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I Forgot What You People Look Like (Image Heavy)

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Long time no see! Blame CaNz for me stopping by. Though I'm seriously happy to see some life in this place again. Here are some recent photos of myself. One is a cosplay photo Ashe from League of Legends that I finished over the summer. One with the girl is when my Japanese friend came to visit me for a week and the running picture is from my running club last Thursday. I am sure I will have more photos after Sakura con. 

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This Axel here has been slacking with regards to visiting OB...     So, here. Have some gross pics:    

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Awww, Rachel, I LOVE the photo of you two sitting together!


EDIT: Editing this post to add some photos so I don't double post.


Me and a friend cosplaying from Kamen Rider Gaim



My Aisha Clan Clan cosplay from Outlaw Star



Me with my tokusatsu friends

and finally....


Me with my boyfriend

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