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The Who Would Be The Most Fun To Hang Out With From OtakuBoards Contest [Nominating]


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The WWBTMFTHOWFOB Contest, or Who Would Be The Most Fun To Hang Out With From OtakuBoards, is a contest of awesomeness or some junk like that of me and DW. We will first have you people nominate other people (you can't nominate yourself) for the voting. Then, once that evil Dragon Warrior returns from his trip on Friday, we will plot and wait 'til saturday to start voting. This gives plenty of time to nominate someone. Make sure you do! Then, when voting starts, more will be explained when that thread starts.

To start nominating:
[size=4][b]Very VERY important:[/B][/size] (maybe people will see it now)
You can nominate only one person. Which is not yourself
Just post the name and explain your choice.
If you really WANT to post more, you have to chose one to nominate. You can only change it once, unless you want to vote me (j/k). So one nomination which you can change once.
Please avoid the posts not related to the thread, or i'd be even more pleased to see as many as possible threads with nominations in it.
Now ehm... Nominate!

And to get it starting:
[B]Dragon Warrior[/B] (coincidence huh? Well he forced me to nominate him so bwah lol J/K)
Ehm yeah. He's ehm... darn funny... so we'd probably be laughing on the floor the whole time untill my last few brain cells pop out through my ear... and thats fun. ^_^
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Well...hmmm, I'd go for...no..erm...

I have loads of friends, but the most FUN person would be D_A because he's basicly funny.

2nd place would be Taylor hewitt. Nice chap.

3rd place would be...dayday. I like dayday.

But ofcourse D_A, your funny. So, yeah. Taylor is close because he's nice and sweet(so are a few others, but not as nice as him). But D_A's the man for this.
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Guest Taylor Hewitt
1. vicky - great friend she rules
2. SaiyanPrincessX - One of my best friends. She is the best.
3. dayday - i would want to hang out with dayday, she's great

I nominate those people. ^_^
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I'd have to say Starlight, but a close second would be SPX or WolfMaximus13 (sorry D_A, you got enough votes :p).

Starlight - She is fun to be with and knows how to have a good time when you can get her away from that gypsy dance song...
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[COLOR=indigo][FONT=arial]I nominate *scratches head* I nominate *spats out gum* How about Desbreko. He's so cool, I mean he beats games like there's nothing to it, and he's just so cool. I nominate him, yes him, because he could help me beat Chaos Legion. XD.[/color][/font]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dark_Apocalyps [/i]
[b]Very important:[/B]
You can nominate only one person.
Just post the name and explain your choice.[/QUOTE] [SIZE=1]*cough* Just thought I'd point this out.

And that is one [i]heck[/i] of a thread title...

I suppose I'll edit this later.[/SIZE]
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DRAGON WARRIOR!!!! His ideas for the "Daily Comic" comics are HILARIOUS!!! If I ever had the chance to hang out with a fun guy or girl from OB, it'd be DW 'cuz he's got it all. He's also got tons of friends, too. That helps. Laterzez!

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Dragon Warrior he makes up some really funny stuff- dont really know him, but oh well. Awards to Charles (dry humour.... and 'junior' is soo damn funny), Tasrai and Eve (buds). Piromunkie has that really cool banner- with that skully thing on da purple background. Spikey has an awesome banner and avatar. (Evil Me. god thats bloody hilarious). Prolly others, but i spose ill go with............*drumroll*......... SPikey! coz i crack up whenever i see the banner, and he seems like a cool guy.
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I'm a great person to hang out with. I'm smart, funny, and once you get to know me, I'm a pretty likeable guy.

At least I think I am.:therock:
But then again, I am usually wrong about these sort of things.

Plus I'm pretty sure this will be a disqualified vote, but oh well. I just can't pass up an opportunity to toot my own horn.:D

:Edit:Actually I can.
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Guest dayday
It's hard to pick so I'll do three even though I'm not supposed to.

First place: Stuart-he's really cool

Second Place: ReTarr-always nice

Third Place: Ruby-she's fun to make fun of hehe

Woah. It took over five minutes to write this. I'm a slow thinker. i need to drink some coffee or something.
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[b]Lady Maciaodh[/b](i never seem to spell her name right after i look at it a second time)

She's helped me through alot, more than i care to try and explain, and even if she is away from us for a little bit, she is never forgotten. The woman is awesome, in every sense of the word.


[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by LostProphet [/i]
[B][color=blue][font=arial]*Tries to read the big letters*

1st Place: Raiha...an interesting individual this is[/color][/font] [/B][/QUOTE]

you would be correct on the interesting part.

thanks alot will :P [/sarcasm]
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