a recovery that can only be described as miraculous. This was the result of Howlett?s mutant abilities awakening due to the infant?s panic, and so his enhanced healing facility was able to give him a complete recovery. Doctors were obviously baffled, but several days later released the child from intensive care, concluding that he had indeed recuperated.

As the child progressed through development, it appeared as though the difficulties sustained during birth had indeed had an adverse affect on him. We have obtained notes on Howlett from the family doctor stating that, whilst the boys displayed an unusual talent for quick recovery, both from physical wounds and illness, he was never the less very frail and physically weak, to the point where his leg musculature was barely stable enough to allow him to run. He displayed no disease that contributed to this, and was given a healthy dietary program by the Estate?s cooks. Interestingly enough, X-Rays taken of the infant at this time showed no signs of the claws that he now houses in his forearms.

Howlett was home schooled as a result of his feeble physical condition until he reached the age of ten. A diary of his father?s we have obtained from the Howlett Estate addresses the subject of his sons home schooling, stating; ??his teacher says Craig is a bright boy, but he has a short attention span, and can quickly become irritated if he looses interest in a subject.? We believe this behaviour, which is a major contributor to his current personality quirks, stems from the lack of contact he had with other children as an infant, and as such was unable to properly develop environmental and communication skills.

Somewhere around Howlett?s tenth birthday he underwent a dramatic physical transformation, which doctor?s at the time could only reason to be a growth spurt. In the space of a standard month Howlett gained roughly seven inches in height and thirty-five pounds in weight. Report from the Estate?s doctor at the time read; ?Craig has revealed to me that he has felt his strength increasing dramatically during the time, and has found the transformation virtually painless. Strange, as such a substantial and sudden weight gain should have taken a dramatic toll on the body.? This is contradictory to other reports however, especially the diary of his father, who states he heard Howlett?s painful screams in the nights during this time. When confronted, Howlett dismissed them, saying; ?I must just have been having a nightmare.? We believe this to be the second stage in his mutant development, and the point where Craig?s bone claws were developing; a chance in his bone structure which would have been extremely painful. It may be possible, however, that Howlett?s enhanced physiology kept him sedated during these periods of transformation, in order to shield him from a degree of the pain. We can only speculate on this at present.

Howlett became determined to take full advantage of his new physical prowess. His parents agreed to send him to a private school where he could meet and interact with other children, and he took up several forms of martial arts including Karate, Judo, and Tae-Kwon Do. The combination of his lack of past peer contact, his new physical prowess, and the feral nature of his mutant powers, however, meant that his school experiences were not to be pleasant ones. The ?new kid in school? often receives a degree of stick from his peers until he is eventually accepted, but very rarely do people react as violently to it as Howlett did. His School Record is littered with reports of fighting and visits to the School?s Head and Psychiatrist. Howlett?s uneasy temperament eventually spread into his household as it persisted and worsened, and so it comes as no surprise that Howlett came to us very much a loner. It is also no surprise, considering his development, that as soon as he was of the conscription age, he fled his household, and joined the Army.

His entry into the Army coincides almost perfectly with the activation of Project: Weapon X. We had been given the task of creating the ultimate soldier, and had already taken in several recruits from across the country, and from various backgrounds. Strange that it wasn?t until Howlett that we had recruited someone from our own ranks. We noticed him once he had submitted his application and began his trial for the Marines. Our division was given access to the blood tests of any and all soldiers that we chose, and we were delighted when we found that Howlett contained the ?X? Gene in his DNA. Howlett passed the trials with exceptional results, and was told he was being sent to a Special Op?s unit called Alpha Flight. A half truth, but a necessary one.

We anticipated a rivalry between subjects Howlett and Creed, as they displayed very similar personality traits and abilities. However we had not expected it to arise so immediately and intensely. They became intensely competitive both in field missions and theory tests. Coincidentally, they were our leading candidates for adamantium testing. Both possessed certain physical weapons that could turn adamantium into a destructive weapon indeed. Creed was a physical marvel, so big, so strong, and yet so agile, with cat like claws that, if coated in adamantium, could rip through any enemy he should face. Howlett was smaller, lighter, quicker, but with all the aggression and tenacity that Creed possessed. One scientist remarked on a particular mission trip how Howlett?s posture and mannerisms reminded him so much of a Wolverine, which affectionately became his codename. Howlett, however, also had, buried in his forearms, six bone blades. The thought of those fused with adamantium and used as weapons is almost too unappealing to pass up.

In the end, the decision was made by the fact that Creed was promoted to leader of the Unit. As such, Howlett became the more expendable member of the team. Of course, neither knew anything of this project at the time, and if Howlett wakes up? when he wakes up, he will have no memory of it either. Such a sweet though? the Wolverine is about to get his claws.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: (Adopted Name) Danny Khan (Real Name) Daniel Khan Nyugen
Age: 14 as of October 21st
Codename: Shinobi

Powers: Shinobi possesses nigh-superhuman speed and agility as well as the ability to fire small darts of an unknown substance from his forearms.

Equipment used: Shinobi uses a pair of weighted knives to fight hand to hand with as well as small claws that are fitted in between his fingers to allow him to scale walls.

Strength Level- Shinobis strength level is about equal to that of someone of his height and weight who takse part in regular extensive training.

Eye Colour- Brown
Hair Colour- Black
Hair Style- Shortly cropped close to the ears but is incredibly spikey.

Height- 5'4
Weight- 145 pounds
Clothing- He wears a dark grey tank top and black pants to go with his combat boots. He also usually wears a Bandanna with his normal clothing.

His costume is [URL=http://www.stanford.edu/~cokoye/gallery/new_gallery/images/drawings/junpei1.jpg]Here[/URL]
but change the ankle and foot wraps to boots and you got it.

Personality: Shinobi used to be a polite young man while growing up because of his many friends and strict training in multiple martial arts. However, when his father died he began to become a cold and heartless young man who had a wildly corrupt sense of honour. He is as a whole a bit of a wanker but he isn't someone that will stab you in the back because of his honour. Something to be noted is he is extreme hate of normal peple.

Biography: Daniel Nyugen hails from Vietnam and was trained in multiple styles of martial arts by his father who owned a school of martial arts. He truly loved his mother who was responsible for teaching him all he knew of the world.He was the star pupil at his school but when his mother died when he was 12 he began to neglect training and his father.
His father, not being able to take anymore of his arrogance and his rudeness, gave him the boot into the world. He adopted his middle name as his last name and began a new life as a street punk.

His ability to fire projectiles first manisfested shortly after his fourtenth birthday, He decided to go out with some mates of his. They decided to jack a car and go driving about the city causing hell. When they drove into Rival Gang territory he panicked and attacked a rival gang member when some Rivals began opening fire on the car, Danny bailed from the car and attacked the nearest man.

Danny was pinned to the ground easily and had a gun to his forehead but as he tried to flail with his arms, a weird substance fired from his forearms which hit the arm in the eyes. The others that were around there ran off quickly, knowing that Danny was different, leaving him alone and a nasty rumour of him being what they referred to as a mutant. This left him being targeted by Prejudice and fear, with no one to look out for him; This caused him to begin to hate the normal people.
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Nothing personal Mage15, I wanted the powers of Shadowcat since Craig informed me of this little escapade. I must welcome you back anyway Burke, and as always, sounds like a nifty RPG you’ve got going.

[B]Name:[/B] [I]Andrew John Pryde, commonly shortened to AJ and nicknamed ‘Cat’[/I]

[B]Age:[/B] [I]18[/I]

[B]Power:[/B] [I]Shadowcat. Shadowcat possesses the ability to pass through solid matter by passing his atoms through the spaces between the atoms of the object through which he is moving. In this way he and the object through which he is passing can temporarily merge without interacting, and each is unharmed when Shadowcat has finished passing through the object. This process is called "phasing." When Shadowcat is phasing, he is, for all intents and purposes, intangible. Hence, when attacked, he can shift into a "phasing" state (even if he is not at the time passing through an object) so as to allow oncoming projectiles or energy blasts to pass through him harmlessly. While phasing Shadowcat is still vulnerable to psionic or mystical attack, however.

Shadowcat passes through objects at the same rate of speed at which he is moving before he "enters" it. Since he is unable to breathe while "inside" an object, he can only continuously phase through solid objects (as when he travels underground) as long as he can hold his breath.

Shadowcat can phase through any material object, even living people. When he phases through an object with an electrical system, the process disrupts the system's workings. He has trained himself to go automatically, by reflex, into a phasing state at any indication of danger, such as a loud noise like a gunshot, in order to protect himself.

Using his phasing ability, Shadowcat can walk on air. In fact, he can use his ability to walk on the air from the ground to the upper stories of a building as if he were climbing a staircase.[/I]

[B]Codename:[/B] [I]Shadowcat[/I]

[B]Appearance:[/B] [I]Andrew is of average height at around 5’10” and weights roughly 160lbs. He has short, light brown spikey hair and hazel eyes. Andrew has always been a great athlete and gymnast and as a result he is in great shape. Andrew always seems to have a constant smirk and is generally what many females would consider handsome. Andrew ALWAYS wears blue jeans and some kind of brand name T-shirt. [/I]

[B]Personality:[/B] [I]Although highly intelligent and well educated Andrew can sometimes be a little naïve about worldly matters due to his spoiled lifestyle. Generally tends to turn every occasion into a joke and always seems to want to laugh and make others laugh. However Andrew shows great respect towards his elders and those who he feels are deserving of his respect. Due to, once again, his sheltered lifestyle Andrew is highly confident of his own abilities and sometimes this comes across to others as arrogance.[/I]

[B]Bio:[/B] [I]Andrew has lived in Deerfield, Illinois all his life in anything but a normal life. Both his parents were (and still are) highly successful in their career paths and as a result had a LOT of money to spend on their first born son. Andrew attended school and as to be expected by his father, he became “The Popular Guy” who everyone looked up to and always wanted to be with. He’s had numerous serious and non-serious girlfriends and is highly sought after by most of them. He also became a great athlete and gymnast, earning his nickname of ‘Cat’ for his flexibility and agility. The only bad thing it seemed in Andrew’s life was his constant headaches.

These headaches were however pinned down to hereditary illness. Both his Mother and Grandparents on his Mother’s side suffered from varying degrees of migraines, so it was shrugged of by Andrew and he was just pumped full of drugs. Just before his 15th Birthday however, the biggest headache he’d ever felt struck Andrew and knocked him unconscious in his own room. When he woke he found himself lying in the splintered remains of his Mother’s living room table with both his parents giving him the most shocked look he’d ever seen. At first Andrew was oblivious and didn’t understand the nature of the ‘X’ gene that had been lying dormant in his body since he was conceived. Obviously both his parents knew the consequences of birthing a mutant brat and did absolutely everything in their power to hide the fact that their proud son was one of them. Andrew however was not so careful.

On many occasions, his powers would inadvertently ‘activate’ whilst he was performing in the gym and he’d end up on his face with coaches shouting at him for his sudden clumsiness after a lifetime of perfection. He also began showing it off to various female admirers and further increased his reputation. Andrew now fails to understand those who are scared of his kind and admits his heritage openly. As a result many members of the community find themselves receiving cash bribes from Mr and Mrs Pryde. As a further result, Andrew’s parents are considering sending Andrew to Professor Xavier’s school after being contacted by the man himself.[/I]
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Name: Alexander "Alex" Rose

Age: 17

Power: Spike. The ability to grow and throw hard spikes from his skin.

Codename: Nail

Appearance: He stands around 5'9 and has a medium build. He wears a leather jacket with a read under shirt that reads "Please Don't interrupt me while I'm ignoring you" in bold black letters. That should let you in a little into his personality. He has blonde shouldr length hair with green eyes. He likes to wear heavy boots and black jeans. He usually has his hair drawn back and wears red, round frame sun glasses.

Personality: He's very secretive. He's not very social, and he likes it that way. He dosen't have any friends, though people have tried to be his before. he likes his privacy and sometimes goes to great lengths to make sure his life stays private. He repays favors he owes, not for moral reasons, he just hates the feeling of owing someone something. He's not mean or a bad ***, he's just himself. He dosen't act tough, people just seem to avoid him, which is fine by him. He feels a distance between himself and others and refuses to allow anyone to get close.

Biography: He was born in foster care. He never minded living there, it was just boring to him. He lived there and was schooled at the orphanage until he was 8 when he was adopted by the Rose family. He was all to happy to take the name since he had no last name of his own. even though he had a family, he always kept his distance. They never abused him, he just didn't want to be around them. He tried his best to seem grateful for them adopting him. he wanted to find away to 'return the favor' since he hated the idea of owing them something. He did chores like any other kid growing up, but asked for nothing in return, he already felt like he owed them, he didn't need there money. He lived like this for seven years.

When he was 15 his step parents died in a traffic accident whn they were returning from the grocery store. When this happend the people around him, as expected, felt a great deal of pity for him. He didn't need there pity, this kind of thing happens all the time. How felt seemed almost cold and unloving, what was he to do? He didn't know how to fell? They were gone, no matter how upst you get there still gone. The only thing that upset him was now he could never repay them. he felt cheated by them, even felt anger toward them for dying like that. They left him what money they had and the life insurance so he might be able to finish school and not have to live on the street. this only further angerd him, now he owed them even more. Still not wanting to seem ungrateful, he took the money and lived in there house in Tarpon Springs Florida. It wasn't a bad house. It was right on the bayou, not far from the school. So he stayed, though he never got over thought that he owed his adopted parents something.

Problems first began almost exactly one year following. He started to have these nightmare and wake up to see his clothes in shreds and holes in his walls. He'd get made of upset and he would feel a burning coming from his skin. he knew there was something wrong. Shortly there after he saw the story on the news about Nathan Hodge, the kid with super human strength. He heard that there was some kind of mutation in his genes. He started to think that maybe this was what was wrong sith him. Of course as normal, he kept to himself and noone seemed to notice. He thought he'd be all right, then he heard about the protest groups attacking these mutants. He felt unsettled. What if they found him out. He couldn't protect himself, but he didn't want to ask for help. One day he heard there was another mutant at his school. The protesters showed up almost immediately and demanded he be taken out of the school. On the fourth day of protests things were finally about to get out of control. While trying to get into the school a protester threw a bottle and hit Alex in the head. The crowd was on the brink of a riot. He was suddenly over come with a clostrophobic feeling. All these people around him, screaming, pushing, fighting. Alex snapped and spikes started to sprout from his skin. The look of the crowd turned to him. he quickly retreated. now he was lost and alone. though he won't admit it, he needs help from someone, anyone.
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[size=1][color=#7D8593][B]Name-[/B] Marcus William Creed
[B]Codename-[/B] Sabretooth
[B]Age-[/B] 24

[B]Appearance-[/B] [URL=http://img335.imageshack.us/img335/6803/haren7bn.jpg]Sabretooth[/URL]
The shaggy dirty white hair brings out the bestial creature within Sabretooth, giving him an edge in style and appearance. His broad shoulders and large build are more than enough to intimidate the people around him; although that?s not the only reason they fear him. The sharp teeth that have become defined and almost filed, seems to give him the ferocity that a wild cat would have in its territory.

For style, Sabretooth likes to wear jeans, a simple shirt, and if possible, a leather jacket or trench coat. He has a simple sense about him but with so much complexity, but he doesn?t care.

[B]Power-[/B] Marcus, also known as Sabretooth, has, what most would call, a ?healing factor.? It allows him to heal injuries hundreds of times faster than normal humans and even recover from near death injuries. It is also known that he is able to regenerate organs such as eyes and large portions of flesh; although it is unclear as to if he is able to regenerate missing limbs and vital organs. This ?healing factor? also grants Marcus with immunity to most toxins, depending on the doses given, and diseases. There are times when Marcus? ?healing factor? gives him enough stamina to push himself at peak levels for days, maybe even a couple of weeks, as well as retard aging to an unknown degree.

Through his mutant powers, Marcus received enhanced senses that enabled him to see and hear distant objects clearer than normal humans, as well as to identify and track someone purely by scent. The enhanced senses also makes Marcus? eyesight is so keen that he can see in almost complete darkness, just as a nocturnal animal could which may be the result of being able to see into infrared and ultraviolet spectrum. Furthermore, his senses are so advanced that he can even take small material and break it down to the most basic ingredient, without even knowing what the food he tasted was. At first, it was unsure as to how Marcus was able to be given these enhancements without experimental drugs or surgery and it then came to mind that it was due to the constant cellular regeneration, similar to Howlett, also known as Wolverine, which can also be connected to his increased agility and reflexes, which could also explain his superhumanly strength to an extent that was further enhanced by several peoples. Yet, even without the use of his senses, Marcus is still an excellent tracker and hunter.

On another note, Marcus? mutation began to change his physical appearance, giving him animalistic features which included two sharp, feline-like canines, retractable claws where ordinary fingernails would be, and, what appears to be, eyes that have no visible pupils. There was once a rumor that, because of his ?healing factor,? a group of people had laced his skeletal structure with adamantium, which could then produce four claws, similar to that of Wolverine?s. Though rumored, it has been said that even without the adamantium, Marcus? claws and teeth are competently strong enough to tear substances as strong as the human bone or even a metal pole.

Even without his mutant powers, Marcus is quite the fighter. He was trained in hand to hand combat, which makes him a worthy adversary, and even more, he tends to escape from the most secured and even highest leveled confinements. He also has a high resistance to telepathic probing and manipulation, which is oddly enough not explained as to how that is.

An unconfirmed data is questioning whether or not his nullified neurological reaction to physical injuries is connected to his mutant power or if it was merely something that the several people who ?toyed? with him, gave him. Nonetheless, this makes him a vicious and maniacal opponent to fight, considering the changes that has happened to him through surgeries and experiments.

[B]Personality-[/B] Marcus has a cruel and psychopathic nature about him, which be believes is a natural part of being a mutant like himself. This sadomasochistic mentality has brought upon him a bloodlust unlike anything else that surges through his body, making him extremely dangerous. Tired of trying to control the blood thirsting animal within him, Marcus has allowed himself to become the ticking time-bomb that he is, letting that energy course through his blood, giving him the animalistic hunger that has been forever dormant.

There was a point when Marcus had control of his vicious nature but was soon torn down by people whom he cannot remember. Despite what has happened, Marcus still has a higher level of self-discipline and greater competence than he did before he realized what he truly was. Albeit, he still enjoys the egoistic blood thirst of a good hunt, never hesitating to hurt innocent bystanders, though this is all due to the psychopathic nature within him, giving him no sense of morality or remorse.

To add to the feral within him, Marcus has a tendency to have an excessive amount of arrogance and narcissism that gives him the appearance of stupidity when in reality, he is quite the intelligent person who likes to hack into government data bases and steal information or play with the systems that they set up. True enough, his bigheaded ego gives him the idea that he is an ultimate warrior, knowing that he is skilled and powerful; he tends to underestimate his opponents who in turn, underestimate him after a few strikes. In short, Marcus can be a powerful ally with underlying motives or an adversary, worthy of tearing your throat apart. Either way, he has the enjoyment and fun of knocking a few ?rag dolls? around.

[B]History-[/B] For eleven years the pain and suffering flashed within his mind, haunting his every memory, grasping his inner human and tearing it apart, and literally breaking him down till he was no more. For so long has he tried to null the pain by facing who he is and what he is, despising those who weren?t ?infected? by the mutant gene. Yet, it never ended and it never will, not until he dies, not until he is dead by the hands of his rival.

It was a cold and dark winter the moment Marcus William Creed was born; it was also a day of gloom for those who had witnessed difficulties and terrible outcomes. Among those results, Marcus was born four pounds larger than he was averaged, most of the blood in his body pooled around his heart and wasn?t circulating well enough, and on top of that, his mother had died while trying to give birth to his twin brother, who had died the moment he exited his mother?s womb. Because of the results that came to be, Marcus was kept in the hospital in case of anything that might happen to him, in case the heart would circulate too much blood into it and overflow. For up to nearly a week, the blood flow began to circulate his entire body, yet he did not gain any weight for quite some time. This had baffled the doctors but they found it nearly a miracle for his quick recovery. But even after his recovery, his father or mother were not there to take him home, only his aunt and uncle.

As Marcus grew up with his cousins, his family experienced that he was prone to wounds or illness, it was almost as if God had blessed him with an even greater miracle. They also saw that he grew to be more muscular and a bit taller than the boys, even a bit more aggressive than they were at their age. His aunt and uncle were not concerned with this, thinking it was something that happened at this age. Even at school, he was constantly sent to the principal?s office for rough housing and even disobeying the teachers and constantly fighting. Yet, they all assumed this was some sort of post-trauma after learning about his mother?s death.

Throughout the years, Marcus had developed a fairly built body along with sharper canines, amazing physical strength, tremendous agility, and animalistic characteristics that he had never experienced before. He overpowered his cousins, his uncle, almost everyone in the neighborhood he lived in. His aunt and uncle thought this to be another of something that boy?s would go through but didn?t realize the power that Marcus possessed until he nearly killed his eldest cousin while wrestling. No one understood the changes that Marcus was taking upon himself, he didn?t understand it either, but the only thing that his family could do was send him to an alternative school that might help him nurture his aggression and perhaps change his ways.

While in the alternative school, he was notified that a visitor had come to see him. The visitor explained about a program that could help him with his studies, train his strength, agility, his prowess, and even allow him to enroll for the academy. Marcus found this his escape from the hellish world he came to live in and accepted at once, not even thinking about his family or what he might be putting himself in.

At the program and academy, Marcus applied himself to learning to tame his feral-like self, learning different fighting styles and methods, as well as honing his reflexes and perception. He felt extremely powerful at the program and academy, almost as if they all feared him yet was in wonderment of how he could be this way. Unbeknown to him, there were others who were also in wonder, not only that, they were studying him, watching his every move and recording the very essence of him. He was literally the talk of the town for his accomplishments and time records in obstacle courses, winning streaks in spars, and much more. It was as if he was the ultimate warrior among the few that were to come out alive.

Soon enough, Marcus ranked the highest in the academy and was given a free ride into the army of his choice. Without a doubt, he had chosen the toughest of all military, U.S. Marine Corps, something he had admired and wanted to accomplish for quite some time while attending the academy. Yet, even the Marines were nothing to him, just simple child?s play. He needed something that could contain his hunger for combat and when he had learned of a Special Op?s unit, he was more than ecstatic to proceed into the unit. It was as if his call had been answered and the animal in him would be satisfied.

It was in this unit that he had met his rival, Craig David Howlett. He had never met anyone who was as equal to him in strength, speed, intelligence, and much more. It was uncanny and almost too surreal to even fathom what else this person could do, let alone what he was capable of because to him, Craig wasn?t just a rival but also a challenge unlike anything he had ever experienced. But what he didn?t realize was that their rivalry wasn?t just rivalry but would turn into something for intense that not even fire could burn them. This was shown in field missions and theory tests by their competitiveness.

At this point in Marcus? life, he had become the envy of all men, wanting the physical features that he had attained, the great strength he contained, and even the light-footed agility but what they didn?t know was that he had cat-like claws that was strong enough to tear through bone, and sharper canines, similar to that of a cat?s. The challenge he liked with Craig was that Craig was smaller in build and height, lighter in weight, quicker than he was but still had that feral instinct that Marcus retained.

After some time, Marcus and Craig had become great adversaries, challenged to come above the other, which in the end, was decided by Marcus? promotion as leader of the unit. It was after some time that Craig became absent due to one of the scientists? request for him. Marcus had nobody to rival against, no one was a challenge, and it all seemed too easy. But he was still eager to wait until Craig?s return, which then would allow him to continue the heated competition between the two.[/size][/color]
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[size=2][color=Navy][color=Black][/color][b]Name: [/b]Sakura Hiwatari

[b]Age: [/b]19

[b]Power:[/b] [i]Mystique[/i] - [/color][/size][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2][color=Navy]She can psionically shift the atoms and molecules of her body and of whatever clothing she is wearing so as to change her and its appearance. As a result she can cause herself to look and sound like an exact duplicate of any human, humanoid, semi-humanoid, or beast being of either sex, wearing virtually any kind of clothing. Her control is so exact that she can precisely duplicate another person's retina pattern in her own eyes, finger, palm and skin-pore patterns on her own hands and skin, and vocal cords to match voices to the point of corresponding voiceprints.[/color][/size][/font]
[b]Codename:[/b] Mirror

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url="http://img301.echo.cx/img301/5099/girls836vv.jpg"]Here[/url], she always wears a white, button-up, short sleeve shirt and navy blue cargos. She has a medium build and stands at a medium 5'6" with a well proportioned body. But since she changes shape a lot, that only applies at times. She has a fit body anyway from lots of gymnastics and dancing.

[b]Personality:[/b] Sakura's a fun person to be around, she loves to just hang around, relax, joke and muck around. She has a lot of friends and is quite popular. She's kind and treasures all her friends, but they all have secrets. She has a strong sense of trust and honour, if she says she'll do something, she will, and whoever has her trust will have her as a friend and helper, she'll protect them with everything she has.

She accepts that she's a mutant and not normal like others, but tries not to think of herself as a 'freak' as other mutants have been called. She's loves her power and doesn't see it as a problem or burden, just something interesting that's quite fun.

[b]Bio:[/b] Sakura was born in the centre of Japan, Tokyo. She was the oldest of three, the second oldest was only younger by a few minutes, being her almost identical twin besides gender. Sakura and Takao have a strong bond as twins and they tell each other practically everything. Kira is younger than them by five years, being 14.

Her parents were quite successful, both worked full jobs, so Sakura took care of her younger siblings when they worked late. As a result of all their work, the family had a large house, seeing that they were only a family of five. It was a double storey, floor was entirely made of timber boards and each of their rooms were special and unique, with pretty much everything they wanted, though they weren't spoiled in any way.

Her mutant powers first activated when she was 12. Takao and herself were sitting in her room talking, she was complaining about getting told off in class when she didn't do anything. Sakura stood in front of Takao and imitated the teacher, Miss Yama. She felt her voice start to feel funny and cleared it, before she knew it, Takao was staring at her, in shock and horror.

[b]"S-Sakura?" [/b]he asked.

[b]"Of course it's me, who else would I be?" [/b]she asked, she thought her voice sounded a little strange but ignored it.

[b]"L-Look in the mirror." [/b]he pointed a shaking finger at the full length mirror, he continued to stare at her.

She walked over and screamed when she looked at her reflection. She looked exactly like Miss Yama, and sounded like her too. She was confused and shocked, the 'X' gene had just been with her since she was conceived and now it activated. She panicked and wished she could go back to normal, and she slowly changed back.

After that, she worked on it with Takao to help, she wanted to get better at it, because she had to learn control or else she could transform into anyone. She tried changing into many different people, then changing back. The more she practised, the easier and faster it got. Then she discovered it wasn't only humans, it was animals too, and after that she found out she could do humanoids and semi-humanoids.

After a couple of months, she told the rest of her family, her parents were shocked, Kira thought it was cool, but then she was only 7 at the time.

When two years had passed, she was confident and had perfected her skills. Now whenever she went anywhere, she took in everything of any person walking near her, she could use any number of them as a disguise if she remembered them clear enough. She loved having her power, no problems whatsoever with it since she had control over it and it was a good thing, there were a number of things she could do with the power.
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*Sorry MajinVegeta, didn't know that character was taken :animeswea )

Name: Jim Hanzes
Age: 16
Power: Jean Grey (Phoenix)- Has the ability to levitate by concentrating her powers to make a small aura around her body enabling her to float and fly. Telepathy & Telekinesis, ability to read minds & psionically levitate and rapidly move animate and inanimate matter.

Jim can do these things, in addition he can create energy bolts at will and throw them at his enemies.

Codename: Shadow

Appearence: Wears black baggy pants (not at the weist but at the foot) with green outlines (like those big gothic pants). Has two green belts hanging from his weist making a loop. Doesn't like to wear shoes a lot unless he's going out somewhere, but he usually wears green boots. Wears a black long sleeve belly shirt witht eh sirt cutting off at the chest and the sleeves going a little bit past his hands. Underneath his shirt is a green tight underarmor tucking into his pants. He has long brown hair cutting off to the back of his neck.

Personality: Very open for discussionis when it comes to topics that he likes. But besides that he like to keep to himself and not be that social except with people he knows really well. Jim's not afraid to speak his mind when someone asks for his opinion on something or for advice, but sometimes that can get him in to trouble. He's very distant and shy most of the time.


Jim grew up just fine like all normal children, mother and a father to take care of his and support him with life, but when Jim grew up and his parents got higher paying jobs as a Lawyer and top Doctor they just never showed up like they used to. Jim kind of grew distant and alone since he doesn't make a lot of friends at school and gets picked on because he's quiet and weird. There's also the occasional beatings as well, but Jim just overlooks them and moves on. Though about a month after his 14th birthday he started to hear voices in his head that popped in randomly, later while study for a English test his cup of water was floating around in the air. Jim knew something was happening but didn't really have concerns until one day when he pointed at a random tree a small green energy jolt went through his hand and blasted the tree into dust.

Jim knew he was a Psychic or some type of one ifhe had this powers, but he kept it to himself (like others things) until he had more time to learn about them. Jim was 16 when he gained more control over his powers, but there was a big crown outside their school with protesters arguing about a couple of students they called "Mutants". Everyone was in a panic and started to make a scene, Jim had a nasty headach and in a silent scream a wave of light came from his mind that knocked everyone out in his classroom. The protesters saw it was only Jim left standing and knew he was one of them, they grabbed and pummled his senceless.

Jim woak up in the country side somewhere, the road sign said Wester New York, he was stunned at how he got there but realized that after feeling his sore body he knew how he came. He went into the city and used his credit card from his parents to buy out a apartment room to hide out it for a while until he can find some help.

Finally, I'm done :animestun
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[Font=Arial][B]Name:[/B] Victoria Grenze

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Power:[/B] [I]Husk[/I] Victoria can shed her skin, metamorphosing into a different composition beneath. She can physically change her body into various compositions although her form cannot be changed. She can also heal herself by stripping away the damaged skin.

[B]Codename:[/B] Shred

[B]Appearence:[/B] [URL=http://fake.nm.ru/thum/char_carol.jpg]Here is her currently in a normal state.[/URL]

[B]Personality:[/B] Victoria is a revenge driven young woman. She always gets even and never lets anything slip through the crack. She usually can keep her urges under control, but if you get under her skin, it usually means a face full of words, or in one case, acid.

Other than that, Victoria is a very calm person, and loves to just hang out with friends. It almost seems like Victoria has a split personality, but really, deep down, she?s just passionate.

[B]Bio:[/B] [Quote=The Rhein-Neckar Post]Her name isVictoria Grenze. She?s a typical 19 year old. She goes to college, hangs out with friends, goes shopping, and all that jazz. Although you wouldn?t notice it at a first glance, Victoria is also a special girl. Underneath it all Victoria is a mutant.

In a direct quote, Victoria describes her mutant powers as unique. ?I can strip away my skin. It?s awesome. I can change into just about anything, as long as I don?t actually alter my body form. I?ve tried to change into various animals or things like that, but it doesn?t work. I?ve been able to change it into glass and stone so far.? She said, getting excited.

She asked if she could give a demonstration, but was declined, due to weak stomachs.

If first impressions were anything, then Miss Grenze?s was certainly one not easily forgotten. All throughout the interview, her stories and expressions only added the to wild and almost unbelievable stories she had to tell. ?I remember the first time I actually pulled my skin off. I had grown a pimple, and I was scrubbing my skin, when all of a sudden, it shredded off, the new skin gleaming from underneath. It creeped me out to no end, and it also scared my parents. Luckily, I peeled it all off, and kind of forgot about it. After all this stuff that?s been happening in the news, my parents decided to get me tested, and we got the news. I?m X positive.?

Stopping just at her side of the story wouldn?t be accurate enough, so our team also decided to interview of a couple Victoria?s closest friends and family on what they thought about Victoria as a person. Her father had this to say, ?I?m surprised she didn?t develop some kind of fiery mutant talent, her temper?s so fierce.?

Her ex boyfriend had this to say, ?Breaking up with Victoria was the worst experience I ever had with a girl. Half of her skin came off in the tantrum she threw. Things flew and all I could do was duck as a barrage of glass, metal, and skin flew overhead.?

Our last interview came from a close friend of her?s, who for personal reasons does not want her name printed. ?Victoria?s a smart and fun loving girl. She is passionate in everything she does, and won?t give up. Most people only see her temper, but there?s so much more to her than the eye sees.?

In closing?.[/QUOTE]

Victoria crumpled up the paper and tossed it on the ground. She knew the newspaper article would be something for them to boost their ratings, but she never expected it be so cheesy. She hustled and thought back on what really went on in the interview.

?So, Miss Grenze, you say that you didn?t discover your power until you were fifteen?? He said, already scribbling down in his notebook like a madman.

?Yeah, I was playing with my brother?s out on the lawn, and I fell and scraped my knee. I went inside, cleaned it up, and was about to put a band-aid on it, when I noticed that the wound was gone. In turn, I realized that there was a hole where the healing had happened. I quickly started peeling at the rest, and within no time, I had shed my entire body, leaving a brand new layer. It was kind of awkward at first, but you learn to live with it.? She said, sick of telling the story over again.

?Stupid newspaper.? She yelled, storming out of the cafeteria.

A couple of looks followed her. She banged into a couple of people, and didn?t bother to help them, because she was on the warpath. Marissa was going to pay, and in the most horrible way possible. As Victoria walked to the dorms, she began to peel her skin off, a green substance taking the place of her pale complexion.

She knocked on the door, and then quickly peeled off her hand?s skin. A woman answered the door, and Victoria immediately latched her hands onto her face, causing the woman to scream out in pain. ?You thought you?d talk to the reporter, and paint him a pretty picture about me, eh??

The woman only screamed as steam began to rise from her face. Victoria let out a scream, and removed her hands, causing the woman to gasp. ?Don?t cross me again Marissa. It won?t be good for you.?

After that day, Victoria left Germany, and headed for England, where so now works and lives. She dyed her hair to the color it is now, to throw anyone off her scent, and has been doing fine working in a fashion boutique. That is, until someone else messes with her?[/FONT]
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Mutant Registry File Entry #00000316

Birth Name: Tammy Anne McKenzie

Age of Registry: 15
Current Age: 15

Power: Medusa. Medusa possesses a long, thick head of hair, every strand of which has greater tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, and shear resistance than an iron wire of the same thickness (average hair diameter: .045 inches), as well as the psychokinetic ability to animate her hair for a number of feats. Her hair, approximately 6 feet in length while relaxed, can elongate to almost twice its normal length with only about a 25% loss of overall tensile strength. One strand of hair, 2-feet long, can support 6.4 pounds, a list-sized lock of hair can support about 750 pounds and her whole head of hair can lift about 3,200 pounds (1.6 tons). A portion of her hair must be used to anchor the rest at these greater weights, so that more than her scalp/skull is used as a brace.

Medusa can control the movement of her hair as if it were countless thin appendages growing from her head. A psionic field permeates her mutagenically altered hair-cells, causing mutual attraction across the gaps between strands. These relatively small forces operate in conjunction to develop larger forces. Through concentration, she can psionically move her hair in any manner imaginable. She can snap the length of it through the air like a whip (the tip of which moves faster than the speed of sound), or rotate it in a fan-like manner. She can bind persons or objects with it as if it were rope or use it to lift objects which weigh more than she could lift with her arms. (Her scalp, skull, and neck do not support the weight of an object that she lifts: it is held aloft by the psionic force coursing through the hair.) Medusa can also perform delicate manipulations with her hair such as lock picking or threading a needle, and such complex acts of coordination as typing or shuffling a deck of cards. Although she has no nerve endings in her hair, she can "feel" sensations on all parts of her hair by a form of mental feedback from her psionic field.

As yet Medusa has not manifested her psychokinetic powers in any way except the animation of her own hair. Whether she has the potential to control other fibrous substances other than her own hair (as can the mutant Gypsy Moth) has not yet been determined.

Registered Codename: Rapunzel

Appearence: [url]http://im-chat.com/userimg/15095/Mistres9_4.jpg[/url] though her hair is blonde. she still normally only wears dark dresses.

Personality: Tammy is a quiet woman. Only speaking when spoken to. She's a very punctual and precise person who is never late for an appointment. Defends her friends and family with a fierce loyalty and isn't above hurting(not killing) anyone who is foolish enough to insult them.

Bio: Subject born May 20 1994. Tammy Anne McKenzie was born to a young married couple in a small town some three quarters of an hour south of Westchester County in the state of New York to a woman named Kendra Mckenzie and her husband, Arthur James. They knew already that she was special for at birth she was delivered with a full head of hair and already two teeth breaking the gum line.

Despite her exceptional birth she was raised just like any other child up until the age of three when she started showing signs of her gift. Her hair now down to her shoulders had grown thick, much thicker than any child her age should have them and for some reason it had never tangled or ratted up like any normal child did at that age. And when young Tammy didn't think her parents were watching they would catch her hair moving around as though they had a life of their own.

Fastforwarding to Age 5. No longer would any blade cut her hair now down past the middle of her back, something hard prevented it from happening. Every pair of scissors or shears that even attempted to cut her hair simply failed. She had started school that year. Everyone loved her except for one girl. Her name was unrecorded but rumor had it that the girl who hated poor tammy was jealous of her long golden tresses. One day it even led to the young girl attacking tammy. However, what nobody expected was for the young girl to retaliate in quite the unusual way. The girls hair came to life and defended her face and chest from the other girls advances. Then it struck back lashing the girl like a thousand whips. Ultimately she was removed from school and home schooled unitil present day.

Brought to our attention just recently she was found in a mall with some of her human friends, who at the time, were unaware of her... Flaw. Well she was caught shoplifting.... With her hair. This was what caused our eye to fall on her and the event that transpired up to her registry.
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Okay guys 'n' gals, it's time to post the list of accepted applications so far. I have to admit the general quality of sign-up's has been impressive, and somewhat bolder than I expected. The successful participants are as follows:

[B]1. Jokopoko - Damien Kyle (Brightwind)
2. Ozymandius Jones - Theresa Balk (Shadow Stalker)
3. Hinata - Triana Garcia (Trueno)
4. Majin Vegeta - Andrew John Pryde (Shadowcat)
5. Sakura - Sakura Hiwatari (Mirror)
6. ^.^ - Victoria Grenze (Shred)
7. Heartless Me - Tammy Anne Mackenzie (Rapunzel)[/B]

Gavin and Revelation will also be given the opportunities to finish their sign-up's before I make a judgement on them.

Apologies to those who didn't get in. As referance for the future, it was either poor spelling/grammar, unacceptable post length/quality, or a complete disregard for the rules I set out at the beginning that prevented you from getting accepted. A little time and effort goes a long way.

The RPG will hopefully be up and running by the end of the week. Sign-up's will remain open until that time should anyone else choose to sign-up.
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[B]Name:[/B] Pete Stamp

[B]Age:[/B] 16

[B]Codename:[/B] Pyro

[B]Power:[/B] [i](Marvel character - Pyro)[/i]
As his codename might suggest, Pyro has almost complete control over fire. He is invulnerable to any fire that he has placed under his mental control and has the ability to cause any fire to grow in size and intensity. He can mentally manipulate the flame to do whatever he desires. The degree of Pyro's concentration necessary to manipulate a flame is directly proportional to the size and power.

However, Pyro cannot create fire himself, and for that purpose he carries around with him a pocket lighter.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v418/zapshazam/YnM11.jpg]Pete[/URL]
Extensive DNA tests have proven that Pete?s almost inhumanly green eyes are simply hereditary from some mutant relative, thus unknown.

Pete stands at a normal height, around 5?9? and weighs 143 pounds.

[B]Personality:[/B] Forever the innocent little boy he was brought up to be, Pete is outgoing and extremely optimistic. His serious side is seldom seen, but there is one somewhere, and it isn?t pretty. His huge, basically abnormal eyes are always wide open and alert, giving him the look of total innocence and naivety. However, just because he [i]looks[/i] naïve he most definitely is not. Pete can be hard-headed and confident, and it has been shown that it takes a while for him to openly trust anyone.

[B]Bio:[/B] Peter John Stamp was born on May 20, 1991 to Betsy and Alan, a middle class family living in a nice suburb of London, England. He came second out of three children, all boys, but he never was exempted from the same amounts of love as his siblings. Both his mother and his father encouraged optimism to the fullest extent, which can easily explain Pete?s personality and his attitude towards recent events.

Pete went to school and got decent grades and easily became a popular student because of his boyish good looks and his hypnotizing eyes. Nothing out of the ordinary besides those big spheres of bright green. Even so, at a young age Pete started showing an odd fondness for fire. He could sit and stare at a lit candle for hours at a time, just looking at the flame with an unreadable expression. During routine fire drills at school, Pete would get excited with the idea that something actually [i]was[/i] on fire, only to be disappointed soon afterwards. He wasn?t sadistic, but the thought of fire was a happy one.

His home life was great; his brothers and parents were normal and loving. Until that one night, on the night of Pete?s thirteenth birthday he received an expensive, fancy lighter from his father. It was a tradition that had been passed down from generation to generation in the Stamp family, and Pete was absolutely ecstatic. His mother chided him not to do anything dangerous as Pete flipped the cap longingly, spinning the wheel with his thumb clumsily. A small flame sprouted out the top, flickering weakly. Grinning, Pete waved his hand over the top to astonish his younger brother. To everyone?s amazement and horror, the fire shot up into Pete?s hand and grew in intensity. He neither flinched nor cried out in pain, just watched in wonderment.

Betsy screamed and fell to her knees besides her son, making for his hand. Seeing the distressed state his mother was in, Pete simply clenched his burning hand into a fist and the flame disappeared in an instant. After a few seconds of shocked silence, Betsy Stamp proceeded to fill three suitcases to the brim with clothing and pulled Pete?s brothers out the door and out of his life. His father, though confused by the recent turn of events, refused to leave Pete and decided to help his now traumatized son through anything he needed to go through.

Now, for the past few years, Pete and his father have been living alone. Well off, but alone. Betsy has refused any sort of contact with the mutant that had once been her son. Pete finished school on the Dean?s List, that unique optimism covering up any sort of trauma that most boys would have been wearing on their sleeves. Pete trained himself to control his powers, discovering to his chagrin that he could not create fire mentally but only manipulate it. Only a few serious accidents have occurred, all of them when Pete was particularly mad or stressed. One such occasion was just outside of the grocery market, wherein a few boys decided to jump Pete and take his bag of soda and chips. One of them landed a square punch on Pete?s cheek. Enraged to the point of being unreasonable, Pete shoved his hand down his pocket and flipped his lighter open, using his hand to make a sort of throwing motion right above the flame. A small blast erupted in front of him and his attackers. None of them were seriously injured, only frightened.

The next day, a small group of anti-mutant campaigners converged outside the Stamp home, protesting venomously against Pete. Alan Stamp, worried for his son?s safety, has considered sending Pete to the newly opened school for mutants. though he is unsure of how to contact or sign up for it as of yet.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Okay peeps, the RPG is up and running in the Square, so get yourselves over there and start posting.

Also, I'm happy to say Gavin and Muse's sign-up have been accepted. Everyone welcome them to the team.

Sign-up's will remain open for a time. This RPG never had a set limit for players, so I don't really feel it's necessary to close them at this time.
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[B]Mutant File Registry # 000000324[/B]

Name: Yahiko Reidman

Age: 17

Codename: PaperDoll


Able to control paper objects, and manipulate them to his will. He can make paper impervious to bullets, make them into a sheild, parachute, or even a giant papaer airplane, given if he has enough material. ( just think of him as a male version of Yumiko, from R.O.D. That is the best description i can give)

He has to have paper to use his powers, so by this he usually carries several notebooks.

Apperance: Being the twin brother of the legendary Yimiko Reidman, he looks exactly like her, but without breasts. He usually wears rather uncomfortable looking button up shirts, and black pants, as this is his work uniform at he local bookstore.

Personality: obsessive about books, he loves to read them, and his partment is full of them.He is very finicky about his glasses, he hates it when people touch them, and sometimes he even unconciously makes a move on them, usually a dollar bill turned into a throwing knife. But, other han that disposition, he's shy, quiet, and absolutely a genious when it comes to his paper creations. But, when he is asleep or unconcious anything his powers have a hold of becomes natural paper, with no extaordinary capabilities. He hates it when books are just thrown away, or damaged. His apartment has no television, just wall to wall books, cause he can't part with any of them.

Bio: He's always had the powers to manipulate paper, even as a small child. When he first discovered this power, he was playing with his sister. She was the first to use her powers, and made a rather large paper airplane, which they flew across the city, Yahiko having made the tail of the plane. In the years that followed, Yahiko and his sister made a promise to never tell anyone about their powers, for fear they would be separated. But, Yahiko slipped up, and in a bank robbery, he used the pamphlets on the tellers' desk to foil their plot. He was branded a freak, and his sister, not wanting Yahiko to suffer alone, proved her powers as well. They moved out of their parents house at 17, and moved to New York, where they opened up a bookstore, where they were surrounded by liturature they loved. But, they were found out, and their store was burned to the ground. However, they were not about to give up hope. they turned to Charles Xavier, and asked for help in rebuilding their store, as well as a place to have a normal adolencent life. Feeling these childeren were in need of desperate help, he welcomes them into the School of Gifted Learning, and as paret of their chores, had to maintain the library at the institute. Yahiko and Yumiko Reidman were estatic, and were too glad to be be welcomed into a new family... one where they could be considered normal.

Okay, there... i'd like to put Yumiko in this signup too, but she'd be a npc, and just be a backround character. after all, all our characters need someone they talk to, right???? but i won't put her in untill i get the okay.
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[font=times new roman][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Name: Lhrila Uhren

Age: 19

Power: Empathy, and a faint ability to affect negatively the powers of mutants around her.

Codename: Lull

Appearence: Long dark hair, pale skin, luminous silver eyes, part of her mutation. She dresses darkly, in long and flowing dresses or skirts usually, although sometimes she wears pants as well. Her tell tale adornments are folds of fabric that cover her forearms and cloth chokers, which she is almost never seen without.

Personality: Calm and serious, just what you'd expect from someone who can affect the people around her. She is sweet and kind to most, but when she uses her powers, she can sometimes be the exact opposite of calm; usually only if she forced to use a great deal of her power to suppress something.

Bio: Lhrila always knew that she was a strange girl. When she was little, she noticed that she knew when people were sad or happy, and that her mother was often upset by her. This ability of hers grew over time, and now she has almost lost control of herself. She is often depressed, and often suffersso much that she doesn't leave her room. However, since she's learned about mutants, she's found some strange flicker of hope that they would be able to help her come to grips with this empathy that's nearly taken over her life. Because her ability isn't as flashy as setting things on fire or moving things with her mind, she's managed to avoid the typical knee jerk responses from people.

The psychiatrist doesn't know how to help her, but he does know that her ability could be either a mutation, which he firmly denies, or simply a manifestation of the many psychic powers people have been known to have before mutations were ever discovered on a grand scale. He perscribes her pills, but she won't take them. Instead she spits them into her drawer, or acts to fool him. So far she's been successful. She knows when he believes her and when he doesn't. Unfortunately for her, things have been changing. He's begun to run tests on her, using her like a lab rat, and she's growing tired of it.

Sadly, she's not learned how to manipulate people like she could. That would only come to her if she could find some way to better master her abilities.[/COLOR][/font]
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Name: Calvin Rankin

Age: 21

Power: [I]Mimic II[/I]. Calvin assimilates the power templates of anyone within his vicinity, allowing him to store the personal enhancements of up to five other super-beings onto his genetic code at half-potency and must be exposed to its owner for at least an hour to make a permanent transfer. He can consciously choose which one to let go when he wants to absorb a new one.

When a person is more then 10 feet away from Calvin the abilities he mimicked will go away if he hasn?t been around them no longer then an hour to make a complete mimic transfer.

His limitations are he can only duplicate other mutant?s powers. He can't duplicate talents or knowledge. His limit is only 5 mutants at a time. The power he duplicates is at half the original potency.

The powers Calvin already has are super speed, strength and flight.

Codename: Imitator

Appearence: [URL=http://img381.imageshack.us/img381/6866/mimicii010mm.jpg]Calvin Rankin[/URL]

Personality: Calvin is an all around cool guy to hang out with. He doesn?t speak his mind as much he likes to hear what other people opinions are and if he feels that he needs to give his he will. If a person would ask what his is he normally agrees with the person who asked.

He has an ?I can do whatever I want? type of attitude most of the time. He hates it when people try to tell him what to do instead of asking. He also dislikes it when someone tells him he can?t do something. That really pushes his button. Telling him he can?t do something only eggs him on to do it and prove the person wrong.

He is a person who doesn?t believe in fighting. He mainly tries to talk his way out of the confrontation. But if a friend or someone he cares about is in trouble he will do whatever it takes to protect them.

Bio: Born into a rich family Calvin got everything a kid would want. Love from his parent?s good friends and whatever toys he wanted. It seemed like he had the perfect life. But the sun will only shine in your favor but for so long. Heading home from a play Calvin and his parents had decided to walk home enjoying the lovely Christmas lights and the beautiful sights that New York had to offer. While walking a strange man had walked into Calvin?s dad bumping him down to the ground. Before Calvin?s dad could apologies for something he didn?t do the guy pulled a gun out and asked for there money. Calvin?s mom quickly grabbed her son into her arms to protect him. Calvin?s father tried to calm the man down as he was reaching for his wallet. The look on the guys face gave the impression that he was in a hurry he then shot Calvin?s father in the foot to show him he meant business. Calvin?s mom yelled out in fear for herself and her family. Unknown to them there was a homeless guy in the alley next to them acting as if nothing was going on. The person wasn?t any homeless guy in an alley he was a mutant. He had used his powers to keep his fire burning bright. Then at the moment Calvin?s power then surface, his eyes was covered in fire and his hands as well not knowing what was happening to himself Calvin began to freak out and shot a ball of fire to the guy mugging him and his family. His parents were shocked at the display of power they had just witnessed. Later on that night when the cops had arrived Calvin?s parents explain what happened. They didn?t tell the cops the truth. They said that Calvin?s father had knocked the guy over into a trashcan that was on fire. They didn?t know how the cops would react if they told them the truth and they didn?t want there son to be taken away from them because he was there miracle baby. And the last thing they wanted to do was lose there only child.

Years had gone by and Calvin hadn?t shown any abilities of being able to shot out fire. So his parents saw it to be a one time thing. His life was back on track he was the schools fastest track runner. He began to understand what was happening to him. He started figuring out that he could copy other mutant?s abilities. This first happened when he was running to school and a red blur had ran pasted him. Then out of no where Calvin?s speed began to pick up and within moments he caught up with the blur that pasted him earlier and found it out to be a young beautiful girl. So the whole day they just ran the day away together. After that day Calvin had spent all his time with her. Being with her he learned that after a while even when she?s not with him he still could mimic her power.

Now that Calvin has learned how to use his powers and his life was going good once again something bad had to happen. It was on his 18th birthday. Some people from his collage that he had just started going to began to get upset that Calvin had came to the school and had already broken track records. They gave him warnings after warnings but he never listened. So to make him pay they decided to get him where it hurts, his home. Calvin and his friends and family were in the back yard of his home all having fun celebrating Calvin?s special day. While parting Calvin was looking for his mom to think her for the wonderful gift she had got him. While looking for her he heard a car explosion. Instantly he thought the worse, he took off running in super speed to the front of his house. There he saw his mom's car on fire. He run over to the car and began to wave his arms in a circle motion very fast to create powerful winds to blow the flame out. Once the flames were extinguish he pulled his mother out of the car and before he could ask her if she was ok the people responsible had showed there face. It was two of the guys that had told Calvin that this was the way he was going to pay for not taking there warnings. Calvin then copied the guy?s power that had blow up his mother?s car. Calvin looked down at his hand and saw electricity flowing around his hand and then within seconds his whole body. The guys were both shocked to see Calvin was also a mutant. Not knowing how to the control the power Calvin had let the power explode out of him. Sending the two guys off their feet flying wildly in the air, both hitting the side of a wall of a person?s home stopping their moment on impact leaving the two unconscious. Calvin had then bent down to his mother?s side. He held her in his arms telling her to hold on and don?t die on him. She then tells him that she is a mutant. Calvin was surprise to hear that his mother was also like him. He then noticed that he was floating up in the air. She then told him that this is the real gift she wanted to give him. Hours later his mother had pasted away.

Now Calvin is 21 going to collage and he doesn?t use his powers like he used to now that people have began to find out about mutants they began to freak. So he just keeps to himself not showing who he really is. Only person he hangs out with is his friend Todd who is also a mutant his power super strength. He is the best football player in the school. As for Calvin he stopped doing sports after his mother pasted away and to keep a low profile. He mainly goes to class and goes back to his dorm. But like everything in his life when things begin to look up something bad always happens to him.
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Guest Simply_Elven
Name: Sekara Ralldems
Gender: Female
Age: 17

Power: Sekara had control over the elements. Wherever she desires, she can call upon them to attack at her will. The four elements are: Fire, Wind, Earth, Water. She cannot control the temperature at which she controls water. Water is what she controls, not the solid state, nor the gas state.

Codename: Element

Eyes: Emerald green
Hair: wavy brunette; falls to mid back; white streaks throughout her hair; fiery red tips... She wears her hair down most of the time.
Skin: mostly tan
Build: strong, toned
Clothes: Red tank top layered on top of white wife-beater; light-colored straight jeans with green mini-skirt over them. Blue converses.

Personality: Being an Aquarius, she is highly outgoing, speaking her mind and not caring what other say about her. She loves to dress uniquely. She is humorous, although sometimes her jokes are only funny because they ARE NOT funny & do not make sense. She is somewhat of a goody-goody, making good grades in school. She plays the tenor saxophone and is an avid reader. She does tend to correct people, but as nicely as possible. If she wants revenge, she gets it, normally resulting in more enemies than she can handle. Although she does like time alone, she does want to have a relationship.

Sometimes she will use her powers for fun, just to joke around or if she gets bored.

Bio: Born with mutation already in effect, her parents sent her away at age 12 to a genetics lab to "cure" her of the monstrosity her parents called mutation. She escaped barely, hating what they did to her. Now and again, she will have flashbacks of the horrible treatment they gave her. When she ran away, she went back home, saying she was cured, although she was not. She hid her powers until age fifteen when she finally got enough courage to stand up against her parents. Unfortunately, her parents called the police & the military got involved. She then ran away once again, this time to New Zealand. When she got enough money to return to the states, she found someone to room with. Since then, she has been attending high school and loved it. No one knows about her powers except for a select few of her closest friends.
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