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Nicknames... how did you get them?


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[color=#9933ff][font=lucida calligraphy]And what ones have you inflicted on your friends.

A few weeks ago my friend was on the phone with another one of our friends and called her boyfriend who happened to be drunk and gave our friend the new nickame: Tinker From Tennessee. I kid you not, we now call her that.

Which brings to mind other unfortunate or secretive nicknames you may have received through the years. Whether they make sense or not everyone has them. SOme of them are obvious and others just make you sit back and think what the *censored* So what are some of yours?

Most of mine are obvious:

Meg- My given name is Megan so the simplest way to call me is Meg. My parentsstill call me Meg and I'm 26. The only time this nickname got annoying was a few years ago when I was working in a warehouse and it seemed that no one could manage the two syllables of my name so EVERYONE called me Meg.

Meggy- Only my friend Lisa is allowed to call me this. Anyone else is expressly forbidden.

Chibi- Only on Otakuboards. Probably because of my username.

Names inflicted on my friends or accquantences?

Blodwyn- This is a nickname given to one girl who I have an off and on friendship with She reminds me of a character of the same name.,.. and not in a good way.

So anyone else?[/color][/font]
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[FONT=Arial]I don't have any long-standing nicknames; with a name as simple as mine, it's kind of hard to make anything. I've gotten a few recently, though.

Shades: I wear sunglasses. I forget I'm wearing sunglasses. Not much to tell there.

Hollywood: Umm, I grew a beard...and apparently, that makes me look like Tom Green. (I swear, the next person that tells me that is getting a fat lip. :animeangr) But no, I went for the Ba'al (a Goa'uld from SG-1) approach:
..except that I've got a bit more coverage on the flat part of my chin. But yeah, not sure about that one myself, but it does sound cool.

Skip: This one's kinda pathetic, actually. The story's funny, though.

All right, so I play trombone, and I've been playing in my church ensembles almost since I first picked up the horn. When I moved up to college, a good ensemble was the first thing I looked for (along with, of course, a good, truth-teaching church, and luckily the one I hit was both?but that's not important). It had been a couple of weeks since I'd joined it, and it so happened that I was embarrassingly late for a Wednesday night rehearsal. The only two stage entrances were basically wing doors, which meant that I could either walk across the entire stage to the pit entrance literally in front of God and everybody, or I could try and sneak in the other wing. As I stood looking through the door's window, I reflected that the only people that I would be trying to avoid were all in position to see me anyway, and so I said to myself "Frill it." (I'm a nerd. I say stuff like that.)

So I threw the door open and ran full-tilt across the stage. Flat out. Leaning back, arms pumping, knees high. Carrying a trombone.

The director stopped mid-sentence and stared, mouth open, following me all the way across. He told me later that everything he had been about to say had flown completely out of his head, and staring had been all he could do. Other members of the choir told me they were surprised that anyone actually had the guts to do something like that in front of him, and even more so that he hadn't killed me yet.

And because the third trumpet is a bit...touched, he decided I should be called Skip.

There's this awesome Korean kid I know named Jiwon that'll go absolutely off on you if you say the phrase "Hot Pocket!" around him....[/FONT]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"]I only have three nicknames.

La-chan was given to me from my friend, Joey that I met winter quarter. He loves to draw a lot of comics and that nickname was what I was called in the funny comic situations.

Ninja was given to me one night I was playing Halo 2 with the guys. Regan who is a far better player than me, blurted it out when I killed him the third time by sneaking behind him and wacking his head with the butt of my gun.

Japan or Siena are my most common ones. That is because Japan is my screen name and that name has stuck with me since 2001. Siena is the name of my character on Achaea. Whenever I see an OB person or Achaea person on any website, they call me those names.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="DarkSlateGray"]OI, Oi, ugh! I hate nicknames, almost all of mine anyways.

[B]Rick [/B]- I finally toughened up and decided Rick was better for me than Ricky. My name is Richard and I hate the name beyond the boundaries of life. However when I'm not paying attention people will just call me Richard.

[B]Keebler [/B]- Well, I'm short. That's all I to say.

[B]Midget [/B]- Well, this name was given to me by my gay friends. I'm short, same reason behind keebler.

[B]Prem [/B]- Short for Premonition, It's just a forum nickname. DB [strike]dragged me[/strike] suggested I go join Megatokyo Forums. Well after I posted he did, and he called me "the Premster." I just hope none of you will call me Premster. Or god help me I will [spoiler]Made you Look![/spoiler][/COLOR]
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[SIZE="2"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]I only have a couple, but thier quite odvious..

Gabe - A nickname to my full name Gabriel, only friends and family call me that. Otherwise they just call me Gabriel.

Cruz - Its my last name, and yes people call me by my last name. At my school you are idenified by your last name because their might be 1 or more ( for example) John's, and usualy most people dont have the same last name.

Asian - Because one my firends pretends to act racist towards any other race besides his, I also do the same to him (as a joke). I also got this nickname from having a character in Halo 2 named "An Asian". [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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My name is Nicholas so I obtained the nick name Nick early on for obvious reasons.

My oldest sister calls me Chikolas cuz she is retarded.

My dad called me Bubba for around 6 or 7 years for some unknown reason and has now switched to calling me Moe because he says I move like [I]Mo[/I] - lasses (hardy har har)

Back in high school this kid always either called me Mulder (as in from the x-files) or Flagg
(from popular stephen king books)

My grandpa when he was alive always called me Charlie...
Don't as me why cuz I don't really know but my guess would be Charlie Brown?

And I would like to mention my friend Eric who has somehow obtained the nickname Mr. Wuggles or sometimes just Wuggs for short. I seriously didn't even know his real name for a while when I started hanging around him. All of us just call him Mr. Wuggles Wuggles or just Wuggs and sometimes ppl look at us weird when we are in public.
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[COLOR="Magenta"]I have obtained many nicknames and have given them also.

TreeTop- since I love to drink TreeTop Apple Juice but only Linnea is allowed to call me that.

Princess-I don't know why but my parents just call me that and no one else.

Kero- My sis loves to call me that since she is Supii and I'm Kero. We're both like night and day to others.

Twin- Some people just love to piss me off. I have a twin sister which I'd like to point out that both her and I don't look alike now but we used to.

Angel- I was called this since I was so innocent at times and just like with Kero, my sis was Devil

For my sis i call her Supii- just for the hell of it

Larry- also another nickname for my sis. I don't know why but only Linnea and I know why

Nugget- One of my guy friend's last name is Nugent so Nugget was what we sometimes called him.

I don't know that rest of them but I will have to add some later. :p
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My nickname, Panda, was given to me by my husband waaaay back in the day before we even started dating. We ended up in a conversation about what animal we would be. Well, he said that I would be a giant panda. Ever since then he called me Panda. The name just stuck.
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the only one that i have to date is ... SPY.

TWO of my best freinds from school called me that because i am the kind of person that will notice some things that normally you would not.

also looking at history i have been able to give a good ide of what each nation will do because of this or that and so on.

i mostly got this nick name shortly after 911, my 2 friends asked me what was going to happen, my comment was.

*well the usa will go to war, take a few nations in with them like canada, great brit, france and a few others, it will probably be some one in the mid east like iran or what ever, then half way into it they will attack another nation mostly because of some bull shi* thing like weapons or what ever, they might attack a 3rd or even a 4th nation, all of who will be in the mid east area.*

one then turned to me and said.

*your a spy arent you, thats what im going to call you from now on, spy*

some times i scare my self.:animeswea
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I'm called "Sissy" by my mom and my aunt. My friends Caitlin(2bad) and Zach(was guitairman98 but deleted his site) call me Hitler. They say it is because I sound like a billion germans talking at once. I also go by Sound on chatboxes. At Gaia, I'm called Proto. I only accept Sound or Proto.
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Wow been a year since iv even been here otakuboards. Feels good to be back now that im done with job corp. Anyways nicknames huh.

The last time we had a topic on this when i was here i had just a few to give and not big of stories for it because i didnt have much of a life to have nicknames sprout from. Now i do.

In the culinary training building I was supervisor over all the other students like myself. There were several of us and one was a bit of a handful compared to others. He told me one day to go swim in a pool of gravy. Perhaps he thought that was going to make me mad however i just turned to him and laughed and said "that is right, thats exactly what i will do. After all i am a biscuit and biscuits go with gravy!" Another student chimed in and said "no no your a sea biscuit." Its stuck since.

Seabiscuit, not after the horse mind you. but a bisquit that lives in the sea and is magicaly flaky so it never gets soggy. Yeah.... and every time id see a shark (or our instructor) coming i would screak "squark" yeah... go figure.

I gave out alot of nicknames. I had this indian joke thing going on. each person got a wierd name. We were the CULINARY TRIBe! so yeah

Mitch always tried to make others laugh and smile so i named it Laughing bear
Ryan always liked singing during class (disney songs) and i named him Singing boy
Eden was dances with ferns because she was in forestry and liked nature
Raging mare was sara... sara had an attitude like a ticked of mare.
Tweaking boar.... his real name was shawn but after nine cups of coffe in the afternoon he was tweaking boar
Dwniece became mad black woman... black woman who was...easily angered or... yeah.

Josh became walking stick after mitch said i should call him polar bear. i was like "I see that hes white as all heck but he is built nothing like a polar bear hes more like a walking stick" and that did it... he was know by everyone as walking stick after that.

we had many others like chief old man sponge (our teacher/intructor) he got that name because you should have SEEN his office. It was full of sponge bob stuff. scary place all yellow and creepy.
yeah... i gave out more than i got but i enjoyed giving them and whats wierd is other people used them!
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]I've got a few that have been given to me there's
Pizza Roll- this was given to me by the preps at my school, 1 because i have acne, and 2 they think my hair is greasy.

Haku- My girlfriend Missa gave it to me for some reason IDK why but it stuck like glue.

Tubo- I'm a big boy leave it at that XD

Wiccum- My grandma can't say my religions name right so she calls me a Wiccum.

Goat****er- Gods I love my father, the first thing he called me and still does when I told him my true faith.

I probably have more I just can't remember them at the moment :D[/COLOR]
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[FONT="Arial"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Navy"]Nicknames, huh? Oh boy, I've gotten more in the last two years than my entire life.

[b]Lady Bug[/b]: my mama's nickname for me. :)

[b]Squiggles:[/b] a child nickname. Squirms and wiggles, squeels and giggles.

[b]Babydoll, Angelface:[/b] my boyfriends nicknames for me.

[b]Pouka:[/b] the nickname I have for my boyfriend after mischevious spirits and/or spirit-like dolls that are like safety blankets. o.o Strange.

[b]Haru:[/b] short for Haruka, who was the Sailor Scout of Uranus, of the wind. My best friend Nikki calls me this.

[b]Setsu:[/b] what I call Nikki. Short for Setsuna, Sailor Scout of Time. Heh. ^_^; I also call her Cam and she calls me Alex. A T*Witches thing.

And everyone calls me [b]Stephy-chan[/b], real life and otherwise.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[color=#9933ff][font=lucida calligraphy]Wow, I actually have replies, nice thanks. There are some real interesting stories behind some of them.

Oh man I realized I have some more myself... none are too pretty, and I think one of two may make you scratch your head

Meg Dawg- I just got this name recently from the coordinators at my job. I have no idea why- well no concrete idea just some vague thoughts as to why. They gave me this name because of all the hours I work. It's even up on the calandar (this huge wipe off one on an easle when you walk into the office) that Meg Dawg is the employee of the month again... I think I may need a new company just to keep my sanity.

Megabug- Yet another name that I have no idea how I got. Thankfully it hasn't been used in years. I used to work at a cafeteria as a prep cook. The grill cook just one day gave me that name. And he kept calling me that until I left. Good times... good times

Nutmeg- Complete lack of creativity on my chemistry lab partner's part I can assure you. But by the end of the second semester in my junior year it was sticking. Stupid high school. :animesigh

Meg chan- My friend Angel calls me this. I don't know where she got it from

Mee chan- My friend Tina calls me this. She used to call me Nee chan because she's younger than me and was calling me big sister. But then my boyfriend got confused (it happens a lot) so she changed it to Mee chan.

Mimi - This has nothing to do with that woman on the Drew Carey Show with all that eye shadow and loud clothing. It's just something my friends came up with when we were trying out nicknames.

As for more names I have subjected my friends to...

Lili- One of my friend Lisa's nicknames. There's really not much that you can do with a name like that, but it's the best we can do.

Titi- One of my friend Tina's nicknames. Actually Tina is a nickname for Christina, so what you have here is just a nickname of a nick name. It's also kind of funny because Titi is Vietnamese for small or tiny and Tina is 1.) Vietnamese and 2.) The shortest out of my friends.

Amd don't let Lee (Spy46) fool you, he has pleanty of nicknames... some of them I don't think he's fully aware of.[/color][/font]
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[FONT="Arial"]I don't remember when or who, but one of my friends started calling me Clurr (derived from Claire) sometime in high school. I ended up liking it enough to start using it as an internet name. Now all of my friends call me that at some point or another...a few of them won't call me anything else. I really like it, though.[/FONT]
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]I only recently started getting cool nicknames, and mostly cuz I begged my friends to give them to me, lol. I call every last one of my friends by something other than their names, though, ad a million names at that.

My brother's friend 'Brandon' is a great example of this. The first of many nicknames is one my bro and I both use, 'Brando'. This comes from my brother's internet name which takes the last letter off of his name. his is 'Victo' so we dubbed the other 'Brando.' We never use Victo in real life though. Brando's next nickname is 'Pablo'. Brandon is half Morroccan, so we used to always make jokes about how he looked like a terrorist until he got his hair cut short. We them decided that he looked Mexican and stated calling him 'Pablo'. He often uses this name on online things.

The biggest one is my friend 'Joshua'. At first, it was simply Josh, as anyone would go by. Sometimes he also liked to go by J. Well, a long time ago one of his girlfriends stated calling him JJ and so I started calling him that, too. Now, most of the reason we became friends in the first place was because I introduced him to Tenacious D and we would sit in the back of our Japanese class and sing D songs.

I don't know if you've ever listened to the D, but they call each other by a million different nicknames. Kyle Gass is known as KG, Kage, Rage, Rage Kage, and Jack Black goes by JB and Jabels as well. So, once I stared calling him JJ, is naturally came to be that I started calling him 'Jage'. This is the name I adress him by the most. In reply, he took my initials 'CC' and started calling my 'Cakels'. Yes, we are dorks.

I also call him 'J to the J' Or 'J to the J to the Joshua (last name)'. I also sometimes adress him by his full name, or simply his last name since it's easy to say. Honestly, if someone listened to us talk, they'd think there were like 8 people in the room XD.[/COLOR]
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[B]Sterile Darrell[/B]


:animesigh I have no idea. Some stoner was too high to remember my real name and decided to add the word 'Sterile' before it... About half of my friends call me that. And I know several people who think that Darrell is my real name. :animesigh
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[SIZE=1]I have a well weird nickname. The whole 'Goat' thing.

It must've been some time ago in Wales, a friend called me 'Space Goat'. I don't even know why, but back in Manchester some guy was too much of an idiot to remember people's names, so I told him my MSN screen name. I figured he'd be able to remember something strange, and he did... as well as telling everyone else my nick name.

It just stuck. I prefer people calling me Goat than Vicky, as the majority of my friends in real life didn't know me before I got the nickname. I haven't changed it on OB because I didn't have it when I signed up so the boards are fine, aha.

There's actually half a dozen people who don't know my real name. All the little emo fags who stole out hang outs constantly try to get it out of me.

There's also a few variations which are funny. 'Ferret Goat' because of my second name, 'Emo Ferret' because I'm always happy and they thought it'd be funny... 'Space Sheep' is what the stoner group call me because they thought it sounded like a super hero name and some lesbian calls me 'Mini Me' because I have the same haircut as her but longer =/.

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Nicknames, hm?

[B][COLOR="Black"]MIKE-[/COLOR][/B][COLOR="Black"][COLOR="Blue"]That's my name. Everyone calls me that. Except for my family members. Okay, my dad does call me that.
[B][COLOR="Black"]ANIME MIKE[/COLOR][/B]-[COLOR="Blue"]This is kind of a joke. Back at school our R.A. Terrence stuck that name on me because of my love of anime.
[B][COLOR="Black"]GOD OF DEATH[/COLOR][/B]-[COLOR="Blue"]That's my name on the dodge ball team at school. One day during a game, everyone is celebrating over a victory. I'm standing there, and I just shout out "THE GOD OF DEATH IS BACK AGAIN!" And it stuck. I got to thank Scott McNeil for that one. :) (A cookie for anyone who knows what I'm talking about!)[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR="Black"]SAMURAI[/COLOR][/B]-[COLOR="Blue"]I was outside one day on campus, training. I happen to be pretty good at martial arts, and I look up, and there's this girl standing there. She had this huge smile as big as Texas on her face. I went to dinner, I'm in line for some mac n' cheese, and I hear behind me. "Hey there, samurai." I look behind me, and it's the girl.
I told her my real name, and she says: "I like samurai better." Her friends agreed with her on that. I'm kind of flattered, really.[/COLOR]

MIKEY-[COLOR="Blue"]I HATE being called that. HATE. IT. Don't get me started. It's like..when some one calls Edward Alric short. [/COLOR]

[B][COLOR="Black"]"THE ESCAFLOWNE GUY[/COLOR][/B]"[COLOR="Blue"]-I used to shop at a comic book store in a local mall. There was this cute girl with bright pink hair. Behind her was a big Escaflowne figure. I went up there, and started a conversation about Escaflowne.
I came back a month later, and I asked her if she remembered me.
"Sure. Your the Escaflowne guy." Silly, isn't it?[/COLOR]

[B][COLOR="Black"]ALUCARD[/COLOR][/B]-[COLOR="Blue"]I can do a GREAT Alucard voice. I'm not Chrispin Freeman, but I do okay.
I liked to sneak up on a friend of mine, and say something in a deep rumbling tone like "Good Evening. Heh, heh, heh." Plus a friend of mine tell me when I listen to the opening theme of Hellsing, I get this look on my face that kind of creeps her out.
[B][COLOR="Black"]GOKU-[/COLOR][/B][COLOR="Blue"]I cosplay as Goku. I even have SSJ3 hair. :) I was hanging around Cambridge one day waiting for a friend of mine. I was in costume, because there was a con in town. I'm standing there, and this random guy goes "Yo! Wassup Goku?" And the rest is history. He stills calls me Goku whenever he sees me. :)
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[COLOR="Purple"]Heh, that's funny. I had a friend who's nickname was Dick. It was kind of strange how he got it since his name was Isaiah. Has nothing to do with Dick. Anyway, I've been given some nicknames and also gave some to others.

[B]Larry:[/B] I got this from my sis and my friend. If you haven't seen Pirates of the Carribean then you won't know what it means.

[B]Twin:[/B] I was called this by so many ****ing people because they couldn't just say mine and my sister's names. It was just too damn hard for them. Man some people like to piss me off.

[B]Indian Homofo:[/B] An inside joke only shared by my friend Linnea and I.

[B]Treetop:[/B] My sister's nickname cause she drinks an *** load of treetop apple juice.

There are a lot more but I guess my sister Hitsuzen already told you them.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"]I'm too lazy to copy and paste all my old nicknames from the previous thread, so I'll just explain the newest one, [B]Gav-tee[/B], which I picked up after returning to high school last year.

Basically I was 19 when I went back, a good two and a half years older on average than the rest of my class. And since my name is Gavin [duh :animeswea] and I have a goatee and nobody else in the year can grow one because they're all too young, my goatee became known as the Gav-tee and I became known as Gav-tee by extention. Simply stuff, and cool nickname.[/SIZE]
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