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So, i have an idea....(OtakuBoards Day)

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Alright, so, the important thing is:

fancy hats on Jan. 17.


Now, there might be anti-fancy hatters around, but I'm solidly in the pro-fancy hatters camp. I was imagining small sombreros or bowlers, fedoras are OUT as a fashion statement, but I think sombreros and bowlers are still in.

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Hey all, Before this place dried up, it was the only Internet forum I frequently posted at (still don't use forums to this day). The collection of people, topics, talent, and overall vibe was fun and

You make it sound like we're being put out to pasture, man. :P

Okay, so it took some digging but I found backups of the original Otakupedia's as well as what should be a complete database backup. I'll see what I can do about getting it all online and put up a lin

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Wow, it's so awesome to see wonderful participation we're getting.  My best friend in the whole wide world, Rob.  The Hyde to my Jekyll in Brasil.  People whom I haven't seen in forever, like Deathknight, Heaven's Cloud, the venerable Shy, Queen Asuka...JC, Gavin, Dragon Warrior, Annie.....thank you all for spreading the word. This'll be fun....especially without the fedoras. Thanks for nipping that in the bud, Deathknight.

Perhaps Mitch will pop in? I want to track down Raiha too.  I'm going to update the original post with our RSVP information. If anyone has any suggestions or issues with the date, we can discuss it in here. For now, I'll assume that we are sticking with Jan 17.  Put it on your calendars, folks. :D

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Oh my geeeesh....I think my phone exploded with FB notifications. It's been so very long. There's nothing like reconnecting with friends from the past. It's amazing how you realize what friendships you took for granted, and forgot. 


I would love to be part of this again, even though I am super rusty in writing. Simply getting back in touch is its own reward!

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I do, in fact, work on a nuclear US submarine which we are trying at some point in our lives to make seaworthy again (although entropy and the shipyard seem to want to fight us at every turn).  We're close, we're almost there, but we've got a lot of intensive stuff to do here soon.  So in the likely case that we're waist-deep in Hot Ops or Crit Ops, or (just as likely) I'm on duty that day, I might not make much of a showing.

I will try, though.

Also I'mma go poke Beth real quick.

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So, I think it's worth noting that there is a FB chat that has been running since....Thursday?? It is absolutely incredible how time has passed, the reconnecting, the new friendships, and how the silly antics just DO NOT STOP (as they shouldn't). I am very much trying to check the page out each day. I looked at my old signature the other day, and could not remember what the acronym "H.O.R.N.Y" meant. But I know it was highly amusing, and I'm sure from one of the legendary chats. I do remember the Bikini Bandits, though!


Thanks, Charles, for bringing us back :)

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These names. Never really spoke to most, but I do remember seeing a lot of them.

Jan 17, not sure what I can do to contribute, but I can post just to post

Hey, it's no problem! Anyone can contribute. Even a new member can have fun on Otakuboards day just by making a thread or contributing to a discussion (I know you're not new).

Also, no need to thank me, Annie. I appreciate anyone taking their time to reconnect and give this board the tribute it deserves. 

I stay away from social media because of my profession, but....speaking of this chat....does anyone remain in contact with Babygirl or Raiha? I'd love to see them come back.

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I do a lot of my crap over on FB anyway for work, so I'm on a lot if people wanted to add me. I'm always up for anything that involves you guys, y'all know that. ;)


(Also, I'm wondering how many people are actually going to be able to recognise me with this here OB alias. Haha. Ut. )

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I looked at my old signature the other day, and could not remember what the acronym "H.O.R.N.Y" meant. But I know it was highly amusing, and I'm sure from one of the legendary chats.

Good lord... I think it ended with Nerdy Youths, and that pretty much sums us up. XD  Could it have been something like the Horny Organization of Really Nerdy Youths?

I've been feeling the need to connect anew with this part of my life... seriously, how many thousands of hours did we spend here posting, AIM chatting with other friends, and creating art? When I first started applying to jobs I actually used being a moderator here as leadership experience!

I feel ashamed that the last time I logged in was in 2011 and couldn't even remember my password at first. At the very least I've been able to drop in and say hi to a few of you on Facebook, and do random odd jobs for Adam. ;)

Anyway, consider it marked on the calendar! So down for a reunion. Group chats would probably throw me for a loop at this point, but posting on a forum (which I haven't done since I left here) is something I can and will do! I'm going to bug Shinmaru and OtakuSennen and others on Facebook.

Attached some old school memories.





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